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Pokémon Garnet Version

Started by Kyaru-san January 19th, 2008 5:29 AM
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Posted April 18th, 2011
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Hello, I'm Kyaru, Creator of Pokémon Garnet, and Team Aeon Leader,

Here is the History in the game:

Pokémon Garnet Version
By Shiun Eshidia
Illustrated By Kyaru Amishina

The History of The God Of Moon and Sun:
1,000 years ago, two ancient pokemon stood. One in the east of the world, Howlunor the creator of the Moon. One stood in the west of the world, Griffidor the creator of the Sun. They had stayed blissfully unaware of their past until they saw each others work, jealousy kicked in and suddenly, they were fighting at the centre of the world. They fought for days, only when they realized that mixing their powers had created land, which had been sprouted with huts and hills surrounded by forests and many other beautiful architecture.

At this point, The Ancient Pokémon was awakened from the world's core, it saw what was happening to the world and came and put a stop to it. The 2 beasts were stopped and were sent to opposite ends of the continent. While this, The Ancient Pokémon divided himself into two, one going off far away, the other sleeping in the centre of Taizu to make sure the beasts kept at bay.

They then went to sleep in different parts of Taizu, waiting for a rematch...with both The Ancient Pokémon and their rivals.

The collesium of Taizu was built around 20 years ago. It was discovered that Taizu was actually on the burial ground of the original pokemon and was quickly honoured with the position. Hoenn, being Jealous that it had not been built in Hoenn, challenged Taizu. Soon, Johto, Kanto, regions unheard of for many quickly sent representatives to fight for the glory of being the best region. The best of the best trainers go there, fighting for their region. Only the people of Taizu fight for individual Glory.

Hero Story:
You are a Pokémon Trainer from Johto, and you decided to move back home to your mother in Taizu, and you had a phone call from Prof. Maple. She said to meet her in the lab for your new Pokémon in the next 5 mins. But the message was sent to you 20 minutes ago while you was asleep at home. Now your journey begin well until you find the prof. then your journey begin.
100 new Pokémons
New Heroes
New Items
New Region
New Trainers
New Phone Booth (yea, Zel's idea and I need to use that idea)
Progress List

Elk Village
Sun Bay Town
Maroon City
Twilight City
Cinnamon Town
Gemstone City
Bloom City
Static City
Aluminum City
Blaze Island
Takeshi Village

Gym Leader

1. Lara, Maroon City – Poison Type – Sting Badge (done)
2. Bryan, Twilight City-Dark Type-Shadow Badge
3. Mya, Cinnamon Town-Ground Type-Sand Badge
4. Tiana, Bloom City- Normal Types- Cutie Badge (done)
5. Jupiter, Static City– Thunder Type- Bolt Badge
6. Kira, Aluminum City – Steel Type- Iron Badge
7. Paul, Blaze Island-Fire Type- Lava Badge
8. Nyoami, Takeshi Village, All Type, Garnet Badge

New Trainers

1. News Reporter
2. Samurai – Fighting or Psychic types
3. Thug - Dark type or Poison types
4. Officer - ???
5. Nurse – Chansey and Blissey or other healing pokemon
6. Witches and Wizards Psychic and Dark or Ghost pkmn
7. Skater – Steel and Electric
8. Poke Rider – their pokemon their riding on

The Elites

1. Lola and John – Flying types
2. Razor - Grass type
3. Lorelei - Ice Type (done)
4. Sabrina - Psychic Type(done)
5. Clair - Dragon Types

Fiona - Leader of Team Chaos
Lime and Lemon – Admin of Team Chaos
Team Chaos Grunt
Tyson - TCG trainer

Old but new pose:
Bird Catcher
If you like what you read and would like to participate to help then reply, and you dont have to join Team Aeon just help out

But I need people with experience demo coming soon in the end of Jan.

Music Inserter/

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This sounds good. Would like to see screen shots.
The Extreme Gym (EGL)
December 31st 2007-October 8th 2009
The Greatest Gym to ever be on PC

What's done is done with EGL I do not want it to ever be revived, we want to progress to the future and evolve not go back in time. The times we had were fun and the memories will live on in our hearts to those that contribute. Now it's time for the next big thing to have a longer run than us, and thanks to Venks, speedy 101, shinypoke666, evilcheese, Ito_Igami, Ktn, darkspace, dunlop, Abyay, and Umanouski; the Original 12 in EGL and for making this league quite special. I'd also like to thank Shin although he wasn't an original member his contributions throughout the league were apperciated greatly, and I had a real blast meeting/getting to know a lot of you this was a wonderful expirence/journey and hopefully we can all hang again.


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Posted April 18th, 2011
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yes I am going to use "fake"mons and here is a topic ideas this or that

1. New Team or Return of Team Rocket
2. 125 new pokemon or 100

Special guest
3. Prof Oak or Prof Elm
4. Gary or Mark from Pkmn TCG
5. New attacks or Old Attacks
6. the 3 final evo Johto starter pkmn or kanto pkmn

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