Seventh Generation Alola, trainers! Come discuss the latest generation in the Pokémon series with us! This includes Sun & Moon as well as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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    This is the story of a girl and a mysterious creature who refuses to stay in the bag

    She may not be Wonder Woman, but Diana could be considered special in her own right. Despite being native to Kanto and only just moving to Alola, she'd become acquainted with Prof. Kukui and received her very first Pokémon. Crowley, the sassy Rowlet, helped his new trainer rescue the mysterious Nebby from a flock of deranged Spearow, earning the duo an encounter with Tapu Koko. The raven-haired girl soon learned this Pokémon was the island's guardian, and that she was chosen to weld the esteemed Z-Ring, which she would later use to power her teammates in the many challenges that awaited them.

    Very early in her adventure, Diana encountered her first rival, a plucky boy by the name of Hau. She also befriended the professor's assistant, Lillie, who was Nebby's keeper. Or, well, she tried to be its keeper, but the cosmic Pokémon wasn't always co-operative, to say the least.

    Before truly setting off on her grand adventure, Diana had already met some pretty important figures. Including blue alien people, and not the James Cameron kind. They were a bit weird, not gonna lie.

    It really did seem like Diana's journey was going to far from ordinary, one could even say, it would be out of this world...

    Phase 1: A new Moon rises

    After a few days of traveling, the raven-haired lass had passed two trials, fallen her first Kahuna, and learned how to do barrel rolls off waves surf. She'd also made many new friends, including the Pokémon that had joined her team. They had already seen her through some intense fights, and it would only get more challenging moving forward...

    Team Skull certainly wasn't making things- actually, the gangster wanna-bes made great exp fodder, nevermind. All the grunts so far were pretty easy targets, that is, all but one. Gladion (though he's not a grunt, so...)

    He seemed different then the other thugs, and his verdent eyes were familiar. Diana couldn't help but take note of them, and his sunny-blonde hair, and his weird twitching hand. Either way, she so did not pay attention to his looks, why would you think that?

    Now, with her ever-growing group of Poké-Pals, Diana moves onward towards the volcano...

    Status: Energetic and optimistic

    Crowley the Dartrix
    Buzzer the Chargabug
    Lunette the Lopunny
    Petra the Rockruff
    Felicia the Boweon (after MANY hours of looking, and a new hatred for all things Pikipek and Trump Rodent...)
    Ignatius the Charmander (backtracking, you got it!)


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