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Pokémon FULL Trumpets: Hoenn Chronicles [T] Page 5

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Linnet Royer
Petalburg City

The girl was...kind of weird.

Was it something she’d done? Something Ellis had done? Linnet tried to keep a neutral expression, fighting the temptation to glance sideways at Ellis to see if he was any less confused than her. The girl just seemed kind of out of it, and was...sitting in the grass, which was not terribly conducive to going anywhere at all, and between that and her apparent reluctance to accompany them (not that Linnet was expecting a movie star welcome, or anything—she didn’t think her standards were that high) and the fidgeting, Linnet was quite quickly coming to the conclusion that she was missing something.

Flo—” she echoed, smiling at the Furfrou. “Cute name.” Cuter than ‘Frightful,’ at any rate, who was calmer now that the Furfrou was firmly at her owner’s side. She edged back from around Ellis to return to Linnet, who ruffled her ears affectionately as Ellis offered the girl a hand up off the grass.

She fell into step beside them, Frightful following faithfully at her heels, hands in her pockets. Content to let Ellis try to wheedle the girl into conversation, Linnet found herself combing her fingers through Frightful’s fur, idly glancing around the city and trying to remember the path of roads. The city was nice—bigger than Laverre and with a pleasant background thrum of activity, and as they made their way deeper into the heart, Linnet’s step gained an eager bounce—there were so many little nooks to explore before the day died.

She’d just gotten distracted by an adorable little cafe when Frightful nudged her with a low whuff sound, and she jerked her head up to spy the familiar red roofed building—“Oh, hey, look, isn’t that it?

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Part 3 of the Special Episode: Seraph's Encounter with Team Magma's Courtney!

Last Time on Seraph's Region Adventures...
After Sticky lost to Courtney's Koffing, Seraph sent out Celest, who defeated the Koffing.
Today on Seraph's Region Adventures...
Courtney has one pokemon left! Can Seraph pull off the victory with Celest, or will Courtney emerge victorious?

Battle Resume! Seraph - 1 Courtney - 1

Courtney threw out the pokeball from her hand. It hit the ground and opened, revealing a Numel. Seraph got out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon. Numel, the Numb Pokemon. Numel stores magma of almost 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit within its body. If it gets wet, the magma cools and hardens. In that event, the Pokémon’s body grows heavy and its movements become sluggish. the pokedex said.
"Alright Celest. Let's start off strong! Use Swift!" Seraph commanded. In response, Celest jumped up, and released a barrage of stars headed for the Numel.
"Numel, counter that attack and use Lava Plume!" Courtney replied. In response, Numel braced itself, then shot out a mass of fire out from her body towards the Swift. The two attacks collided and created an explosion. When the smoke cleared, both pokemon seemed unharmed by the other's attack. Seraph was wondering what to use next when he heard Courtney issue a command.
"Numel, use Curse!" Courtney commanded. So Numel, in response, Closed her eyes, and focused on growing her body. Numel slightly increased in total body size, gaining attack and defense but due to her increased size, has become more sluggish and because that her speed has fallen. Seraph realized he may need to end this battle quickly before these stat boosts get out of hand.
"Celest, use Agility and circle that Numel!" Seraph commanded. He was trying to stall for time, think of a strategy that he could use to beat this Numel. Celest started moving faster and faster, and this time there was no Clear Smog to stop him from staying this fast, and so he started circling the Numel. Courtney had a look of confusion on her face, as she didn't know what Seraph was going to do next. But she wiped that expression off her face and issued a command.
"Don't let that Agility fool you! Focus and use Earth Power on a spot where the Aipom will run!" Courtney said. So Numel focused on a spot on Sticky's path, and made the ground erupt at that spot. However, Seraph realized what Courtney was trying to do and made a split second decision.
"Quick Celest! Jump and use Swift!" Seraph commanded. Seraph managed to jump right before the spot where the Earth Power had erupted, and started releasing many star-shaped rays at close range towards the Numel. Due to the close range, they immediately impacted the Numel, who started slightly sliding back. However, Courtney wasn't going to stand by idly watching the Swift hit her pokemon.
"Numel, focus and use Take Down!" Courtney said. All of a sudden, the Numel's eyes snapped open, and starting slowly charging towards the Aipom, but picking up speed.
"Don't stop using Swift Celest! Numel can still take damage while charging!" Seraph exclaimed. So Celest stayed rooted where he was, and seemingly sent out the stars more violently towards the rampaging Numel. Thanks to the Curse effect, it took a little while longer to gain the speed needed to have a successful charge. Finally, the Numel collided with the Aipom with a nice bang and created a huge dust cloud.
When the dust cleared, both pokemon were still standing, but they were clearly tired and clearly panting. Both pokemon seemed to be on the brink of fainting.
"Hey Celest. Do you think you are still good to go?" Seraph asked in concern. In response, Celest turned his head back, and gave Seraph another wacky grin.
"Well, I think you are. Let's use Swift!" Seraph commanded with a smile. So Celest jumped up and released another barrage of stars towards the Numel. Courtney realized that Numel was too big and sluggish now to dodge the attack, so she improvised a plan on the spot.
"Numel, relax and use Amnesia!" Courtney commanded. So Numel tilted her head sightly, then stood as still as a statue as the barrage of stars impacted the pokemon. Once the attack had ended, Numel snapped out of the Amnesia, sitll with the special defense bonus.
"Ok, Celest. Let's finish this battle! Use Agility, then charge at it and come in for Fury Swipes!" Seraph cried out. So Celest gained speed and started charging right at the Numel. However, Courtney wasn't going to sit by idly and watch it happen.
"Numel, meet it head on with Take Down! You got this!" Courtney cried out. So the Numel starting charging towards the approaching Aipom, and the two pokemon collided with each other, causing both of them to suddenly stop their movement. For a couple of seconds at a time, one pokemon would push the other back a few inches, then that pokemon would push back. While this was happening, Aipom seemingly learned a new move; Double Hit, as Celest kept smacking it twice in succession. Finally, both trainers got tired of this stalemate and issued an attack command at the same time.
"Use Swift!"
"Use Lava Plume!"
This time, there was a huge explosion as the two weakened pokemon collided with each other again.

When the smoke cleared, both pokemon were down on the ground, fainted. The battle had ended in a draw.

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Rose BurnesRoute 102

Havoc? What had Zachry managed to find that earned a nickname like Havoc?

When the little blue creature peered from its trainer’s backpack, Rose couldn’t help but let out a very quiet giggle (that sounded more like a breath due to being suppressed). What a cute little creature, she guessed Zachry was going for irony when he named it.

“It’s really cute.” She smiles. “Guess it’s not ready to be my friend yet.” Most Azurills are timid, so she doesn’t feel incredibly hurt when this one hides away from her…although she hopes its feelings won’t rub off on its trainer.

When Zachry opened up that he was at a loss for what to do, Rose glanced back to the not-so-far-off city. An idea begins forming in her head, and she decides to go for it before she thinks of all the reasons it’s a terrible idea.

“We should work together.” She offers. There’s a second or two of silence before she raises her hand to the back of her neck. “I mean…I really like battling, and I think I could maybe help you figure it out? And…two heads are better than one and all that.”

Her hand falls back to her side and she takes a deep breath. As confident as she tries to come off, she really is awful at interacting with people. “So…what do you say? Come to Petalburg with me?”

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Final Part of the Special Episode: Seraph's Encouner With Team Magma's Courtney! + More!

Last Time on Seraph's Region Adventures...
The battle between Seraph and Courtney ended in a draw.
Today on Seraph's Region Adventures...
Farewell to Courtney, a special surprise, and the start of a gym battle!

He was so close. Maybe he could have played the battle better. But you know what? It was alright. It wasn't a loss, and he was just starting a journey anyway.
"Numel, return. You did great." Courtney said, sucking the pokemon back in the pokeball.
"Celest, you return as well. I appreciated your performance." Seraph said in reply, doing the same.
"You know, you put up quite the fight. I am impressed." Courtney said. She threw out her Koffing, and she appeared. Courtney then started to pat the ball of poison like a dog.
"Sometimes I wish Team Magma was still around." she continued. "Even though we were thought of as evil by many people, we still were nice in some ways. I had friends that I lost when Team Magma disbanded. Now I just roam the region, hoping for something to come along that would spark my interest again." Courtney started walking towards the door. "See you soon." Courtney was about to walk out, but then Seraph called out. "Wait one second!" he said.
"Yes?" Courtney replied.
"I want to thank you for the battle, and I think my pokemon do too. This was our first real battle with someone we didn't know, and we want to say thanks." Seraph said. He then got out the two pokeballs from his pockets and threw them out. "Come on out!" he said.
Sticky appeared first in a spectatcular fashion. Celest came out second. But as soon as he hit the ground, he immediately became engulfed in a dazzling blue light. Both Seraph and Courtney stared in awe as Celest began a transformation. This blue light stayed until the entire evolution.

Celest started growing taller, and taller until he was about a foot taller than before. His tail hand grew slightly bigger as well, and grew splashes of red on the fingers. He also grew another tail hand. One of them stayed up on the left side of his body, while the other one stayed up on the right side of his body. All the purple on his body turned a slightly darker hue, as well as his feet turned that same color as well. He also grows a second strand of hair on his head, and they split to the sides evenly. His facial features become more distinct, gaining a visible nose and red in his ears. This is when the blue light stopped.

"Ambipom!" Celest cried out.
"Did you really just evolve?" Seraph asked in amazement. He pulled out his pokedex. Split into two, the tails are so adept at handling and doing things, the pokedex said. Ambipom rarely uses its hands.
"Congratulations on your evolution," Courtney said. "I also appreciate the comment you said about me. Now, on that happy note, I will leave." Courtney said, walking out the door with her Koffing. A few moments later, Seraph and his Ambipom walked out as well.

Seraph and Celest made a short travel to the Pokemon Center. Seraph put the newly evolved Ambipom in a pokeball and entered.
"Hi Joy, could you heal my pokemon please?" Seraph said, handing over the pokeballs.
"Sure thing!" Nurse Joy said, then went off to heal the pokemon.
A short time later, Nurse Joy came back.
"Your pokemon are fully healed. Thanks and come again!" Nurse Joy said.
With the healing done and over with, Seraph wondered if there was anything else he could do in this town before moving on. He thought back to when he explored the town earlier. He remembered that there was a Pokemon Gym in this town. That would be a great opportunity for Celest to have his first battle as an evolved pokemon! So Seraph walked over to the Pokemon Gym on the other side of town and walked in.
Standing at the back of the Gym was a confident looking kid who was dressed somewhat nicely. This must be the gym leader... Seraph thought as he walked up to him and he walked towards Seraph. When they met in the middle, which was on the battlefield, the leader spoke first.
"Hey! My name is Brendan! Have you come to challenge this gym?" he asked.
"Yes I have." Seraph replied.
"Alright. First, let me ask. How many pokemon do you have on you?" Brendan asked.
"I have two on me." Seraph said.
"Ok..." Brendan was clearly thinking about something. Finally, he said, "I got it! Ok, this will be a 2 on 2 pokemon battle. The battle will end when either side's pokemon are unable to battle. Only the challenger will be allowed to substitute pokemon. The challenger is required to send out his/her pokemon first.You ready?" Brendan asked.
"Alright. I agree to that. I'm ready!" Seraph exclaimed.
"Alright then. Let's see your first pokemon!" Brendan replied.
"My first pokemon is this one!" Seraph said, throwing out a pokeball on the ground.

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Linnet Royer
Petalburg City

It didn’t take long after that for them to reach the Pokemon Center. The sight of the familiar red roof and the spill of light from inside reminded Linnet for a moment of just how tired she was, with the excitement of the day beginning to trickle away into an awareness of her sore feet, but in the end, the last remnants of curiosity won out. She made her goodbyes to Ellis and the new girl brief and quickly lost herself in the city’s streets again, chatting blithely to Frightful about training plans.

Except…she couldn’t really find anywhere to train.

The city was nice, and all, but there weren’t many wide open spaces, and honestly Linnet was kind of wary of releasing the new Chatot, Vex, out in the middle of the city—he seemed pretty sure of himself, but what if he got spooked somehow? Plus, with Frightful, there was always the risk of fire attacks, and—

Oho!” A heavy hand fell on her shoulder, and Linnet stifled a shriek of surprise, whirling. “I knew someone would wander by!

The owner of the hand was a large man, wearing what appeared to be the lower half of a blue uniform or wetsuit, his chest bared. There was a symbol that Linnet didn’t recognize there, and knotted sailor’s rope tied around his neck and belt like a bizarre fashion statement. Despite his size, his broad grin seemed genuinely excited, and Linnet jumped forward to catch ahold of Frightful, who had, at her owner’s clear shock, snarled suddenly and violently, baring her teeth.

Down, Frightful, no—” The Houndour subsided, though she kept a wary look on the stranger, and Linnet, tangling her fingers into Frightful’s fur, frowned at him. “Sorry, you knew—what? Who are you?

To his credit, the man looked a little embarrassed at having startled her so badly—or perhaps it was Frightful’s protectiveness that had had its effect. “I’m Matt,” he said, and jabbed a thumb towards the symbol on his chest. “I was hopin’ somebody’d come along and battle me, it’s been ages since I got to pummel anyone! My bros never feel like hanging out anymore.” This last part was said with such a boyish kind of disappointment that Linnet, though she was startling to suspect the symbol had a great deal more meaning to it than she recognized, felt a little sorry for him.

A battle,” she echoed, uncertainly. She hadn’t spent all day avoiding battles for nothing, after all.

Yeah, c’mon, kid,” Matt wheedled, and revealed two Pokeballs. They looked tiny in his broad palms. “Two against two, it’ll be a blast!

Well. She did have two Pokemon. And she had wanted to get some training done. What better way to train than with a battle? Linnet looked down at Frightful, who looked back at her with a patient expectation, tail swinging slowly from side to side. “All right,” she agreed, slowly, and reached into her pocket for Vex’s Pokeball as Matt whooped in excitement.

Carvanha, go!
Vex, come out!

The Pokeballs burst open, and Linnet blinked away the flash of light to reveal her little Vex, already chattering in the air, facing a…well, a sort of fish, which, in the absence of water, lay flopped half on its stomach and half on its side on the ground. A little bewildered, she looked questioningly at Matt, who shrugged, unbothered. “Normally there’s more water when I battle,” he explained casually. “Carvanha, use Focus Energy!

The little fish gnashed alarmingly sharp teeth in response, making a grating sound that sent chills crawling up Linnet’s spine, and rolled to pin a glare on Vex, seemed to inflate with the force of its concentration—but it didn’t seem to do anything to Vex, who continued his circles in the air.

Vex—use Encore!” She might be making a pretty awful mistake—what did Focus Energy do?—but when Vex’s applauding chatter earned another Focus Energy from the Carvanha, she tacked on a hurried, “Now use Sing!

The enthusiastic chatter died into a smoother, lulling song, and she could see the Carvanha’s thrashing movements becoming slower and slower when Matt yelled, “Aqua Jet!” and the Pokemon stirred itself enough to unleash a burst of water at Vex.

Linnet screamed despite herself, clamping a hand over her own mouth in horror as the blast of water knocked Vex out of his easy circles towards the ground, but the attack was over in the next second—the Carvanha’s eyes had closed, and it made a strange little snoring sound—and Vex, who had tumbled down at her feet, shook his head, fluffing out damp feathers in apparent irritation. “Vex!” The Chatot tilted its head at her panic. “Are you okay?

The little bird Pokemon whistled a (rather disgruntled, Linnet thought) affirmation as Matt gave a loud, unabashed laugh. “Well, isn’t that bird a cheeky one? Carvanha, return! Koffing, come out!” The snoozing Carvanha vanished, and was replaced by a Koffing, emitting lazy puffs of smoke. Linnet wrinkled her nose, anxiously considering switching out Vex for Frightful, but before she could say anything, Vex took flight again, chattering tauntingly at the Koffing. Matt laughed again. “Koffing, use Smokescreen!

Linnet’s eyes widened in sudden comprehension, but too late; the Koffing groaned and emitted a cloud of dark smoke, obscuring the two Pokemon. Could Vex see? Could Vex breathe? “Vex!” she called. At her side, Frightful nosed at her palm reassuringly, and she nervously rubbed the Houndour’s fur. “Vex, try to get out of the cloud—fly up!

Koffing, Gyro Ball!

There was nothing to see. Nothing to hear. And then, the flutter of wings—just as Vex broke out of the top of the densest part of the smokescreen, the Koffing did, too, spinning at an alarming speed and aimed at the Chatot.

Vex, dodge it, dodge it!” She was yelling, too caught up in the battle to control the volume of her commands. The Chatot, at least, had the benefit of speed—and perhaps it was only that that spared him from a true collision. Instead, the pair seemed to just—brush against each other, and veered in two different directions, Vex thrown to one side by the draft of the Koffing passing so closely, and the Koffing falling away with the subsiding attack.

At least by now the Smokescreen was beginning to ebb, carried away by the breeze that blew through the town. “Vex, use Chatter!

The Chatot’s shrill, damaging call almost made her cover her own ears. At her side, Frightful shook her head, too, flattening her ears.

Unable to ignore the sound, the Koffing’s floating, looping path became erratic in its attempt to escape, the large eyes squinting and the occasional belches of smoke becoming more forceful. Matt frowned. “Ah, noisy little thing, isn’t it? Koffing, try another Gyro Ball!

Too close to avoid this time. For all of Linnet’s yells to dodge it, Vex did not manage it this time—but the Koffing wasn’t quite right, either, had too much of a wobble in its unsteady spin, its eyes crossing with the influence of Vex’s Chatter. The two Pokemon collided, and Vex’s chatter seemed to rise an octave in pain and indignation—and yet the Koffing wasn’t quite able to pull away, either.

They fell together, tumbling to the ground in a tangle of feathers and smoke.

Koffing, bro, c’mon!

No reply. With what seemed like the last vestiges of their energy, the two Pokemon sprawled apart from each other, and slumped to the ground, fainted.

There was a moment of silence, in which Linnet, teary-eyed with concern, stared at Vex’s small, still frame. Then Matt let out a bark of laughter. “Well matched pair, eh? C’mon back, Koffing! Carvanha, bro, wake up for me!

Right. The battle had to go on. Linnet sniffed, gathering her thoughts as the Koffing was recalled and the still-sleeping Carvanha reappeared. “Return, Vex! Frightful, girl, do your best, okay?” The Houndour woofed affirmatively, jumping out to take Vex’s place as Linnet held out the Chatot’s Pokeball to reclaim the fainted Chatot.

As Linnet put away Vex’s Pokeball, she examined the Carvanha lying across from Frightful. The fish still seemed to be—well, asleep, despite Matt trying to wake it, and, feeling a little as if she was being a poor sport, she called to Frightful, “Frightful, use Thunder Fang!

The Houndour lowered her head, baring her teeth as electricity began to spark at her fangs, and rushed at the Carvanha. Matt kept calling to it—encouraging it to wake again—and was it just her imagination, or did a fin twitch just a bit? A dream, or waking?

Frightful was only feet away now.


And then the Carvanha’s eyes opened. “Ice Fang, Carvanha!” Matt roared, and just as Frightful’s teeth sank into the creature, it thrashed violently, managed to latch onto the Houndour as well. Electricity and frost burst upward; Frightful yelped, snapping at the Carvanha wildly.

Frightful, Thunder Fang again!
Carvanha, use Crunch!

The metallic grating sound of teeth against teeth. The Pokemon were so entangled that Linnet couldn’t tell who was better off, what movement was whose; electricity burst from them in jagged, erratic spurts and singed the ground around them.

And then it was over.

Frightful, panting, stood over the limp Carvanha, head low with exertion. The Houndour looked back at Linnet, who was wide-eyed, and then threw a breathless growl at Matt, as if daring him to throw another challenger at her.


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Maurice Watson - Petalburg/Route102

24000 Poke
Suit and ties
Badge Case
x3 Pokeball

After some time of walking and with it beginning to get dark out, Maurice contemplated heading back to Petalburg with Willard. They had been searching for at least an hour but couldn't seem find a single Pokemon worth Willard's while. This child did not seem to understand that each and every Pokemon was a gift and he should be happy with whatever Pokemon he can get. He even yelled at a poor little Ralts to get away because it didn't look very strong. This kid had no idea what he was missing out on. Finally, Maurice couldn't take it anymore and said, "Alright Willard unless the next Pokemon you see is one you want, we are going back. It is getting quite late and we shan't worry your mother by keeping you out past dark."

"Yeah, yeah whatever! It's not my fault all these Pokemon don't meet my high standards!" Willard said snottily.

Maurice just sighed as he watched the kid run around searching for a Pokemon. Maurice leaned up against a tree when he heard a yell and a splash of water.

"Now what did he do?..." Maurice sighed as he walked over to where Willard was.

As he came through the brush he couldn't believe his eyes. Before him was Willard, sprawled out in a pond, soaking wet, a look of pure elation on his face. Following Willard's gaze, Maurice looked to his left and saw a human-like Pokemon with grey and blue coloring. It was a Meditite and a strong one it looked too. Clearly quite healthy with a rugged look that told Maurice it spent a lot of time training, he almost thought about catching it for himself. Coming to his senses though, he looked at Willard and knew this would be a good partner for the kid.

"Alright Willard, is this the Pokemon you want?"

All Willard could do was nod as a goofy smile formed on his face telling Maurice all he needed to know.

"Alright Tympole, standby!" Maurice tossed the Pokeball into the air, "Let's get young mister Willard that Meditite!"


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Payton Murphy
Route 102

Route 102 was just another grassy stretch between another useless town to Payton. What was the point of Odale, anyway? There was nothing significant in the area other than that blasted Pokemon Lab, and the Route 103 "shortcut" to Slateport and Mauville City was difficult to cross and barely used by people who weren't Pokemon trainers. Wouldn't Birch's Lab be better suited to have been situated in Petalburg? Heck, even Littleroot being all just a part of Odale would make sense. This whole beginning section of the trainer circuit was stupid. And yet here he was, walking at a casual pace towards on the exact same track he was complaining about.

Payton looked down at Skipper, who had been let out of his ball and seemed quite content with keeping a steady pace and taking in the surroundings. They had been walking for a couple of minutes now, and Payton had spent the whole time coming up with reasons why he shouldn't be stuck down south of the region. "This is stupid," he commented, although Skipper didn't seem like he was paying any attention. "Seriously though," he continued when he realised he wasn't getting a reaction, "we've been wasting too much time. Go run ahead and do something useful, I'll catch up to you if you run into trouble." The Mudkip nodded and started to pick up speed, dashing off ahead to battle whatever he might find. Now that Payton thought about it, he had never actually seen Skipper fight before. He had definitely gotten hurt by something on the way to Littleroot a couple of days ago, but other than that Payton wasn't even sure if he had fought anything, let alone if he was good at it. All he knew was that Skipper was strong enough to beat whatever could be found around here on it's own, and that he was smart enough to not take on anything that could be dangerous.

It was a genius plan, really. If Skipper ran ahead and cleared out any wild Pokemon, Payton wouldn't have to spend time training him, which meant that they wouldn't waste any valuable daylight. The greatest thing about it, however, was that he didn't have any Pokemon with him, meaning he could avoid any trainers he encountered that demanded a battle. It was virtually as if he didn't have a Pokemon once again, but anything hostile up ahead was dealt with before he arrived. However, he soon realised that Skipper couldn't solve all of his problems as he spotted a certain tall, youthful blonde teen in the near distance, who seemed to be focused on some sort of commotion in a patch of tall grass obscuring Payton's view. "Oh great, the sook," Payton groaned. He had hoped that the kid was far behind, but it seemed that the 17 year old was going to be harder to get rid of than initially thought. It would've been easy to pass by unnoticed by simply heading in a different direction, however Payton's curiosity preceded him and he soon found himself situated a good 20 metres behind the teen and getting a good look at the commotion. He didn't make any attempt to hide himself, and didn't make any attempt to make himself known. It was probably better for the teen's sake than his own that he didn't interfere.

Zackry, as it turns out, was in a fight with the most pathetic looking Pokemon Payton had seen in a long time. Despite that, they both seemed too afraid to make the first move. The Azurill looked scared out of its mind, while Zackry seemed to be unsure about the whole thing, looking more reluctant and bashful than usual. Was he forgetting that the thing only measured halfway up to his knee? Eventually, the wild Polka Dot Pokemon was the one to break the ice, firing a stream of water at Zackry's Fennekin. That seemed to do it for him, and Fennekin was finally ordered to fight back with it's own flamethrower. Payton had to admit that he had some level of curiosity as to how good of a Pokemon battler Zachry was. Perhaps if this kid wasn't so timid, he might actually be an alright trainer? That idea was short lived, however, as a Pokeball was immediately fished out and thrown at the wild Pokemon. It had been hit by one move. One move. Did this boy seriously believe that he was that good of a trainer and could effortlessly catch anything like that? Sure enough, even something as small and weak looking as the Azurill managed to escape the Pokeball after a single shake.

Payton honestly wasn't sure whether to laugh or to bang his head on a tree trunk. He decided to just leave.

Well, to be fair, Skipper decided for him. He might've even approached the kid, had Nero not taken forever to post he not heard the sounds of what could've been a faint Mudkip yelp not too far ahead. Annoyingly, Payton knew that it was his duty of care to probably go and check on what was going on, so he left Zackry alone to his own matters. The whole situation had given him a strong feeling of deja-vu, and he realised why once route 101 came to mind. The sooner he got ahead of this group of trainers, the better off he'd be, anyway. He kept telling himself that, that he didn't want to have to deal with them, but to be honest they hadn't really been a nuisance at all. Was he being a hypocrite? No, not at all.

He wasn't sure where exactly to look for Skipper at first, just wandering aimlessly ahead as he would have if he were heading to Petalburg. A little ways up the road, and he definitely heard what sounded like a Mudkip and another voice he couldn't recognise . As he made his way through the knee high grass off of the dirt track he was following, the one voice became two. There was a person up ahead, with his back turned towards Payton, so the most logical thing was to go and ask if they knew anything. As he approached the figure from behind and was about to make himself known, he discovered not only where Skipper was, but realised his mistake: if people thought Payton didn't have a Pokemon, then they were just as likely to think that Skipper didn't have a trainer. The person Payton had approached in question looked to be a boy about 12 years of age, with short brown hair covered by a local baseball cap, a disgustingly bright red shirt, blue denim shorts, and a band-aid on his cheek. He also had a Zigzagoon, who was currently pinning Skipper on the ground. Not cool.

"Hey, you. That's my Mudkip."

The kid jumped a little, then turned and looked up at the much taller man. When he noticed the way Payton was glaring down at him, he put his hand on his hips, and mockingly glared back, as if Payton were nothing. "Oh yea? Well then, prove it!" He jeered. With a muffled groan, Payton pulled out his Pokedex from his coat pocket and booted it up. Once he navigated his way onto the screen showing that he did, in fact, own a Mudkip, he held it to the kid's face as proof. At the same time, Skipper managed to roll the Zigzagoon off of him and dash back behind Payton leg. He didn't seem all too frightened, but at the same time he didn't look very comfortable. Looking for adventure was supposed to be Skipper's thing anyway, right? He'd be fine. It was pretty obvious that Skipper belonged to Payton by now, so the youngster simply nodded his head to show that he understood. "That Mudkip was gonna get whooped, anyway," the kid boasted. "I just caught this Zigzagoon over on route 203, and he's the toughest one in the whole entire town!" A likely story. "Well, I guess I'm going to have to fight you then, mister!"

"No." Payton simply turned around and began walking away.

"H-hey! You can't just leave, I'm challenging you to a battle!" The youngster tried to protest.

"Too bad, I just did."

The young trainer was a bit flustered now. Nobody had ever turned down a battle he had issued before, and they weren't about to now! So, of course, there was only one way to solve this." If you don't battle me, then I'll tell everyone about how a mean man in a coat came and beat me up and took all my money!" He cried.


"Yeah" the youngster continued, "And about how he told me that he'd steal my Zigzagoon if I told on him!" Payton couldn't tell if the kid was serious or not, but it was enough to persuade him into stopping. He turned completely, looking his blackmailer dead in the eye. "And it's only a battle you would do that over? You're making stuff up." The kid grinned wide like an idiot.

"Do you think people will believe a grumpy old man in a coat, or a poor, hurt child?"

What the hell was this kid's problem? As Payton realised that he was essentially getting told what to do by a 12 year old boy, he gritted his teeth. And he wasn't grumpy, he just had better things to do right now. And he certainly wasn't old. "You little sh-"

"Come on, just one battle, your Mudkip against my Zigzagoon. It'll be over before you know it."

That was true, it would only be a 1v1, and this youngster probably had very little experience with Pokemon battling. Plus, his Mudkip was bred for this, unlike some wild, untrained Zigzagoon some child found while playing around in the dirt. Just this once, and just because he didn't want to take any chances with this kid, he might as well. He had nothing to loose, right?

"Hmph. Fine."

So… I finally sat myself down and wrote some more. That end part was a bit rushed if you can't tell, so I might go over it and fix it up a little bit sometime. I'd also like to point out that this post was going to be a LOT different originally, but I never put pen to paper (er, finger to keyboard) until it already didn't make sense to put it it.
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Gym Battle vs Brendan!

Last Time on Seraph's Region Adventures...
Saying goodbye to Courtney, Darwin's theory coming to life, and the start of a gym battle!
Today on Seraph's Region Adventures...
The fight for a gym badge commences! Who will win? Seraph of Gym Leader Brendan?

Seraph's pokeball flew from his hand, and hit the ground. Appearing from the pokeball was his sea slug.
"Shellos!" Sticky cried out. He turned around and gave Seraph a smile, and Seraph gave a huge sigh of relief, knowing that Sticky knows that he is just trying to be nice towards him while battling.
"So, a water type, eh? Well then. I choose this pokemon!" Brendan said, throwing his pokemon out.A A Treecko appeared from the pokeball in dazzling fashion.
"It's alright Sticky. Type disadvantages don't faze us!" Seraph exclaimed. Sticky cried out in confirmation.
"Alright, but you better watch out! My Treecko is stronger than you might think. Use Absorb!" Brendan said. In response, Treecko held out his hands and released red beams from his hands headed straight for Sticky.
"Sticky, counter with Water Pulse!" Seraph replied. So Sticky reared his head back, then opened his mouth and unleashed a big circle of water to counter the move. It hit the red beams of energy, creating an explosion. After the smoke cleared, both pokemon appeared unharmed.
"Alright, it's our turn to be aggressive!" Seraph exclaimed. "Sticky, use Mud-Slap!" he commanded, and so Sticky dug into the ground and started flinging dirt towards the Treecko. However, Brendan still had some tricks up his sleeve.
"Treecko, dodge with Quick Attack and go in for an attack!" Brendan commanded. So on command, Treecko sidesteppe out of the first wave of Mud-Slap, and started dashing out of the incoming Mud-Slaps, leaving a white trail behind him as he started advancing on to the Shellos. Seraph had to think fast. After a moment, he got an idea.
"Sticky! Use Hidden Power, but don't release the spheres! Brace for impact!" So the Sea Slug formed the red spheres, closed his eyes and braced for impact as the Treecko came in for a hit. A huge cloud of smoke appeared at the moment of impact, temporarily blinding both trainers.
When the smoke cleared, it was clear that the Treecko took more damage from the encounter. Treecko was breathing heavily, while Sticky was only breathing slightly.
"Treecko, use Synthesis!" Brendan commanded. The Treecko started absorbing light, and Seraph had a feeling that that wasn't good.
"Sticky! Stop that with Body Slam!" So Sticky jumped up and started performing a belly flop onto the Treecko. However, Brendan was hoping he would do that.
"Treecko, stop and use Absorb!" Brendan exclaimed with a smile. Seraph's eyes widened as Treecko turned around and released the red absorbing beams from his hand, impacting Sticky for super effective damage while falling towards the Treecko. The two pokemon collided and created an explosion.
When the smoke cleared, both pokemon were breathing heavily. Both trainers felt they needed a combo to finish the other pokemon. However, Seraph acted first.
"Sticky, use Hidden Power and keep your spheres while using Body Slam again!" Seraph exclaimed. Brendan needed to counter that somehow.
"Treecko, use Absorb!" Brendan said. But Seraph expected this.
"Release the Hidden Power and cancel the Absorb!" Seraph said. The two attacks collided, making an explosion, and you could barely see the outline of Sticky falling towards the ground through the smoke as he made impact with the Treecko.
When the smoke cleared, Treecko had fainted.
"Return, Treecko." Brendan said, sucking the pokemon back in its pokeball.
"It's not over yet! Come on out Mudkip!" Brendan exclaimed, throwing the pokeball. Out came the Mud Fish pokemon, looking excited to battle.
"Mudkip, use Tackle!" Brendan said. So Mudkip started charging towards the Shellos. Seraph knew what to do.
"Sticky, brace for impact and use Hidden Power, keeping your spheres!" Seraph said. The two pokemon and moves collided, and another explosion was created.
When the smoke cleared, Sticky had fainted. Mudkip had taken a little bit of damage.
"What? How? That strategy should have worked!" Seraph exclaimed.
"You see, Mudkip is a water type, which resists your Hidden Power Fire. I knew that you might try the same thing as last time, and I knew your pokemon was weak." Brendan said.
"Wow. That is smart. Well, I'm still going to win. Celest, let's go!" Seraph said, throwing out a pokeball. Out for battle for the first time, appeared an Ambipom. Seraph wasted no time going on the offensive.
"Celest, use Swift!" Seraph quickly commanded. The Long Tail pokemon jumped up and released a barrage of stars towards the Mudkip.
Unprepared for the fast pace of Seraph, Brendan stood frozen for a moment. But he finally snapped out of it and told Mudkip to use Water Gun to counter the attack, which was barely gotten off in time. A second later, and the stars would have made impact.
"Ok, let's try this approach! Use Agility and circle the Mudkip!" Seraph said. He was trying out the strategy that he used against the Numel when battling Courtney. So on command, Celest starting moving faster and faster and started making circles around the Mudkip. By the time Celest got up to full speed he looked like a blur. Brendan was unsure of what he was going to do, so he tried playing passively.
"Mudkip, use Growl!" Brendan said. So the Mudkip simply growled at the Ambipom, lowering his attack. However, Seraph stayed firm to his strategy.
"Ignore the Growl and keep circling the Mudkip!" Seraph said, trying to be persistent. Finally, Brendan got really annoyed.
"Mudkip, use Water Gun to create a puddle where he will run!" Brendan said.
"Celest, jump and use Swift!" Seraph said as soon as Brendan uttered the words. With the Mudkip caught off guard, the Swift made a direct impact, all of the stars hitting the Mudkip. A dust cloud followed. However, Seraph was too excited to wait for the dust to clear and issued a command.
"If the Mudkip hasn't fainted, find it right now and use Double Hit!" Seraph cried out.
"Mudkip, try to counter whatever he does!" Brendan said. Then both trainers said nothing for an entire minute as fighting is heard within the dust cloud that wouldn't go away. When it finally did, both pokemon were panting with exhaustion.
"Mudkip, use Sludge!" Brendan said.
"Celest, use Swift!" Seraph replied. Both attacks collided.
"Mudkip, use Water Gun!"
"Celest, use Agility and dodge!" Seraph commanded. The Ambipom dodged the attack by gaining speed.
"Now Celest. Use Double Hit!" Seraph cried out.
"Now Mudkip. Use Tackle!" The two pokemon started charging towards each other. But then, Seraph got an idea.
"Celest, use your Double Hit to pick up the Mudkip as it is about to hit you!" Seraph commanded. The Mudkip made impact with Celest and as Celest was sliding back, he used his hands to pick up the Mudkip and toss it behind him, like a Seismic Toss atttack.
"Now Celest. Use Astonish!" Seraph said. Celest charged the grounded Mudkip and made a direct impact. A dust cloud followed.
When the dust cloud dissipated, the Mudkip had fainted.
"Mudkip, return." Brendan said. He got out his pokeball and sucked the Mudkip back in. He then walked up to Seraph.
"Good job. Congratulations on beating the Petalburg City Gym!" Brendan said. He then got out something from his pocket. It looked like two grey circles connected with a line. "This is the Balance Badge. This is proof that you have beaten the Petalburg City Gym. Good luck on your adventures!" Brendan said as Seraph took the badge and put it in his badge case. Seraph then recalled Celest to his pokeball and walked out of the gym towards the pokecenter.
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