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Old August 13th, 2018 (11:31 AM).
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    If this thread needs to be moved somewhere else, that is 100% okay. It's the closest place I could find. Also I'm asking here because it has so many pokemon terms in it; unfamiliar english speakers might have a hard time with it, so just getting it literally translated by someone who is not familiar with pokemon might be an issue.

    The short story is that I am playing through the Japanese virtual console games, and I want to set up a blisseybase using the trainer house. Since I am going to Worlds, I'm likely to encounter others doing the same (the Japanese and English VC games can't trade/interact, and I don't want to shell out the money for another Japanese 3DS just to trade with myself). However, there is the possibility that the person might speak little to no English so I want to print out the instructions on how to set up everything in Japanese (and heck, I'm going to print this in English as well). If you're going to Worlds and have a Japanese 3DS with Gold/Silver/Crystal on it, you are more than welcome to have a blisseybase of your own!

    Here is the English version,

    If I trade you my smeargle and 5 blissey and do a mystery gift, we can set up an amazing trainer house! Theyre cloned so you can keep them if you would like!

    The blissey are there for exp. Their only move is tail whip and the smeargle I traded to you is holding a lucky egg, so here are a few steps to level up quickly!

    1. Teach the pokemon you want to level up Toxic. You can get the TM by defeating Jasmine in the Fuchsia city gym, or use the TM that all of the blissey are holding. Their are other ways of taking out blissey, but just remember, if you switch out you are dividing the exp you will get!
    2. Give the pokemon you want the lucky egg that smeargle is holding. You dont have to, but every little bit helps! You can thief the lucky egg from smeargle in the trainer house, but it you cant keep it after the battle.
    3. Go to Viridian city and start the trainer house battle. When you defeat smeargle, switch in the pokemon you want to level up.
    4. Use toxic to wear down the blissey and get the sweet exp!

    Smeargle is used for a glitch that will let you teach any move to ditto, which it can then pass down through breeding! You can knock it out if you are just training pokemon, but here is how to activate the glitch,

    1. The smeargle knows sketch, mimic and tackle. Use a weak, fast pokemon with the move you want as your lead. A smeargle of your own works nicely, but a weak pokemon you boost up with x-speeds also does well. Using x-speeds also has the benefit of wasting turns for smeargle to use up sketch.
    2. This might take a few tries, but keep using the move you want on smeargle until it mimics (not sketches) the move. If it does sketch a move before you have ditto transform, reset and try again.
    3. Switch in ditto and use an x-speed on it.
    4. Transform into smeargle and wait for it to use the move you want to learn. Then sketch the move.
    5. Defeat or lose to the trainer. Your ditto should have the sketched move permanently! Sometimes transform is replaced by the move, sometimes its not.

    Sketch and mimic let you copy moves, but if you transform into a pokemon who has sketched a move, then the transformed pokemon wont know sketch. The transformed pokemon would know the move sketch replaced instead, and the move would disappear like any other move after the battle was over!

    And here is what I got from google translate, if you know of a better translator/service please let me know. I translated back to English and it was very... interesting.






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    Old August 13th, 2018 (4:16 PM).
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    Yeah, this doesn't belong to FF&W as that section you go post fiction writings not help with translations. I'll move this to Pokemon Gaming Central, and I'll let the mods decide where to go from there.

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    Old August 14th, 2018 (6:35 AM).
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      Thank you!
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