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Hey everyone. Just thought I'd share some of my building tiles that I ripped. Right now there's only three from what I needed for my game, I'll be adding more. Just wanted to get these out there. Right now its just from HGSS but I plan on doing platinum too. If you want a specific building just tell me. I'll include the PSD file, that's organized and has a 32x32 grid.

I am taking requests for BUILDINGS. There's plenty of ground tiles from gen 4 but a remarkable lack of a collection of buildings from all gen 4 games which is what I plan to do. Don't ask for gen 5 since 1, I'm using this for my game too, and two, there plenty of complete tilesets I believe.

Don't ask for interior tiles. If I knew how to rip them I would. They don't show up in the method I use.

You're free to use these for any purpose as long as you provide credit.

Its 2AM here so I'm going to bed. I'll add some more tomorrow. I have like 15 houses in a folder. Will be sorting through them tomorrow.

If you add any more tiles to this set, which is why I included the psd if you want to add your own tiles, post them for others if you want.
These were all ripped by me.

I have a lot of houses ripped from Soul Silver, but it takes time to organize them. Anyway. Here you go. The files are in an attachment. If there's any problems let me know. Sorry its so small. Will be adding more don't worry.

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