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Velorian Saga I ; The Maiden of Water


The Ayria Region. For centuries, this region has been protected by the legendary Guardian of the Sea. During a specific event called the Festival of Water, the Guardian of the Sea blesses the people of the Ayria region with its power of providing wind and water for the habitat's daily life, dating all the way back to Ayria's ancient past, creating a pact with the humans who wished for its plea. However, that would only occur if a special instrument has been played by a chosen maiden, picked every 50 years.

The Water Festival is an event attracting the locals of Ayria, and foreigners from distant other regions, hoping to get a glimpse of the Guardian of the Sea's power. It is also an event that supports the pokemon trainers attending this event, providing a challenge where trainers travel throughout the region, battling and testing their skills in order to become Ayria's yearly champion, or adventuring for whatever purpose they wish to fufill for themselves, and their pokemon.

You're a trainer attending the Water Festival in Ayria. Whether you're a fairly new or experienced trainer, a local trainer from Aria or a trainer from abroad, you're interested in traveling throughout the island based region of Ayria, for your own reasons. You also get to have the chance to meet the other trainers or general pokemon owners throughout the region too.

However, the cogs of fate starts turning... your destiny in Ayria will soon be recognized. How will you deal with your fate? What adventures will you have with your friends, and your rivals? Your destiny is in your hands...

Ayria, the Region of Water

Completely surrounded by the sea, the Ayria Region has a diverse ecology made up of with Pokémon that have more recently arrived in Ayria for centuries.

Despite being an island based region with traditionalist values, the city does well for itself, having cities that feels modernized, all thanks to the blessings of the Sea Guardian, the locals would casually thank. The weather tends to be warm/humid seasonally, which adds to the importance of the usage of water in the region; from helping to grow plant life, to sustaining wild pokemon who inhabit it.

The region is also home to a distinct and beloved kingdom, ruled by a royal court. The current King is Lord Pegasus, also known as the "Silver Shield". Extraordinarily charismatic, intelligent, and handsome, Pegasus's skill and knowledge with his Pokemon and tactics, gave him and a reputation of invincibility, making him the favored choice of the people to rule over the land. But overall, he wishes nothing but peace and prosperity for the region and his people, hoping they would all live in eternal happiness.

The princess of this region is of course, his lovely daughter, Lady Celica, who is also the new Maiden of Water. She's as kind and polite person, who is often bold yet refined, like her father, who also wishes for nothing but peace for the region.

Ayria is made of two islands, one holding the more modernized urban cities of the region, with subtle sea pokemon life. Most tourists visit this part of Ayria, because of the amount of shops and other attractions is has. It is also the ideal site of the events that Ayria holds, such as the Festival of Water. The city is powered by electricity produced by wind and hydro power from the gentle water that it holds.

The other island seems a bit more traditional, featuring the main kingdom's castle. It also has a lot more forests, mountains, and rivers, generally featuring more pokemon. While not as modernized as the other island of Ayria, it still relies of wind and water energy for electricity.

Rules & Regulations

Respect should always be given! As fellow RPers in this game, we should all work together to ensure that we all have the most fun and positive atmosphere that we can possibly have. So, please give others the respect that you would like to be given in return!

Rating is T for teen, so, descriptions of violence and romance should be kept on a decently tasteful level, something that a modest age group audience could enjoy.

Try to post at least once every 7 days. So before you consider joining here, you need to make that effort to keep your activity constant! If it's not within your power to post within 7 days, let me know beforehand and I can give you an extension! Otherwise, I'll have to free up your slot for someone else.

There are no levels in this RP. So, how pokemon learn new moves or evolves is by your own prerogative. That being said, try to be realistic and subtle with this; for example, a Dratini couldn't really evolve into a Dragonite in a very small amount of time

Wait for each new area! Don't really go off on your own to further areas until I show each area at a time. This is just to keep things less confusing and more organized for you.

Accepted characters:

Magnificent Magilou as Robin Levigne
Ozymandias as Kayla Calloway
MurMire as Kayla Calloway
LinearAxel as Johanna Hatter

Ayria's Towns/Cities/Landmarks (First Island)


Selenēs is the biggest and most popular city in Ayria, full of shops, tourist attractions, apartments, and so much more. In the center of the city lies a very large water fountain, filled with water type pokemon. The fountain has a passage that connects to separate rivers, where these certain pokemon swim and play from. The city itself is modernized, and resembles certain cities from Unova in many ways.

When travelers come to Ayria for the first time, they first pass by the docks on the edge of this city, until they travel all the up to the main blocks. Because of the city's size, most people prefer to travel by the cable trains that run through many different spots in the city, or by a simple car. However, there are still many people who travel by foot, so one can expect some crossings to have multiple people at once.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the local pokemon lab that sits near the far end of the city. The owner of the lab, Professor Elizabeth, helps out newcomer trainers by providing starter pokemon for their journey, as well as a few essential items that they would need.


If a traveler crosses the city path way from Selenēs and follow a stream from a river, they would eventually reach Áreōs, a far smaller town than Selenēs, but often praise for its scenery and friendly atmosphere.

Áreōs is home to a lot more aquatic pokemon, and is often famous for its battle challenges and tournaments. During their travels, trainers would often come by here to either learn the basics from the pokemon schools around here, or more experienced trainers would test their skills in the battle facilities, and weekly street tournaments.


Hērmou is a port city where one can sail from the first island of Ayria, to the next. Ships and passenger boats come by every some often for trading purposes between regions, and for ferry crossing for travelers.

Some of the best food is served in Hērmou too, which makes it a great attraction for those from the second island of Ayria. With the Kingdom of Ayria connected, this port city is said to mend the ties between the two islands.

Ayria's Towns/Cities/Landmarks (Kingdom of Ayria)

Diós is the port town of the Kingdom of Ayria, connecting with Hērmou. If one should come here from the cities of Ayria, they would notice that the town is much more old-fashioned, with the people there wearing more traditional attire than the more modernized island. This island more appreciate the traditional respects of the Guardian of the Sea, and the kingdom.

The town has a relaxing, yet robust atmosphere. People come here to eat, to meet up with old friends, and to prepare for the travels to the kingdom ahead.


Travelling through the grasslands and forests from the port city, one would eventually reach Aphrodítēs. Aphrodítēs is like a medieval England society when it comes to social behaviors, and agriculture. Their own brand of modernized technology still exists. There were simple buildings like you see here today, as well as proper lighting, cooking, and so on.

Pokemon battles are also quite common in Aphrodítēs. There is a ranking system based on the collection of symbols. Each of these symbols are represented by certain element, and are earned by defeating many pokemon trainers participating. Many kids and teenagers have been trying to collect these symbols - some failed, some succeeded. Why do they try? It's for respect, money, and influence.


Krónou, being the capital of Ayria, is of course the largest town in all of the kingdom. The first settlers of Krónou made their homes on a rim that was created from a meteor storm that was said to be created by a legendary being, but later began developing the inside of the crater to obtain a more comfortable environment.

Krónou is a tiered city with separate living areas for different social classes. The nobles and royalty live on the top tier, where the shopping district is. More importantly, this is where the castle of Ayria is, where the King and his daughter lives, alongside the Royal knights, watching over Krónou for many generations

The people who are middle and lower class live in the lower tier of Krónou. While the people of the nobility and royalty often look down on the people living in the lower tier, the middle and lower class people didn't mind it at all; they still continued to live peaceful lives.


lover of milotics

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Chapter 1
The Ties of Friendship


The Water Festival had just begun. The people in Selenēs came into a crowd in a buzz. There were a multitude of people everywhere, from all across the region, all to participate and witness the this event. Some of the festival's main attractions have begun: water pokemon started dancing and performing water type moves, to cover the region in delightful bubbles, and soothing small water droplets that blended the region with a small rainbow.

Pokémon Available:


Open Mission:

With the Water Festival around, the Selenēs event committee has finished organizing the annual Guardian Tournament, right in the heart of Selenēs - the Star Arena. Do you have what it takes to win first place, and the prize?

Reward: Each participant gets 1 Great Ball. // 2nd place: An evolutionary stone of their choice. // 1st: An evolutionary stone of their choice + Mù totem medallion + TM 03 Water Pulse

Mission 1:

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the local pokemon lab that sits near the far end of the city. The owner of the lab, Professor Elizabeth, helps out newcomer trainers by providing starter pokemon for their journey, as well as a few essential items that they would need. Why not pay her a visit? You might get something... unique!

Reward: Pokedex + 1 Friend Ball + A strange white Egg with red and blue shapes.

Mission 2:

There seems to be a strange gathering of individuals who bear white, pure clothing. No one really knows about them. They keep preaching on about some sort of Maiden of Light that they worship... But beside that, they seem kind and dignified, and are seemingly challenging trainers to judge their strength. Will you challenge them?

Reward: A strange white badge, shaped like a 8-pointed star + Love Ball

Mission 3:

Uh-oh, it seems like a group of thugs are going around making trouble for the people around here. They all seem to be wearing black clothing with a green and intimidating looking dragon patterned on the back of their wear. Will you put a stop to them? They seem dangerous...

Reward: Mysterious Card with a Green pattern


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Kayla Calloway - Starting with a Splash!


Kayla stretched her arms out towards the sun shining brightly overhead. Crowds of people passed by her and Richie as they made their way through the bustling city, filled to the brim with all sorts of tourist attractions and events. The spectacle of it all was breathtaking and it had been years since she had last seen so many people gathered together.

"This reminds me of when we first got to Lumiose forever ago... Sure brings back some memories, huh?" The young woman reminsced to her Infernape. Richie on the other hand was too engrossed in winking at every female pokemon and trainer they passed by to notice what she was saying to him.

"It's just as infuriatingly hard to figure out where the hell we're going though." Kayla grumbled as she fumbled with the tourist map she picked up after first entering the city. "If only we could figure out where we were, then it'd be so much easier to know how to get to this freakin' arena!" While she wasn't exactly keen on entering into the Guardian Tournament, once Richie found out about it, there was nothing that she could do. It had been ages since his last true battle and he would be damned if anything stood in the way between him and a good fight.

They had been walking alongside the bank of a river (which river it was, was unknown) for what seemed like ages, but up ahead just within their line of sight a huge fountain could be seen, shooting water up towards the heavens. "Finally, a landmark! C'mon you old geezer, stop flirting and let's get a move on." Kayla grabbed her Infernape's arm as she picked up the pace.

When they reached the clearing, the amount of people grew even more, but it was easy to see why. The giant fountain was a majestic display of water, beautiful beyond belief. Countless types of pokemon, both caught and wild, splashed about in its pools, and it had a number of passages connecting to the various rivers flowing throughout Selenes. Due to the increase in people and shrinking of room, Kayla returned Richie back to his poke-ball before squeezing her way towards the edge of the fountain. By some miracle, she found an empty spot on a bench amongst all the buzz. The weary trainer took the chance to rest her legs and try and gain some sense of direction.

"So if we came through here... then the stadium should be right about there. Wait, what if we came in through there?" Kayla groaned as Selenes' magnitude overwhelmed her once again. The small-town woman was enamored with the spectacle of it all, but knowing what she was doing was something else entirely. She hung her head in defeat, giving her a mind a break from the horrors of the map.

As she began to close her eyes, for a brief moment, she felt a splash of water hit the back of her head. Whipping her head back around towards the fountain, she was ready to lecture some little punk about respecting strangers, but instead found a dopey pink pokemon with its head perched up on the edge of the fountain.

The realization of what had splashed her brought a smile to Kayla's face and she got up and faced towards the Slowpoke, crouching down to meet the pokemon at eye level. "Hey there, buddy. That wasn't very nice of you."

"Slooow." The water-type shrugged and splashed its tail around in the water some more. "Geez, your trainer really needs to teach you some manners," she said half jokingly while her red hair continued to get rained upon. "Where is your trainer, anyways?"

"Slow." The Slowpoke shrugged once more, tilting his head this time as he did. "No trainer, huh. Guess this is why you're so impolite." Kayla smiled as she scolded the wild pokemon. "You remind me of a pokemon I caught a long time ago. She's a Luxray, all grown up now, but when she was a little Shinx in the wild, she was just like you." The thought of catching Sammie all those years ago, gave her an idea.

While there had been the occasional Slowbro or Slowking to come through the ranch, she'd never had the chance to raise a Slowpoke before. The Dopey Pokemon's water-psychic typing would be incredibly invaluable to the team, considering that she had only brought Richie and Bree along with her.

"You know, I think that you'd make a good addition to the squad if you'd like to come with us. We're gonna be travelling all across Ayria and you'd be able to splash around in all the fountains and lakes and rivers these islands have." The trainer reached out a hand to the Slowpoke who had now stopped splashing her. "It's gonna be one hell of an adventure, so what do you say?"

"Slooow." The pokemon shrugged once more, and splashed Kayla one final time for good measure. This elicited a giggle as she grabbed a poke-ball out of her bag. "I'll take that as a yes then." She tapped the ball against the Slowpoke's snout and with a red flash, the pokemon was inside. After three shakes the device remained still and she returned it to her bag.

Dripping wet, but content with the short encounter that had resulted in a new team member, Kayla once again pulled out the tourist map. "Now where can I go to find a towel?"


Cal the Slowpoke
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