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Pokémon FULL Journey Optional [T] [IC]

Started by gimmepie March 20th, 2017 7:41 PM
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Journey Optional

Chapter One - Erest Town

Town Info: A small, rural location with forests and mountains on one side and farmland on the other. Steeped in tradition, many villagers still visit the small fertility shrine nearby.

Leader: Tiamat
Type: Dragon
Info: Tiamat is a generally shy and quiet person, but she’s passionate about her dragons and comes alive as she gets into a battle. Her battle is a two Pokemon aside single battle, only the challenger may switch.

Noibat (Infiltrator) - Air Cutter, Bite, Absorb, Agility

Druddigon (Rough Skin) - Bite, Scratch, Smack Down, Hone Claws

Player List

1. Ech as ???
2. Aquacorde as Mihara
3. HyperMorian as Shin
4. Who's Kiyo? as Rhodes
5. Arachneo as Dmitri
6. PastelPhoenix as Roza
7. I'mMrRoboto as Damian
8. Salzorrah as Aria

Chapter Two Starts on 28/03


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Damien King


Gible, Boy (Rough Skin)
Sand Attack
Metal Claw

Ralts, Girl (Trace)
Disarming Voice
Lucky Chant
Grass Knot

Damien took a deep breath. It was nice to get out to a place like this. Erest Town was a very pleasant place. The fresh air, the sunshine coming through the trees, the refreshing breeze…

The Gible nibbling on his shoe.

Damien chuckled as he looked down at his companion. Damien had heard that Gible never stop teething until they evolved, so his partner happily gnawed on anything he could get his jaws around, even other Pokémon. This had resulted in some embarrassing situations as a Ranger.

"Alright, buddy, let's go." Damien said as he rummaged through his bag to get Gible's Pokéball. Finding it, he pressed the small button in the center and watched his partner dissolve into red light and disappear into the ball. Damien was slightly taken aback. He had only seen the spherical devices used a few times in his life.

Looking around, Damien started searching for the Pokémon Gym. Shortly after becoming a trainer, Damien had heard of the Pokémon Gyms, places where both a trainer and their team can get stronger and closer to each other. Damien, of course, wanted to check it out.

The Gym wasn't difficult to find. As he passed by, he could hear a battle going on inside. He quickly walked in to see two trainers withdrawing their Pokémon. The trainer on Damien's right looked relatively normal, but the girl on his right was dressed up as a Noibat. Was this normal for Pokémon Gyms? The two trainers walked toward each other. The Noibat-girl handed the other trainer something shiny, and they exchanged a few words before the trainer left and the girl turned to face Damien. As soon as she saw him, she looked taken aback and began to speak shyly.

"Ah, another challenger." The girl said quietly. "You are here to battle, right?"

"Uh, yeah." Damien said. His general understanding of gyms was that to progress to the next gym, you had to defeat the gym leader in a battle. With a bit more confidence, he repeated himself. "Yes, I am here to challenge you."

"Very Well" Damien noticed that her voice was a bit louder, and he could see the traces of a smile on her face. "I am Tiamat, and I accept your challenge."

Tiamat and Damien stood on either side of the arena and they both pulled out a Pokéball. Tiamat smiled and threw it into the arena. At the same time, Damien threw his. From Tiamat'd ball came a small bat-like Pokémon, a Noibat. Perfect. From Damien's ball came a small white Ralts. A fairy type. After using PokéAssists for so long as a Ranger, Damien knew the strength of a type advantage.

"Noibat, use Agility, and then Bite!" Tiamat called out to the Pokémon. Damien watched as the Noibat dived toward Ralts, mouth open. Damien waited until it was too late for the Pokémon to turn around, then quickly called out.

"Sidestep, then Fairy Wind!" Ralts elegantly leapt out of the Noibat's path, causing it to crash into the ground, then extended its hands. A number of white orbs blew from her hands to the recovering Pokémon. As they struck it, the Pokémon started flying around wildly, trying to recover. "Finish it, Ralts!" Damien called. The Ralts leapt forward so she was directly underneath the Noibat. Extending its arms into the air, it sent another barrage of Fairy Wind to the Pokémon, striking it repeatedly, and causing it to fall back down to the ground.

Looking across the arena, Damien could see that Tiamat was somewhat taken aback, but she quickly recomposed herself. "Excellent, but can you handle this?" She announced as she tossed another Pokéball into the arena. It launched a white light, which quickly faded to reveal a Drudiggon, a large, hulking Dragon Pokémon.

On Damien's side, Ralts began to shake. "It's alright, Ralts." Damien called to her. "It may be big, but we can still take it, okay?" Ralts looked up at Damien before turning back to the Druddigon with renewed resolve.

Tiamat smiled and gave her order. "Use Bite, go!" As soon as the last word left her lips, the Dragon launched itself forward, toward Ralts. Without Damien even saying so, Ralts leapt out of the way just in time to avoid it.

"Alright Ralts, use … look out!" Ralts turned and managed to jump out of the way again as Druddigon came charging once more, but just as Ralts jumped, Tiamat gave another command.

"Smack Down, c'mon!" She yelled. Damien had noticed that she had become extremely pumped as the fight went on. Druddigon swung its arm around, smacking Ralts down and smashing her into the ground. The Fairy type looked like it could hardly move. Damien pulled out her ball and retrieved her. Placing her back within his bag, he withdrew his other Pokémon, Gible.

"Alright, buddy, let's go!" Damien yelled as he threw the ball, revealing his partner. Damien tensed. He knew that Dragon Moves were super-effective against Dragon Pokémon. His partner didn't have any Dragon Moves, so he had to just hope that Druddigon didn't either.

Without hesitation, Druddigon launched itself at Gible, who wasn't as agile as Ralts was, so Druddigon successfully closed its jaws around Gible. But the larger Dragon quickly recoiled in pain. It had bitten Gible's scales and hurt its mouth. While its eyes were closed, Damien whistled to his partner and pointed down. Gible nodded and quickly used Dig, burrowing its way underground. When Druddigon opened its eyes again, Gible was nowhere to be found. Tiamat, who had also not noticed Gible's move, was looking around too.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Druddigon's left foot cracked open and Gible leapt out, causing Druddigon to fall down. While in midair, Gible's claws lit up white and the Ground Type landed on Druddigon, striking it with his Metal Claw. Druddigon fainted, half from the attack, and half from surprise.

A few minutes later, Damien emerged from the Gym with a new badges. Smiling, he kneeled down and sent out both of his newly healed Pokémon. Gible was hopping up and down and Ralts was doing a small dance. They both seemed to be as pleased with the victory as Damien was.

That was, of course, until Gible, out of excitement, bit Ralts' hand. Ralts quickly recoiled her hand and started running away. Gible began to chase, but Damien grabbed him by the fin before he could. "Dang it, Gible. What have I told you about that?" Damien muttered, returning Gible to his ball. "Ralts, wait! Come back!" He shouted as he chased after his Pokémon.
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Roza Lyndon

The Hex Maniac

Vs Tiamat

Roza stared at the tiny shrine in front of her, disappointed. A small painting of Shaymin rested inside, illuminated by several candles and circles with small offerings. It was nice, shell give it that, but she was expecting more. Raising her camera, she snapped a quick picture and made her way towards the gym.

Shuuuuup, a soft voice behind her said.

Teru, I dont think anyone is going to make a shrine for you, she said, turning around to grab the small ghost. Now in her arms, the tiny Shuppet snuggled into a good spot and let his trainer pet its extremely worn, but still soft cloth. Still. Id think thered at least be some kind of inappropriately shaped rock at a fertility shrine. Not worshipping some cute hedgehog.


Deciding there was nothing else even worth visiting in the town, the two travelled to the large building that operated as the gym in town. Truth be told, Roza has no idea who even operated this gym, or what to expect. She just wanted to get this little journey over with and go back home admitting she at least attempted all the gyms. At least then her mom couldnt complain anymore.

Roza squinted her eyes at the sign detailing information about the gym. She didnt like being up while the sun was up, much less when it conspired to be right behind the sign she needed to read. This was a time for suckers and old people to be awake.

Ugh, Roza muttered to herself, making her way to the door, what kind of try hard trainer uses only dragon types? We get it, youre a cool dude. What the hell kind of name is Tiamat anyways? Either a nerd, or some brain dead jock whos only good for some eye-candy.

Pushing open the door, her eyes quickly readjusted to the relative darkness inside. Across the ring she spotted the gym leader, a young woman dressed up as a noibat.


Suddenly regretting not paying as much attention to her hair, Roza stepped forward. Gods she hoped the bags under her eyes werent too bad. Smoothing a wrinkle in her dress, began her introduction.

Please be Tiamat I mean Youre Tiamat, I hope?


Uhm, yes, the girl responded, fiddling around with the large ears of her outfit, I am the gym leader.

Im Roza! I think dragon types are pretty cool. That outfit is really cute! Where did you get it.

Ah hi. Yeah, theyre my favorite type, and I made this myself didnt buy it anywhere.

Ah! Thats even cuter! I should make something like that! Shuppet or something.

Shupp! The little bundle of cloth in her arms interjected.

Okay, Roza responded, I guess it would just be throwing a sheet over my head. Still, you went from worship me to making images of me is dumb really fast.

H-Hey, Tiamat interrupted, did you want to battle?

Ah! Yes! Sorry. I got caught up in how cute yo- the outfit is!

Well in that case you know the rules right?

I think so. Either way, lets start!

The gym leader gave a small nod of approval before sharply whistling. A small blur dropped from the ceiling, and a sudden flutter of wings slowed the blur down to avoid impacting the floor of the gym. A small bat pokemon softly plopped on the ground, shaking sleep from its eyes. Tiamat kneeled over and whispered something to the little bat, who shook its head and took up a pround fighting stance. Roza took that moment to let go of Teru, letting the tiny ghost float to its spot right in front of her.

A-alright then. On behalf of the Erest Gym I accept your challenge.

Noibat took off as soon as her sentence ended, flying from one rocky outcropping to the next. The pokemons speed and small size made it difficult to track, and the pair nearly lost sight of it a few times.

Ah, Roza said in sudden revelation, Will-O-Wisp can help us track it!

Several tiny flames emerged from the tip of Shuppet, flickering an unnatural blue and purple. The flames circled around the ghost for a moment before taking off towards Noibat. The tiny dragon type tried to lose them in the rocks, but the flames dogged it too well.

Get rid of them with Air Cutter, Tiamat commanded.

Suddenly flipping around, Noibat violently beat its wings. After reaching a certain speed, each wing released a visible crescent slash of air, breaking apart the fireballs upon contact. One flame managed to slip past the assault, however, striking Noibat right in the center of its chest. The flame quickly dissipated, but a patch of burned skin remained, seemingly causing pain each time Noibat beat its wings.

Thats not good, Tiamat said, her previous stutter and shyness gone, we gotta finish them quick. Bite them!

Taking off once again, the dragon type made use of the rocks to hide its approach. Roza and Teru actually lost the foe this time around, and seemingly as soon as their gaze was off it, the bat reemerged from an unexpected location. Noibat exposed its fangs and buried them in Terus side, eliciting a yelp of pain.

We cant let em do that! Disable that attack!

While Noibat hung on with its fangs, a small buildup of pinkish electricity built up around Terus horn. Arcing towards Noibat, the electricity shocked the pokemon, who promptly let go of Teru and seemed confused about what it was just doing. Realizing how close it was to its foe, Noibat moved away quickly, wincing all the while from the burn.

Well, just hit him with Air Cutter then!

Flapping its wings rapidly once more, this time in significant discomfort, more slashes of air appeared, this time directed at Teru. A few made small contact, leaving shallow cuts.

Get out of there, Shadow Sneak!

Terus shadow suddenly extended towards Noibat. As soon as it made contact with the opponents shadow, Teru dropped into his shadow and reemerged from the other Pokemons. Charging forward, Teru stabbed its horn into the bats back, causing it to drop to the ground. Noibat attempted to fly back up, but the pain from the scalded flesh was too much for it to lift off again

Oh no, Tiamat called out, uhm, Noibat is unable to continue, point goes to Roza. Lemme just get my Pokemon please!

The cosplayer rushed forward, scooping up her Pokemon in her arms. She scolded it when the bat-like pokemon tried to move, before placing it on a cushion the the side. Taking her place back on the leaders side, she pulled out a Pokeball and released a rather rough looking dragon type, Druddigon. Truth be told, Roza found it pretty ugly, especially after the cute Noibat, but it did fit the dragon theme better.

Im ready to continue when you are, Tiamat announced, breaking Rozas train of thought. Suddenly realizing that Teru was on her shoulder, she thought of a different strategy.

One moment please, he seems pretty tired. Lemme make a swap.

Pulling out her own Pokeball, she released her other Pokemon. A small Skrelp emerged in front of her, looking up to its trainer for acknowledgement that this was an actual battle. After receiving a small nod, the little water type slithered forward to enter the ring. Size wise, this was an awful matchup, but ever since she found the little seaweed like pokemon washed up on shore, it's been eager to prove itself.

Okay, Tiamat said, slipping into her previous groove, substitution made. Round two begins NOW!

Acid Armor up, Kudzu! Kudzus body simmered, and its exact form became less defined as he shifted much of his body to water.

Get in and give it a good Bite!

The Druddigon suddenly rushed forward, crossing the gap in a surprising amount of time. Lunging forward, it snatched the kelp-like pokemon up, sinking its fangs into Kudzus sides. Although much of his body was now merely water in the shape of his normal body, Kudzu flinched in pain from the bite strength and fangs. Druddigon suddenly loosened its grip and let Kudzu fall to the floor, and a small cut dripping with some kind of purple liquid was visible in its mouth.

It hit a poison spine! Quickly, smokescreen away!

Raising its snout, Kudzu released a thick cloud of black smoke around the battlefield, before slithering away from the injured dragon. Druddigon seemed to quickly lose his opponent in the smoke, as well as appeared a little woozy from the poison.

Wait for it to make a move, Tiamat commanded. The large dragon type placed a hand against a rock to steady itself while it waited.

Hit it with acid!

A sudden spray of bright yellow liquid emerge from the smoke, soaking the Druddigon. The acid seemed to burn, evidenced by the small bits of smoke, but the Dragon type toughed it out.

Found it, give it a Smack Down!

Suddenly clenching the hand supporting it, Druddigon broke off a piece of rock and hurled it in the direction of the Acid. A loud squeak confirmed that it made contact, and it sounded like Kudzu was approaching his limit.

While we have the advantage, Tiamat followed up to her last command, Hone those Claws!

Suddenly swiping his claws aggressively against the stone, the now razor sharp claws left deep gashes. The next move was going to be to finish this.

End it quick, Kudzu, Roza said, Water Gun!

A sudden torrent of water emerged from the smoke, once more drenching the large dragon. Once more, the attack seemed to have little effect. Druddigon merely shook off the water and lowered into a charging stance.

Theres your chance, Drudd, Scratch it!

Charging forward with enough force to part the smoke around it, Druddigon charged the position the water emerged from, claws ready.

Try one last Acid!

Another quick spray of the yellow liquid emerged from in front of Druddigon, soaking it in the corrosive liquid once again. The attack didnt slow the charge, however, and Druddigon made one final mighty swing into the smoke-

And failed to connect. Kudzu slithered away at the last moment, under the cover of the smoke. Surprise flashed across the rough skinned pokemon, right before it collapsed from a combination of damage, dizziness, and momentum. Rolling onto his back, Druddigon lifted his head to stare at his opponent one last time, uddered what could only pass for a draconic chuckle, and promptly passed out.

Ah! Druddigon is down too, Tiamat announced, the victor is Challenger Roza!

Recalling her Pokemon, Tiamat ran up to Roza before realizing just how close she was all of a sudden, softly squeaking and backing up a few paces.

T-that wasagoodbattle. Uh, on behalf of me and the Erest gym, take this badge.

Reaching into her pocket, Tiamat pulled out a small pin in the shape of 5 scales, one red, blue, green, black, and white. Suddenly grabbing Rozas hand, she quickly transferred it to her before realizing what she just did.

I-I-I call it the Chromatic badge. Druddigon sheds a lot so I thought Id use them. Might be a little weird, but theyre so pretty and painting them is fun.

Its cute. Ill happily wear it. Roza said, resisting the urge to hug the girl.

Thanks Good luck with the others

Leaving the gym, Roza pinned the badge to her bag. One down, seven to go, and then she can go home. Teru took the initiative to rest in crook of her arm, playing up his injuries.

You know, Teru, I think thats the first time I held hands with someone...


You dont have hands, so you dont count It was nice, by the way.


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Dmitrix, the Clown
aka Dmitri Bolokov


Spoink ? (Thick Fat) - Psybeam, Power Gem, Magic Coat, Future Sight

Zubat ? (Inner Focus) - Supersonic, Wing Attack, Poison Fang, Quick Attack

In the peaceful serenity of Erest Town, there was a bit of excitement marching throughout. A young, jolly man by the name of Dmitri Bolokov, dressed in a clown costume. The colors were a mix of light and dark purple, with grey and white. He wore a big, shiny red nose and wore white make-up over his eyes and mouth. He was playing a happy tune on a trumpet, parading through town with a tiny line-up consisting of him and his two Pokemon. The first of which was a happy, energetic Spoink, whom Dmitri named Pigaro. Pigaro was Dmitris first Pokemon, and closest companion to the purple clown. The second was a Zubat, fluttering close behind. His name was Aero, Dmitris acrobat and his first catch.

The townspeople were looking on in confusion, bewilderment, and intrigue. What would a single clown be doing here, in Erest Town? No circus, no carnival, nor even any travelling caravans came to visit this little slice of country settlement. Some of the people tried to ignore it, but the children all laughed and smiled at the sight of the strange clown man, and his Pokemon happily marching along the tune he played. It was certainly a sight to see. Some of the children joined in the parade, following behind the clowns Zubat and made a neat line. Even the elderly seemed to find themselves amused, and enjoyed the spectacle.

However, some of the people just looked dumbfounded when they realized where the clown was headed. Dmitri and his Pokemon were headed to the Gym. Hey, you ever seen a clown challenge a gym leader? One of the middle-aged men asked a buddy of his, they were both watching their children look on at the tiny parade. Nah, but its kinda funny, eh? You dont see anything like that every day. Who knows, maybe hell surprise us all. The two men simply looked on, making sure their kids didnt get caught up in the spectacle, themselves. And sure enough, Dmitri and his tiny crew marched towards the Gym.
Before Dmitri hit the doors of the Gym, he halted not only the music, but the parade entirely. With a quick turn and a clap, his Pokemon jumped to his side. He was met with a small applause, mostly of the children, but not without some of the older villagers meeting the enthusiasm. Dmitri gave a big smile, and bowed. Pigaro and Aero followed suit, though Aero could only slightly bow his head, as he perched onto Dmitris shoulder. This is such a lovely village! When I saw how peaceful and serene it was, however, I thought Id try my hand at entertainment! I do hope you enjoyed my dear Pokemon and I doing a little show for you all! The kids cheered on, of course. Hey, are you challenging the gym, pal? Whats your name? One of the older kids jeered at the purple jester.

Oh, of course, where are my manners? My name is Dmitri Bolokov, but Im also known as Dmitrix, the Clown! And yes, yes I am! The kids, young and older, gave Dmitri a variety of looks. Quizzical, awe, and a smidge of curiosity. Dmitri knew he couldnt leave on such a short note, so he returned his Zubat, and called to the villagers, But before I do, how about a magic trick?! The kids immediately began to form a half-circle and sat eagerly. Theyve never seen such strangeness in their quiet little town, so the excitement was heightened greatly. The adults and elderly even looked on with curiosity. Im so glad! Okay, my dear Pigaro, lets make a real *shimmering* spell! Spoink-Oink-Oink! Pigaro oinked with glee, and bounced hard enough to land on his trainers head.

First, we say Abra! With a snap, Pigaro began to spin in place on Dmitris head, the pearl on its head beginning to glow. Oink-oink-oink ooiiink! The glow was, at first, a dull pink, but the faster it got, the brighter it became. With a raised hand, two fingers out, Dmitri then said, Then we say, Kadabra! Dmitri himself began to spin, and Spoinks glow began to form a complete Power Gem, slowly rising above the spinning duo. Everyone held their breath. What the hell was this purple clown going to do?

Spoi-oi-oi-oi. The gem began to form into a much larger pearl, twice the size of the one that sits atop any Spoinks noggin. After the gem finalized form and structure, Dmitri and Pigaro halted, both of them facing the crowd. Quickly, Dmitri shot both of his hands into the air, and shouted with three fingers out, Finally, we say Alakazam! Pigaro mimicked the movements to a t, and with another snap of fingers, the Power Gem bursted and rained down brilliant light. Sparkles and glitters rained down over the clown, they twinkled in the sunlight. He and his Spoink took a bow, as everyone in his audience applauded them both. Without another word, Dmitri opened the door and slid inside.


Excuse me. The purple clown was met with a young girl, standing at the other end of a rather impressive gym field. She dressed in a Noibat themed outfit, and looked like quite the shy type. Im sorry, but I have to say, that was such a lovely performance. She smiled warmly, and giggled. Its very quiet here so we never have such wild vagrants such as yourself. Pleased to meet you, she said, as she bowed before Dmitri. He returned the gesture, as did Pigaro, and replied with, Its a pleasure to meet you as well. Im sure you probably know but Im Dmitri Bolokov. However, you can call me Dmitrix. He smiled widely, and stepped into the challengers ring. The young gym leader chuckled, and stepped into her end of the field. Yes I could very well hear. Not that I minded. My name is Tiamat, and I am the Gym Leader of Erest Town, Dragon-type specialist. She opened up a Pokeball, and tossed it. Out came a Noibat, wide eyed and ready for a fight.

Well then, Tiamat, you know exactly what Im here for! Lets begin the show, Aero! Dmitrix pulled out a Pokeball of his own from a jacket pocket, and chucked it upwards. Out came his Zubat, zipping along the field. Tiamat chuckled again, and called for her referee. The ref stepped forward in the center stage, and announced, This is the battle between Tiamat, Gym Leader of Erest Town against the challenger, Dmitri Bolokov, aka Dmitrix the Clown! This will be a two pokemon, single battle. Only the challenger may make substitutions! With that said let the match begin!

Tiamat decided to strike first. She called out with, Noibat, attack with Air Cutter! The Noibat screeched, and whipped up blades of wind with each flap of tiny wings. Zubat, however, kept zipping around the battlefield. Come now, Aero, lets get into the groove of this battle! Use Quick Attack to dodge! Aero followed up, zipping with more speed. Unfortunately, this led Aero into a three-string attack of Air Cutter. Aero, my acrobat, no! Zubat shook itself off, and screeched with vigor. Dmitrix sighed in relief, and bounced back. Alright, lets pay them back in kind with a Supersonic attack! Zubat began to release waves of supersonic screeches, rings of them aimed at the Noibat. One, and two, Noibat wobbled in flight. Tiamat fought back, shouting, Not this trick! Noibat, use Air Cutter again! Noibat hesitated for a few moments, but began to flap their wings again, creating more blades of wind. Aero, dodge them and go at them with a Wing Attack smack!

Zubat dodged the attacks, some of them not even near their mark. When Zubat got close, it slapped around the Noibat repeatedly with his wings. After the third, the Noibat flew backwards, nearly hitting the wall, but it regained full consciousness. Great, Noibat! Attack with Bite attack! Quickly kicking its feet off the wall, Noibat hurdled towards Zubat, its jaws open and fangs bared. Before Dmitrix could call the next attack, Zubat was caught in the clamping teeth of Noibat. Ugh, Aero! Use Poison Fang, and bite back! Zubat kept flapping and bit down with poison drenched fangs. Both of them screeched, but Zubat began to lose steam. Hmph Aero, use Supersonic again!

Zubats screeches hit Noibat directly, confusing the Sound Wave Pokemon. Not again! Finish it with Absorb! Zubat could be seen visibly weakening, a glow from Noibats fangs shot through Zubat. It wasnt normally strong enough against Zubat, but here, it was. Zubat fell to the ground, while Noibat fluttered weakly. Zubat is unable to battle! Noibat wins! Dmitrix stumbled to a knee, and called out to Aero. Aero, no my poor acrobat! Return! Zubat was beamed back into the Pokeball. Youll be better soon, my dear Pokemon. Standing back up, Dmitri looked on at the Dragon Pokemon. Alright, dear Pigaro, its time to turn this show around! Pigaro bounced off of his head, onto the battlefield. Spoink! He hopped with great energy, bouncing higher every third bounce. And now, let the battle continue! Tiamat knew the state her Noibat was in, so she tried to call another attack. However, Dmitrix called out, Pigaro, its time! Power Gem! Pigaros gem glowed bright, and formed a pearly above its head, growing twice the size. Just like in the show he performed earlier. Tiamat called to her Noibat with, Get out of there with Agility! Noibat tried to get away, but as Pigaro released the Power Gem, it slammed into Noibat with great force, knocking it to the ground.

Tiamat looked surprised, to say the least. The referee immediately called, Noibat is unable to battle! Spoink is the winner! Absolutely stunning, dear Pigaro! Dmitrix congratulated his Spoink, dancing in celebration. Tiamat quietly returned her Noibat, and whispered into the Pokeball. Seeing this change, the purple clown turned to face her. Eyes now serious, her posture more sturdy, she pressed the button on the second Pokeball. With a toss, a large mass took form and slammed onto the battlefield. After materializing, it roared, clearing the dust and sand in the air. It was revealed to be a Druddigon.

Dmitrix gulped, chuckling nervously. Well, weve certainly got our battle caps on then, eh? Alright Pigaro, weve got some tough customers to perform for! The referee blew his whistle, and called out, Let the final math begin!
Now, Scratch attack! Tiamats sudden command was just as quick as her Druddigons reaction time. It leapt over to Pigaro, and thrust his claws down upon the Spoink. Pigaro, jump! It jumped in just time to not get crushed by the large claws. However, Druddigon tried another swipe, knocking poor Pigaro aside like a sack of potatoes.
Oh no! Pigaro! Future Sight! Spoink immediately shot up, its tail straightening and its eyes glowing white. A power could be felt, encompassing the field. Tiamat simply commanded Druddigon with, Now, Bite attack! Druddigon lunged towards Pigaro with open jaws, fangs dangerously sharp. Now, Pigaro, use Psybeam! It whipped itself back to reality, and turned to face the Cave Pokemon. A colorful beam shot forth from Pigaros forehead, flowing over the Druddigon. At first, it staggered back from the surprise attack, but committed to the Bite attack his trainer issued. The fangs grazed Pigaro, nearly crushing it with just the power of his jaws. However, the Druddigon backed off because of the relentless Psychic attack. Both of them shivered and trembled, but none of them were ready to bow out just yet.

Tiamat called out with, Druddigon! Hone Claws! It made swiping motions like the previous Scratch attack, but the claws began to glow white. With a final swiping motion with both claws, Druddigon seemed to look sharp, and the eyes looked sharper. Oh my alright, lets continue with Power Gem! But this time, with gusto! Pigaro shot a Power Gem above, but jumped over and onto it. Tiamat and Druddigon looked on in confusion, but with caution. Pigaro, lets go crashing down! The Spoink landed with force, sending it straight to the ground. It began to hop backwards, rolling the Power Gem like a giant rubber ball! However, it rolled through rock and rubble, straight towards Druddigon. Tiamat stood strong, and commanded Druddigon with, Stand tall, Druddigon! Hold it off! The rolling Power Gem met with Druddigons outstretched arms, now becoming a struggle of power. That is, until a white light began to form above Druddigon. Tiamats eyes widened instantly, seeing the ultimatum her challenger put before her. Either get crushed by the Power Gem, or struck by the power of Future Sight. She grit her teeth, and came up with a last ditch move. Druddigon, its coming, throw off the Power Gem and get away! Dmitrix grinned, seeing his plan come to fruition. Druddigon was able to shove both Pigaro and the Power Gem away, but a great psychic force came down upon the dragon. It roared and staggered in pain.
In the aftermath, the settling dust, Druddigon stood tall only for several seconds. Pigaro was laying forward, trying to hold itself up with tiny arms. But, Druddigon fell back, knocked out cold by the force of Power Gem and Future Sight.

Silence filled the gym, until the referee called out, Thats it, and the match is over! Druddigon is unable to battle! Spoink is the winner. And that means, Dmitrix the Clown is the victor! Dmitrix jumped forward, scooping up his exhausted partner. He laughed and cried, seeing Pigaro in such a state was something he wasnt quite ready for.

Tiamat kneeled before her Druddigon. It growled meekly, but Tiamat shook her head. You did a fine job, Druddigon. Im very proud of you. Now, take a good rest. Recalling the Druddigon, She stood up and walked over to the purple clown. You have not only defeated me in battle, but you surprised me with your battling skills Ehehe. She giggled a bit, getting it out of her system. Dmitrix stood up and smiled back. Thank you, thats quite the compliment. Tiamat was given a small chest by the referee. But before she opened it, a quizzical look spread across her face. Erm pardon my rudeness, but youre a travelling entertainer, yes? Dmitrix nodded. But why are you challenging Gyms, if I may be intrusive. Dmitrix pursed his lips, and looked to the side. Well thats something personal. Sorry. He chuckled and bowed apologetically.

The Gym Leader shook her head, and continued. Im sorry, youve truly earned this badge today. I present you the Chromatic Badge. She opened the chest, revealing what appeared to be a Druddigon scale, pristine and with different colors. Dmitrix looked in awe, and gratefully took the badge. Pinning it to his inner jacket, he proudly put on the Chromatic Badge. It was a true honor, and a real treat, to battle you. However, my next stage awaits.

The two bowed, and parted ways. After Dmitri healed his Pokemon at a local Pokemon Center, Dmitrix marched off into the sunset, playing his trumpet with pride and joy.


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Mihira vs Tiamat

Ugh, youre in Erest Town? Mom, thats so boring.

Youve been?

A while ago. The only thing I remember is that the gym leader uses Dragon types, which is super weird for an early gym. Theres really nothing there. I say just hit up the gym and get out.

Mihira sighed, sending crackling static down the line. There isnt anyone to talk to?

Nobody besides the gym leader. I mean, I guess you could see if some old person can tell you about the shrine?


Its a descriptor, Mom. But no, theres nothing.

Mm. Im at the gym- Ill call you later.

Love you!

Love you too.

The gym was a long, high-roofed building that very clearly was used for no other purpose besides Pokmon battles. There was only one person in sight- a young woman with a Shuppet, peering through one of the latticed windows. Mihira thought she must be watching an ongoing battle, but when she entered the building only the gym leader was there. She was perched on a rock in the middle of the field, lost in concentration as she repaired a tear in her elaborate Noibat costume.


The woman glanced up, but did not meet Mihiras eyes. Hello.

Alright then. Mihira would have to do the talking this time. My name is Mihira. Im a reporter researching the Diminia League. May I interview you?

The leader considered this, then ducked her head in affirmation. Mihira clicked on her audio recorder. Thank you. Lets begin with the basics. What is your name?


And what type do you specialize in, Tiamat?


Do you get a lot of challengers here in Erest?


Mihira frowned.. Such short answers were almost useless to her. Do you enjoy being a gym leader?


What is the best part about it?


Exasperated, Mihira clicked off the recorder. I would like to challenge you to a gym battle.


Exactly two decades had passed since Mihira had stopped challenging the leagues. Twenty years. Yet as Tiamat took up her position at the other end of the craggy arena, it felt like no time at all.

The leader made a simple gesture, and a Noibat fluttered down from the rafters. It was not an unexpected Pokmon, considering Tiamats attire. Mihira pulled a Pokball from her belt and tossed it toward the battlefield.

Solrock, youre my lead today.

The two Pokmon hovered silently, watching each other. Neither trainer uttered a command. Mihira could feel Tiamats eyes boring into her.

Finally, Tiamat uttered a command so quiet that Mihira couldnt possibly hear and Noibat darted forward, zipping between boulders to where Solrock waited. Mihira also waited, until Noibat was so close it couldnt possibly avoid Solrocks attack.


The windmill-like spin caught Noibat as it darted in from the left, slamming it down into the ground and leaving it in the dust as Solrock circled around for another pass. Tiamat mouthed another command and Noibat pushed off the ground, timing its attack just right in order to bite one of Solrocks spines. Unfortunately for Noibat, the continuous nature of Rollout led it to be slammed against the ground once more, breaking its hold on the spikes. Mihira could almost hear Tiamats words now as they came in a more frantic tone. Noibat flapped upwards just as Solrock roared by again. Confused, it popped out of the spin and looked around for its opponent.

Bite it again!

Mihira almost lost concentration as she finally heard Tiamat, but in the nick of time remembered to command Rollout once more. The spin sent Noibat flying back hard, slamming it into a rock with an echoing crack. Mihira could see Tiamats face fall for a moment, but determination quickly replaced sadness.

Beat this!

A flash of light brought a Druddigon to the field in place of Noibat. Mihira dropped her hands to her belt, recalling Solrock as she tossed her second Pokball.

A Trapinch? Oh, we can do this! Hone Claws!

Druddigon stared straight at Trapinch and slowly, deliberately, used one of the boulders as a whetstone for its long talons. Trapinch, unperturbed, turned around and kicked a ball of mud into Druddigons face. The dragon roared and lunged at Trapinch, swiping at it with newly-sharpened claws, but the dirt had done the trick and Druddigons depth perception was off. Trapinch scooted between its legs and latched onto its tail, powerful jaws making its presence known immediately. Druddigons howl shook the rafters.

Druddigon, get rid of it!

Druddigon flicked its tail into arms reach and scratched at Trapinch, uppercutting it and sending it flying straight up into the air. Now free of pain, Druddigon took the opportunity to rub the sand from its eyes, ignoring Tiamats shouts of warning and Mihiras command.


Trapinch came down, jaws wide open, straight onto the back of Druddigons neck.

Roll, Druddigon!

As Druddigon dropped to the ground, attempting to slam Trapinch between its body and the ground, Trapinch let go and scrambled onto its neck, biting it directly in the throat.

Druddigon fainted.

Oh, no no no! I underestimated it because it was only a Trapinch! Tiamat lamented as she recalled Druddigon. Mihira patted Trapinch and inspected the raw skin around its mouth before doing the same.

Trapinch are amazing Pokmon.

You like them?

Oh yes. Theyre an interesting species.

I only ever cared about their evolutions. This makes me more interested in Trapinch, though!

Mihira surreptitiously clicked on her audio recorder as the two headed outside. So, you prefer Dragons to all other types, then?

Y- yes, absolutely. Theyve been my favorite type my whole life!

Does that make balancing your team difficult, being the first gym leader in the region? I would imagine many new trainers are unsure of what to do against Dragon types.

Thats why its such a good test! To overcome the resistances that Dragons have is a great way to understand where a trainer is at in understanding how types affect each other. Its knowledge that theyll need all across the region, so its good to teach it at the start.

Do you find most of the trainers have a good grasp of type advantages?

Its about fifty-fifty, I think. There are those who have studied a lot and those who learn better in practise, and those that learn better in practise come to me with so little experience that they lose here. O-of course, they can try as many times as they like, and talk to me about the Dragon type once theyve battled me.

Mihira did not voice the opinion that talking to Tiamat probably wouldnt be the easiest of endeavors. So would you say you tend to win or lose more matches?

Most weeks, um, I usually lose two and win one. But thats okay gym leaders are supposed to test people. I-if they pass the test, they deserve the Chromatic Badge. Oh... Im so s-sorry! I forgot to give you yours. Tiamat dug one out of a jingling pocket and pressed it into Mihiras hand. Mihira nodded in thanks.

It doesnt sound like you have a lot of challengers coming through.

It comes and goes Some years are better than others. S-some seasons are better. Nobody wants to to journey in the winter. Tiamat had gotten quieter as the conversation went on. Mihira figured she would be back to one-word answers soon.

Is there anything else I should see in Erest Town before I leave?

The um, the shrine

Oh yes. Thank you, Tiamat.

Tiamat nodded and turned on her heel, swiftly making her way back into the gym. Mihira sighed. It was a start on her research, at least. Hopefully the next gym leader would be more forthcoming.



Solrock // Levitate
Rock Polish - Fire Spin
Tackle - Rollout

Trapinch // Hyper Cutter
Bite - Mud Slap
Bug Bite - Gust

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The Noibat Girl
It's shining bright here.

Among the selection of people who will scratch the itch on their armpit, there's a Pokémon Trainer who already waked his way through the road to take some light jog with his Pokémon. Passing through the wide but a bit lonely farmlands, he headed toward a certain building called the Pokémon Gym. Surveying throughout the area, many wild Pokémon seem to be hanging near the shrine of a certain statue depicting of a Pokémon of mythology. They seem to be enjoying their undisturbed habitat very much, which is also satisfactory for Shin and both of his Pokémon.

"Hmm...the serenity is just perfect. Okay, you two better come out now."

Taking two spheres of red and white attached from his belt, he threw them both upward. Red light protrudes from the opening Poké Balls--from the right out comes a brown hued, chubby-looking bird Pokémon called Hoothoot and from the left out comes a rough spherical Pokémon called Roggenrola. Landing on their feet, Shin knelt to tell them that they will do an observation before attempting to challenge the gym. Giving a resonant noise and an unimpressed chirp as responses, they decided to hide in the bushes and peered through the side windows. With 2 bottles of Fresh Water to prevent unnecessary dehydration, the three remained steady on the spot in order to spectate many battles to identify and scout the capabilities of the foes they will face soon and later on.

"That's challenger number one...hmm, a Pokémon Ranger challenging a Pokémon Gym?" He thought to himself, "Sounds unusual and intriguing."

After the first challenger won and exited the place, Shin was still unsure if he should challenge the Gym Leader right away as there are much more possibilities and occasions that can happen in the upcoming battle and if he couldn't find the troubleshooting, it will be detrimental in the end. Deciding to wait a little longer for another challenger to come, he played a game on his phone to kill some time.

Hours passed, his thighs are getting stiff while the two Pokémon deviated from their job by playing with the wild Slakoth and Slowpoke. Soon, another challenger entered the place to engage in a gym battle. He called his Pokémon to return back to their duty, but they seem to be way too busy becoming statues. Alone to witness the battle as a result, he paid his attention to the occurring battle to learn more things from them.

After the strange looking girl left with the badge pinned on her bag, a loud crowd was heard from afar. Taking a quick glimpse from the bushes hidden from sight, he noticed a clown playing a trumpet and a lot of townspeople walking behind him. When they reached the entrance, he played a mini circus that excites them. Shin himself was entertained, not on how he did all the magics but on how he was about to challenge the Gym Leader. Though unlikely, it actually happened and the clown was victorious.

"That's challenger number three. They're all pretty strong, especially that one certain clown. He's clearly not a joke, but he's not my main focus for now. When I thought she was a tough foe, surprisingly she haven't won a single match this morning." He murmured.

"Ahem." Startled by the stern voice coming from his back, he turned around to see a burly-looking policeman with a baton in his hand. "You've been crouching on that spot for like hours, now you've got to tell me what you're up to."

He didn't expect a law enforcer to patrol in such rural town, but it's clear that the guard won't mean well if Shin didn't give out a good reasoning to make him not necessarily suspicious. Using his reliable series of words that somehow works awkwardly, he excused, "Oh officer, I can explain it. I'm just a Pokémon Trainer who happened to lose something precious around here so I'm trying to search around here, but then my shoelace also went wrong so I need to tie it back on this very spot."

"But you're wearing boots." Denied the policeman, hitting his hand with the baton gently.
"Boots also have shoelaces! It's just...not visible for you, I think." He countered awkwardly.

"I don't trust you." The policeman bluntly stated, "A blue haired man with a thuggish face, armed with two Pokémon suspiciously stalking from the side windows while trying to tie nonexistent shoelaces. How is that not scummy?"
"What makes you think so?" Shin asked for clarification.

"The conclusion is..." The policeman claimed, "...that you're a secret admirer of Tiamat. Isn't that correct?"

Mildly dumbfounded by his claim, Shin shook his head and shrugged in denial. "What?"

"Don't be afraid to admit it. To be honest, I'm too. Well, patrolling this road everyday is a rough job for me. Same goes for her, standing all day long on that place modestly waiting for Trainers to challenge her and wearing a weird but cute costume invigorates a man's needs. Who wouldn't find that captivating enough? Ah, If only I'm much younger than I'm now, what a breathtaking romance it would turn into." Turning his back to look through the windows, he slipped his right hand inside the pocket and began to scratch it repeatedly. Cringing internally from what he had just heard and saw, he told Hoothoot to use Hypnosis into the creep that have just revealed his unorthodox behavior. Speaking ambiguous words before asleep, Shin instantaneously dragged and stashed his sweaty limp body into the flowing riverbank not far from here.

"I don't think I'll ever see him again." He commented, leaving the policeman awash on the water surface carrying him into location unbeknownst to anyone. Returning back to the spot, he regrouped with his Pokémon to actually do what they set out for in the first place.

"We've done lot of observation so I think we can safely create a strategy that ensures we can win this battle easily." He reported as Hoothoot stared at his Trainer intently while Roggenrola emitted a rumbling voice to signify his attention. Shin smiled, "You two are always obedient, I know I can always rely on you guys."

Lecturing the two Pokémon based on what they witnessed from the previous battles done by various Trainers, they nodded and headed out to the entrance to carry out their plan. Taking a deep breath, he faced the door and entered the gym. Just as expected, a girl in a peculiar outfit was there waiting for him to come. Shin walked forward with his Hoothoot at his right shoulder to challenge her into a Pokémon Battle in order to obtain the badge.

"I'm Shin, a Pokémon Trainer who has yet to obtain a badge. I'm here to challenge you in a gym battle!" He exclaimed.

"Ah! Um...I'm Tiamat." She responded shyly, "...It's a bit odd..."

"Is there something the matter?"

"It's just that...there's a lot of challengers today...but I don't seem to be winning any." She concluded, "I-I'm sorry, I'm just...talking myself. I accept your challenge, Shin."

Feeling a little uneasy, Shin slowly took his place and so did she. Readying their stances to signify that the official gym battle is about to begin, she said, "Do you know the rules?"

"Single battle, two against two, innit?" He answered.

"Correct, let us begin then. Noibat, I believe in you!"

Due to his advantage of learning their techniques and moves prior to this battle, she's becoming very predictable as a result. Like what she did in her previous battles, she always leads with her Noibat. The lavender bat squeaked and flapped its wings awaiting for its foe to come. Shin whispered some inaudible lucky words into the Poké Ball he grabbed and commenced the start of the battle by sending out Hoothoot into the field. Standing on one leg, the Owl Pokémon awaited the command of his Trainer before combating his foe.

"Agility, then Air Cutter!" Now flying in high speed, Noibat flapped several razor-like wind to slash through its foe. "Mirror Move that Air Cutter!" And as he did, Hoothoot mimicked the move and flapped the same projectile on point blank range that was about to struck him. Both move impacted and created an explosion as a result. The smoke enveloping the field surely advantageous for a high-speed Pokémon like Noibat, but it's far from effective when one found a way to break through it.

"Noibat! Use Bite while flying about!" She commanded. Diving through the smoke, the next thing it saw was a pair of red eyes shining within the dark clouds. As the smoke faded away, the Sound Wave Pokémon was already asleep although Hoothoot actually took some damage from the second attack in order to make it work.

"Hoothoot, deliver the decisive blow!" Flying into the ceilings, his beak lengthened greatly on his leisure. Diving forward into the grounds where Noibat was seen to be lying down, unable to counterattack, Tiamat yelled at her Pokémon to wake up. It heard her voice, but it was way too late to respond that call even after an Agility.

"A critical hit! Great job, Hoothoot." Congratulated Shin.

"Um...Noibat was unable to continue, the winner is Hoothoot." She announced, "I'm sorry for putting you in trouble, Noibat. I should've called you in, I'm deeply sorry."

"Hey Tiamat, I don't know what put you in such doubtful look, but I don't think you enjoyed this battle at all. Besides, the battle is far from over! Give me your all instead of fretting over things that will just get you angst-ridden!" Cheered Shin.

"Oh great. now I'm a motivator, eh?"

"...You're right. My Pokémon fought for me, not because I ordered them as I say, but by their own free will. We looked forward for each other, in exchange, they're willing to lend their untold power for us--creating a bond between Trainer and Pokémon. Pokémon battles are there to test the might between the two, and so I was tasked as the first border who will carry the duty in the form of a Gym Leader. It's all clear to me now, thank you very much for reminding me the most important thing as a Pokémon Trainer."

"That's the spirit! Show me what you got!"

"Well darn, t'was uncalled for. Thought she's gonna play modest and proceed like a lass, turns out that it's going to backfire real hard..." He mumbled, "But then what was the point from all that investigation? If I lose here, it'll be a waste. Let's not overthink and follow what I planned from the start."

Now smiling gleefully, she sent out the embodiment of pure Dragon-Type Pokémon--Druddigon. Entering the field with a menacing roar of encouragement, Shin kept on steady and unperturbed.

"Return, Hoothoot! You're in charge, Roggenrola!"

Withdrawing the victor inside for later, he threw his second Poké Ball upward to send out his Roggenrola to engage the biggest obstacle. Stiffly staring at the Cave Pokémon on close range, dropping a sweat that he's not ready for this.

"Alright, Roggenrola. No need to worry, just do what I say." Instructed Shin.

"Druddigon! Use Smack Down!" Commanded Tiamat. The Cave Pokémon does so, picking up a rock from the field and threw it into the Roggenrola. "Harden!" The attack hits, leaving some parts of his body chipped off from the impact while reinforcing the remaining parts.

"Hone Claws! Then use Smack Down again!" Sharpening the beastly claws of a Dragon-Type Pokémon, the dragon threw one more rock into Roggenrola. Intentionally taking hits as more parts are getting chipped off from its body, now he looked more of a slim-looking mineral that can run.

"I think that's enough, focus on offense! Rock Blast!" Materializing energies acquired from his core into hard rocks, Roggenrola hurled three rocks into Druddigon, the chip damage hurt but also enraged it even more. Charging straight to deliver an attack, Druddigon successfully gripped the oblong of his and attempted to use Bite. "Don't let it hit you! Autotomize!" Hearing this, the Mantle Pokémon detached from the dragon's grip and it ended up biting a lure. Now that Roggenrola looked like a defect and unusually nimble for a very slow Pokémon, it ran away and hurled another Rock Blast. The attack sequence hits two times, with one somehow hits its head.

"H-how come a Pokémon like that can run this fast? ...And will he be alright after this?" Questioned Tiamat.

"I believe every time someone hit him physically, the body will become nimbler at the expense of lower defense." He explained, "Don't worry about him, but I guess I'll win this one."

Managed to snap out from the stunning blow, Druddigon tried to keep chasing the irregular version of Pokémon creepier than the Red Fog Series. However, Roggenrola proved to be way too fast for it to follow his track. Attempting to use Smack Down into the grounds where it will land on his path, Druddigon threw right at where he will pass through. The attack somehow lands accurately, and now Roggenrola lost his legs and began to roll like a ball. The spherical Pokémon hurled more rocks while rolling acrobatically throughout the field. A one, a two, Druddigon began to lose conscious due to extreme fatigue, a three, a four, Druddigon roared and fell down. The fifth rock, it was unnecessary but dramatically ended the battle when it lands on its head as a finishing blow. Stopping on his Trainer's legs with a resonant voice to confirm a mission success, Shin encased the wrecked abomination inside the Poké Ball.

"Oh...turns out that I still lost..." Stated Tiamat, "Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the battle I've faced so return, please take this."

Taking a familiar chest he saw not long time ago, inside lies the Chromatic Badge. With a smile, Shin gladly acquired the badge and shoved it inside his pocket.

"Thanks for the badge, Tiamat." Thanked Shin.

Moving into the door, without saying another word, he turned back and waved his hands. Exiting the gym after an indescribable battle with the badge in his hand, he left on his quest to search for a Pokémon Center. At least the three learned something, and the thing is that what they were doing in the morning is pointless as long they have trust on themselves.
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The monks slowly peeled off into a semicircle around the shrine, their heads bowed in solemn reverence and their bodies wrapped in ceremonial robes. Tiamat, forgetting herself, began gawking at the statue of Shaymin; while most who grew up in Erest had come to resent the town's rural setting, she found in her journeys that no industrial wonder really compared to the beauty of its traditional charms, and she silently thanked her ancestors for not surrendering to the pressures of modernity. The gravely cacophony of a companion clearing their throat signaled that the girl had been caught out of a stupor of religious thought, and Tiamat immediately shot her sight back down at the freshly-picked Gracideas in her hand and tried to focus on the magic emanating from their petals. She reminded herself that it wouldn't speak well of her mother's training if she drifted off, so Tiamat buried her attention in her prayers as she gently presented each person a flower; which is why, when she came to the last individual and found that she had no bloom to give them, she nearly didn't register the fact that something had gone wrong. Uneasiness manifested in her silence, but she quickly assembled a façade of humility and looked upwards to apologize.
Her voice failed her, however, when she noticed that there was only a pool of shadow in the monk's hood to greet her instead of a face. She craned her neck towards the others and noticed that they had backed away, apparently having realized sooner that their numbers already accounted for everyone she had departed from the gym with. As the sole proprietor of any bravery in the situation, Tiamat - albeit it with a quiver of fright in her voice - demanded several times that the figure reveal itself, but it refused to make an attempt to discontinue its eerie stillness. Running out of options, the girl raised her arms and clutched the edges of its hood. Her face was detailed with dread and trepidation: she had grown up on stories like this, where humans were tricked into seeing a demon's true form and consequently went mad, but the feeling of responsibility as the new High Priestess commanded that she forgo any lesson she may have learned from those tales and unveil the imposter.
A small pink-and-blue head stared back at her with hexagonal eyes, evidently unaware of why the girl was so fascinated with it. The monks' fear transmuted into bafflement: their minds couldn't develop any theories as to why the being would pull such an elaborate ruse, and their tongues proved unable to provide any interrogatories. Tiamat was the only person with half a clue as to what the thing was in the first place and desperately searched herself for a name as she pushed back its robes and discovered it was hovering several feet above the ground. The creature took the extended pause after its reveal to activate something within it, filling the air with the sound of mechanical whirring. Seeming to be satisfied with the result, it began talking as if its vocal chords were made of plastic tubing and metal pins. "I am a pilgrim," it chirped, causing Tiamat to withdraw her hands as if its timbre threatened to slice open her palms, "I wish to partake in your deeeeevious rituals, and learn more about your culturrrrrre."
While the older members of her flock were stuck on the fact that the beast didn't use any type of mouth to speak, the strangest part for Tiamat was that its expression had a huge disconnect with what it was saying: its pupils intently scanned her features as if it was trying to uncover when it was going to receive a treat for good behavior, while its voice sounded like an alien trying to speak with humans for the first time. The girl sighed nervously and rubbed her hands together as if an appropriate response would appear as granule between her fingers. "We only employ human monks?" is an answer she pathetically vocalized; giving the benefit that the creature was being sincere, "I'm sorry." After a shorter pause - the being more readily able to use its voice, apparently - it spoke again.
"Let's not bring prejudice into this, ma'am."
A quick look towards the group and a mouthing of "what do I do?" garnered only what Tiamat already knew: that nobody had any ideas for dealing with the visitor, and most had grown impatient with its antics. She took a second to reflect on what the old Priestess would've done: something nasty and short-tempered, certainly, but she had enough sense not to reason with an intruder during such a sacred event. Taking energy from this vision, Tiamat attempted a kinder rendition, and started backing up the creature while waving her hands at it like she was shooing a household pet out of the kitchen. "Now, now," she said firm yet soothingly, "you're welcome to contest this with me tomorrow, but right now I have to ask you to leave."
"Waaaaaiiiiit," it protested, its robotic voice almost recreating distress, "do you at least have Five Insider Tips on How to Perform Effective Fertility Rites in the comfort of one's own hommmmme?"
The creature was gliding at a snail's pace and seizing wildly, painting Tiamat akin to a put-upon mother dealing with her insolent child. She could feel her colleagues draining of their faith in her being an effective gym leader - let alone leader of their order - and her blood ran hot with humiliation. In a moment of unfiltered frustration, she grabbed its body; which in retrospect was a horrible idea, as Tiamat knew well that grasping any Pokemon suddenly carried the risk of sending it into a terrified frenzy, but she could not have predicted that it would be strong enough to fling the both of them at top speed into a nearby tree. Nor would she have thought that the impact could prompt a malfunction of sorts, triggering the being to blast out a colorful square beam directly into a patch of precious, laboriously-taken-care-of Gracideas. But, nonetheless, both things happened.
Genuine horror and adrenaline carried Tiamat to her feet, and she stumbled forward a bit; trying very hard to disbelieve what she had witnessed. The flowers hadn't gone up in fire, but rather significantly aged and blackened with decay, and the hours - perhaps accumulated months - of meticulous work tangibly smoked off the patch like a malignant odor. A tired, tinny cry was the only thing that managed to pry her attention away from the sight, and after seeing the rage percolating in the girl's eyes, the creature wished it had stayed quiet.
A chorus of high-pitched ping notifications cascaded down from atop a massive tree that laid behind the statue. Rhodes had the screen of her smartdex far closer to her eyes than any optometrist would recommend, and she furiously poked commands into her updated Porygon app. The online store boasted that its most recent update practically eliminated delay issues and included a new "persuading" vocal interface, but seeing as her plan had dissolved into a battle against downright unacceptable amounts of lag and a thoroughly unpersuaded Noibat, she was turning dubious. She eventually made a game out of selecting a move and timing when her Pokemon would follow through: ten seconds - a whole ten seconds - would go by before Porygon had a general inkling it had been instructed, and even then it looked as if it was making an educated guess on what it was supposed to do. Luckily, one of its Psybeams managed to connect - it'd be more surprising if it didn't, as the bat was firmly clinging onto the Virtual Pokemon's head with its teeth - and left its opponent confusedly flapping about in meaningless patterns. The Noibat tried retaliating with an Air Cutter, but the force of its wings slammed it unceremoniously into the soil for extra damage; for all its skin-tearingly chronic technical problems, the free Porygon that came with Rhodes' phone plan really did seem to have that "edge" in battle the sales associate insisted it had.
"Here," the reporter said, thrusting the smartdex in-between the feet of her Seedot peacefully extracting sap through its stem beneath the branch she was perched on, "take care of this - will you? thanks - I need to start writing my article." The acorn didn't quite comprehend what was being displayed, but it was utterly fascinated with the device's flashing lights. Possessed by curiosity, it made an endeavor to press a yellow rectangular box on the screen with one of its toes, and while it was successful, the device shimmed out of its grip and plummeted towards the battlefield. Porygon began rotating upon itself and quickly lost control of its aim as waves of electricity spiraled out of it like golden rings, infecting all but Tiamat - who had enough foresight to duck - with a nasty case of paralysis and letting gravity take hold of their stiffened bodies. Tiamat snatched her Noibat before it hit the floor and cradled it, but her comfort was useless in helping wave off its ailments. She reached into her belt and gave the Porygon - now dizzily wavering in the air - a scolding grimace before throwing out an unassuming ball.
Where-ere-ere in the hell did she pick herself up one of those bastards? Rhodes thought as she examined the ferocious Druddigon through binoculars. She placed her pencil on her bottom lip and sucked her teeth as if she was sipping up the night, allowing the sounds of Druddigon honing its claws on Porygon's body to inspire her. "I took a visit to Erest this weekend," she drafted aloud, "and I'm not sure if a day conceding badges to the likes of grungy hex girls - I'm astounded the influence of bands such as Landmine of Smut reach places this old-fashioned - and literal clowns is a common one for Tiamat, the town's Gym Leader and sole interesting landmark, but that's the kind of day she was having when I came to spectate battles at her gym; and, my dear lovely - faithful - readers, you know what I say: if it's not the usual, then why is it happening now?"
She tapped her eraser several times on the notepad, momentarily getting caught up in a regretful memory of the backstage tour she attended of the aforementioned band's reunion concert, before shaking her head and continuing: "But make no mistake: ancient wisdom resides in that girl. How she was able to get her mitts on a Druddigon all the way out in the boondocks may be left to speculation for now, but your favorite dutiful reporter can provide you the inside scoop on how to perform her enchanting fertility rituals, and perhaps jumpstart any gardening or ... baby-making ventures you wish to pursue!"
Cracking chittered behind her. Rhodes, at a loss with where to go with the article when she lacked any actual insight to give, finally took notice and twisted her body around in time to see the branch she was sitting on make its last splintery efforts to clutch to the base of the tree; her Seedot had managed to deplete all its health and sap, and now it couldn't withstand her weight. Awe was what kept her goggling at the spectacle of the branch splitting off without doing anything to help herself, but ignorant rage was what kept Tiamat from noticing all this until a storm of violent foliage engulfed her Druddigon as it went in for a winning Smack Down against a Porygon that barely held onto consciousness.
Rhodes emerged from the wreckage decorated with debris and pine needles. She wasn't entirely sure how she survived - she could've sworn that something scaly and screaming buffered the impact for her - but she concluded that thinking too hard about it wasn't healthy. She futilely combed her hair for wood chips and squinted at the scene around her: monks laid panic-stricken, chained by tiny shimmers of electricity; the statue of Shaymin had been hurled backwards, the legendary having lost some iconic features - such as her entire head - to the disaster; and a sap-soaked gym leader stood petrified in a horrified shape. A dense hush fell over the two left standing, one Rhodes soon became incredibly uncomfortable with, as Tiamat had shifted her gaze onto the woman.
"Well," Rhodes said, though it was unclear whether this noise was just her smacking her lips, "looking, on the ... bright side, I think this will make a funny - relatable? - ending to my article: 'Reporter Beats Gym Leader By Switching Out!'" - she chuckled at bit at her own joke, but Tiamat didn't move a muscle - "it's a ... pun, since ... well, you know. Branches, and ... yeah." Rhodes put her hands together and looked down at her feet where her two Pokemon writhed in pain. "I don't suppose you'd ... be willing to do an interview for ONBS?" she meekly offered, "I - tried - to get the scoop clandestinely with my Porygon, but it seems that you reacted ... poorly ... to that, method."
"I ..." Tiamat began after a second, "I've never wanted to kill anyone more in my life." Her words were plain, free of subtext, and delivered without feeling.
"Oh," Rhodes stated, sniffing, "oh, I see."

hugh holland in "cracks: a sinnoh story"
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Aria arrived in Erest Town. along with her Oddish, and Flabebe. She was well on her way to becoming the next Champion of Diminia.

"Oddish, odd!"

"I know, Oddish! We're finally here, the Diminia Region. I mean, it's not the Barony of Salzburgh, but it's quaint! Come on, we need to find the gym."

Aria took a long while trying to find the gym. She even got harassed by some bloke trying to find it, but nothing like a good old beating and a kick to the Exeggute did the trick. After a while, she finally found the gym, with an Asian-styled roof, and large enough to hold a large battle inside of it. At the side of the building stood a female watching inside. Looks like she had been watching for a long time. It looks like this gym is a Dragon-type one, and this favored Aria very well, as she had a Fairy-type at her disposal.

Aria entered the gym, and stood there was a pretty girl in a Noibat costume. She looked tired, as if she was battling non-stop since morning.

"Um, excuse me! Are you the gym leader?" Aria asked.

"O-oh yes I am... Why? Are you here for a match?" She said.

"Uhh yeah. Do you feel okay? You seem kinda tired." Aria noticed.

"I actually am, but this will pass. Come on, let's do it, I accept your challenge."

The gym leader stood at one side of the arena, and Aria stood at the other.

"By the way, I never got your name! I'm Aria."

"Oh w-wow. I'm Tiamat of Erest Town." She said as she grabbed one of her Pokeballs.

"Noibat! Let's go!" She tossed her ball, and out came a Noibat.

Aria took out one of her Pokeballs and tossed it in the air.

"I choose you, Flabebe"

Flabebe burst out of the ball, and faced Noibat.

"Flabebe, use Fairy Wind!" Flabebe spun around and created a breeze that seemed to affect Noibat fairly hard.

"Noibat, shake it off and use Agility." Noibat shook it off, and flew fast, making Flabebe unable to attack it.

"Use Magical Leaf, Flabebe!" Flabebe summoned a magical set of leaves and honed in on the fast Noibat. The sharp leaves left a mark on the bat Pokemon.

"Do an Air Cutter, Noibat!" Noibat flapped its wings and created a flurry of wind. Flabebe seemd to be tired after that.

"Come on Flabebe, finish it off with Fairy Wind!"

"Flabebe!!!" She screamed as she conjured another Fairy Wind, knocking out Noibat.

"Oh no! Come back Noibat!" She said as she returned her Pokemon back into its ball.

"You too, Flabebe! You deserve a rest." Aria said as she did so as well.

Tiamat called out her Druddigon out, and Aria called out her Oddish.

"Oddish odd!" Oddish was surprised at the size of Druddigon.

"I know, Oddish, but Flabebe is tired. Besides, I believe you can do it." Aria encouraged.

"Let's go! Druddigon, use Hone Claws and follow it up with Scratch." Tiamat said as Druddigon started to sharpen its claws, and lunged at Oddish.

"Oddish, dodge it, and use Poison Powder!" Oddish moved to the side and hit Druddigon with poisonous powder directly onto its face.

"Gah, Druddigon, use Bite!" Druddigon held strong from the poison and flew at Oddish and gnawed it. Oddish was badly hurt from it.

"Use Teeter Dance!" Aria called out. Oddish shrugged off the pain and did a dance that Druddigon also followed. Soon after, Druddigon was swaying left and right.

"No, Druddigon, please snap out of it and use Smack Down!" Tiamat said, but Druddigon wouldn't listen, and kept smashing his head on the ground.

Aria noticed how weak Oddish became. "Come back Oddish, you did good!"

"Come on back, Flabebe, let's finish this!" Aria called back Flabebe, who was still tired from the battle with Noibat.

"Druddigon, use Smack Down, come on!" Tiamat said, as Druddigon snapped out of it and lunged at the fairy type.

"Use Flash, and then Fairy Wind!" Flabebe let out a burst of light that distracted Druddigon and fell down to the ground. Flabebe then let out one last Fairy Wind, which knocked out Druddigon.

"N-no!" Tiamat shouted as she ran towards Druddigon.

"Don't worry, Druddigon! You did well!" She said as she returned her Pokemon back into the ball.

Tiamat stood up and sighed, and walked towards Aria who was tending to both her Pokemon.

"Your Pokemon did well, Aria. I did not expect these 2 little Pokemon could beat my Druddigon. You definitely deserve this Chromatic Badge." She let out a half-smile as she handed out her badge. Aria took it and placed it on her badge case.

"Thank you Tiamat! May our paths cross again!" Aria said.

"Don't worry, we would probably meet again." Tiamat chuckled as Aria left the gym.

Aria looked back at the building and still see the girl looking on the inside.

"Has she been watching the whole match?" she pondered as she walked towards the Pokemon Center.

Baroness Aria of Salzburgh vs Dragon Gym Leader Tiamat of Erest Town

Oddish - Chlorophyll - Absorb, Poison Powder, Acid, Teeter Dance
Flabebe - Flower Veil - Fairy Wind, Magical Leaf, Flash, Rest


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Journey Optional

Chapter Two - Markemak City

Town Info: A city heavily integrated with nature. It is known for its many parks and its tree lined streets.

Leader: Reed
Type: Grass
Info: He doesn't look it at first glance, but Reed is a bit of hippy. His extremely chilled-out demeanor and seemingly constant sleepiness hide a knack for strategy. His battle is a single battle with three Pokemon and only the challenger being allowed to switch. He gives out the Herbal Badge to those who defeat him.

Cottonee (Chlorophyll) - Sunny Day, Leech Seed, Fairy Wind, Mega Drain

Petilil (Chlorophyll) - Sunny Day, Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Energy Ball

Skiploom (Chlorophyll) - Sunny Day, Swords Dance, Seed Bomb, Acrobatics

Chapter Three Starts on 04/04


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Dmitrix the Clown
aka Dmitri Bolokov


Spoink/aka Pigaro ♂ (Thick Fat) - Psybeam, Power Gem, Magic Coat, Future Sight

Zubat/aka Aero ♂ (Inner Focus) - Confuse Ray, Wing Attack, Poison Fang, Quick Attack

Goomy/ aka Escargoo ♀ (Gooey) - Bubble, Absorb, Dragon Breath, Bide

Remoraid ♂ (Hustle) - Lock-On, Aurora Beam, Bubble Beam, Bullet Seed

The sun had risen, shining over the forest Dmitri Bolokov walked through. He was wearing a simple outfit, so as to not ruin his clown suit. He was wearing a white, button-up shirt with a black bow tie. He also wore a pair of suspenders, striped purple and black. His pants were dark blue jeans, and his shoes were purely black. He strolled down the road while whistling along with the sound of nature around him. That was, until he could see the next city could be seen. Or moreso, could somewhat be seen.

It looked like the city was overgrown, but at a rest stop, Dmitri read up on Markemak, seeing that it had embraced nature into it's modern city. Flora and fauna flourished, it was a real symbol of both people and Pokemon living together. Nature and technology coexisting with one another in harmony. This brought a smile to Dmitri's face as he reflected that thought while strolling towards Markemak City.


After taking in the sights and grabbing a bite to eat, Dmitri stepped into the nearest public restroom to change into Dmitrix. Several minutes later, he spun out and was met with looks of surprise and confusion. Popping out a Pokeball seemingly out of thin air, he spun it in his finger. "Hello folks, how about a show? Free of charge! Escargoo, I choose you!" As the ball spun, a light shot forth and formed on top of Dmitrix's head, becoming a Goomy.

"Goo-o-omy!" The Soft Tissue gooed with glee. The onlookers clapped, and stuck around to see what this clown had to show. "Alright then, my dear, use Bubble!" Opening it's mouth wide, Goomy slowly released bright, colorful bubbles. They floated delicately in the air, and twinkled in the sunlight. Dmitrix grinned widely, and called out, "Now, let's use a Dragon Breath!" Escargoo took a deep breath, and then exhaled a deep green huff of fiery breath, making the bubbles pop and twinkle to the ground as the droplets of water fell to the ground. The air around them shimmered with the sunlight. Dmitrix bowed, and was met with a pleased applaud. "Thank you, thank you, you're a lovely audience! I'll be here 'til next week!"

The crowd mostly split off, but some of them went up to Dmitrix and asked him where he was from, and some just wanted to pet the Goomy. Escargoo always loved being admired by others, especially her trainer. However, Dmitrix shortly noticed he had more audience members in the trees. Various Pokemon were watching him and Goomy perform. Kricketot, Kricketune, Caterpie, Hoppip, and even more. About a dozen or so of them, actually. Dmitrix waved happily, and Escargoo cooed at them. The Pokemon hopped down and slowly approached the purple clown.

A Kricketot stepped forward and held out a tiny hand, as if trying to greet him. "Ohoho, you're all such lovely Pokemon! It's a pleasure to meet you as well!" He gently grasped the Pokemon's hand and shook it. The Kricketot chirped happily in response. "Escargoo, wanna play with these lovely, welcoming Pokemon?" "Goo!"

Escargoo hopped off and greeted the gaggle of forest Pokemon. Just then, Dmitrix had a thought. Pressing open two more Pokeballs, Dmitrix called out as he tossed them, "Come out Pigaro, and Aero!" With a flash, his Spoink and Zubat appeared. "Pigaro, Aero, these lovely Pokemon wanted to greet and meet us! What do you think of some playtime?" Pigaro oinked happily, and Zubat met him with an equal reaction. They all gathered in the middle of the park, and did whatever Pokemon like to do on a beautiful day. However, Dmitrix decided he needed to take a seat for a moment. He sat at a bench just right in front of the playing Pokemon so he could watch them carefully.

He rifled through a pocket, and pulled out a PokeGear. Scrolling and checking menus, he had one message. Looking at the ID... Dmitrix sighed. He then slid the device back into his jacket pocket. With another hand, he pulled out the Chromatic Scale he won. "Hmm...." He hummed, holding it up to the sky, seeing the colors sheen, the colors more vibrant in the sun. He quietly pondered, but shook his head and pinned it back to where it stuck before. "I know why I'm doing this... I know exactly why."

Before another few minutes had passed, a voice behind Dmitrix smoothly said, "Oh, heyy... there you are...." Dmitrix turned to see a young man behind him, looking at the group of Pokemon. A Skiploom squeaked, and waved at him. "I see that cute little Skiploom is yours, hmm?" "Yeah, he's mine... looks like he's playing with some new friends... sweet. Mind if I sit here, mister?" The young man stepped beside the bench. Dmitrix shook his head, and scooted to make room. The two sat in silence, before the young man spoke up again. "Hey man... you've got some pretty happy Pokemon... I always love to see happy Pokemon... y'know?" They both laughed, Dmtrix replying with, "So you noticed, eh? Yes, those are my dear Pokemon, and my beloved troupe." The two smiled as they saw their Pokemon playing with one another.

"Say, man... for a clown, you seem like you got a lot on your mind bummin' you out... you alright?" The young man asked. Dmitrix chuckled, and shook his head. "I'm quite alright, but I do appreciate you asking me. Usually, I try to spread cheer and laughter." "Yeah, I heard about you earlier... one of the people here talked about a random clown with a Goomy... you're really impressive, mister." The kid gave him a smile. "Well, thank you. It's always nice to hear such praises. Oh dear, look at the time! I'm late for a battle!" Dmitrix hopped up out of his bench seat, and slowly walked towards the group. "Pigaro, Aero, Escargoo, I'm sorry my darlings, but it's time to go." The group was in the middle of light rough-housing, but Pigaro bounced back to his trainer's side. Aero and Escargoo followed suit.

"Oh, man... where you goin' to battle?" The young man stood up, his Skiploom skipping to his trainer, and jumped up to his shoulder. "Well, we're headed to the Gym in this town. I'm collecting Gym badges currently." He called back his Pokemon into their Pokeballs except Escargoo, of which she crawled back onto his head. "It was nice to meet you, young man! Have a nice day-ay-ay-ay~!" The purple clown spun off. However... his new friend walked off in a different direction.


Down the sidewalk, Dmitrix marveled at the sights and sounds. "From what I'm seeing, it looks like the Gym leader may be a Grass-type user, or a Bug-type user." He amused himself with what kind of Gym Leader Dmitrix was going to face next. Further he went, and as he did, the thicker the trees became. Eventually, he reached a very green, very overgrown gym. But just like the rest of the town, it looked nowhere near what most would think. Technology and nature, the gym looked as if it was meant to be with nature. Dmitrix stepped forward, but ran nose first into the glass door. With a squeak and a yelp, Dmitrix fell backwards onto his bottom. "Ouch, ouch, ouch... what the-" "Oh, sorry mister... I forgot I locked the door." Dmitrix blinked in confusion. He stood up and saw the same young man from earlier pulling out a set of keys.

"Wait a minute, do you work here? Or, are you...." He met eyes, and saw him smile. "Yep, you got it mister. I'm the Gym Leader... my name is Reed. Sorry, you were in such a rush, I didn't wanna stop you... y'know?" Dmitrix simply laughed. "Ah, I see. How convenient! My name is Dmitri Bolokov, but you can call me Dmitrix. So... are you up for a Gym battle, Reed?" After unlocking the doors, Reed walked inside, letting Dmitrix inside. "Sure man... I normally don't like to battle in the gym, but seeing how much you travelled, I felt it was less of a hassle for both of us... y'know? But yeah... I accept your challenge, Dmitrix."


Both Reed and Dmitrix had stepped into their respective sides of the field. It was grassy "Hey man... I hate to do this, since our Pokemon had a lot of fun and all... but it's my job. Y'know? Skiploom, come out!" He flung a Pokeball forward, and out came the same Skiploom from before. Seeing Dmitrix and his Goomy, it hopped for joy, squeaking a "Hello!" at the two. "That's okay, I feel this was meant to happen! Alright Aero, I choose you!" He quickly unclipped a Pokeball from his side and tossed it into the air.

Aero flew forth, and flapped before the Skiploom above. "Ah, a Zubat... we got some work cut out for us. Aight, ref, let's get started." The referee stepped forward. "This is the official gym battle, between the Gym Leader, Reed, and the Challenger, Dmitrix Bolokov. Also known as Dmitrix, the Clown! This will be a single, three-on-three match! Also, only the challenger may make substitutions! Alright trainers, begin!"

"Aero, quick, use Quick Attack!" The Zubat zigged and zagged across the gym, Skiploom trying to hop away. But, Zubat made a clear hit, knocking Skiploom back. "Alright, now... let's use Sunny Day!" Skip-ip-iploom!" A light shot from the flower on Skiploom's head, making the sun seem even brighter, almost as if it hung over the field. The Zubat recoiled from how bright it was. "Now, let's uuuuse... Swords Dance!" The Skiploom hopped into the air, dancing and gliding. It got not only stronger, but it seemed to be quicker on it's feet.

"Alright then, before they can get another attack on us, use Poison Fang, Aero!" Zubat shot back up, and flew towards the Skiploom, sinking venom drenched fangs into it's side. The Skiploom cried in pain, making Reed call out, "Stay strong, little guy! Use Acrobatics to shake it off!" "Aero, time to amaze and daze with Confuse Ray!" Skiploom dove and wove in the air. But before he was shaken, a purple light emitted from Aero's eyes, giving the Cottonweed an eyeful. Aero then threw the Zubat straight into a tree, followed with it flying straight into Aero, knocking it with full force. "Aero, no!" The Zubat fell, but quickly regained itself, fluttering back into the fight. "Fantastic! We'll show them a real acrobat! Aero, use a combination of Quick Attack and Wing Attack!" Aero shot straight up into the air, and began to dive at the Skiploom. "Skiploom, dodge forward!" It tried to respond in time, but it's body began to pulsate with a purple glow. Reed sighed aloud with, "Ah, no... poison. And badly poisoned, at that. Skiploom, try to roll through the pain!" The Skiploom cringed, falling onto the field, dizzy and weak.

Aero flew quick enough to hit Skiploom with a Quick Wing Attack. It knocked the Skiploom out cold! "Skiploom is unable to battle! Zubat wins!" Reed sighed, and scooped up the Cottonweed Pokemon in his arms. "You okay, little friend?" Skiploom squeaked softly, smiling up at him. "Don't worry, you deserve a rest." He returned the Skiploom, and unclipped another Pokeball. "Niiice, mister. Not every day I see a talented trainer also being a clown... y'know?" Dmitrix simply bowed, Zubat kept flapping with vigor.

"Alright... Petilil, your turn!" Another Pokeball flung forward, and on the field was a small Petilil. "Alright, Sunny Day!" Petilil fired a beam of light up into the sky, once again, seemingly bringing the sun forth. "Now, quick, Magical Leaf." Petilil spun left to right, rounds of Magical Leaf swerving and grazing into Aero with no mercy. Aero could only try to dodge, to no avail. "Oh no! Let's shake things up with another Confuse Ray!" Aero spread his wings wide, his eyes turning red and flashed an eerie, purple light. Petilil was affected, now beginning to spin with much less control. "Hmm... can't hurt. Petilil, use Energy Ball!" A bright green sphere formed in front of the still spinning Bulb. When unleashed, it was shot at great speed, hitting the Zubat with a small explosion. It knocked Aero away, but didn't damage him much. Still, Aero was nearly at the limit. And Dmitrix knew this, calling out, "Alright Aero, Quick Attack!" "Dodge!" Aero zipped straight at the Petilil. But due to Sunny Day, it too was much faster, able to dodge just in time.

"Niiice... good job, Petilil!" It stopped spinning, and came to. It hopped, and squeaked for joy. "Now, Magical Leaf, nonstop." Petilil flapped the leaves on it's head, more glowing leaves cutting through Aero. "Alright Aero, it's our finale time! Use Poison Fang!" Zubat flew threw the homing leaves, grazing Petilil's body with a Poison Fang before crashing to the ground.

"Zubat is unable to battle! Petilil wins!" Reed held his arms out, and hugged Petilil as she jumped to him. "Awesome job... I'm so proud, y'know?" Dmitrix called back his Zubat, and thought over his next Pokemon. "Escargoo, ready for your debut?" "Goo-Goomy!" It bounced forward onto the grassy field, meeting the gaze of Petilil. And once again, Reed called out, "Petilil, use Energy Ball!" Quickly and effectively, Petilil fired off another fast Energy Ball.

Goomy was hit, but shook it off after the explosion passed. "G-Goo," cooed Escargoo. "Alright then, use Dragon Breath!" Again, it opened it's mouth wide, exhaling a green, fiery breath. It blew over Petilil with great force, knocking Petilil back. "Hmmm, let's use Synthesis." Petilil complied, and began to glow just as the Sunny Day shone above. "Now, let's use Dragon Breath again! Encore!" Goomy repeated the move to the t, and exhaled with great force. It knocked Petilil back, and after the dust settled, flicks of static could be seen coming off of Petilil's body. "Wow, mister... you sure love status ailments... well, let's try a Magical Leaf." Petilil struggled, but was able to release a barrage of Magical Leaf, albeit slower. Still, Escargoo couldn't dodge, and was unable to escape. "Escargoo, Bide!" The Goomy held it's ground, taking the Magical Leaf with no restrain. It's body began to glow white, whiter, and whiter, until she opened her mouth wide again, firing a beam of pure light.

Petilil was completely consumed, and fell forward to the ground. "Petilil is unable to battle! Goomy is the winner!" "Bravo, bravo, my dear Escargoo!" Goomy weakly cooed with joy. Dmitrix almost called her back, but she shook her head at him. He nodded, and looked forward at Reed. "Well, you're quite a tough customer, I have to say. I greatly enjoy battling you!" Reed smiled wide, and replied, "You too, mister. Your Pokemon are real impressive... nothing more to say about 'em. Looks like this next round will be interesting." Reed unclipped his last Pokeball, and revealed a Cottonee.

"Now, Escargoo, Dragon Breath!" She blew another terrible breath, clouding over the Cotton Puff. But to Dmitrix's surprise, Cottonee merely floated there, no sign of recoil or signs of a hit. "Aw, man... here we go. Cottonee, use Fairy Wind!" Cottonee's body released a glittering, pink wind, sweeping up Goomy and violent knocking her into a tree, instantly knocking her out. Dmitrix's mouth was agape in surprise. Reed smiled, and told him, "Ya, you see... Fairy-types don't feel Dragon-type attacks at all... y'know?" Dmitrix slapped his forehead, and rushed over to his Goomy. "G-g-g... Goo-o-omy...." "It's okay, little Escargoo... I'm very proud of you. Come, return." Escargoo was returned to her Pokeball, almost bringing a tear to the clown's eye.

However, he bounced back, and pulled out his last Pokeball. "Pigaro, it's finale time! I choose you!" Pigaro spun forward from the light of the Pokeball, perfectly landing on his tail. Dmitrix clapped, and Reed chuckled at the funny Spoink. "Now, let's begin... Cottonee, use Leech Seed." "Pigaro, use Magic Coat!" Reed looked on in confusion, but could only watch the scene unfold from his eyes. As Cottonee spun and flung seeds at the Spoink, Pigaro spun around itself, creating a glittering cloak. It reflected the Leech Seed back onto the Cottonee, but just bounced off and landed on the ground. "Wha... well, look who's got even more tricks up his sleeve... are you a magician, too?" Reed asked Dmitrix with curiosity. "No no no, I'm just a clown with a big bag of tricks, just as my Pokemon do! Now, let's use Future Sight!" "Cottonee, use Sunny Day!" Both of them fired a light in the sky, one bringing the light of the sun to the field, and the other faded in the air above.

Reed saw he was up against a corner, but had to fight back. "Cottonee, use Fairy Wind." Cottonee released another gust of glittering wind, sweeping Pigaro off of his tail and whipping him around. It rolled to the ground, but bounced back with a hearty, "Spoink-oink-oink!" "That's it, my dear Pigaro! Now, Psybeam!" "Cottonee, use Fairy Wind again!" Pigaro's colorful beam shot from the pearl on it's head, but was met with another Fairy Wind, attempting to stop the attack. However, they both bypassed each other and made their hit. Cottonee not only was struck by Psybeam, but was confused as well. "Ugh... alright, one more chance. Cottonee, use Mega Drain!" A green energy seeped from Cottonee, and latched onto Pigaro.

"Pigaro, no no no!" But, the energy turned red, and began to flow, just as the Leech Seed seeped it's own power into Pigaro. Both of them struggled, now just a battle of attrition. But before either one gave in, a great white light came down upon the Cottonee with great force. The Sunny Day faded out as the Future Sight subsided.

Cottonee rolled back, unconscious. The referee called out, "Cottonee is unable to battle, Spoink is the winner. This means that Dmitrix the Clown is the victor!" Dmitrix ran up to Pigaro, catching him as Pigaro jumped into his arms, oinking happily. Reed scooped up his Cottonee, and nuzzled it before returning it to the Pokeball. "Aw man... you really cleaned my clock, and knocked out my Pokemon... still, it was a crazy good battle. Congrats, mister." Reed pulled out a small chest from his jacket pocket and opened it casually.

"You just earned my badge... the Herbal Badge." The young Gym Leader smiled widely at Dmitrix. "You certainly gave me a run for my money, as well. Thank you," he said as he received the Herbal Badge, holding it up to the light. It was in the form of a small leaf shaped like a nettle, with gold plating. The leaf shined almost like an emerald. "This is a beautiful badge. Thank you." Dmitrix and Reed shook hands, finished their day with a light conversation, and Reed inviting him back to perform.

Dmitrix went back to the local Pokemon Center and went to sleep, so that he can get back on the road at sunrise.

Just as he fell asleep, the Pokegear began to vibrate.

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Seedot (Chlorophyll); Growth, Grassy Terrain, Nature Power, Bullet Seed
Porygon (Download); Conversion 2, Psybeam, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam
Trapinch (Hyper Cutter); Bite, Mud Slap, Bug Bite, Gust
Solrock (Levitate); Rock Polish, Fire Spin, Tackle, Rollout
Mihira's host at the Bed and Breakfast had enticed her with the rumor of a Corsola swarm being sighted grazing on moss a mile from town, but the journalist was rapidly losing patience with the setting. The dinky dirt path stood between fields of piercingly vibrant corn and a tall slope down into a treacherous river, and its haphazard design produced endless hairpin turns that no doubt had caused their fair share of automobile tragedies. It was moreso a task than a simple hike; a test of endurance that stretched on for hours and seemed to actively reprimand those trying to make their way to Markemak, and the powerful aches in her back made her sympathize with those who chose to settle in Erest instead of attempting the punishment it was of trying to move somewhere more affluent. Her exasperation reached fever pitch when the soft clunk of a heel breaking off promised that her morning was going to get progressively worse. She could only find enough energy to tut disapprovingly at the happenstance before she resignedly grabbed her shoes and proceeded to sit on the ledge next to her. She secretly was thankful for the chance to rest: enjoying the spray dousing her toes as they dangled above the rushing stream, and admiring the surrounding greenery as she produced a little bottle of adhesive from her purse.
She slowly took notice of a steady crunching. It was coarse and wet, like sopping rocks scraping against tree bark, and its rhythms were arbitrary but intentional; definitely the work of a creature and not a boisterous piece of driftwood stuck in the water's currents. Mihira traced the source farther up the river, just hidden behind a cliff created by a dramatic curve in the road. She placed aside her cobbling project and grabbed Trapinch's ball - it had enough strength in its jaw to clamp onto a Corsola's branches and detain it long enough for an easy catch, right? - before rising up into a crouch and quietly picking her way over. Stopping a few feet in front of the edge, she raised her pokeball high in the air and was a second short of tossing it, but where she thought she would've said "use Bite before it gets away!" or "blind it with a Mud Slap!" she instead screamed in terror. Not usual for someone so well composed to descend into incensed theatrics, but then again, a corpse suddenly flying out and plopping itself at her feet wasn't a usual occurrence.
A hand sprang out from the same spot and firmly dug its fingers into the soil, promptly followed by another of its kind. Their appearance was accompanied by an unintelligible barrage of swears that hoisted up and revealed itself to be an individual with slimy dirt caked all over their yellow raincoat. Mihira sidestepped the body and rushed to save them from the precarious hold they had on the cliff, all while aiming several rushed, baffled sentence fragments which summed up to a theme of demanding to know what happened. The stranger lifted their goggles and gave the salvaged man a once-over. "Hm ... my official analysis," their feminine voice attested while shoving rubber gloves in a pocket and taking out a smartdex, "is that our friend is not much of a conversationalist anymore."
Mihira furrowed her brow at the eccentric before throwing on a pair of her own latex gloves and kneeling next to the cadaver to inspect him for any signs of life or a story behind how he got there. He was on the younger side, wearing what looked to be a uniform under the clinging mud, and liquid poured out of his slack mouth like a geyser when she pressed on his chest. It wasn't farfetched to assume he had drowned - recently, considering the lackluster amount of bloating - but he had to have been knocked unconscious or actively suffocated; it's not like one was far from land at any point when swimming in the creek. There was nothing unusual like a wound, so she couldn't justify her suspicions of foul play, but this all was far more reminiscent of a murder than an accident. She turned to the raincoat-wearer, about to inquire how they fit into all this, when she noticed they were molding the man's face into a smile for a picture.
"Stop contaminating the evidence," Mihira insisted, batting them off. She tried to swallow down a modicum of appalment: she figured that her new companion was a sort of medical examiner or mortician - so frequently exposed to death that they developed a nonchalant relationship with the topic - but that was no excuse to lack tact, certainly. "Where are ... your tools - the rest of your investigation team?"
"I work solo most days," the stranger contemplated, as if the question cued them to reflect on how lonely they were. Mihira was genuinely nonplussed in both meanings of the word: as in, the response left her unsure of how to react or what question to follow up with, but also unsurprised; since she fully believed a place as attractively podunk as Erest wouldn't have a well-equipped detective bureau.
"Did ..." she sighed, "do the police even know about this yet?"
The newcomer pulled out a shiny gold sheriff's badge they had procured earlier and tapped on it indicatively. "I think he was the police," they postulated, "like, the whole police, considering."
"... That's a fair assumption," Mihira admitted. She glowered when she observed the examiner fixing the body's head hair; trying to shape his quaff into something trendy. She stammered out a "stop, what is happening," and added "I am starting to think you're not law enforcement" when they peered back at her. Their expression was as deadpan as the corpse's.
"No," they said bluntly, "Oh, no, no, no; I'm writing an exclusive." Their partner echoed the last two words with a lack of understanding, holding the phrase up as a complete question; provoking them to elaborate: "still working on a title; no need to rush it - don't get snippy if it changes on you - but I'm thinking: Parasol Lady Rhodes presents 'Cardiac Erest: Murder in the Cornfields.' I know, guy didn't die of a heart attack, so the pun doesn't make a hundred percent sense - but - I love the science-fiction thriller vibe; people'll eat it up."
"You don't even know what happened!"
"It's a work in progress; I'll piece it along as I play my crowd," Rhodes dismissed, standing up and wedging her fingers between the ground and the man's back. "Now, it was lovely meeting you - we'll do lunch - but I got haul this dude to someplace photogenic, the lighting here is terrible."
"We are not going anywhere with that man," Mihira apprised, "we have to wait for - whatever authorities are available - to come and determine cause of death, and ... everything."
"But then everyone will know about it," the woman explained, perplexed as if the statement had been said in another language. "And that isn't fresh, that isn't the scoop, it's old news once the obituary gets published."
Not deeming the sentiment worthy of being countered, Mihira picked out her own phone and scrolled through contacts to find anybody who could be considered a relevant official. The only one close to that criteria was Tiamat - a gym leader could do in place of a mayor or constable, she supposed - so she clicked her name and stood up to await a response. A rather terse answering machine greeted her, spouting inarticulate gibber about dragon-types and religious services, before beeping loudly into her ear.
"Hello, this is Mihira; I interviewed you yesterday?" she reminded, "I've found what appears to be a dead policeman on the trail towards Markemak, and am wondering if there's anyone you're able to send down here." It was best to keep these matters simple, efficient, and respectful, she thought; sensationalizing the scenario would only lead to everybody running down to catch a glimpse like this was all a sideshow attraction. "I'll wait with -"
She discovered the body she was going to reference was gone. Lifting her head, she clearly saw Rhodes a little ways off struggling to jog with it slung over her shoulders. She uttered a few "wha -"s and jabbered an expedient apology into the phone before letting her shock culminate into a "put that back, you're disturbing a crime scene."
The chase almost immediately diverged into the corn labyrinth bordering the road. The field antagonized both parties, weaving leaves into their clothes to yank them backwards or assaulting them if they deviated from the tiny corridors they provided. Rhodes had the worst trouble - dealing with double the amount of annoyances while Mihira just had to suffer running on her bare feet - and the latter nearly snatched the policeman's sleeve during a moment the former was pinned between two merciless stalks, but the reporter freed herself in time to stumble into a random clearing of crushed maize. As Mihira pulled herself out in hot pursuit, she realized that her target was frozen in place and had dropped the corpse where she stood. Matching the direction the woman was staring in, she saw two Elgyem calmly pressing crops down a couple feet away.
She immediately took the opportunity to drag the body away from its captor. Rhodes didn't seem to be bothered by the commandeering - or the barbed jab of "what the hell is wrong with you" that came with it - and instead retained astonished silence as she revealed her dex and snapped a photo of the aliens. "These beings are ... are -" she mused aloud, "they're making a crop circle."
"Yeah ... ?" Mihira commented, unimpressed, "they ... do that. They're Elgyem." She dedicated her focus towards scrutinizing the body for damage it might have endured from the scuffle - luckily, there weren't any major differences she could see besides the inclusion of glossy corn hairs all over his skin - so when Rhodes spoke again, Mihira had missed when the reporter had walked over to the creatures or where she had pulled a bag of cookies from. Both of the Cerebral Pokemon were now munching on sweets, intently studying the flavor of the woman's proffered gift.
"I'm making contact," Rhodes manically stage-whispered. "Oh-ho-ho, I can hear this story writing itself: out of this world exclusive into the lives of extraterrestrials - holy god - save me."
Mihira's phone vibrated before she had the chance to roll her eyes. She accepted the call as fast as she could, her heart overwhelming with relief as she heard the meek voice of Tiamat on the other end of the line. "Yes, yes, thank you for returning my call," she said, "Hm-hm ... I'm sorry to have freaked out with that message, but everything I said was true." The girl sounded absolutely horrified, and mulled over how hard the community was going to take it. She was going to send someone right away to pick her and the policeman up. "Oh, um, actually, we've moved ... I understand how odd that sounds, it's a terribly long story, but there's this -"
She discovered the woman she was going to reference was gone. There were little Elgyem footprints that scuttled off into the corn, but no sign of Rhodes making her departure with or without them. Mihira looked down in thought and wet her lips. "I'll - I'll explain later," she waved off, "but, uh ... here, let me try to explain to you where I am."

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Mihira vs Reed

The incident with the police had taken up far more of her time than she would have liked. At least now Mihira was finally in Markemak City, blessedly free from corpses, muddy farm trails and… irreverent peers. And also with a newly-caught Corsola, though said Pokémon seemed to harbor some resentment toward Trapinch for breaking off some of her coral during the capture process. The team dynamic would need some work. Especially since it seemed that she was in the process of obtaining a Turtwig.


The Turtwig clacked its beak.

“I’m not giving you any food.”

It gave her an accusing look.

“I dropped the bagel and I wasn’t going to eat it off the ground. That doesn’t count. Shoo.”

Her ankle was gently headbutted.

“I’m leaving.”

The gym was fairly easy to find with Markemak’s clear signage. However, when she got to the building it was to find it dark and still. A gym leader who abandoned their post during gym hours- ten a.m. to two p.m. according to the badly scrawled note on the door- was a person Mihira was not going to be pleased to interact with. The frustrated tapping of her foot was interrupted by a nudge. She looked down.


The Turtwig waddled over and tapped the gym door with a foot, then very deliberately stared at Mihira as it started walking down the street.

“You know where this Reed person is?”

It glanced back at her.


By the time they got to the end of the street, Mihira was already fed up with dragging her feet behind the tiny Pokémon. Tucking it under her arm, she continued on with the occasional instruction from Turtwig. It was a good choice- she walked for nearly forty minutes, all the way to the south edge of the city. The buildings here ceded even more to rolling, untamed meadows and neatly paved streets gave way to rough paths worn into the thigh-high grasses by use and time. Turtwig guided her along one of these paths for a while, then hopped out of her arms.

“The gym leader isn’t here.”

With a smug look and a swish, Turtwig disappeared into the grass. Mihira sighed and followed. She’d come this far, after all. Might as well see it through.

Turtwig was only trackable by the rustling path it was making just ahead of her. Mihira picked her steps carefully- she still wasn’t sure about her crudely refastened heel, and the uneven ground needed careful examination. Inevitably, though, the heel dropped off once more; the miscalculation of her next step ended with a profanity and a face full of grass.

Nature hasn’t been kind to me lately, she thought, pulling herself up to a sitting position to take stock of her bruises. Landed mostly on my hip, that’s going to hurt for a while… ankles are fine… eugh, grass stains… She brushed herself off a bit, cast her gaze around to locate Turtwig, and screamed.

“....Hm. Didn’t have to wake me up, man.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I thought you were another corpse.”

“Not returning to nature quite yet, my dude.” The young man laying about a yard away stretched languidly and yawned. “Did you come out here for a nap, too?”

“What? No. I was following a Turtwig.” As if that was any more reasonable.

“Oh, that little man? He’s a good dude.” The man rolled onto his stomach, finally training sleepy eyes on Mihira. “You looking for the gym leader?”

A suspicion dawned. “Yes, I am.”

“Mm. You found me. Good job.”

“I went to your gym.”

“Sure, sure.”

“The sign says your hours are ten to two.” Reed nodded as best he could with his head resting on his crossed arms. “It’s eleven o’clock.”


“Do you…” Mihira’s voice took a turn for the incredulous. “Do you not see a problem with that?”

“Time is a social construct, y’know?”

“Your gym is open for four hours a day and you can’t even be there when it is?”

A dismissive wave was all the response she got. Mihira stood up abruptly. “Battle me.”

“I just woke up, my dude.”

“Battle me right now.”

The edge to her voice prompted the man to drag himself to a standing- albeit slouched- position. “Don’t tell me what to do, mom.”

Mihira drew herself to her full height- five foot ten, with her one remaining heel- and called up the most disdainful expression she could muster. “If I was your mother, I would have raised a child far more respectful than you- and in fact, I did.”

Her sharp statement was punctuated by the crack of a Pokéball releasing Corsola, ready to fight whatever appeared in front of her.

“Damn... alright.” A modicum of respect flitted across Reed’s face before he released Corsola’s opponent- a Petilil, judging by the glimpse of a shape Mihira got before the Pokémon dropped down to be hidden by the tall grass.

“Corsola…” Mihira murmured, low enough that Reed wouldn’t hear. “Aim where I tell you; don’t try to outmaneuver them.” The little Pokémon twitched in acknowledgement.

The grass rustled.

“Icicle Spear, one o’clock.”

The first needle punched Petilil out of the cover of the grass, and the next four struck true as well. Petilil hit the ground with a thud.

“Oh. Hm.” Reed recalled Petilil. “Let’s try this, then.”

A Cottonee appeared, floating just above the grass, with a plant root stuck in its cotton. It danced in the wind as its opponents watched calculatingly. The sunlight seemed to intensify, causing Corsola to squint and Mihira to shield her eyes.


Three spears hit before a gust of wind buffeted Cottonee up and out of the strike zone- Reed called for Mega Drain, and Mihira winced as energy was drained from Corsola, leaving her looking worse for wear. But Corsola was undaunted; ice crashed into Cottonee once again for a second knockout.

“Corsola, come back- what?” Corsola turned away, still ready to fight. “You’re down a lot, return-”

She danced out of the way of the Pokéball’s light. Mihira sighed and looked over to her opponent. A Skiploom lazily drifted above the grass looking very reminiscent of its trainer.


Before Mihira could finish her command, a barrage of seeds slammed into Corsola, knocking it back into Mihira’s shins. “I told you,” she murmured, finally able to return Corsola to its ball. She clicked open another- Trapinch entered the fray, clacking its jaws in anticipation.

Skiploom danced in the breeze, but this dance was far more aggressive in its movements than Cottonee’s and when it settled down again, it looked ready to fight. But Trapinch had taken the opportunity to sneak underneath it while it danced- it propelled itself upward with a powerful lunge, clamping Skiploom’s ear in its mighty jaws. Skiploom spun wildly and was dragged down into the grass- all that could be seen was a frantic rustling, Skiploom surfacing briefly only to be dragged back by Trapinch. An explosion of seeds matted the grass in a small circle and Skiploom flew up unhindered, settling down once more in front of Reed.

“Ooh. That was a harsh one.” Mihira glared at Reed as she brought Trapinch back, considering her next move. I only have Solrock, but can we take it out fast enough…?

A shape surged from the grass and landed squarely on top of Skiploom, slamming it down into the ground. The grass rustled as it ran toward Mihira and stopped- Turtwig popped out, with the smug look once again gracing its little face.

“Hey, man, that’s cheating!”

“Uh-” I really don’t want to do this battle again- he knows all my tricks. Well, I’m committed now. “No. This Turtwig is mine.”


“Yes, we- we met earlier and it decided to come with me.”

“Huh. Guess I lost, then…” Reed recalled Skiploom gloomily. “That Corsola surprised me, man. Well, now I know to look out for them…”


“Your badge… it’s the Herbal Badge. Let me find it…” Reed rifled through his pockets, candy wrappers and what seemed to be tea leaves spilling out. “Ah. Here.”

It was slightly sticky. Mihira grimaced. “Thank you. Please go back to your gym after healing your Pokémon; there are bound to be others waiting for you.”

Reed shrugged. “If they want to find me, they’ll find me, y’know?”

“That’s not how your job works!”


Solrock // Levitate
Rock Polish - Sandstorm
Tackle - Rollout

Trapinch // Hyper Cutter
Bite - Dig
Bug Bite - Gust

Turtwig // Overgrow
Work Up - Razor Leaf
Sand Tomb - Tackle

Corsola // Natural Cure
Aqua Ring - Ancient Power
Bubble Beam - Icicle Spear

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Growth, Grassy Terrain, Nature Power, Bullet Seed
Conversion 2, Psybeam, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam
(Dry Skin)
Charge, Parabolic Charge, Pound, Signal Beam
Protect, Night Shade, Shock Wave, Nasty Plot
Reed picked up the hands of the storekeeper and squeezed them with affection. "I know this is so last-minute," he appreciated, "I can't fathom what critter got in - I guess I didn't lock the door - and ... ugh, that's a crummy excuse."
"None are needed," the trader chimed, returning the gesture and going back to untangling dry willow boughs, "I think it's a mighty cool thing you're doing, covering for your sick papa; it's my pleasure to help family any way I can."
Though Reed bit down on his teeth, he couldn't hold back a boyish grin. He was never comfortable accepting compliments - especially ones where he was elevated to familial status in the mind of someone he barely knew - but his modesty hadn't hardened enough to withstand strategic flattery. A small chuckling passed between the two when his companion caught the look.
"My day's been so off," he vented, "I've been in this nasty grog, then this thing with the wickerman happens the night of the show, and that ... chick spying on me ..."
"Oh?" his friend chirped, bending down and shoving dry leaves into the wooden figure, "a not-so-secret admirer, hm?"
"... I don't know if I'd call it that," Reed gently contested, "she wore ... you know those gold faces Yamask tote around everywhere; like, it's them before they died or something?" Once receiving a confirming nod, he resumed his thought with "well, one of those were planted on her face."
The discussion paused in favor of a minute talking shop, Reed assisting by pressing in tinder and holding down branches as they were tied together. The inside of the effigy felt tightly packed despite having no more stuffing than what was strewn about the greenhouse floor, but the gym leader chalked up the effect to the craftsmanship skills of his present company. "So yeah, I was coming off a battle real stoked," he resumed, "won against this reporter who was taping - something called b-roll, for a segment she was doing? - anyway, I close up the gym and stroll over to the cafe for pre-yoga chai, and right, literally right behind me, comes in this woman with a trenchcoat and that mask; breathing down my neck in line."
His helper sympathetically winced as she accepted a hammer from him and commented about how frankly unsanitary that was. "She wouldn't stop glaring at me too, even when we sat down at different tables," Reed persisted, "and when she picked up her drink: poured it all over her fake mouth and let it dribble into a puddle on her table."
"That's movie scene scary," his friend quipped, perturbed, "like, that's a psycho murderer."
"Later, she tailed me to the farmer's market, but when I turned around to say 'can I help you?' she scuttled to a fruit stall - as if pretending to be all 'I wasn't stalking you' - but didn't stop staring, so she unconsciously threw like fifty apples into a brown paper bag before I left. Then she was at the park and stuff, and like ... she aggressively picked dandelions at me?"
His conversation partner knitted her brow with scrupulousness and doubt as she secured a twine knot. "Hm, alright, you're lying to me, there's a joke at the end of this," she laughed, shaking her head and stepping towards the door back into the house to get forgotten supplies, "here I am making a fool out of myself worrying over some 'Yamask Lady,' oh my lord." Reed weakly tried to plead his story as he darted after her, their exit leaving the space quiet until the songs of distant Kricketune seeped through the glass walls.
Their melody was interrupted by a desperate intake of air as a woman savagely burst through the unsecured chest of the wickerman. Not finding the sustenance she needed, she clawed the metal disguise off her face and panted to make up the difference. Ethereal black smoke wafted from the mask's sides and congealed into the shadowy form of a Spirit Pokemon, who inquisitively gaped at its trainer. Gripping the Pokemon to her chest and loudly shushing it, Rhodes craned her neck towards the door and probed her location with the eye that wasn't jammed with pungent potpourri and plant fibers. "We're in," she murmured.
She regained her stature and shook the twigs out of her boot as she called out the rest of her team. They all convened attentively around her despite suffering respective ailments - such as Seedot's skin flaking off into an ash-like substance, Helioptile struggling with newfound tinnitus, and whatever was causing her dented Porygon2 to levitate upside-down - derived from their eventful defeat that afternoon. Rhodes rubbed her hands together with glee as she thought about how juicy the possibilities were: sure, normally she might have become embarrassed at the thought of sharing footage of being beaten so effortlessly, but the manner in which she lost was spectacular - unbelievable, even - and, perhaps, that was exactly the case. "So what question should we ask after our espionage on mister burn-your-draft-cards?" she added to the briefing of her troupe, "that: if he does nothing but meander around town, riddle me how his easygoing grass-types can instantaneously shift from peace-and-love-and-flower-laurels to killer machines without rigorous, daily training regimens?" The Pokemon answered with inanimacy, as they weren't built with a capacity to comprehend intricate communication systems past basic body language and the assigned names humans placed onto their eclectic set of abilities, but the reporter took this as wonder. "Now you're getting it," she slyly, and mistakenly, assured.
Everyone scattered on Rhodes' mark - except for Helioptile, who needed a pat on the back before it stopped trying to clean out its ear and got the message - including herself, who dashed to a wooden desk leaned up against the only interior wall the room shared with the home it was affixed to. Above it hung a disorderly pegboard covered in strange and questionably useful gardening tools, a few of them having absentmindedly dropped onto various diagrams that resided below. Sifting through the dirt-stained papers revealed them to be apart of an informative dissertation on utilizing grass-type byproducts - which struck her as odd, seeing as she wouldn't pin the laissez-faire leader as one to enjoy scientific articles - but they in themselves weren't scandalous. She eventually mustered enough daring to dig into drawers, and the transparent bottles that made their home there glimmered with promise. Rhodes popped the cork off one containing what looked to be multicolored spice and was immediately clouted by a bitter odor. She tearfully gagged as she prodded its appearance, noting the crinkled petals resting on top of its grainy contents. A prying hum failed to dispense an accusatory headline from this detail, so she pushed back her hair and rubbed the cranial scar where her knowledge of sweet baked foods once dwelled. A gasp signaled her revelation: "performance enhancers," she exclaimed, sealing up the tiny jar to spare herself further retching and slipping it into an inside pocket of her jacket.
The soft mumbling of Reed bumming out due to his friend's complete unwillingness to believe him drifted in as the duo made their return. Their short notice hadn't given the intruders much time to react, but luckily for the latter group, they were too absorbed in finishing and transporting their product to notice they had several new Pokemon statues in the potted gardens or that their project was far heavier than something made of lumber and spoiled crops should be. In fact, the increased weight was welcome, as it allowed the structure to easily stand up straight when it was added to the backdrops on stage; giving Reed extra time to calm his nerves by sampling the new herbal concoction he made from shed Petilil and Skiploom blooms. He hid his stash and adjusted the guitar strap on his shoulder when he heard people take seats in the meadow and begin cooing at the set.
Their cheers as he made his entrance gave Reed a boost of confidence. "Attention dudes and dudettes," he announced, inciting a giggle as he theatrically waved around a torch, "I'd like to, uh ... I'd like to dedicate this fundraiser to my dad. He has never missed an opportunity to help this community until now, and ... pray he gets well." He lit the shin of the wooden idol; its branches engulfed in a vicious red that spread to every limb and drove the crowd mad with excitement. Reed took a deep breath and started strumming: his voice wavered a little here and there when he sang, but none of the notes really bothered critics among the crowd. Between the second verse and the bridge of a fan favorite, Reed was taken aback when a shaking arm burst forth from the belly of the burning man and vehemently grabbed his wrist. While the ash painted onto his arm was a charred brown in reality, his intoxicated vision transformed it into a medley of unnatural colors that wanted to crawl into his blood; and the woman who walked out of the crumbling effigy, as a silhouette with trenchant eyes made of embers. She held up a vial and whispered "I seek recompense for your abuse."


The anchor shot a winning smile as their earpiece rang with breaking news. "It appears we are getting a video call from our expert field reporter Rhodes, who you might recognize as our most prolific online columnist," Marcia explained, "perhaps it's an urgent update on her journey through the Diminia region?" She nodded her head as if agreeing with herself, her new perm visibly coming apart due to the disturbance. "We are going to go live with her right now; Rhodes?"
"Marcia, yes!" Rhodes eagerly replied, trying to get a flattering angle from her smartdex, "I would like to show a live sneak peek about my upcoming article!" One awkward transition to her back-facing camera revealed a field of hysterical attendees running away from the reporter, and a blubbering, naked Reed as he chanted an improvised promise to never smoke again. The anchor lit up with mild panic.
"Rhodes, what's happening out there?"
"Not entirely sure," she admitted, "I presented our nudist here hard-hitting evidence against his cheap tactics, but he thought I was an evil spirit come to punish him for his sins or something, and haven't been able to get a coherent answer since he stripped and start praying to me. My fault, I should've been more approachable." She flipped back to her face, now well-lighted by the several fires growing around her. "Or, he could be on a nasty high from his homemade performance enhancing drugs," - she gave the screen erratic jazz hands and mockingly jabbed "what'd she say? drugs, a gym leader?" - "but all of you are just gonna have to wait until At the Markemak Gym: Which Kind of Tall Grass Are We Talking About? comes out later this week! This has been your Parasol Lady Rhodes, signing off!"
"Wait, Rhodes, hold on - "
The call disconnected.

hugh holland in "cracks: a sinnoh story"
Roleplay Theatre


A Princely Birb

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Roza Lyndon

The Hex Maniac

Vs Reed

“Ugh, I hate this hippy town already,” Roza grumbled, walking the overgrown path to the gym. All around her were abundant flowers, ivy covered buildings, and small tree groves. The entire town seemed lifted out of a bright fairy tale, and Roza hated it all the more for it.


“I think it’s too late to give up and go back to the last town… unfortunately.”

Pulling out her phone, Roza tried Tiamat’s number one more time. The phone rang for a few minutes before going to the girl’s voicemail. Thinking she needs to at least leave a message, Roza stayed on the line, panic building. Soon, she was breathing far too heavily for this relatively minor task, and hung up out of panic.

“Peeet?” The little cloth ghost asked, a look of concern on his face.

“I’m fine, kicking some hippy ass would probably help the nerves a bit, though.”

Outside the gym, Roza read what type she would be up against.

“Grass… of course it’s grass. Prepare to get a big lecture on the evils of staying inside all day, and probably getting sold some natural remedy for bags under my eyes or something.”

Pushing open the door, a large field of grass inside the building assaulted her sense of practicality. Why not just make it outside then? Why bring the outside inside? Rubbing her temple to try and prevent the oncoming headache, she began looking for the gym leader.

Soon, she found him lying in the middle of the field, but not after nearly stepping on him. He seemed lost in thought, staring up into nothing.

“Excuse me,” she said, “I’m here for a battle.”

“Ah, that would make sense,” the sleepy man responded, “I had the idea that maybe you wanted to watch the clouds too. Your idea makes more sense.”

“It’s not really an idea of mine, if it’s exactly what I came to do,” Roza corrected. She turned her head up and saw that a large portion of the roof was gone, just showing open sky. Because of course it was.

“You never know; the mind’s a fickle thing. You could think you want to do one thing, but really you’ve wanted to do something else the whole time. Like, I was going to walk to the park and watch the birds, but then I saw a cloud that looked like a bird and decided I wanted to do that all along.”

“Yeah. I’m 100% sure I came here to battle. So, maybe we could, y’know, get on with it?”

“Haha, slow down a bit. I catch your intentions, sister. Lemme just get the Pokemon from the back.”

“You don’t carry them in Pokeballs?”

“Nah, they deserve to be free too,” he said before getting up, not even brushing the dirt or grass pieces from this back. He walked off without explaining, reemerging several minutes later with three pokemon in tow.

“Alright, I’m Reed. I don’t think I said that earlier. Welcome to my gym. Yadda, yadda. Let’s just let our actions speak for themselves.”

“First thing you’ve said that I can’t argue with,” Roza said, nodding. “I think you’re up for this, Kudzu.”

Releasing the little seaweed like Pokemon from it’s ball, she saw the gym leader send out a cottonee in response.

“I hope you don’t mind me starting this for both of us,” Reed stated in the same sleepy tone, “let’s Sunny Day.”

The Cottonee gathered a bright mass of energy between its leaves before launching it into the air. A small globe burned with the brightness of the sun, much to the little grass type’s delight.

“Why would you make it even brighter in here?!” Roza shouted, shielding her eye. “Just, Acid Armor and prepare yourself!”

Once again, Skrelp shifted much of its body to water, although slight puffs of water vapor evaporating could be seen from the new heat.

“Seed him,” Reed called, seeming very disinterested in the battle itself.

Several seeds emerged from Cottonee, bursting into a mass of ivy that entangled Kudzu. Almost immediately, spores of energy released from the vines, prompting a small twitch, and drifted lazily towards Cottonee.

“Get back at it! Acid!”

Kudzu spit a sickly yellow liquid towards the Cottonee, which was easily dodged. Somehow the Cottonee was much faster than she predicted.

“Good dodging, now try a fairy wind.”

Cottonee spun in place, gathering a pinkish wind around itself. Suddenly, Cottonee stopped and the pink whirlwind moved rapidly towards Skrelp. The attack buffeted the water type, but seemed to leave very little impact.

“Acid it again!”

Another batch of yellow liquid launched towards the Cottonee, this time finding it’s mark. The cottonee seemed heavily hurt by the attack, stumbling around a little. Several ambient spores drifted towards Cottonee, appearing to lessen the pain as they made contact.

“Get yourself back right with Mega Drain.”

Cottonee launched a large mass of spores in the direction of Kudzu, each one that collided sapping a little more of his strength before returning to Cottonee. Cottonee appeared a little better, but still appeared pretty torn up by the acid.

“Just one more acid should get ‘em.”

One final spray of acid from the Skrelp was all it took to take the cotton puff down, and the first point went the Roza. Smiling at her victory, she watched the gym leader pick up his Pokemon and return her to the back room.

“Okay, okay. You got me there,” Reed announced, taking a seat on a small stump, “let’s make the rest more… interesting, shall we?”

“Good, if I’m going to die in the heat, let me at least have fun.”

“Okay, you’re up Skiploom.”

A fat green Pokemon bounced towards the arena, hopping inside the grass. With a few moments of hopping in, Roza was unable to even see the Pokemon anymore.

“I’ll stick with Kudzu here. He’s a safe bet. Just keep an eye out.”

Climbing up another stump, Kudzu looked around the grass, wary of any movement. The superior height meant he should be able to spot the Skiploom before it could emerge for an attack.

“See it clearly?” Reed called out in no direction in particular, but apparently got some kind of acknowledgement. “Good. Seed Bomb them.”

Before Roza or Kudzu could react, several hard shelled seeds emerged from the field, flying in a low arc right towards Kudzu. The seadragon tried to move out of the way, but the seed shelling impacted the entire stump. By the time the barrage lifted, Kudzu was out cold.

“Holy-” Roza shouted, “that was brutal for someone like you!”

“Not all flowers just smell pretty, some have thorns. I didn’t become a gym leader by accident.”

“You know, that actually sounded pretty cool. For a flower freak.”

“Thanks, I’ve had that one planned for a while,” Reed added with a slight smile.

“Okay, I take that back now. You just think of cool things to say ahead of time?”

“Anyway,” he interrupted, “you have a second pokemon?”

Before she could even speak, Teru moved in front of her. The little Pokemon seemed impatient to get into the battle. Reed acknowledge the change with a lazy nod and waved his hand to continue the battle.

“Teru, get in the field too!”

The little ghost dived into the grass, moving to a position closer to the center. Soon the rustling stopped, both Pokemon having found a spot within the field.

“Swords dance up,” Reed commanded to no position in particular once more. Skiploom suddenly emerged from the field, hopping about in a furious dance.

“You’ve got them, Will o’ Wisp!”

The purplish flames emerged from Teru’s horn, arcing towards the Skiploom’s last position. Taking a cue from the Seed Bombardment, the flames hit the entire area, instead of a single target. A soft cry told Roza that the flames hit their mark.

“Ah, turning the tables on me, huh?” Reed muttered, slightly impressed. “Well, let’s show the better version of it. Seed bomb that location.”

The barrage of seeds started again, causing large tufts of grass to fly up from their impact. At least one hit Teru in a glancing blow, but the more mobile ghost avoided the worst of it.

“Gotcha,” Roza said, smiling, “keep him from doing that again.”

A pinkish bolt of lightning arced to the position of the seeds, and Skiploom would be unable to launch the same attack for at least a minute or two.

“Haha, clever,” Reed admitted, laughing, “there goes those plans. Thankfully Skiploom can… Acrobatics.”

Abandoning the need for stealth, Skiploom jumped into the air and held itself aloft with it’s large ears and propeller like flower. Spotting a small disturbance in the grass, it launched itself forwards in a very fast, and very confusing maneuver. Unable to adequately track it, Teru was hit the Skiploom’s body and tossed back.

“Now that we’re away from it, hit it with anything!”

As soon as Teru finished tumbling, it pointed its horn high in the sky. A purple miasma spilled forward, quickly forming into the shape of a closed eye. As dark energy started arcing inside the foul cloud, the burn on Skiploom began to glow and the Pokemon seemed frozen by the cloud. Then, as the storm reached a fever pitch, the eye opened. A dark pupil and iris were visible for just one moment, before the entire storm exploded into energy, flowing into Skiploom’s burn. The burn began to glow red hot, and then a burning white, before the Pokemon collapsed and the effect subsided.

“Okay,” Roza said, flabbergasted, “and where did you learn that?”

“That was Hex,” Reed interjected, “damn scary move too.”

“And that’s why I love you ghosts,” Roza said as she ran forward to hug Teru. Feeling the effects of the two hits and the exhaustion of forcing a new move, Teru just snuggled inside his trainer’s arms.

“Well… That leaves me at my last Pokemon then,” Reed announced, once the two got comfortable once again. “You’re up Petilil.”

A small flower bulb emerged from behind Reed and jumped into the grass. The pokemon looked a little nervous, but excited at the same time.

“In that case, I’ll switch,” Roza added, pulling out and tossing a Pokeball. “You ready Ryuji?”

A small dinosaur like Pokemon stood before her, an Axew. Truth be told, Tiamat managed to convince her of the benefits of Dragon types, and the little guy seemed all to eager to prove itself.

“Alright then, can please restore the Sun for me, Petilil?”

Another bright orb of light rose in the sky, blinding Roza once more.

“Augh, I didn’t even notice the last one went away! Please end this so I can get back to a nice, dark hotel room!”

Taking it’s admittedly vague orders, Ryuji rushed forward and slashed at Petilil with its tusk. After the first one hit, the little dragon swung its head in the opposite direction, slamming the other tusk into the grass type.

“While you’re close, hit it with Energy Ball.”

A small orb began forming in front of Petilil once it recovered, the energy flowing in from the nature around it. After the shape was fully formed, Petilil launched it from point blank at Ryuji. The dragon wasn’t able to avoid the hit, and was sent barreling towards the field.

“Get up and launch another Dual Chop! Don’t let it hide in the grass!”

“And hit it with Magical Leaf when it tries to get close!”

Catching its footing, Ryuji quickly rushed the Petilil again. Oddly colored leaves began to emerge from around the grass type and the same time, flying in a general spray forward. The leaves cut into the Axew, but it managed to continue the charge forward and made a mighty swing of its tusk. This time, the bulbous pokemon was able to avoid the first attack, but not so lucky on the backswing. Much less durable than the other Pokemon, petilil was starting to look pretty ragged.

“Get behind cover and Synthesize up.”

Spotting a sturdy stump, Petilil dove behind it and began to draw in sunlight. Wounds began to repair themselves, and the pokemon seemed more energized in general.

“Stop it, give it a Rock Smash!”

Ryuji got on all fours and sprinted recklessly towards the cover. At the last minute he turned and swung his tusk, splintering the stump and hitting the Pokemon behind it. The synthesis stopped, but the pokemon still looked much better than it did before.

“Okay, Energy Ball it again.”

Another mass of natural energy built up and launched towards Axew, who was once again too close to avoid it. Digging its claws into the dirt, Ryuji managed to avoid getting launched, but the wear was becoming apparent.

“Gotcha again. Reversal!”
Standing up straight and full of energy for being so beat up, Ryuji started a flurry of blows on the poor grass type. When the assault ended, the Petilil was on the ground, defeated.

“Well,” Reed began, rubbing the back of his head, “I guess that solves that. Looks like you win. I guess I should have taken this a little more seriously from the get go.”

“If you had started hiding from the beginning, I don’t think I would have won that first round,” Roza admitted, “Kudzu is unfortunately not that fast.”

“Either way, looks like you’re the owner of a new Herbal Badge.”

“Of course its the Herbal Badge.”

“You’re damn right it is,” Reed said, laughing.

Roza sat stunned for a moment, unable to process the sudden self awareness Reed was displaying.

“What,” Reed started after seeing the look on her face, “you think I’m not aware how I look? Admit it, you weren’t expecting a tough fight from me, were you?”


“Well, not really. You still weren’t expecting much, were you?”

Seeing as she had no comeback, Roza took her badge and silently left the gym to contemplate this twisted ride she was calling a journey.


Teru || Shuppet (Insomnia) - Shadow Sneak, Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Disable

Kudzu || Skrelp (Poison Point) - Smokescreen, Water Gun, Acid, Acid Armour

??? || Minior (Shields Down) - Tackle, Defense Curl, Rollout, Swift

??? || Petilil (Own Tempo) - Sleep Powder, Absorb, Hidden Power, Entrainment

Ryuji || Axew (Mold Breaker) - Dual Chop, Rock Smash, Reversal, Sleep Talk


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Journey Optional

Chapter Three - Charol Town

Town Info: A mountain town famous for its observatory and brilliant view of the night sky.

Leader: Egeus
Type: Dark
Info: Egeus, who is happy to go by Eg, is an easy-going and outdoorsy person who enjoys exploring the mountain caves by the city or camping out. His battle style depends on the strengths of each Pokemon he uses. He gives the Night Badge to those who defeat him in a three Pokemon single battle. As per usual only the challenger can switch out.

Sableye (Prankster) - Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Shadow Claw, Brick Break

Pawniard (Defiant) - Leer, Metal Claw, Slash, Fury Cutter

Absol (Super Luck) - Quick Attack, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Taunt

Chapter Four Starts on 11/04


That's MISTER Roboto to you!

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Damien King


Gible, Boy (Rough Skin)
Sand Attack
Metal Claw

Ralts, Girl (Trace)
Disarming Voice
Grass Knot

Happiny, Girl (Natural Cure)
Drain Punch

Odd Keystone (In Bag)

"You know you can't just run away like that. Something could've happened!" Damien scolded the Ralts that he was carrying in his arms. He had been chasing her in the forest just outside of town. After enough running, she had calmed down, allowing Damien to catch up to her. Luckily, they weren't far from town, so it was a short walk. "Alright, Ralts, it's time to get back into the ball." He said, pulling out a Pokéball and tapping the Psychic type.

Pini! Piiiinii! Damien turned around just in time to feel something roll onto his foot. Looking down, Damien noticed a small, white stone had rolled onto his foot. Curious, Damien bent down and picked it up. It seemed very well polished. Pini! Again, Damien felt something on his foot. Looking down again, Damien saw a Happiny jumping up and down on his foot, trying to reach toward the stone in his hand. Damien quickly dropped it. The Happiny leapt up, grabbing it out of the air. As soon as th Happiny reaches the ground, it quickly started inspecting the egg all over, checking for blemishes. Finding none, the Happiny started cuddling the egg before placing it into the pouch on its stomach.

Once it was done, it turned toward Damien gleefully. It hopped up on his foot again and started hugging his leg. "Uh, you're welcome." Being a Pokémon Ranger, Damien was always happy to help Pokémon, but usually, he knew when he was helping. Also, his help usually involved more than stopping a rock with his foot. Still, the Happinny kept hugging his leg. It seemed to love that rock, and, in turn, Damien for "saving" it.

"Cute little thing you've got there." Damien turned around to see a guy leaning against a tree, apparently having seen the entire scene play out. Once Damien turned around, not an easy task because of the Happinny which was showing his foot some love, he saw that the man was wearing a loose fitting black jacket and slacks. Once Damien has turned around, the man looked impressed. "A Pokémon Ranger! That's awesome, bro, you're like my hero."

"Uh, thanks." Damien had never really gotten such an excited response to his career from anyone over the age of five. "What was you're name again?"

"Oh, yeah, my name's Reed, I'm kinda the Gym Leader around here.

"Really? Well in that case…"

"Where were you stationed, as a Ranger?" Reed asked, interrupting Damien.

"What? Oh, uh, Vien Town. Now what I was saying was…"

"Really, well if guess you must feel right at home here. We always try to keep connected to nature here, kinda like Vien Town. Really deep and into nature and…"

"Uh, excuse me?" Damien asked, but failing to stop Reed. "Excuse Me." Damien tried again, but Reed still kept talking. "HEY!" Damien yelled, causing Reed to finnaly stop and take notice. Even the Happinny had taken noticed and had sat down on Damien's foot. "I'm here to challenge you as Gym Leader!"

"Oh," Reed looked slightly dissappointed, but then recomposed himself. "Alright then, as Gym Leader of this town I accept your challenge." Reed said, taking off his backpack. Damien could see the heads of three Pokémon sticking out.

"Uh, right here?" Damien asked, slowly reaching to grab a Pokéball.

"Yep, it's always nice to get outdoors after fighting in a gym all day."

"Fair enough." Damien said, pulling out the ball containing his Ralts

"Okay, 'lil, c'mon." Reed said as a Petlil jumped out of the bag.

"Go, Ralts!" Damien called as he threw a Pokéball. He knew he was a disadvantage, not having any Pokémon that were strong against Grass, but of the two, Ralts was the better choice.

Without Reed even saying anything, The Petlil leapt into action, firing numerous, colorful leaves at Ralts, who sidestepped them with ease, but failed to see it when the Petlil landed on the ground a launched an orb toward her. The orb struck, knocking Ralts back. It didn't do enough damage for a knock out, but it definitely showed them that this guy wouldn't go down easily.

Now it was Reed's turn. "Disarming voice, go!" the little Ralts immediately leapt up into the air. Once in the air above Petlil, she gave a loud screech, causing soundwaves to emit from her mouth. The soundwaves, along with keeping her in the air, launched toward Petlil. Each one that landed on it seemed to hurt it. Suddenly, Petlil gathered the strength to launch itself out of the way, launching more Magical Leaves at Ralts.

Quickly, Ralts stopped her attack, dropping back down to the ground.

"Now." Reed said calmly from behind Petlil. Petlil closed its eyes and started concentrating. Confused, Ralts began to prepare for another Disarming Voice, but suddenly, the Magical Leaves struck Ralts from behind. Petlil could control them. As the bombarded Ralts over and over again, it was clear that Ralts couldn't hold on for long. As she got knocked down to the ground, most of the leaves began to miss. Allowing Ralts to temporarily recover. One more group of leaves began flying toward Ralts. It was clear that this one would knock her out. Damien clenched his fist in anger, but suddenly, Ralts opened her mouth and fired another Disarming Voice, causing the leaves to fly back at Petlil. The Grass Type suddenly opened her eyes as the leaves, along with the soundwaves, struck her hard, sending her flying back, eventually landing in Reed's bag. Afterward, Ralts fainted from exhaustion.

Reed started chuckling. "Alright, good job. C'mon, 'Nee. Suddenly, a Cottonee leapt out of the bag. Once Ralts had been withdrawn, Damien went into his bag and sent out Gible. He clenched his teeth. He was now at a definite disadvantage. "Make it quick, 'Nee." As this fight went on, Damien liked this man less and less.

The Cottonee suddenly opened its mouth and produced numerous white orbs that blew on the wind toward Gible. Gible, in response, leapt out of the way, over the orbs, landing on Cottonee.


Closing jaws around the cotton puff caused it to start flailing around and panicking. Eventually,, Gible turned its head and threw Cottonee to the side. As it recovered, Cottonee turned around to use another Fairy Wind, but was instead greeted with a Gible launching itself toward her, it's claws glowing. As Gible brought its Metal Claws down on Cottonee, the puffball flew across the air, landing, once more, in Reed's bag.

"Neat. But now it's over." Reed said. "C'mon, 'Loom" as the words left his mouth, a Skiploom flew out of his bag and drifted down to the ground in front of him. Damien opened his mouth to give a command to Gible, Skiploom opened its mouth and launched a small, bright seed at Gible.

"Dig, buddy, get away!" Damien yelled in a panic. As quickly as the orders were given, Gible looked down and started tunneling at incredible speed. Once underground, Gible started tunneling toward Skiploom and erupted out of the ground. Damien smiled as Skiploom was launched up into the air. But his smile fades when Skiploom looked down at Gible and shot another Seed Bomb, slamming Gible straight to the ground. Skiploom then drifted gently to the ground.

As he pulled Gible's Pokéball out, Damien was taken aback. He had lost, something that was surprisingly rare. He was about to turn around to leave when he heard a small Yelp from his foot. Looking down, Damien saw the Happinny that he had almost forgotten about had fallen off of his foot. As Damien stooped down, picked it up, and set it back down, it suddenly ran forward, taking a stance like it wanted to fight. "Are you sure?" Damien asked. The Happinny turned to face him and nodded. "Alright, let's do it!"

As Happinny turned back toward Reed, it was greeted with the sight of a Seed Bomb flying straight toward. Panicked, Happinny started running. For something with such tiny legs, it ran pretty fast. As it ran, Skiploom kept shooting more Seed Bombs at it, every one just barely missing. Eventually, the Skiploom shot a bomb in front of Happinny. This time, it hit. Happinny was blown back, and it's rock flew out of its pouch. As soon as it got up, Happinny notices the absence of its rock and panicked looking around frantically. Once it saw the rock, it started chasing after it.

Skiploom kept shooting Seed Bombs, still missing the unusually quick Happinny, but they were propelling the rock forward, causing Happinny to keep running after it in a terrified panic. The Skiploom slowly started slowing down, visibly getting tired. Eventually, it stopped firing, allowing Happinny to catch up to the rock.

Once it had caught up, Happinny hurriedly checked every inch of the rock. Remarkably, it was unharmed. Happinny started cradling it. Nearby, Skiploom recovered, opened its mouth, and fired another Seed Bomb. This one struck Happinny head on, blowing it back quite a distance and launching the rock high into the air. On its back, Happinny started, as the kids say, "flipping out." As the rock started falling back down toward the ground, Skiploom began charging one last Seed Bomb. Damien clenched his fist, he knew Happinny couldn't handle a third one.

Suddenly, however, the rock fell back down to the ground, striking Skiploom directly on the head. The hard impact of a rock falling from such a high place caused Skiploom to faint almost immediately.

From behind Skiploom, Reed walked over to his Skiploom and picked it up, placing it in his bag before walking over and helping Happinny to its feet. As soon as it's tiny, pink feet touched the ground, it run over to its rock, once more inspecting it before placing it securely in its pouch. It then ran back over to Damien happily.

"Congrats, man." Reed said calmly after watching Happinny run around. "Here, I think you deserve this." Reed fished around in his bag until he withdrew a badge, tossing it to Damien. "That Happinny's something, ain't it?"

"Yeah, I guess it is, thanks, Reed." Damien said before turning and walking away, Happinny in pursuit.

After walking for a while, Damien bent down and started patting the Happinny on the head. "Good Job, Happinny. You really surprised me back there." The Happinny gave a small hop happily. "Do you want to come with me?" Once again, the Happinny, hopped, this time digging through its pouch and retrieving something. Handing it to Damien, he accepted it and looked at it. It was a small, brown stone with a crack in it. There was an odd presence around it, but at the time, Damien thought it was just the feeling of just having a battle.

Smiling, Damien placed the gift in his pocket and withdrew a Pokéball. "Alright, then let's go." He said, tapping Happinny with it, an watching it disappear. Standing up and smiling, Damien began walking toward the next town.

Note: I am, again, very sorry about being late and then making, I'll admit, a very bad post. It was rushed and mostly written in bed at night, leading to things like Reed seeming like an apathetic jerk when I intended to make him a carefree hippy. Sorry.
"It's not a matter of life or death, It's about what breaks first;Your will, or the barriers in your way." -VaatiVidya


Further From Home

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Late Night Deliverance

"We're going great, boys. Let's have a nice hike and hope we can reach our destination before the night falls."

In the middle of the road where the skies are awfully cloudy and dim, Shin walked down the road with his trusty Pokémon Hoothoot and thankfully-recovered-Roggenrola en routing through the mountains to find his way into the green city called Markemak City. As craggy as the place can be, he effortlessly traversed the path with the help of his Pokémon and keep going on a steady pace through the route he choose to trek on.

Winds kept on blowing as if the clouds were fighting over by blowing themselves for dominance. Loud crackles started to release their cacophonous ember rhythm to warn trespassers to return back. However, those who've gone this far wouldn't just turn back around and left from their last track. This applies for Shin, who doesn't seem to be bothered by the bad weather that might occur in several minutes. Just as he glanced at the Electrike that gathered around staring straight into the black skies, the atmosphere flashed for a split second.


A loud rumbling noise reverberated the whole surrounding, the small pack of wild Pokémon howled altogether to draw in the lightning coming from the clouds. Observing from a safe distance, Shin thought to himself that he might be able to at least catch a lone Pokémon in here to add on his roster. But it seemed that his luck on getting one has ran out as they raced through the winds rapidly into another spot, leaving none behind but pebbles. About to throw a Quick Ball, he quickly aborted his choice and decided to keep moving forward.

Another loud thunderous noise came from the east, and something came from the top in many amounts. From dozens, hundreds, thousands, they dropped down like a mini assault coming from the Mother Nature. Cold and windy, Shin and his Pokémon decided to put their walk on hold by taking shelter near a cave of unknown origins. The deeper path has been blocked by an impassable debris of tough boulders, assuming that the site has indeed collapsed during an accident or alike, or probably something else. Not really curious with the secret behind it, Shin stared at the falling rain that couldn't tell when will they finish.

"Sigh, maybe we could've done it tomorrow." He said to both of his Pokémon, who appeared to be ignorant about their surrounding--Hoothoot flapping around to inspect something that might catch his attention and Roggenrola walking deeper that only leads into a dead end. "Now we'll just wait, I guess."

"...mooo..." A faint noise came from outside.

At first, Shin was about to take a look but hesitated when the rain's going to impact him more and more to make him catch cold. Dropping the idea to investigate, he kept on waiting until he fell asleep.

After a few minutes of quick napping, the noise was heard again, only that it's more clearer and louder. Opening his eyes, he saw a shadow reflection coming from an entity that seems to be heading straight into his place. Coming closer, step by step, Shin backed off and quietly signaled his Hoothoot to prepare a surprise Hypnosis. Once the mysterious entity became more visible, Shin and his Pokémon had a second thought before attacking without a reason. From there, they saw an unusual wild Pokémon following his path for it to face the same case as Shin and his friends do.

"Hmm? A stray Pokémon?" He said, the Pokémon only stared while the rain dropped on it more and more. "You won't stay like that forever, right?"

Walking forward with a heavy grunt to stay along, it sat on the wet grounds obediently beside him. Migrating from the previous spot, Shin felt disturbed with the presence of it. He stared at the rainfall, hoping to see the breaking of the clouds so they can at least part on their own way before any kind of strange things to happen. Meanwhile, the Pokémon stared at him sideways, squinting on its eyes on him.

"...Quit staring at me." He demanded, but the Pokémon kept on doing so. Still staring at each other awkwardly, Shin decided to draw his phone to play a game to avert his attention over the weird Pokémon. However, the Pokémon approached him to see what he's trying to do. Shin withdrew his phone and lets out an intimidating tone, and this somehow worked to its magic as the Pokémon immediately backed off slowly, taking the previous spot to sit on.

Back to the square one, Shin tried to not notice the Pokémon but to no avail, he failed as the Pokémon leaned closely at him. Bumping the trunk with his hair uncomfortably, Shin stood up and walked into a certain distance to claim another spot. Building a little amount of nerves as the rain continues to fall down like crazy, the Pokémon followed him, thus repeating the process until deciding to use a Quick Ball to put an end toward this strangeness. The ball shook thrice, and a clicking sound was heard. It seemed that Shin has caught a Heatmor, and now he can be not bugged by the very presence of it.

Still raining and probably a long one, his knackered legs were telling him to actually sit and relax. Finally doing so, he checked at the time from his phone. It was nighttime already, way too late for him to return to any civilization, followed by a heavy rain. Whistling with a repulsive voice and waiting for a few minutes with the phone on hand, the two didn't answered his call.

"Hmm, odd. Are they asleep?" He thought, "Can't be, Roggenrola is a possibility but Hoothoot is a hyperactive bud."

Confused with the sudden absence of the two, he tried to double check the Poké Balls--correct to his guess, the two have been shifted out. He didn't remember where did they go when he was busy avoiding the Anteater Pokémon. There were no visible entrances leading to somewhere whatsoever, it's all brown and the wild Pokémon are surprisingly scarce, not even a single Zubat was encountered. Suspicion began to struck him, that's downright impossible for them to disappear in a confined space...unless there's a path that they took without his consent. Approaching the boulders to find something like a secret path, he also decided to send out his Heatmor out to become the lighter.

"Heatmor, you don't know Flash, but you can help me by lighting this unused lantern out." Requested Shin.


The light ember was enough for it to shine bright enough, he placed the lantern into the support column for better overall sight. But he couldn't really find a way or anything like it. Slowly walking past him, sniffing the very particles of dirt in search of something, it pointed its finger into the blocked path and said,


"...It's a no go, so what?"


Scratching his head for being unable to understand the speech of a Pokémon aside from making strange cries or simply repeating their names for reason unknown, rolling his eyes and glanced back at the entrance that isn't any better. But open closer inspection, inside the gap between the boulders lies a dirt camouflaged switch. Unsure of what will come at him, he reminded himself that he can't just stand and walk away when something bad happened to his Pokémon.

"Here we go then."

No longer thinking about the consequences, he pressed the switch.


Briefly buzzing, the boulders silently shifted themselves into a gate, revealing a metallic door with a light of red and green upfront.

"...So they're just behind that fishy looking door." He said.


"I don't quite get what plea you're trying to ask so far, but I got a feeling that we're coherently going for the same plan."

Grabbing the doorknob adamantly to open the door, Shin entered inside with an unlikely companion by his side. The interior looked very different from the exterior--the flooring are composed of entirely aquamarine tiles, the walls and the ceilings being considerably as clean as a generic building and well-lighted with the abundance of active machinery across the sides. But that wasn't exactly his attentive point--it was toward the robot in white trench coat who has a dart gun ready on hand.


Aiming with precise accuracy, it pressed the trigger. The sharp object was thrown at his left chest. Shin barely had enough time to dodge in which case the dart actually hit him. He stopped his stepping and somehow felt no pain at all. Taking a look at the clingy weapon that seemed to adhere on his vest, it barely reached his body due to the suit thickness. Plucking the dart from the thankfully livesaving clothing, he swiftly threw it back at the robot, a score in the shoulder but somewhat ineffective due to its metallic body.

"WELL, I AM SCREWED." Dropping down the dart gun with both hands on the head, Shin quickly confiscated the gun and dragged the tin machine into a wooden chair, thus wrapping it with a duct tape placed on the worktable in order to completely subdue him from promoting hostility. Successfully to mummify a scraphead for the sake of safety, Shin and Heatmor proceeded to investigate the strange lab to find his Pokémon whereabouts since the sudden attack already made it clear that there's obviously something that he didn't want him to find out.

"Shin, over here!"

A squeaky, humanoid voice came from one of the transparent chambers calling out for him. Approaching the claustrophobic tube, he sensed two familiar figures albeit different in appearance. Pushing both levers in order to open the glass borders, the Pokémon jumped out from the tubes.

"Woo-hoo! Thank goodness, Shin! Thought we're all gonna turn" Said the Nocturnal Pokémon.
"Yeah, good thing you two ar-" Shin paused for a bit, realizing the oddities few seconds way later, "...What the heck happened to you two?" Asked Shin, confusedly.
"Rororororo..." Followed up Boldore in relief.
"Uh...maybe you'd like to hear it later." Answered Noctowl.

Not sure with what was happening right now, Shin became more tempted on knowing more and more about this strange lab. Slowly approaching with a paper on hand, Heatmor bumped at the Trainer to get his attention. Within his grasp, it was a document about a report of some sort.

"A new meat joining us?" Asked Noctowl, in which Shin nodded to acknowledge his question.
"Mooooo." He cried out.
"Heatmor said that you should take a look at this." Noctowl translated.

Taking the piece of paper from him, he tried to read it out loudly, "By forcing a Pokémon to evolve using the formula I invented, we can transform a weak Pokémon into an extremely powerful Pokémon almost immediately without resorting to training them is now a possibility." He continued, "...At the expense of developing unexpected behavior as a result, which is sometimes pointless for...everyone's perfect Pokèmon?"

"Well, maybe the expense part is one of the pros." The Noctowl chuckled, "Not sure about the the perfect part, but we know that it's something not to be taken lightly."
"This is illegal..." Crushing the report into a small ball, he threw the newly made junk into the mummified assailant, "...Even though I'm tempted to abuse this thing, that'd be very unethical and unfair." Equipping the dart gun on his belt like a holster, he stated, "We have to shutdown this research for good."


"Oh yeah." Reminded Noctowl, "Before we leave this place buried and known to none, you want to take a look at the confinement room right at over there. When we were mistaken as wild Pokémon, we were put inside one of the cells. We saw a lot of Pokémon are inside and they're seeking help."

Deciding to help the imprisoned Pokémon, the four headed out to the said confinement room. As expected, it requires a password to gain entry. The four didn't know what to input, but they found out that there was a side option which requires to answer a question in case forgotten password. Confirming the second option, the monitor showed up with an already mathematical question.

"I hate math."

Forcing in with the brute force of the Pokémon, they successfully break through and thus busted the door. From there, they saw a big, dome-like atmosphere with a lot of confined Pokémon, presumably wild, being startled by the sudden arrival of the four. Some were freaked out in the process, when the lights turned red followed with a loud beeping sound.


"...Education system?" Shin wondered, "Seriously, what?"

A hole opened on the ceiling, and something came out from it. It was a red, clad-armored insectoid Pokémon clinging from the thick pipes atop. Falling down with a pair of pincers ready on its battle stance, a Scizor has appeared before them. With a glinting gaze, he spoke gallantly, "I shall educate thee."

"That Pokémon, he's part of the said project, innit?" Asked Shin.


"Well, you guessed it." Replied Noctowl, "That inbred on steroids is the prime example of this crappy project."


"Heatmor, you'll take down that Scizor." Instructed the Trainer, "We'll try to find out a way to free them all."


Heatmor walked forward slowly by his own favor and noticed the Pincer Pokémon just ahead of him. Expelling white smokes from his tail, the grounds he stood on soon engulfed into a big one. Scizor was unfazed by this, and so charged head on by hardening his head to perform an Iron Head at a straight lane. The attack somehow hits the Anteater Pokémon as a penalty for not moving from his stance, severely denting it but he continued to stand and readies a hard reversal.

The nonlethal smoke was blown off by the propelling whip of flames, finally giving a clearer vision of the battle. Heatmor defiantly breathed out fire and rotated his head once more. Finding another safe way to fight, Scizor kept his distance by throwing several Bullet Punches, but all the attacks are warded off by the quick, blazing whips of the same velocity with metallic embers coming out from each blow within the close combat.

"Thee shall be finished." The Scizor jumped onward, maneuvering on the ceiling and dived in, hoping to finish the battle with a swift Brick Break. However, Heatmor already knew that Scizor didn't learn any moves that can indirectly hit him, and so he burned the approaching Pincer Pokémon alive with Incinerate.

The Pincer Pokémon stopped from his tracks and fall off into the grounds. In his state of pseudo-unconsciousness, Heatmor looked at him with an unimpressed stare and proceeded to materialize a hard whip of flame with intenser flames.

"Thee shall never win..."

Just when the Scizor was about to pull out and land a surprise Brick Break, the Pincer Pokémon was a second too late just before the Fire Lash hit him on the head, finally defeating the powerful Bug-Type Pokémon down on his stubby feet.

"A critical hit! Great job, Heatmor." Congratulated Shin.
"We've found out how to open those pens." Said Noctowl, "They'll be freed out when we press this 're-leash' button."
"Well, well, I'm sure they should be able to find their way out once we press it." Asked the Trainer.

The team nodded at each other and pressed the button. The gates were opened, therefore leaving an opening for them and they quickly moved through the narrow passage to escape the site immediately. Several Pokémon were left out in the process, but they clearly meant different as they obediently stared upon him.

"...What are you all doing?" Questioned Shin, "You should be going already."

Eevee moved forward and shook her head in denial. She let out a cheerful cry to signify her allegiance toward him.

"They said that they're inspired by our team's bravery," Translated Noctowl, "...even if we're a bunch of despicable ragtags."
"I mean, we're trying to do the right things here." The Trainer said, "But if you all insist, then sure, your cause will be my cause."

Gladly accepting their offer, the Pokémon were delighted by his approval. Acquiring three new Pokémon inside their Poké Balls already, he threw the last Poké Ball into the Eevee. But to his surprise, the Poké Ball just bounced off, leaving the Evolution Pokémon unaffected.

"Oh, you already had a Trainer before me." Concluded Shin.
"Eh, why don't we try to find her Trainer too?" Suggested Noctowl, "We can always bump into them at anytime."
"You're right, she can stay with us for the time being until we return her into her owner. Whoever it might be, I'm sure they might be worried."

Knelling to collect the Poké Balls on the grounds to add on his belt, he stood up and began to walk away back to the entrance.

"Time to actually go, boys." Shin remarked, "We're gonna seal the entrance and continue hitting the road to Markemak."
"I don't quite get the exact reason why'd they capture a lot of Pokémon, be it wild or already caught into some kind of genetic testing." Said the Trainer.
"There might be somebody whose plan revolve around this." Replied the chatty Nocturnal Pokémon.
"Will the effect last that long though?" Asked the Trainer.
"I'm uncertain. But don't you think that it'll be easier for us to understand each other for now?"
"As long you don't open your beak and speak dumb words. They're going to cite me as...well, you know."
"Sure you jest."

Finally arriving at the city of nature--Markemak City, he decided to put an end to his night by challenging the Gym Leader after he paid a daily visit to the Pokémon Center. Transferring Shroomish inside the PC to make space for Eevee, Shin moved his legs into the wet pavements and headed out the Gym at midnight.

He still got his luck intact, for how the Gym is still open despite the sign contradicting the activities. Entering the gym, Reed was sitting on the bench with a filtration device between his hand. When he saw a challenger coming, he quickly concealed the water pipe between the bushes and facepalmed that he forgot to lock the door in his gym. Nonetheless, he tried to play it cool and greeted, "Y-you there, you want to challenge me?"

"That's right. I'm Shin, a Pokémon Trainer." He responded, "I'm going to challenge you in a gym battle!"

"Fine, take your place, we'll begin and end this battle quickly."

The two took out their battle positions, in the middle of the night where the moon bathed the Earth with moonlight. The battle between a Pokémon Trainer and a Gym Leader was about to begin. The competitor confidently leaded with Heatmor, while Reed sent out his Cottonee to wear out his Pokémon a little bit before going the hard way.

"Maybe, battle by yourself?" Commanding him hesitantly, Heatmor aggressively burst out a piece of flame into the Cotton Puff Pokémon which is easily avoidable, but somehow scorched an unintentional target. Shin's face looked like he had just made a terrible mistake, while Reed seemed to be contented that his Pokémon managed to evade a super-effective move.

"Leech Seed." Cottonee jumped off then spread yellow seeds to adhere onto the Anteater Pokémon, but they were easily swatted off with a quick Fire Lash from its mouth tip, deflecting the attack away. Trying out Sunny Day to increase its speed, Heatmor quickly intervened with Incinerate, defeating Cottonee in the middle of the rising, artificial sunrise.

"Ugh, really?" Complained Reed, drawing another Poké Ball on his possession to send out one of his remaining friends. The second Pokémon was the Bulb Pokémon, Petilil.

The battle goes on, Petilil tried to outmaneuver with multiple Magical Leaves and Energy Balls, but the intensity of the artificial sun just invited her own defeat when Heatmor slapped Petilil with a sun-boosted Incinerate. Shin's attention was never to the battle, but on how the fire would spread while telling his Buizel and Totodile to sneak on the back and put out the fire. Almost pulling out both Poké Balls on hand, Reed eventually noticed this and halted in suspicion, "Oi, you're acting strange. Is there something the matter?"

"It''s nothing. C'mon, let's go." Shin replied.

Reed wasn't entirely mad about the unfairness, but that's also where he's trying to get more serious. Meanwhile, the flames already burned off a quarter of the plants inside, it's just a matter of time before it managed to reach the other side since he can't send out his Water-Type Pokémon at this point.

"You're advantageous, no wonder it would be this easy." He said, "Skiploom, your turn."


Entering the battlefield, the Cottonweed Pokémon swiftly danced around midair and carefully managed its distance between its foe. An almost invisible swift swoop, the Skiploom rushed in with the fiercest might of all. However, even if the attack managed to hit, Heatmor endured it and countered with a quick Fire Lash, hitting Skiploom with a clean whip enough to put it down. The fire kept on flaring, becoming bigger and bigger until it was too big to put out now, for his Pokémon unable to do so. Reed was about to congratulate him, but Shin looked more of paranoid instead of happy. He tried to call him out once more,

"Okay...Is there something bothering you?"
"Alright, the plants are burning!" Shin answered awkwardly.
"Y'know, I'm when you say that." Said Reed, "They might be burning in the drought...shrieking. But as long there's a substance to-"
"Well, yeah, cool. Can I have the badge and leave now?" Pleaded Shin.
"What a hasty one. But you earned it go ahead." Throwing the badge upward, Shin caught the Herbal Badge and hurriedly ran toward the exit along with his Heatmor without saying any other word so they can save their lives firstly.

"Trainers these days are such quick feet... Meh, still better than my previous challengers..." He nonchalantly yawned, drawing back the hidden device to snort through while observing the burning plants on the back, "Even in the nighttime, it's so warm and lit...the roses are red...the violets are red...the bushes are red...Well, crap."

Several minutes later, sirens were heard all over the place. In the middle of the drizzle, Reed watched the firemen trying to put out the fire that was scorching the gym inside. Crunchy and crispy, the reflection of flaring plants filled Reed's eyes with a will to snap out. He still remembered that the grasses always told him that it's best to let go. Still taking this advice to the heart, he shrugged off the happening incident and roared while stripping bare.
VPP: Darmanitan @ Level 100: 3,132

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Damien King


Gible, Boy (Rough Skin)
Sand Attack
Metal Claw

Ralts, Girl (Trace)
Disarming Voice
Grass Knot

Happiny, Girl (Natural Cure)
Drain Punch

Treecko, Boy (Overgrow)
Grass Pledge
Dragon Breath
Quick Attack

Spiritomb, Boy (Infiltrator)
Ominous Wind
Foul Play

Click Damien smiled. He had been trying to get the hang of catching Pokémon, and he had finally captured a Treecko. Smiling, he placed the Pokéball in his bag. After his narrow victory over the last Gym Leader, he had decided to come out here to get some practice in. He stooped down and grabbed the Pokéball, placing it in his bag.

Finding a sizable rock, Damien decided to sit down for a rest. He had been training all day. Looking up, Damien could see the moonlit night sky. It was actually very pretty.

Happinny walked up to the rock too. She didn't seem to like being in her Pokéball for long periods of time, so Damien usually let her out every once in a while. As she approached, Damien opened his bag and withdrew the Brown Rock that Happinny had given him. As he withdrew it, she jumped up and grabbed it and started playing with it. She seemed quite fond of it.

Suddenly, Damien noticed something in the distance. Beyond the tree line, Damien could see a campfire burning. Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him and he stood up, took the Brown Rock back from Happinny, and went to investigate.

When he reached the fire, he found a small campsite. One lime green tent was set up, and on the other side of the fire from Damien was a man sitting on a log. He was about Damien's age, perhaps slightly older. He was wearing a green jacket and had some kind of device on his arm. A pair of blue goggles rested on his head. As soon as Damien stepped into view, the man looked up.

"Oh, hello, Ranger. Was I not supposed to camp here?" He asked

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not actually a Ranger anymore. Well, I am, but I'm off duty." Damien responded. Not a perfect explanation of his situation.

"Okay, in that case, wanna come sit down?" He asked, laughing and gesturing to the log he was sitting on. Damien walked around the fire and sat down next to him. They talked for a while as Damien told him about his adventures. As they spoke, Happinny fished the Brown Rock out of Damien's bag. Walking over to the fire, she sat down and set it next to her with the cracked side facing the flame. Patting it a few times, she turned and enjoyed the warmth.

"A Ranger becoming a trainer, huh? That's pretty strange." the man said.

"Yeah, but I seem pretty good at it."

"So I've heard. Well, I guess you better be getting over to Choral Town. I hear the Gym Leader there is pretty tough." The man said, gesturing over to a town nearby.

Damien was quite taken aback. He didn't realize how close he had gotten to the town. He had been so wrapped up in training that he didn't even notice where he was. "Wow, yeah, I guess I should. My name's Damien, by the way." He said, extending his hand to shake.

"Egeus, Gym Leader of Choral Town, at your service." As Damien shook his hand his eyes widened to unreasonable preportions.

"You're the Gym Leader?!" Damien was sligtly, as the kids say, freaking out. He could hardly believe that he had been sitting and talking with the Gym Leader this whole time. Trying to recompose himself, Damien turned back to him and cleared his throat. "In that case, Egeus, I challenge you to a battle!"

Egeus, who found everything that he had just witnessed to be quite funny, stood up. "I figured you might. I accept your challenge!"

The two stepped away from the fire and faced each other. The campfire was on Damien's left side. Turning around and noticing, Happinny picked up the rock and ran over to his right. Both men giggled, and then turned toward each other and threw their Pokéballs.

Egeus' ball unleashed a Sableye. A Ghost/Dark type. A tough Pokémon to beat, unless you have a Fairy type. Damien's ball revealed his Ralts. Sending a Psychic/Fairy type was a gamble against a Pokémon like this, but Damien didn't have many other options.

Suddenly, the Sableye launched into action, it's claw glowed purple and it lunged at Ralts. Nimbly, Ralts leapt over Sableye and fired a soundwaves at it, knocking it down. Sableye got back up with little issue. As Ralts lunged toward Sableye for another strike, it suddenly turned around. It's eyes were glowing blue. Ralts suddenly stopped in her tracks and started swaying from side to side. She was confused. Once more, Sableye lunged forward with a Shadow Claw and when Ralts tried to fire a soundwave to counter it, it missed by a mile.

As Sableye got closer, Ralts teetered and tottered, when she tried to dodge, she only succeeded in face planting. Luckily, however, that was enough to evade Sableye, whose claw instead struck the ground behind Ralts and becoming stuck. Meanwhile the hit on the head, had snapped Ralts out of her confusion. With Sableye still stuck, she turned over and used one more Disarming Voice, which at such close range, sent Sableye flying. Once it landed, Sableye didn't get up. Damien's training had paid off.

Off to the side, Happinny started clapping and cheering. Egeus withdrew his Pokémon and sent out a Pawniard. Disarming Voice wouldn't be effective now. As Pawniard leapt forth, it's claws glowing, Ralts jumped out of the way, but as soon as Pawniard touched the ground, it leapt toward her once more. This was an agile opponent.

This chase persisted for a while. Pawniard wasn't going to give up. Suddenly, Ralts stopped and whirled around as in her hands two small green orbs. From each of these orbs came a glowing vine. As soon as Pawniard stopped in front of Ralts, she used the vines to wrap his claws up in a Grass Knot. Pawniard's claws stopped glowing as it was surprised by the attack. Ralts swung the vines, as well as Pawniard, around and around in circles before swinging it over her head and slamming it down into the ground. More cheering from Happinny as Egeus looked taken aback.

"Excellent job, Damien, but I wonder if you can handle this." He taunted as he threw one last Pokéball, revealing an Absol. Unlike before, Absol, didn't lunge forward immediately. In fact, it didn't do anything. It made Damien suspicious, and he was about to advise Ralts to use caution, but she was already running at it. As soon as she approached and released a soundwave, Absol was suddenly to her side. Not even Damien had seen what had happened, but Egeus just had a smirk on his face. Suddenly, three psychic blades had launched from Absol's horn and were speeding toward Ralts. Alarmed, Ralts was able to narrowly avoid them, but not Absol as he sped toward her with his horn glowing black. In one hit, she was down.

This time, a gasp of shock came from Happinny on the side line, who immediately leapt up, tossed the Brown Rock back to Damien, and ran over to the battle. Damien almost called to her to wait, but it was too late. As Happinny charged toward Absol, three more psychic blades launched toward Happinny. She somehow dodged the first two, but the third one launched her back to Damien's feet. Absol then came sprinting toward her at incredible speed, Happinny screamed.

Suddenly, out of the Rock that was still in Damien's hand, a purple flame emerged, striking Absol on the head, knocking it over, but not out. The stone leapt out of Damien's hand and the flame began to swirl, creating a sort of body with a wicked face and a deep laugh.

Everyone on the field was wide eyed. Damien, Egues and Absol. Happinny, however, just seemed happy. More happy than usual, actually.

As Absol got back up, it launched itself toward The Stone, whom just laughed and extended a flame-arm and knocked Absol down once more. This time when Absol arose, it look furious. It's horn glowed black once more and charged at the Stone. This time, an Ominous Wind erupted from the stone and stopped Absol in its tracks, but somehow, it kept standing. It seemed to take everything Absol had in it just to stand up. Eventually, however, Absol fell over, and the wind subsided as The Stone gave a deep laugh before the flame face returned back inside the stone.

Happinny clapped, cheered, and made a sound that sounded like she was trying to whistle. She ran over to the Stone and picked it up and hugged it.

Egeus, only having just recomposed himself walked over to Absol and withdrew it. "Don't worry, buddy, I'm not sure what happened either." He said to the ball before pocketing it and walking over to Damien. "I'll be honest, Damien, I'm not sure what the heck just happened, but that was a pretty fun fight regardless. So here you go." He pulled a badge out of his pocket and flipped it. Damien caught it and looked at it. It was design of a moon.

"Thank you, Egeus. I hope we run into each other again someday."

"Me too, Damien, good luck!" Egeus said as Damien away and toward the city.
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Roza Lyndon

The Hex Maniac

Vs The Eggman

Roza pushed her way up the steep path, cursing all the while. Thankfully this cave was much cooler than it was outside. But on the other hand, this was still nature, and all forms of nature needed to get with the program and become both dark and air conditioned.

Stumbling slightly on a rock, she felt two leafy appendages pull her back to her feet. One of the newer members of her team, Sakura, seemed much less bothered by the terrain. What she did seem bothered with, however, was physical contact with her trainer. As soon as Roza was steady again, the Lilligant’s arms let go as if she had touched something burning hot. If her face could show it, Roza was sure that Sakura would be blushing up a storm.

“Thanks,” Roza commented, kicking the rock that caused the entire issue down the cave, “you don’t have to be so nervous though. Not like I’m going to bite you.”

“G-gant,” the pokemon stuttered, as noncommittally as someone could say their own name.

“Hey,” a voice called out from just ahead of them, “are you two okay?”

Roza studied the man for a moment. He was an outstanding human specimen: Extraordinarily handsome, obviously outdoorsy, and probably charming as hell.

Obviously, Roza hated him immediately.

“We’re just fine, thank…” Roza said, taking in the stranger's face before suddenly shouting, “YOU!”

“Excuse me?”


“Well,” the man said, flustered. He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment of being caught away from his duties. “Today was a very slow day, and I wasn’t expecting any challengers.”

“You set these rules! If you can’t even follow them yourself, what good are any rules? We might as well be animals! No offense, Sakura, you’re not an animal.”


Sighing, the leader sat down on a small chunk of rock before pulling out his Pokeballs.

“Well… you want to just battle here then? I did make you come all the way out here.”

“Of course I do,” She said, making a small tch at the thought of the idea, “I’m not walking all the way back to the gym.”

“Okay then, on behalf of the Charol Gym, I, Eg, accept the challenge!”

Did he just call himself Egg?

Picking up the middle ball, Eg released his first pokemon, a small armored pokemon that looked like a tiny soldier.

“Damn, you’re a dark type trainer, aren’t you?”

“Ahaha, found out already? Good eye.”

“No, you just look a poser who can’t handle real ghost types. C’mon Ryuji, you can take this guy.”

The tiny dragon type emerged from his pokeball around the same time that Teru poked his head out of Roza’s bag, slightly annoyed at being woken up. Crawling out, the newly evolved Banette propped up the bag and sat lethargically against it.


“No,” Roza commented, annoyed, “I am not using you this battle. This is a dark type gym, and you are sick right now. Now, take the first move and Rock Smash.”

At the order, the Axew rushed forward and slammed his tusk into the Pawniard, letting out a loud clang. The Pawniard stumbled back, a small crack appearing in the Pokemon’s helmet. The Pokemon quickly regained it’s footing and put its knife like hands back up.

“Hmm, this could be bad,” Eg commented, “just take advantage of the distance and Slash it.”

The pawniard rushed forward, jumping a the last moment and delivering a nasty cut to Ryuji. As soon as it landed, the Pokemon took off towards the rocks of the cave.

“Follow it! Dual Chop!”

Charging after the steel-type, Ryuji readied his tusks to cut. Reaching the outcropping, Ryuji thrust his tusk into the darkness, stumbling when it came up short.

“Where’d he go?” Roza shouted.

“Dark caverns like this are good for small dark-types. Easy to slip in and out. Show them where you are with another Slash.”

“Grab it!”

Pawniard reemerged from atop a small boulder, lunging with a long vertical slash. A small amout of dust kicked up from the impact, temporatily blocking the trainer’s view of the skirmish. As the dust settled, it became obvious that Axew was direly injured from the attack, but Pawniard’s arms were being held down by his opponent.

“Don’t let him get away! Keep hitting that same spot!”

At his trainer’s orders, Ryuji reared back his head as far as it would go and swung his tusk with all his might at the crack in Pawniard’s helmet. Another loud clash of bone on metal rang out, but Pawniard remained standing. Flinching from the pain, Ryuji grit his teeth before rearing back for another hit. One more slam into the weakened point was all it took for Pawniard to collapse, and drag Ryuji down with it. It took a minute, but Axew eventually staggered up while Pawniard stated down, wining Roza her first point.

“Uhm, okay then,” Eg said, recalling his passed out Pokemon, “that was brutal. I’m guessing you want to make a switch?”

“Uh, that’d help. I think a stiff breeze could knock over my Axew here…”

Roza recalled Ryuji back to the safety of his Pokeball, pocketing it. Now was the tough part, deciding who was next. Teru was too sick to fight, and Kudzu has consistently been out of his element. Rooting around in her bag, she felt the smoothness of an item she stumbled up earlier.

Nothing really to lose here… She thought as she pulled the odd rock from her bag, setting it in front of her. Eg had already called out his next Pokemon, a Sableye, and was watching the rock with a slight interest. A few moments after it touched the ground, mist began to accumulate around the oddly marked rock. Once enough mist had been collected to fully cover the rock, the cloudy white gas suddenly began lifting and swirling, taking on a purplish tint. A face was the last to appear, fully revealing the Spiritomb.

“Interesting choice, looks like a close fight now,” Eg said, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll start. Will-O-Wisp.”

A mischievous glint flashed in the gems that acted as Sableye’s eyes, and a purplish flame formed in each hand. With a small chuckle, he tossed the flames as soon as the formed. Finally on the receiving end on one of her signature attacks, Roza just had to watch as the flames encircled Aku.The last flame hit Aku’s stone directly, causing it to glow white hot. The sudden heat was now obviously distressing the Spiritomb.

“Get him back with some Ominous Wind!”

The Ghost’s reply came on the sound of distant wind, carrying a barely audible “toooooomb”. From deeper within the cave, the sound of wind built up. As the storm reached a fever pitch, the wind emerged from the depths, carrying a foul aura with it. The sound of the gale rushing past the group sounded strangely like muffled screams, and the Sableye had to dig his claws deep in order to avoid being blown away. As the storm ended, it stood up, shaken but otherwise fine.

“Looks like we should get to better cover,” Eg started, one hand still over the ear facing the gale, “Confuse Ray and get away.”

A sudden blast of multicolored light from the Pokemon’s gemstones blinded the duo. When their sight came back, Sableye was nowhere to be seen. Worse, Aku looked confused as to what was even happening. The mist composing him occasionally flickered, and his expression was vacant at best.

“Dammit, can you get another wind storm going?”

Focusing it’s eyes, Spiritomb appeared to focus as much as possible on gathering the energy for another ominous wind attack. The dark aura formed in front of the ghostly Pokemon, wobbly at best. And then, the aura exploded, catching Aku in it’s blast.

“Take advantage of the opening, Shadow Claw!”

A twinkle in a dark corner and the shining white of sharp teeth announced the Pokemon’s location. Taking a great leap, The sableye’s claws glowed with a ghastly aura. Taking a mighty swing, Sableye made contact and sent Ryu’s base flying. The Spiritomb clattered across the floor, barley able to reform itself in the aftermath of the attack.

“Agh, looks like we're losing, huh?” Roza asked her companion.

“Spir…ooomb,” the distant wind agreed, a little defeated.

“How about we make this easier for the next one? Just curse him.”

With a small chuckle of it’s own, Spiritomb dissolved back into normal mist. The mist then proceeded to rush forward and form ghostly shackles around Spiritomb, around it’s arms, legs, and waist.

“Hah, got me good there,” Eg admitted with a smirk. “Guess I should force you to switch quickly. I’m sure those binding aren’t getting any looser as time goes on.”

“Quite the opposite,” Roza responded with her own nervous smirk. Truth be told, she felt like a caged animal now. It was probably best to win or lose before she broke down. “You up for this, Sakura?”

“G-GANT?!” The grass type said, shocked. Still, she happily bounced into the challenger’s spot, fluffing up her leaves to make her seem larger.

“Good to see you so eager girl. Let’s start with a Sleep Powder.”

“Move first, Sableye. Do another confuse ray.”

The Sableye let loose another multicolored flash, blinding Roza. Once she could see again, she saw Sableye fast asleep, the ground littered with spores. Sakura didn’t appear able to stand still without tripping over herself, but as long as she was keeping her dance going, the swaying didn’t even seem to bother her.

“Ha! Now that he’s right where we want him, use Hidden Power!”

Sakura continued her odd dance, a pinkish energy building around her. A sharp step and swing of her arm launched all the energy, blasting the Sableye away. Looking up, the Sableye chuckled once more before burying his face into the dirt.

“Impressive,” Eg commented while recalling his ghost. “Wasn't expecting a fairy move from a grass type.”

“Neither was I, to be honest. It’s a happy surprise for both of us.”

“Well, now’s my last chance to win. Good luck to both of us.”

Eg’s final Pokemon, an Absol, looked up with an arrogant scoff. The Pokemon looked ready to fight.

“Let’s not deal with luck. Sakura, Entrainment please.”

The grass type shifted her dance, bobbing in an oddly soothing rhythm. Absol soon bobbed along, dropping its sneer.

“Don’t let the same thing that happened to Sableye happen here, Taunt them!”

Absol began to saunter around, pacing around Sakura. Every once in awhile, it would kick dirt at the Lilligant or fake a charge.

“That’s even pissing me off. Do another Hidden Power.”

Sakura’s face filled with determination, as she danced and gathered more pink energy. Right as she was about to toss it, however, Eg gave his own command.

“Quick Attack!”

Absol rushed forward suddenly, slamming its weight into Sakura. Sakura stumbled backwards, thrown off rhythm. Luckily, she remembered her Hidden Power build up, and launched it at the point blank range. The absol yelp and was shoved back, but otherwise seemed mostly intact.

“Get that back with an Absorb,” Roza shouted. Many thick spores spilled from Sakura’s flower, filling the air.

“Try and end it, Night Slash!”

Absol raced forward, through the spore minefield. Each spore that hit sapped a little energy, and began the float back to Sakura. Ignoring the pain, Absol reached her destination and swung her horn, crackling with a dark energy. Sakura looked badly wounded from the attack, but held on. Each spore that returned was bringing her life into her, however.

“Now, you finish it. One more Hidden Power!”

Sakura took a few pained step, but quickly found her rhythm. A final build up of power happened, launching itself at Absol as soon as it fully formed. The fairy energy slammed into the calamity Pokemon, knocking it to the ground. For a few seconds, the only sound in the cave was Sakura’s heavy breathing. Absol appeared down at last.

“Man, that was a good battle,” Eg admitted, recalling his last Pokemon. “And here I thought my strategy was perfect.”

“Looks like you need to plan for the unexpected. Like me actually going to a cave willingly.”

A few minutes later, Roza emerged one badge richer. Truth be told, this was kind of fun. If only she could remain in her room, then she could consider this a hobby.


Teru || Banette (Insomnia) - Shadow Sneak, Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Disable

Kudzu || Skrelp (Poison Point) - Smokescreen, Water Gun, Acid, Acid Armour

??? || Minior (Shields Down) - Tackle, Defense Curl, Rollout, Swift

Sakura || Lilligant (Own Tempo) - Sleep Powder, Absorb, Hidden Power (Fairy), Entrainment

Ryuji || Axew (Mold Breaker) - Dual Chop, Rock Smash, Reversal, Sleep Talk

Aku || Spiritomb (Infiltrator) - Curse, Confuse Ray, Feint Attack, Ominous Wind


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Journey Optional

Chapter Four - Tethely Town

Town Info: Resting at the foot of a mountain, Tethely Town is small and surrounded by rocky land.

Leader: Jane
Type: Normal
Info: Hyperactive to insane levels would be the best way to describe Jane, she’s always looking for something to do and never stops moving and her unrelenting battle style reflects that. She gives out the Grey Badge to those who defeat her in a 3v3 single battle where only the challenger can switch.

Komala (Comatose) - Bulk Up, Yawn, Slam, Wood Hammer

Dodrio (Early Bird) - Drill Peck, Double Hit, Jump Kick, Fury Attack

Ursaring (Guts) - Swords Dance, Hammer Arm, Slash, Earthquake

Chapter Five Starts on 18/04


Toxic Terror

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Dmitrix the Clown
aka Dmitri Bolokov


Spoink/aka Pigaro (Thick Fat) - Psybeam, Power Gem, Magic Coat, Shadow Ball

Golbat/aka Aero (Inner Focus) - Confuse Ray, Wing Attack, Poison Fang, Quick Attack

Goomy/aka Escargoo (Gooey) - Bubble, Absorb, Dragon Breath, Bide

Remoraid/aka Octavius (Hustle) - Lock-On, Aurora Beam, Bubble Beam, Bullet Seed

Venonat/aka Venomiss (Tinted Lens) - Confusion, Poison Powder, Giga Drain, Morning Sun

Dmitri was dressed in a bit of heavier attire than usual. A black coat, with a purple scarf. He wore a wool cap and still shivered to boot. It was chilly at this part of the day, getting late and all. He had been late more than he had liked. Due to specific training and catching another new Pokemon to his beloved troupe, he was practically a day behind.

"Yeesh... at least I'm almost there. Leave the next gym I'm late for being in the mountains... at least being a clown has a bit of a workout regimen." Damien thought back to when he left home and joined a circus that travelled the region. It was true inspiration for Dmitri, watching the acrobats, the clowns, the performers and their Pokemon working so hard. They seemed like no one could keep up with their tricks and movements. It was only then, Dmitri found a new meaning to life. He looked down, down at the Pokeballs clipped to his waist. All five of them... not only was he proud of his Pokemon, but he practically felt blessed to have such loving Pokemon on his side. He smiled, and continued his trek up the mountain. Up to Charol Town.


A couple of hours later, almost there, Dmitri stumbled on a rock before he caught himself, and looked up. There, he finally made it to Charol Town. It looked... lovely, in a certain way. Was it how secluded it looked from the rest of the world? Or maybe, it looked like it was only curious with it's own surroundings. "I don't think my original troupe came here... I can see why. And, moreso, feel it in my calves." He groaned with a slight agitation, but he was glad to finally make it to his next destination.

Dmitri looked around, until he spotted what looked like an observatory. A large, impressive telescope could be seen. "Oh, that's right! Let's see...." Dmitri slipped a small booklet out of a coat pocket. It contained a description of all the region and it's cities. And most importantly, the gyms and where they were. But before he left, he went to the Pokemon Center, and met with the nurse in charge."Hello, welcome to our Pokemon Center! How can I help you?" The nurse had short, pink hair and had a smile that made any heart melt. Dmitri smiled, and replied with, "Hello, could you take care of my Pokemon for a moment?" She nodded, and held up a tray for Pokeballs. "Thank you very much." He placed them inside, and thanked her for her help. "No need. It's what I do. Your name is... Dmitri Bolokov?"

She saw after the id popped up from the pokeball. "Yes, yes I am." The nurse's eyebrows scrunched for a small second. The name sounded... familiar. Shaking it off, she said, "Well then Mr. Bolokov, your name will be called when your Pokemon are checked out!" She smiled at him again, and walked away. Dmitri immediately headed for the nearest restroom to change.


"Dmitri Bolokov, please come to the front desk. Your Pokemon are checked out and are ready for you."

The nurse from before called on an intercom, and looked left to right. Not a sign of him showed up for a couple of minutes. Before she grabbed the intercom, she saw a purple clown walk up to the counter. Her eyes widened, and she almost gasped from the surprise. "My apologies, I was getting changed. Thank yo- Err, is something wrong, miss?" Dmitrix saw the surprised look on her face.

"N-no, I just remembered your name being familiar. So it is true, you're the wandering clown I heard about." She smiled again, and giggled at his appearance. Dmitrix laughed with her, blushing slightly. "Yes, it's true. I guess people do talk. I'm very sorry to cut this short, miss, but... I'm actually late."

She handed the tray, the Pokeballs seemed to shine as they were presented. "I understand. Have a good day, Dmitrix." She winked at him. Gratefully, he took them, and left the Pokemon Center.

Dmitrix, with Pigaro at his side, stepped through the automatic door that led to the Pokemon Gym. He had taken some time to look at the information regarding the Gym Leader, Egeus. He was a Dark-type specialist. Not something Dmitrix felt he could properly counter. Maybe his Venonat could be his ace for this gym.

A young man dressed in a green jacket, wavy black hair and covered in scientific equipment, he stepped out into view. "Oh, hello there! I see you're here for a match. What good timing. I just came back to the gym about half an hour ago after my trip. Just had another challenger."

Not wasting any time at all, he stepped up to the opposite side of the battlefield. "I'm Egeus, but you can call me Eg. I'm the gym leader here, and who might you be, mystery clown?" He smirked, interested by the opponent he was facing.

"I am Dmitri Bolokov, but you can call me Dmitrix, the Clown. This little Spoink is my partner, his name is Pigaro!" "Spoink-oink!" The small Spoink hopped and waved at the gym leader. Eg chuckled, and seemed to relax where he stood. "You're an interesting fellow, I'll give you that. Let's begin."

From inside his jacket, he revealed a Pokeball. "Sableye, I choose you!" He chucked it into the air, and out came an energized Sableye. "And who might your first be? Of course, this will be a three on three battle. Only you can a substitution. When one of us loses three matches, it's over."

Dmitrix nodded, and unclipped a pokeball. "Pigaro, let's go!" Spoink hopped excitedly, and jumped out onto the field. "Let's begin. Sableye, use Will-o-Wisp!" Blue flames immediately fired from the Darkness Pokemon's hands, aimed at the Spoink.

Dmitrix retaliated with, "Pigaro, send it back with a Magic Coat attack!" Sparkling blue lights coated the Spoink, and the flames bounced off of them, catching Sableye off guard and striking. "Eeee-yaaah!" The Sableye was covered in flames. Eg grinded his teeth for a moment. "How careless of me. Oh well...." "Alright Sableye, onto the offensive! Use Shadow Claw!" "Pigaro, dodge, and use Shadow Ball!" Spoink bounced high into the air, and caused a ball of dark energy to form. "Sableye, go after it!"

Sableye leapt up, but blue flames sparked and lit across it's body. It groaned with pain, but it's claws enlarged. Pigaro released the Shadow Ball, sending it higher into the air. It made contact, and knocked Sableye into the ground. The flames flared up again shortly before dispersing. "Now, Power Gem!" Pigaro began to fall head first, a large pearl forming underneath. "Sableye, dodge and use Shadow Claw again!"

Before Pigaro could complete the Power Gem and crush Sableye with it, Sableye crawled away with swiftness. Pigaro's Power Gem slammed into the ground, but to no avail against Sableye. With a sudden motion, Sableye slashed Pigaro with large, black claws. "Spooiiink!"

"No, Pigaro! Use Power Gem again!" Pigaro straightened it's tail to stick to the ground before slamming into it. "Spoiiiiiink...!" Once again, a large, glowing pearl began to form. "Sableye, quick, use Confuse Ray!" Sableye's eyes flashed a mixed of odd colors, Pigaro getting an eyeful. It and the Power Gem began to topple and lose form.

"Pigaro, quick, release!" The Power Gem, though sloppily fired, hit Sableye with force. It flew into the wall, and was knocked out. "Wow... Sableye, return. Get some rest." Returning the Pokemon, he quickly chucked another Pokeball. "Absol, I choose you!"

A beautiful Pokemon with a shiny white coat appeared. It's eyes, sharp and cold, made contact with the tired Spoink. "Oh my... what a Pokemon. Pigaro, come back!" The Spoink bounced over to Pigaro's side, slumping against his leg. "Alright then. Octavius, I choose you!"

A flippy, flopping Remoraid appeared before the Absol. It looked offended, but stood it's ground. "Alright, you may have the first move." "Octavius, use Lock-On!" Remoraid flailed it's tail, leaping into the air and locked eyes with the Disaster Pokemon. "Absol, use Quick Attack! Knock it into the ground." Absol disappeared for a brief moment, then crashed into the Remoraid. As it fell, Dmitrix called out, "Octavius, use Aurora Beam!" From Remoraid's eyes, a beam of beautiful colors shot at the Absol. It recoiled from the ice-type attack, feeling a cold chill run across it's entire body. It flipped backwards onto it's feet, shaking off the bright attack. Remoraid slammed it's tail onto the ground, flying into the air once more.

"I see... you've trained your Remoraid to be able to battle outside of water. Absol, use Psycho Cut!" Absol's scythe began to glow a bright purple. With a slice into the air, a crescent blade of violet flew towards Remoraid. "Alright Octavius, fight back with Bubble Beam!" Remoraid fired a Bubble Beam. Half of them popped when making contact with the Psycho Cut, but Absol still got pelted by countless bubbles. Remoraid was knocked out of the air, after Psycho Cut hit it. It hit the wall, and then began to fall.

"Octavius... use Bullet Seed!" It fired a Bullet Seed at the ground, slowing it's descent. "Absol, take this chance to use Night Slash!" The Absol took off like lightning, the scythe seemed to sharpen as it ran at the Remoraid. "Now, change direction!" Octavius flipped around, and pelted Absol with two more rounds of Bullet Seed.

The Absol growled with anger, and leapt at the Remoraid, slashing him with the scythe. Remoraid slammed into the ground, weakly flailed before passing out. "Octavius, no... oh dear. Return." Dmitrix woefully returned, and plucked his third Pokeball. Holding it up, he whispered, "I believe in you." He hurled the Pokeball into the air, and out came a Venonat. "Venomiss, let's do our best!"

The Venonat shrinked at the sight of the intimidating Absol, but she didn't move an inch. "Okay, Venomiss, use Poison Powder!" She jumped up, right over Absol. Before Eg could properly react, the Absol was coated in a purple powder. It coughed and struggled, but Absol was poisoned and weakened by the previous Pokemon. "Absol, use Night Slash!" The Absol jumped towards Venonat, growling as it swiped at her with it's scythe. "Venomiss, jump back, and use Giga Drain!"

Venomiss jumped back with panick, and from her mandible, a green energy fired and leeched onto the Absol. "Aaaa...Ab-so-" The Absol fell to the ground. "Oh no, Absol! You fought well, return." After that, he unclipped his final Pokeball.

"I'll say this, you really are impressive. Come on out, Pawniard!" With a hurl of the final Pokeball, a Pawniard appeared, battle ready. This Pokemon radiated the thrill of battle. It scraped the blades on it's hands, making screeching sound.

"Alright Pawniard, use Leer!" The Pawniard gave Venomiss a mean, awful look. She shuddered, and wimpered in her place. "Now, follow up with Slash!" The Pawniard immediately leapt forward, and slashed Venomiss with no time lost. Venomiss squealed, and rolled across the ground. "No, my little miss! Let's fight back with Metal Claw!" The blades shimmered, Pawniard flew again at the Venonat. She squeaked, and hopped out of the way. "Let's use Giga Drain!" Again, Venomiss fired a leeching energy that grabbed Pawniard. It groaned with a minor annoyance, but stood idly.

"Eugh... this isn't good. Time to pull a miracle... Venomiss, keep up the Giga Drain!" Venomiss complied, and held her Giga Drain latched onto the Pawniard. "Pawniard, use Slash again!" It jumped above, and began a downward slash attack. Venomiss, however, jumped to the side. The Pawniard looked greatly agitated, and slashed at the Venonat again. It connected, slashing across the frightened Venonat. "Ve-ve-veno...."

It squeaked and squirmed, but just as she was told, she did all she could to hold the Giga Drain attack. Pawniard still felt little damage, scoffing at Venomiss. "Now, Metal Claw!" Pawniard flew again, once more, and slashed at the Venonat. It knocked her out, as she rolled on the ground. She wimpered on the ground, twitching. "Venomiss!" Dmitrix hurriedly ran to pick her up. "I'm sorry... you really did your best. Please, get some rest." The Venonat's eyes quivered and nodded, before returning to her Pokeball. "So... here we are. Time to play out the finale. Pigaro, let's go."

The Spoink bounced onto the battlefield. "Not very good odds... but hey, I've seen stranger things. Pawniard, this is our last bout! Get ready!" Pawniard scraped the blades for it's hands, screeching into the air. Pigaro flinched back, but didn't turn away.

"Pigaro, use Power Gem!" "Pawniard, use Metal Claw!" Pigaro released a large Power Gem, hurling at the Pawniard. Without any waiver, it slashed through the gem, clean in half. It disappeared, startling both Dmitrix and Pigaro.

"Alright, now. Focus the Power Gem, and fire again!" Pigaro focused power into the pearl on his head, and fired again, a bright purple light fired at the Pawniard. It struck the Sharp Blade, knocking it on one knee. It grumbled again, and hopped out. "Now, Fury Cutter!" The blades began to glow green, and grew like scythes. It slashed at the Spoink, knocking it away. "No no no! Pigaro, use Shadow Ball!" Pigaro fired off a Shadow Ball, knocking down the Sharp Blade again.

They traded blow after blow, one attack after another. "Pawniard, one more Fury Cutter!" The blade grew even bigger, and began to close in on the Spoink. "Pigaro, time for a combination attack! Dodge, and use Shadow Ball!" It jumped high into the air, and another Shadow Ball began to careen into the Sharp Blade. "Not this time. Pawniard, cut through the Shadow Ball and end this!" It leapt up, and cut the Shadow Ball. It struck through, but Pawniard still rose up. "Power Gem!" Pawniard was hit directly with a concentrated Power Gem, knocking the Sharp Blade directly back down onto the battlefield.

It too, fell unconscious.

The two trainers fell silent. That was, until Eg began to clap. "Congrats, Dmitrix. You win." Eg looked completely worn out from the battle that had dragged out. "Come Pawniard, return. And you, Dmitrix... you have one the Night Badge."

He returned the last Pokemon, and held up a small chest. It contained a shining badge, designed like the moon.

"You really impressed me today. Good luck." "Thank you. The battle was fierce, indeed." The two shook hands outside the gym. "You can get to the next town travelling the road behind town. I think a wagon is around, for anyone willing to pay their way down." Eg smiled, and waved him off as he walked back to the gym, the doors closing behind him.

Dmitri sighed, and asked if he could hitch a ride from the man who owned the wagon, pulled by a single Tauros. The man agreed, and Dmitri paid him for his services. It was a steady, downward ride. Quiet, and cozy. He could use it, after such a wild battle.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring

"...Who is it?"

"It's me. Glad you finally answered, Dmitri."


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Mihira vs Egeus

Why Mihira thought she could get over the mountain in an afternoon, she would never know.

No. She knew. She just didn’t want to admit the reality. Pampered by company-funded hotels and tailored transit, Mihira hadn’t needed to physically push herself in many years. Her last journey was before she even had Viveka- basing her abilities on what she could do back then was ludicrous. And yet, unthinkingly, she had done just that.

Not that it mattered now. She was where she was, and that was halfway up a mountain. At dusk.

Camping. Yes. That was a thing that trainers did on their journeys. She’d never enjoyed it- she’d chosen to journey through Diminia based almost exclusively on its small size, anticipating never having to spend the night outside of a town. All she had with her were a few sets of clothes, basic journalism equipment, and a water bottle… she’d be so hungry in the morning. Mihira sighed as she found a tunnel to duck into. It opened into a fairly large, deliberately carved cave- the gentle arc of the walls met a ceiling just taller than she and the flatness of the floor was interrupted only by a recessed fire ring near the entry. Wide, regular stairs descending further into the mountain indicated that this was an oft-used base for expeditions into the intricate cave systems. Though all this information pointed toward the place likely being avoided by wild Pokémon, Mihira still called Grotle to her side.

“We’re staying here tonight,” she told him, as she dragged a sweater and a long raincoat from her backpack. Grotle nodded and settled down next to the cave entrance, offering Mihira an even more sheltered nook to sleep in. She draped her raincoat over one of his branches to create a makeshift tent and crawled in with her backpack. It was already trapping Grotle’s body heat nicely, so she spread her sweater under her hips and used her backpack as a pillow and dropped into a fitful doze.


The smell of smoke made her sit bolt upright, immediately tangling herself in the coat above her and startling Grotle, whose movements did nothing to help the situation. Just as claustrophobia began to set in, the coat was plucked from her head by human hands. Mihira scrambled away from the touch, panting and confused.

“Sorry, sorry! Just trying to help.”

The confusion of sleep began to dissipate as Mihira was finally able to take in her surroundings. Directly in front of her, still holding her raincoat, was a bemused young man in durable but dirty activewear. It occurred to her that being able to see him was fairly surprising- glancing past Grotle revealed light coming not from outside, but from a small cooking fire in the carved fire ring. A Sableye sat next to it, teasing the wispy flames into small shapes.

“Um. Sorry. Is this… your cave…?” Mihira started mentally slapping herself halfway through the dumbest sentence she’d uttered since asking her ex-husband to move in with her.

“Well. Sort of? I did help carve it out and I use it a lot. But it’s a public cave. I don’t… live here or anything.”

“Yes, you don’t look like you live in a cave.”

The man shuffled his feet. Mihira picked up her sweater and brushed it off.

“So, uh, you’re camping here?”

“I didn’t intend to. It got dark faster than I anticipated.”

“Fair, fair. That explains the clever makeshift sleeping arrangements.” he laughed lightly. “Are you trying to get to Charol?”

“Yes. I thought I could get there in an afternoon.”

“Yeah, the mountain trails are trickier than people expect. You’re not too far away though! About an hour’s walk when the sun comes up, I think.”

“That’s good to know.”

“I’m Egeus, by the way. Gym leader by day, spelunker by night! Or something along those lines.” He made a motion that seemed to be the beginning of a handshake, but forgot he was holding Mihira’s coat and instead ended up offering it out to her. She graciously accepted it as well as the handshake waiting underneath.

“My name is Mihira. I’m currently challenging the Dimina League.”

Egeus’ eyes lit up. “Oh, nice! We could battle now, if you want.”

Mihira frowned. “In this small, dark cave?”

“Why not? I’ve battled in caves before. Not this one, but you kind of have to when you’re a spelunker. Besides,” he grinned, competitive spirit glinting in his eyes, “my team does well in darkness.”

Discreetly using Grotle for support, Mihira rose to her feet and the challenge. “We accept.” Grotle stamped his feet, getting worked up for battle.

“Sableye, with me.” The named Pokémon slunk along next to Egeus, still playing with its flames, as they retreated to the other side of the cave. “Ready?”


The words left her mouth and Sableye was grinning inches from her face- a blink and its handful of flames was sinking into Grotle’s neck, searing the skin. Grotle roared and Sableye was away again, buffeted only slightly by the vengeful Sand Tomb chasing it. The tiny fire flared, blinding both Mihira and Grotle to Sableye again darting forward- this time, sinking its claws into Grotle’s back. The hard shell absorbed most of the pain and Grotle reared back, slamming the embedded Sableye into the wall of the cave. The impact shook it loose and it slumped down, melting into the shadows. Mihira cast her gaze wildly around the cave, trying to find it- “The fire!”

Grotle’s Razor Leaf zipped across the flames just after they flared again, but a tiny spark sneaking along the wall gave away the slightly singed Sableye’s position. Sand swirled around the surprised Pokémon, snuffing out the flames but scraping against its skin. It whined, trying to get away, but the sandstorm was too much for its weakened state and it fell to the ground as Razor Leaf hit true.

“I think setting Sableye on fire might have been an accident, but that worked well!” Egeus said as he recalled said Pokémon.

“I’ll certainly remember that.” Mihira turned to Grotle, who nodded when she asked if he would be fine a little longer.

A Pawniard appeared next, arms folded and head held proudly high. The glint of its polished metal made it easier to see than Sableye, but not by much. At Egeus’ command it darted forward, but Grotle was ready with a Sand Tomb to keep it pushed away just long enough for Mihira to call him back and send out, as far as Egeus could see, a hole in the cave floor. Pawniard dragged itself from the sand and backed toward the wall, looking everywhere for its new opponent.

Trapinch burst from the wall just where it met the floor and clamped its jaws around a shocked Pawniard, dragging it from sight. The cave shook around the two trainers, sand and small rocks falling across the battlefield. Muffled growling and clanking moved around the walls and into the ceiling as the Pokémon struggled, cumulating in an avalanche of rock spilling from the weakened ceiling. Mihira just made out the shape of Trapinch releasing Pawniard as they both fell onto the rubble.



No movement. No reply.

“Double knockout.”

“Looks like it. I wish I could have seen more of that fight,” Egeus laughed. Twin flashes of light retrieved the combatants, and a third revealed Egeus’ next Pokémon- an Absol, looking especially large in the confines of the cave. Mihira clicked her one Lure Ball to release Corsola into the rocks. A shimmering bubble of water surrounded it immediately.

“What’s that?”

Mihira smirked. “Find out.”

Absol primly picked its way over to Corsola, confident it had nothing to fear from this ball of sea waste. Corsola blew a few bubbles, annoyed, and her shell of water grew minutely. Absol very deliberately turned its back to walk back across the rubble to its trainer when some rocks shifted under its feet and it stumbled. It glared at the wickedly grinning Corsola. A shadow step was all the warning she got before she was assaulted with a Quick Attack- the shell bent with the blow to soften it, but the hit still landed. The bubble shrunk as Corsola was tossed across the rocks, rolling to a stop near Mihira’s feet. It puffed to twice its original size when Corsola bounded upright, blowing angry bubbles that soon turned to icy spikes shooting their way across the cave. Absol gracefully dodged the majority of the spikes, sneaking ever closer with each motion, until it was close enough to rake its claws across Corsola. The shell softened the blow and shrunk again as Absol bounded away but as soon as its paws hit the rubble it was thrown into the wall, rocks hammering into it until Corsola had used every one on the floor. Absol fell limply into the pile. Corsola sauntered toward it while it struggled to its feet, blowing cheerful bubbles. Absol glared and Corsola was thrust away with a psychic shank, rolling back to Mihira again. The bubble, this time, did not bend with the blow and that realization was physically visible on Egeus.

“Psycho Cut, again!”

Corsola slammed into the wall, bubble shrinking to almost nothing. Ice shot toward the struggling Absol, but only two made their mark. Another Psycho Cut and the bubble was gone. Corsola slid down the wall and Absol dragged itself toward her, panting with the exertion. Corsola cracked one eye open and the ground rumbled. Absol swayed but pressed forward, nearly in range for a Night Slash. Six steps away. Five steps. Both of Corsola’s eyes focused. The cave shook. Four steps. Three. Two...

A rock pulled itself from the ground just in front of Corsola and flew straight up, slamming into Absol’s chin. Its jaw snapped shut and it fell to the floor, finally down. Mihira sighed and Corsola slumped down, blowing a few bubbles to form the ring again.

“Oh wow, that was intense.” Egeus settled down to tend to Absol. “I thought I would’ve had more of an advantage, but Sableye was the only one who could maneuver well in here.”

“Admittedly, my team has to compensate for its own lack of maneuverability as a rule.”

“That... makes a lot of sense, looking back.”

“I’m almost unsure what I’ll do when Trapinch evolves.”

“I’m sure you’ll adapt! It might take some figuring out, but you seem good at applying your Pokémon’s strengths.”

Mihira smiled. “That means a lot, coming from you. Your Absol’s ability is Super Luck, is it not? Its moves complement that ability greatly.”

“Thanks! Sableye’s a Prankster, I’m sure you noticed that, but you’re so straightforward that Pawniard’s Defiant didn’t even come into play.”

“I’ve been considering becoming a bit less straightforward, but it seems to have worked for me in this case.”

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right?”

“I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite me later.”

“Oh, speaking of later- here. You’re going to need my badge.” Egeus pressed it into her palm. “It’s called the Night Badge. Shows everyone you’ve kicked my butt.”

Mihira actually laughed.


Solrock // Levitate
Rock Polish - Sandstorm
Smack Down - Rollout

Trapinch // Hyper Cutter
Crunch - Dig
Bug Bite - Gust

Grotle // Overgrow
Work Up - Razor Leaf
Sand Tomb - Tackle

Corsola // Natural Cure
Aqua Ring - Ancient Power
Bubble Beam - Icicle Spear

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Bewildering Sunshine
Beautiful granny, soon.

In the bright morning of vibrant sunlight, the sun has come to shine the day once more--a common natural cycle entrusted by both Mother Nature and Father Sky. Separated but closely related, they became the embodiment of the life itself, along with the inhabitants living in this very world until today. From here, a Pokémon Trainer was seen talking with a gigantic-serpent Pokémon.

"C'mon Middle Mac!" Said the Trainer, "We can catch a lotta' of Pokémon here! Now use Surf so we can go fishing right away!"


As the Trainer says, Middle Mac the Gyarados splashed into the water surface. The mass has caused a temporary drizzle around the area, sparkling and looking beautiful at sight. The next minute after submerging, shadows appeared from the water edge. Motionless, the Atrocious Pokémon only floated at the water surface with several statics around its body. Confused, the trainer said, "Middle Mac? Are you OK?"
"I'm sorry, I should've known that we need to put extra signboards for you travelers." Egeus apologized.
"I'm concerned about my Middle Mac..." Said the Trainer worriedly.

As the two checked the wounded Pokémon inside the Pokémon Center, Shin stepped in with his Noctowl and Floatzel. Walking to the counter asking for Nurse Joy to rejuvenate the tired, she handed back the Poké Balls and so he left.

"Wait." Before he exited the building, he was stopped by Egeus, "Are you looking for the Gym Leader?"
"No, I want to do some fishing first." Replied Shin.
"Well, I suppose you shouldn't do it. The water is dangerous there." He warned.
"...Here I go then." He said, leaving the conversation with adrenaline. Egeus tried to explain the dangerous part but instead tripped. When he was about to chase him, Shin was already long gone.

"Will he be OK?" Said the Trainer.
"Well...maybe he'll come back soon." Replied Egeus.

Standing up to observe the outer world, Egeus sat on the bench and exhaled a sigh. Still concerned with the ongoing problem that happened days ago, he tried to find a way by contacting his friend Reed.

*ring ring* *click*

"What's up, Weedges?"
"It's Eg."
"Whatever, Eggman. So what?"
"Reed, what happened to the Power Plant?"
"Meh, none of my business anymore. You see, some rascal burned my ding bong and left like a Wimpod."
"Oh no...wait, your what?"
"Sorry, forgot you're not used to my lang'. Alas, that's my gym."
"The better side? Now I can be together with the bogs."
"New trailer yo. Can look, no touch."
"...So you had any idea on wh-"
"Oh crap, it's past twelve! Ciao buh-bye."


Feeling ambiguous, Egeus can only sigh more as he returned back to his gym. With gloomily dim lights surrounding the area, he saw a familiar entity waiting at the end of the gym. When the door and the lights were closed on purpose by two unidentified Pokémon, Egeus stared at the afro-haired man sitting at the wooden chair with a candle being lit by a Fire-Type Pokémon in front of him.

"Sit." He commanded.


Sitting on the other side, the two looked at each other like some kind of thorough interrogation. Confused, Egeus tried to ask what was all this for but was overridden by the one who did it. "Do you know why I'm here?"

"Uh, you want me to compliment on your new hair, right?" Replied Egeus.

"Partially right, but I've got something to complain about firstly."

"O-okay... So what was it?"

"I'll tell you."
"Why do you think fishing is the best thing like, is it worth it to wait for hours to get something?" Asked Noctowl.
"Heh, if I don't get one, then I won't do it in the get go." Answered Shin.

Heading out to the famous mountainous spring in hopes of getting some rare Pokémon, he sent out his Floatzel into the water surface. The Sea Weasel Pokémon snarled with joy as he came out from the small sphere of red and white, until he touched the water surface and...


"What the heck happened?" Said Noctowl, being shocked by the loud roar.

Floatzel jumped right back at the ground, paralyzed. Obviously, Shin and Noctowl realized that he was electrocuted by something, possibly a high voltage that's very conductive with the water. Looking back at the bright, dazzling spring, they also noticed a black Magikarp floating at the water surface looking motionless, hinting them that the water itself was indeed dangerous. From that point, Shin and Noctowl decided to take a look at the strange works inside the suspicious cabin surrounded by the waters. Landing safely albeit feeling a bit tingly on the bottom, Shin knocked the door gently.

"Go away!" A feminine voice yelled from the inside.

"Look man, I don't know what you're up to but-"

"I'll hear no more! Leave at once! None will take my sun away! Never ever!" She said loudly.

Curious by such violent and hasty behavior, he decided to take a look inside. The moment he took a peek, it was very bright that he backed off into the water edge. Singed slightly on the hair, they dropped the idea and decided to discuss for a troubleshooting with the one who's in charge.
"And that's about it, at least put a nearby signboard to notify people who doesn't know this, duh." Shin protested.

"Oh right, so sorry about that. Already warned you but you ignored me so that's a given." Apologized Egeus sarcastically, "Well...the workers who put the notice right at that islet thought that it was a good idea, so we left it just like that. Again, we're sorry."

"You don't specify the dangerous part very clearly." Shin denied, "Anyway, don't you have a plan to resolve this?"

"Actually, we had some related case few days ago." Explained Egeus, "We had a recent blackout, where there was a sudden stop for the electricity. Our main power supply located at the Power Plant provides as the power of this town's and also the other town just below this mountain. We had no idea what went wrong with the Power Plant, as we're unable to receive any info from them lately."

"Don't you people have some kind of safer alternative?"

"Now it's not and that's where your case comes in. We're aware that the wires connected below the water level has been broken. We had no idea how that thing can last for that long nor it was supposedly broken for its extended use on hazardous location. Egeus continued, "And before you come up with blowing up the place, no. We can't resort to vandalism either, as in destroying that place or the generator for the sake of the spring safety."

"Wouldn't shutting down the generator solve it?" Said Shin.

"Yeah, like you think it would be that easy." Countered Egeus, "To summarize it, the Power Plant went wrong, alternative generator automatically activates when it happens. The catch? The generator also went wrong because most of the wires located below the water level are broken, thus making it dangerous for people to live a feasible living. As a result, we have to cut the current and that's where we ended up at. We don't have enough electricity even with the help of Electric-Type Pokémon we had right now to even open the steel door leading to the still active generator. If we can somehow get inside and shut it down, the spring will be less dangerous. We'll still have to wait until things were made right at the Power Plant."

Sighing, Egeus continued, "Some brave people and Pokémon have tried to move them, but to no avail, they all failed for being incapable. One is very resistant to electricity, but either too weak or can't even swim. Due to such discouraging results, people were afraid and decided to left it just as it is. As for now, we have to use our personal power in the form of using Electric-Type Pokémon to do the charging. We're not sure if they're fine with the given power, but not a lot of our Pokémon are capable to create such amazing power for the time being. I would rather blame the architects from the cities for designing such one way buildings though, so to speak."

"I see...I still think the shutting down part is the best choice to take though." Stated Shin, scratching his sparkling hair moving onto another subject, "I'm curious about that one place at the middle of the cabin. It was very flashy and shocking. What kind of person would turn on the lights at the noon?"

"Previously, it was the home of a fellow sailor who already left years ago to embark on his quest to find the rarest treasure overseas. He's obsessed with portable bright lighting and flashy stuff." Summed up Egeus, "You guessed it, it's supposedly empty and all. From the looks of it, the activity on the cabin itself looked very recent and was very well lit even at the noon just like you said. It could be that somebody has indeed occupied the place and turned on all of his collective lamps, but what I've yet to know is how it can stay bright all the time despite not being connected with the generator. That's something that I've yet to know. Well, who knows? If you can cross past the water, maybe you can expose the bright activity behind there."

"I see. Then, I'm gonna give it a try."

Not quite surprised by his decision, he responded, "So you have a plan in your mind?"

"Definitely, and I want a payback too."

"Then let's battle if you're up to the task!" Challenged Egeus, "I mean, let's do it outside, we don't have Flash here."

Accepting his challenge as a Pokémon Trainer without knowing the strength and weakness, the two went outside the dark gym. At the outskirts of the mountainous town, several people joined in to watch the battle. The two took their battle stances, Egeus took the first turn and sent out his Sableye. In return, Shin sent out his Heatmor to fight against the Darkness Pokémon.


"I guess, you can still battle by yourself?" Said Shin.
"Alright, Sableye! Confuse Ray!" He commanded. The Darkness Pokémon shone a bright light, blinding enough for making the Anteater Pokémon dazzled, as well several people in the back.

"Um, sorry, maybe you guys shouldn't really get way too close." Warned Egeus.

Taking few steps back, the battle went on. Although confused, Heatmor stayed defiant and unleashed a flame chain through its snot and began to swing his head along with the confusion tempo, walking closer toward Sableye. The Darkness Pokémon tried to sneak and attack with a Shadow Claw from the rear. Thinking it was a great idea, Sableye quickly slipped past through the side and engulfed its hand with shadowy aura.

"Shadow Claw!" The attack hit, but to its surprise, Heatmor didn't budge nor flinch despite the damage he took. Instantaneously spinning his body, the vicious counterattack instead knocked Sableye away, severely. Falling down onto the grounds wounded, Sableye attempted on the second try, except more careful and to stay out of range after the hit. Successfully slipping past the Anteater Pokémon, Sableye once again engulfed both of its claws with shadowy aura. But things were made worse, when Heatmor snapped from the confusion and deflected Sableye's attack away for the second time. Unable to withstand the taken damage, Egeus withdrew Sableye.

"Your Heatmor is tough!"
"Hehe, thanks." Chuckled Shin.

Sending out his second Pokémon which is a Pawniard, Shin decided to switch out into Floatzel instead of keeping Heatmor on the battlefield even if he was advantageous.

"How unusual, huh?" Said Egeus.
"I should give him a try, though."

"Listen Floatzel, you're a powerhouse to that thing but don't get too overboard." Whispered Shin, "One and Two, then clench your fists."

Floatzel stared back at his foe, and decided to overpower the Sharp Blade Pokémon with Double Power-Up Punches. Walking toward Pawniard while cracking his fingers, Pawniard was aware that he will go for a frontal strike instead of attacking from a safe range. Moving into the side, Floatzel followed the movements as well. As Floatzel came closer, Pawniard jumped in hopes to land a critical hit with Slash. Sharpening the right blade, the attack was quickly intercepted when Floatzel corkscrewed it on the belly while it was in midair. The attacks were unavoidable for being not fast enough, thus Pawniard went down rather quickly.

"Oh man, but we're not finished yet!" Said Egeus cheerfully, taking his last Poké Ball revealing a white, elegant-looking Pokémon with a strangely human face. It can't be mistaken however, as it's uncommonly known as Absol--the Disaster Pokémon. Floatzel, being unfazed by its sleek yet menacing appearance clenched his fist again.

"Absol, Quick Attack then Psycho Cut!" Commanded Egeus.
"Floatzel, keep on with the pace using Aqua Jet, then Sonic Boom!"

The two Pokémon clashed at each other--one with a scythe and one with a powerful fist. Evenly matched at power, Absol jumped midair and unleashed pink crescent blades toward its foe. At the same time, Floatzel opened his mouth and let out supersonic shock wave through his gaping mouth. The two projectile impacted and exploded, causing a smoke that hinders vision. Floatzel struggled to track its movement, as for how quick it turned out to be--as if it was invisible. When he least expected it, Absol was already on the rear and attacked with a swift Night Slash.

The smoke cleared up for a period of time, and Floatzel was already on the ground. Absol might have won this round, but Shin knew that the next round will be a surefire win for him. Withdrawing Floatzel back for doing a good job despite his apparent defeat, Shin replaced his stead with Noctowl.

"Alright, listen carefully." Whispered Shin, "That thing is fast, you wouldn't want it to get hit by any of its attacks, or that's if you can copy the moves which wouldn't be effective for the likes of it. If Hypnosis at point blank range doesn't work, then you should fly upward then unleash the strongest wind blades you could ever create. Got it?"

Noctowl nodded, entering the battlefield with an adamant stare. Absol walked to the side very carefully, with a sneaky smirk, it pointed its fingers at its foe then moved its claw below its chin with a swift stroke, like it was doing a taunting pose. Before Shin could told him that he shouldn't be carried away, the Nocturnal Pokémon decided to close his eyes and fly high into the skies. Materializing destructive energies made of air on both wings, diving in with a mighty blade of air that slices even the skies, Noctowl surprisingly didn't launch the attack and simply went closer to his foe. Absol swiftly moved from its spot and unleashed more pink crescent blades, whereas Noctowl simply evaded the incoming projectiles easily with the attack still ready on his own arsenals.

Coming ever closer, Egeus commanded Absol to stay away from range using Quick Attack. However, the momentum acquired from the Nocturnal Pokémon was too fast for Absol to catch on, thus landing the first hit by throwing the blade that successfully made the Disaster Pokémon to flinch. Unable to steadily stand from the attack, Shin smiled as Noctowl flew upward once more and launched his second attack right at the top of the battlefield. The saber went ahead and once more hit the foe, quickly dispatching it when Floatzel can't do it.

"And that's a critical hit! Great job, Noctowl." Congratulated Shin.

Returning back to his shoulder without a scratch, the crowd clapped their hands in congratulation for his achievement on defeating a Gym Leader in a fair battle. The moment the two heard this, Shin and Noctowl realized that they were victorious. Withdrawing the wounded Pokémon, Egeus walked up to him.

"In recognition of your bonds with your Pokémon, I'm going to award you with the Night Badge." Handing over the badge that looked like a crescent moon, Shin gladly took the badge while raising the badge upward followed by a thunderous applause, "That was an intense battle! I knew that you could actually do it!"

"Heh, they call me an Ace Trainer for a reason." He proudly stated.
After sharing most of their ideas into one, the two agreed and carried on with the plan. Shin became the volunteer who suggested things that are needed, while Egeus then gathered some people who can prepare useful items for the operation to reveal the suspicious work behind the door of the naturally-guarded cabin. Standing on the safe grounds followed up by his temporary companions and supporters, he packed all the equipment needed and returned back to the dangerous spring. Grabbing his forearm with the talons, Noctowl carried him through the spring with a silent mouth. Passing through the danger safely, they landed on the other side as Egeus yelled, "Be safe! We're counting on you!"

Giving him a determined nod, they put on their black shades and equipped their proper insulator suits also temporarily acquired from a local weaver.

"...You looked like a Trubbish with wings, Noctowl." Commented Shin.

"They don't make good cuts for a Pokémon like me."

Putting Floatzel and Heatmor on guard from the outside, they agreed on the plan. Knocking the door off with force, they barged in, revealing a yellow lizard-like Pokémon sitting amidst the lamps engulfing the entire room with a collection of blinding lights. Startled by their arrival, the Generator Pokémon hissed and extended its collar, releasing forth a burst of lightning straight toward them. To its surprise, not even the Electric Terrain was enough to make a single dent toward the suit they wore.

"No! Get out! You won't get any closer to my sun!" Scowled the Heliolisk.

Startled by the voice coming from the Pokémon residing inside the cabin, the two lowered their stance. Feeling familiar with the similarity of a certain foe that was fought in his previous journey he took before reaching here, he tried asking Noctowl for clarification, "Is that one of system thingy?"

"Forced evolution thingy you mean? Well...with an unusual physical appearance, red irises, talking capability, she's definitely one...I think?" Answered the Nocturnal Pokémon, feeling a bit unsure.

"How come a Pokémon like it appear at places like this?"
"How would I know?"

Too busy discussing rather than taking care of their foe, Heliolisk took the given ample time to prepare another move. Extending her collar once more, destructive energies began to form through her gaping mouth to ensure a quick wipe out with Hyper Beam. However, two more bipedal creatures in rubber hazmat suit interrupted and rushed forward to execute their attacks by their own accord. Amplified by the held item on hand--wooden signboards stolen from the entrance of the cabin.

"Ack! Ow! Aaahh!"

With repeated beatings, the two kept on pummeling Heliolisk as she cried in pain.

"Aaahh! Stop! Please! I beg of you!" Pleaded the Generator Pokémon.
"Uh, Floatzel, Heatmor, I think you can stop now." Commanded Shin.

Heatmor stopped based on his demand. On the other hand, Floatzel was too energetic and kept on beating her with the sturdy signboard.


"Floatzel! She's dying!" Yelled the Trainer angrily.

"Eeep." Floatzel stopped on his tracks, hiding the signboard on his back.
"Moo." Heatmor squinted at Floatzel intently.

"What...what did I do wrong?" Groaned the hurt Pokémon, breathing erratically, "All I wanted everlasting light..."

Closing her eyes with tears, she fainted due the damage taken from the biased beatings done by the two. With a rather uneasy feeling for everyone, Shin put his hands into his head and backed off, "That's it, everyone! I'm not responsible nor affiliated from this Pokéabuse accusation here."

"Shin, we really should bring her to the Pokémon Center." Suggested Noctowl.
"So that Pokémon was the only one living in that place?" Concluded Egeus curiously, "And you said that it can understand human speech and talk like one?"
"A lone Pokémon with the lights all over the place, claiming them to be her sun." Stated Shin, "And yes, I'm not lying. You can even ask her when she recovered."
"O-okay then." Said Egeus, "It appeared that we don't gain a lot from this as the two places don't have any sort of relation whatsoever."
"Don't fret, at least we solved one of several things here." Cheered up Shin, "May our path cross again, I've got to do the other work here."

Clasping their hands together as a friendly sign of good luck and friendship, the spring still remained dangerous. Down to the mountain, Shin continued his journey by descending the mountain to locate the Power Plant while also trying to get his fourth badge. On Egeus' side, the defiant Pokémon has already awoken. Jumping from sudden shock, her breath became more heavy and she began to panic.

"W-where am I?! Why is it so dark?! My sun, where's my sun?!"

Feeling reluctant with what he should do as he isn't used to babysit a wild Pokémon that somehow can talk without knowing their clear origins and what not, he decided to pat her on the head lightly, "Please calm down, you should relax firstly."

His words effectively lessen her temperament. To keep on with the flow so that she might open up, he continued on comforting her, "Please, don't be afraid. You're safe now."

"...Who...who are you?"

"My name is Egeus." He grinned, "You can call me Eg if you want."
VPP: Darmanitan @ Level 100: 3,132

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How to Avoid Being The Charol Carnivore's Next Meal
Charol Town -- Don't allow disbelief to lead you into harm's way!
A rampant plague of skepticism has claimed many folkloric leviathans over the past century, to the point where it's debatable who has the higher body count: them, or our incredulity. But while I'm thankful that our grasp on the natural world allows us to sleep better than our ancestors, perhaps this trend is allowing us to grow presumptuous?

Before that hamlet nestled in-between the Charol Mountains became known for housing the region's leading technological facilities, it was a colonial village steeped in superstition surrounding a vicious butcher: I am, of course, slyly referencing the Charol Carnivore, the winged serpentine abomination blamed for various deaths in the adjacent woodlands. And while there have been serious efforts to extract said creature out of the realm of cryptozoology, the vast majority of the town's citizens have developed an aloof attitude towards their historical beast; discrediting it as wives' tale meant to keep children in line.

experts say that they'd totally forgive the murders if the carnivore ended up being a rad evolution of dunsparce

I speculated that a savvy scientist had preceded my visit and slayed the fiend in the minds of the populace with an in-depth debunking of its quintessential details, so I took a trip to the renowned observatory on the border of Markemak to search out the evidence: but I was quickly ushered out of the building with "who are you," and "how did you get into the ventilation shaft." It seems they too were disillusioned with my interest, which proved my growing fear: that the Carnivore has only ever been called a fraud out of association with beings proved to be myth, such as the Lacu Nosa Monster and Gogoatman. For all we know, the forests are still a playground to an ancient evil.

But don't start suddenly screaming like I did, your girl has you covered. I sleuthed out the most gruesome fables about the demon and pitted them against the skills of Leader Egeus as he was camping alone in the woods, who you might be familiar with as that outdoorsy heartthrob on the cover of October's issue of Rolling Everstone. Here are tips I learned from the experiment:

Diligently Ignore All Warning Signs

Multiple stories reference an ethereal fog that foreshadows the approach of the creature, which I faithfully recreated by having my Yamask set a Haze while my Wingull layered a dusting of Mist around the area. While it made for a haunting sight, Egeus remained unimpressed with the change in weather, and went about his business sticking a marshmallow onto a stripped stick. I continued the performance by having my newly captured Ditto mimic the shape of an artistic rendition of the monster and weave in and out of nearby trees, the rest of my entourage close behind making pained and disjointed cries, but this failed to elicit even rudimentary forms of acknowledgement: no glances, no nods, no raising of the head, nothing.

I was utterly captivated. It is my supposition that this stoicism was an act of purposeful flippancy, meant to dissuade oneself from smelling of fear; the beast's primary avenue of finding victims. Ingenious tactic from our hero, but I wasn't content to imagine that the torments would stop there: I had Ditto slap down a tree with its massive tail, and that's when Egeus dropped his facade and bolted up to his feet. Goes to show, even the most steadfast of spelunkers make their mistakes.

Immolate Your Pokemon For An Opportunity To Escape

If you failed to uphold the first tidbit of advice like our friend did, don't worry! All you need to do is send out a Pokemon you currently have in your roster and lead it to danger under the pretense that is it "checking out what's going on."

Egeus picked out a tasty Pawniard for his initial offering, commanding it to walk up to the wreckage and search for signs of any hurt critters and what caused the break. I eventually caught onto what he was doing, so I had my Lileep use AncientPower to pull the very earth out from underneath the Sharp Blade Pokemon and bury it alive; as there have been a scattering of claims that the Carnivore could cause landslides. Though, two Pokemon are customary in this measure, as Egeus almost immediately pulled out a Sableye - convincing it that they were about to battle - and took his chance to run away when its fate fell upon in turn. I tried to get a little creative, so please don't mind when I say that I had my Ditto burst forth from the trees and swallow the dark-and-ghost-type whole: I'm not one-hundred-percent sure if the monster would reveal itself to consume sacrifices in this manner.

Now that you've evaded the clutches of your assailant, use any remaining Pokemon at your disposal to aid in transporting you away from the scene. Egeus had an Absol on hand, but it's easy to see a Rapidash or Tauros filling this role instead. In fact, I'd urge you to choose anything other than the Disaster feline, as my Ditto - with a base speed lower than fifty, mind - was able to catch up to the duo fairly easily, especially after the Absol collapsed in exhaustion underneath the weight of its trainer after a measly mile.

What To Do If Facing Off Against The Beast

"But, Rhodes," you're thinking, "what if I wake up in the middle of the night and find that I'm eye-to-eye with the horror? What do I do then?" I had the same query throughout this whole process, and was very concerned that I was going to have to delete all the similarly phrased comments that were going to appear on this article and bring my credibility into question. Thankfully for all of us, Egeus had to come up with an answer when he was staring into the pupils of my transformed Ditto as it drooled over the shape of his head.

You don't do anything, apparently. You cry, as Egeus did, extolling your regrets, and then you consequently die. There is no hope for you then, and if you wanted to live out the rest of your natural lifespan you shouldn't've camped in woods famous for billeting an otherworldly terror.

But luckily for Egeus, this was all a simulation, and he was thrilled to find out that not only were his Pokemon going to be recovered, but that he was going to be featured on the news! "I'm going to call the police," he said, eager to call his friends at the station about the upcoming segment. Sadly I wasn't able to stay, since I had to catch a late train to Tethely for an appointment, but I just want to send them a shout-out for taking my experiment to heart; I hear that they're investigating the campsite as if it's a crime scene! Hopefully my work there and the results published in this article will keep future generations safe from the real spook lurking in those mountains.
Parasol Lady Rhodes // Having worked her way up from a meteorology internship, she's now proudly known as ONBS' most prolific online columnist. May occasionally bleat like Gogoatman.


• Nuzleaf (Chlorophyll) - Growth, Grassy Terrain, Nature Power, Bullet Seed
• Porygon2 (Download) - Conversion 2, Psybeam, Thunder Wave, Tri-Attack
Helioptile (Dry Skin) - Charge, Parabolic Charge, Electrify, Signal Beam
• Yamask (Mummy) - Haze, Night Shade, Shock Wave, Nasty Plot
• Ditto (Limber) - Transform
Spinarak (Insomnia) - Poison Sting, Sticky Web, Toxic Thread, Struggle Bug
• Wingull (Rain Dish) - Air Cutter, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Mist
• Lileep (Storm Drain) - Ingrain, Ancient Power, Brine, Giga Drain
Scyther (Technician) - Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Quick Guard

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Scandal at the Markemak Gym
Markemak City -- Leader Reed has been removed following a spectacular series of events.
Incendiary Man, Markemak City's widely anticipated yearly music festival, quickly fell apart last Friday when a person unexpectedly burst out of the eponymous effigy. While most attendees scattered out of fear, Leader Reed - who had been performing onstage at the time of the incident - instead stripped bare and alternated between pleading for his life and chanting semi-coherent psalms. When authorities went to apprehend the individual who caused the disturbance, Reed lashed out in uncharacteristically aggressive behavior, leading them to detain him as well.

Ingrid Rhodes of ONBS, later revealed to be the perpetrator, claimed that she had been doing investigative work that lead her to conceal herself within the wickerman. "You have to be willing to get down and dirty for your passion, even if it means you'll get set on fire," she commented. In a surprising turn of events, interrogation of the reporter lead to provocative insight into the gym leader's manic episode: "based on his ramblings, I believe he thought I was the distorted embodiment of his mother endowed with unholy powers; probably a hallucination brought on by that ..." - she made a gesture that illustrated the smoking of a blunt - "... good stuff, you know?"

Reed spent the night in holding to assure he was not a danger to himself or others, but was released Saturday morning on a probationary measure until police could confirm Rhodes' information and prompt an investigation. They wouldn't have to wait long however, as the following night, firefighters were dispatched to Markemak Gym after a neighbor discovered the building completely ablaze while an intoxicated Reed stood hypnotized by the sight. He was put into custody under suspicion of substance abuse and arson.

A search of the teen's collection of greenhouses uncovered a wide range of homemade herbal concoctions utilizing the controlled byproducts of plantlike Pokémon, a large distillery, and plans for an underground breeding ring. There is also cause to believe that he exported many of his creations to other settlements in Diminia. These discoveries have lead to Reed’s roster and title being seized, and he currently awaits trial. The minimum sentence is conjectured to be ten years in prison.

In related news, plans for a new Markemak Gym are in progress, and the city council is now accepting applications. There will be a thorough background check on all aspiring leaders.
Veteran Mihira // In twenty-five years of service to the Lumiose Press, she has won the coveted Gabriela-Tyler Award for Outstanding Journalism five times. Proud advocate of #ReedBehindBars.

hugh holland in "cracks: a sinnoh story"
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