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The rules have been updated! Please re-read them to get an idea of what has changed!

Rules & Guidelines

  1. All community rules apply. The community rules can be found here.
  2. THERE IS TO BE NO SELLING OR TRADING OF CARDS HERE. It is a hassle that we do not want to deal with. Selling should stay on places that expressly permit selling, such as eBay. Likewise, no linking to sales or auctions. Additionally, no threads directing people to search up your listings on eBay or elsewhere. Any threads or posts breaking this rule will be deleted.
  3. All questions regarding what a card is and how much it is worth belong in the "What is this card? Is it fake? How much is it worth?" thread.
  4. Any questions regarding what a card does can have their own threads.
  5. Trading cards within the TCGO is permitted, but keep your trades reasonable.
  6. You may request codes, but in doing so, you accept that you may receive some codes that someone else has already used, and you may only do so in the Code Giveaway and Request Thread.
  7. Check the forum stickies. If there is a thread you wish to make, please check the stickies. Please do not make any "How much is this worth?" or "Look what I just got" threads. There are a pair of these threads at the top of the forum index. Please use those threads for posts of that nature.
  8. YouTube videos are allowed to be posted in this section, but must follow the below rules:
    • They cannot be blatant advertisements. These will be deleted on-sight and will be left up to staff discretion as to what qualifies as a blatant advertisement.
    • They must be relevant to the topic being discussed.
    • All pack opening, booster box, and other "Look what I just got!" videos must be posted in the "Look what I just got!" thread that is stickied or they will be deleted on-sight.
    • Deck build videos are permitted as long as they are posted in the TCG Deck Reviewing section.
    • Any video that is uploaded to the PokéCommunity Official YouTube channel that is relevant to the TCG is permitted as well.
  9. If you are reviewing a card, do not rate using ridiculous numbers. Keep it out of 5 or 10--no ridiculous numbers, please (ie. 4045304/1323425).
  10. Regarding Prefixes:
    • The COTW prefix is for the official Card of the Week posts made by approved members. If you would like to assist in posting Card of the Week threads, please contact me via PM.
    • The Event prefix is for any event I've given permission to run. If you would like to run an event, PM me, and I will generally respond within 24 hours.

What belongs here?

  • Discussions concerning the TCG itself--so anything related to any of the sets in any language and any other TCG-related merchandise including the official TCG Online. Discussion regarding unofficial online play is permitted as well. Decklists and deck help threads belong in the TCG Deck Reviewing subforum.
  • Rumors & spoilers can have their own thread, but make sure there is sufficient evidence before you make a speculation thread (and label it as such).

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or Fairy.