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Fake Friends Forever (´・ω・`)

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the OP you see below is a draft, but representative of the RP as a whole

just as additional context: 'Apex' is inspired by various shonen series, waKanDa, and the best parts of RWBY, intended to be a high-octane action roleplay that places more emphasis, through mechanics and OOC communication, on creative application and character development. In the world of Uruhu, combatis simply a way of life; even as the world grows increasingly advanced and interconnected, that warrior's drive remains. Those capable of wielding their Spirit to attain mystic powers — the "Amazimu" — fight every four years in the most anticipated tournament of the year to reach unfathomable wealth and status.

i DO plan to play myself with characters of my own, but that won't factor into how many spots are open — 4 or 5 depending on lasting interest. so voice that interest!! so i can gm something omg

regarding what i'm looking for feedback on/what i want to finish before putting up a OOC thread:
— most important: i need to develop the surrounding plot some more. i do have an idea of the direction i'd like to take it; there's some foreshadowing in parts of the OP.
— second most important: develop the immediate setting — the arena, and the facilities it offers.
— next: polish up the sign-up — make my expectations clearer, and make it more than a bulleted list, really. everything i want to see is all there.
— making the styling of the OP more reflective of the RP itself? it doesn't give off that "anime" vibe to me, really. as well as make overall edits to how it's written

Brainstorming Questions:
A. General:

1. What are some cool features of an arena location that you'd like to see implemented?
2. What cool character ideas can you come up with? Considering Spirit and Instinct? Considering background?
3. What do you need clarification on? Is any part of the OP obscurely worded or confusing? Do you just have broader questions on how something might work in the context of the RP -- anything like that.

B. Beyond The Tournament:

1. Right now, the Nationals "stadium" is assuming the form of a skyscraper, the tallest building in the city of Moyofura. Could you envision it as something else, maybe a more traditional stadium building?
2. During downtime, would you like the Nationals "stadium" to host different facilities and be a setting all its own? Or would you rather have characters explore the city?
3. How defined should downtime events be? Should they be presented by the GM prior, or decided on a player-by-player basis with the GM offering direction, suggestions, etc.? Could there be a mix of both?
4. The FWN is proud of its staff consisting of professional preternaturologists, combat tutors, and tournament judges. In what different contexts would you like to meet these characters? What would you imagine them to be like?
5. Where should characters stay between matches?

Hope to see some of ya'll in the ring!


Fake Friends Forever (´・ω・`)

Seen August 3rd, 2018
Posted August 3rd, 2018
984 posts
4.1 Years

M | anime, action, fantasy | 4-5 players | gm'd by junier
future link
------The year is 1939. Nationalist sentiment is at a high. Previous traditionalism has been gradually weeded out of the political centre of Uruhu — Moyofura — and a new generation of leaders heads the great Council of Houses. In a historical first, there is a genuine governmental interference in the violence surrounding the prosperous heartland, interfering in and ultimately ceasing a civil war that had commenced for a near decade. The Moyofura militia held true to those promises made to further account for the smaller communities lying on the continent’s outskirts. Groups and cultures long ignored by centralized authority are finally being acknowledged with tournaments other than the Food Web Nationals. The world of Uruhu has never felt as unified as it has now, and its people can finally celebrate as one common people.
------In a society alone in the midst of a measureless sea, the Uruhi inevitably assumed it a world of its own. In the earliest centuries, Uruhu was split between feudal territories of varying ideologies; it was a country gripped in the throngs of incessant war. It’s an exaggeration to say of that warfare is over, but the Houses of Uruhu have considerably matured. United under common, centralized leadership, their councils and their cultures are interwoven through a spiritual faith — literal belief in Spirits, sworn animalian guardians, manifestations of a true self — and the reinforcement of a “warrior culture.” Uruhu has overarching governance that provides systems — it’s a modernized society, the recent innovation of television especially revolutionizing media and intercommunication.. But everything in Uruhu, from the economy to the politics, remains segregated and clan-based, simply because of the need for warriors to carry those ideals of strength on their shoulders.
------A warrior is earnest, intuitive, and savage. They act of personal ambition, and are dedicated to that ambition as their top priority, always. They are escapist fantasy, everything a civilized man cannot be for the sake of the society, and yet the embodiment of freedom they desperately idolize. It’s no surprise, then, that the Nationals are not the only combat tournaments. It’s no surprise, then, the Nationals just happens to be the most prodigious of thousands of combat tournaments spanning the entire world! Not every tournament is exclusive to Amazimu, men and women — astonishingly — with access to great preternatural power. Some mimic the stringent procedure and maintenance of the FWN. Others are messier. Others don’t patch their fighters up between rounds. Others don’t have a betting system to demotivate brutalization. Granted, there are regulations for how tournaments in-general should be conducted. That means others are driven underground. But, in most Houses, fighting has simply become a way of life, whether one is influenced from the broadcast of Smash Night from the comfort of their living room, or thrown into street fights from adolescence to help their family scrape by. Especially in the light of the Amazimu who are oftentimes pressured to apply their skills in some semblance of combat or training, many non-Instinct-users aspire to wield that sort of dominance themselves.
------Accordingly, there has long been an demand for the goods of Menágrie. Proof that the Uruhi were never alone, they made contact in 1888 at the fishing town, Chumvi, totally unsuspecting of meeting other human beings. The people of Menágrie would describe themselves as “innovators,” “sophisticates.” Of those who landed, they seemed laughably inept, all bedraggled and sickly after some extended “naval expedition.” But they did bring technology unbeknownst to the Uruhi: tools for sailing and tracking. And weapons of a new, extraordinary variety, weapons that hit from a distance, that could be combined with other weapons and, combined with the law-defying Aisos, could be wielded in opposition to lousy physics laws. The Menágrie, luck would have it, revolutionized violence in Uruha. Perhaps earlier governance would have thrown them in the sea, but the new wave has gradually allowed those of foreign origin to assimilate themselves, often in the wealthier, centermost rungs of the nation. Menágrie pilgrims of the upper-middle and higher ranks of some distanced psuedo-democratic society join the populous in hopes of “reinvention” or making a killing from the innocuous weapons trade that has taken Uluru by storm.

Every four years, the people of Uruhu trade their faded yore on bated breath, recollections of ancient warriors, tales of bloodlust and teamwork and tragedy and destiny. The legends that laid the tapestry for this diverse, magic-enriched nation— the warriors that tamed their Spirits dare rise from their burials to wreak the motherland once more, and damn are they bound to give a hell of a good show.

‘Apex’ follows the quad-annual fighting tournament and the events surrounding it known as the Food Web Nationals, a revelry of wild weapons and animal-themed magic that you have likely been training their entire lives for. Born possessors of the mystic ability Instinct, you’ll pair up to mow down the competition.

While the story will mostly follow four of these partnerships, you’ll also be joined by fourteen* additional rivals — seven other partnerships — none of which should be taken for granted.

It’s cutthroat! You could get attached to your partner, but you’re not guaranteed to last together; you could come in the strongest of the lot, yet crash and burn if you don’t know how to improvise. The Nationals are as much about pomp as they are about power. Will you risk partnership over the chance of transcendence? With your name on that list, you’ve already become an icon, representative of your family, your house, and the values and responsibilities you carry on your back. People honor you, Amazimu — they fear you, “ogre.” “Monster.”

Consider why you’ve prepared for this, heard of those crowned Apex, immaculate and innominate and secluded and free, and for one reason or another, wanted to be that. Maybe it’s that grand prize— the Crown of Chrysopeia, describing thousands of EBs, the equivalent to 5.5 million in US dollars (if you knew of a ‘US’). On top of that, the winner of the FWN is promised a 30% cut for the next four years of any profit made by the Nationals’ eminent foreign sponsor. It’s money on top of money; it’s values that likely bend your reality, tempt serious revolution in your life and of others around you. Especially when you could be from anywhere in Uruhu At the end of the day, the Nationals do not discriminate. As long as you’re part of the Instinct-practicing minority and can pass the preliminary testing, you have a shot. You can do this.

But let’s cut the bullmuk. The Food Web Nationals (FWN) is staged in rounds in which contestants will aim to have the most points to avoid being slashed from the roster. The rounds themselves are distinguished in two parts:

The Primaries — Where duos duel to submission.
------What counts as “submission” may vary, from the first to get knocked out, to the first to get corralled off the ring. This is where collaboration becomes key, as victory for either side is weighed by which team loses a component first to the conditions.
------The central mechanic here is the FWN’s special way of measuring success during the Primaries, an original system of betting. Before every match— that’s every match, not just the ones with our heroes, whether they care to watch it or not— a clandestine ‘betting panel’ of tournament analysts, coaches, and referees will customize a list of criteria for fighters where it will be posted publicly some time before the match. If a bet is met by either side during the match, that side will earn some extra points, ranging from 5 to 35 a pop, at variables of 5, based on the bet’s extremity. Although the most points will always go to the winning side at a hefty total of 40, appeasing the panel could make a huge difference — and it’s insinuated in official tourney ruling that winners might not get every bit of that 40.
------Each primary match will unfold in one post. Please collaborate with any partners to make it happen!

The Free-For-All — Name’s on the tin, though pummelling not guaranteed.
------Proceeding the Primaries, things get a bit more unwieldy, even with betting excluded. In a Free-For-All, every remaining fighter is thrown into the arena. Partnerships will no longer matter; point gain will be independent. It’s every fighter for themselves… unless it isn’t.
------The proper description for the Free-for-Alls is game-like. There is always the possibility for a winning move; there is always an end objective. It is never tied to the simple solution of “last one standing”; violence is often unavoidable, but never necessitated, and yes, there is a difference. Whatever is thrown at competitors here, they will need to stay on their toes and get creative to get their points.
------Because so many characters will be involved at one time, Free-for-Alls will just be carried out post-by-post.

So, who gets disqualified? What determines acclivity versus hitting rock bottom, it’s point value, and what determines point value: creativity, flexibility, and savagery, really. Kick ass and avoid being one of the four lowest climbers getting dumped each round: that’s the goal.

As a note: it is possible for a main player-character to be disqualified during the first round. In this case, your “safety net” is a Loser’s Round if it’s your main, or both of your characters are disqualified— for the latter, you can choose to redeem one character, but you will have to let the other go. In any case, disqualified player-characters will not be isolated from the roleplay — its surrounding plot — as a whole if you still want to participate. Not to mention you can become one of those betting panel members, or even an NPC! ’Apex’ intends to keep every player engaged to the end, because for you, it’s not all about reaching the top, but the journey in getting there.
------The Instinct is non-biological phenomena— purely individual, purely cognitive; humanity’s only method of harnessing magic within. Although Instinct-users themselves are hard to come by.
------We call your type the Amazimu. We don’t know where you come from. Usually, you’ve been exposed to other instances of magic — that’s how you knew you could use it: basic psychological conditioning. But sometimes the impetus comes from outside, from instances of crisis where you needed to defend yourself, or maybe you pushed yourself to the limit and were rewarded, in a sense. Either way, I, at least, am inclined to think it’s fate that made you who you are.
------The Amazimu… warriors within a realm of their existence. Remember when I said Instinct was cognitive? That means you can’t hurt anyone without the ability to perceive it. Well, the average person can see it — why else would we here here? But we can’t recognize it if, say, you cause a torrent of acid rain or something. That doesn’t sound ridiculous, does it?
------Really, Instinct can do a lot of things, and it manifests and different ways— that’s where the “individual” aspect comes from. Once it’s activated, it’s like an aura with properties that reflect the user… at least, as I’ve heard. Average people can’t see it, only the effects, but I’m sure you can feel it, smell it, maybe hear it even; it’s all sensual. Maybe yours puffs up like cotton candy with every step, or reeks of sulfur, wrapping you in rippling heat!
------Mm, but what Instinct has in common: the concept of Spirit. Everyone has one, but yours manifests directly through you and your Instinct. It gives you their attributes— their strengths, but also, sometimes, their weaknesses. And sometimes they do nothing at all.
------Instinct will always give you power — it has an adrenaline effect. It numbs pain, strengthens muscles, and quickens reaction time. Instinct transcends mental and physical disability when it’s activated, and puts anyone at their peak capacity. It’s an equalizer, to some extent. Activated Instinct can put even a little girl on par with a trained warrior. When can you activate it? Well, more of you are honed for combat. Once you hit the battlefield, it’s game time! At its core, though, it’s all psychology, having to psych yourself into thinking you need to defend yourself. There’s plenty of methods develop to trigger Instinct non-situationally. We have procedures here to use if it ever comes to that.
------Once you are in battle, you can overwhelm your opponents with the active effects of your Instinct, or go more on the defensive with its passive effects— or activate both simultaneously! It depends how your powers are categorized. If you look over, you’ll see how yours might fit in. The only thing your effects couldn’t achieve is mimicking or stealing the effects of another Instinct.
------Maybe this all implies Instinct is infallible. Really, no one can balance their active and passive Instincts perfectly. I’m sure there’s an “ambidextrous” Amazimu out there, but having a 50-50 focus would require some outside support, I’m thinking. More than the usual spiritual and physical training most Amazimu go through to develop their focus.
------Oh, and I should mention Instinct doesn’t make you any more or less finite than you are. You can dish out more hits than the average hand-to-hand fighter, but at the end of the day, your main line of defense is your Instinct. Granted, you’re at your peak once it’s triggered, but just because you can’t feel a hit doesn’t mean you didn’t take it. And the effects of Instinct don’t last forever! Its vitality matches your own; if you’re in awful condition, that power high will hit rock bottom. Be careful, and know your limits!

Types of active Instinct:
------ Type A: Instinct manifests away from the user.
------------ex. Blasts of kinetic force.
------Type B: Instinct affects the area around a user.
------------ex. Protective barrier.
------Type C: Instinct bonds itself to another Instinct-------user.
------------ex. Parasitic mind control.
------Type D: Instinct is attracted to preexisting objects, subjects, and entities.
------------ex. Insect manipulation.

Types of passive Instinct:
------Impulsive — Triggered by impulse; immediate and short lived.
------Deliberate — Triggered upon activation; builds up gradually.
------The embrace of aisos was inspired by the Amazimo. Aisos are the everyman’s link between their own mundanity and the overwhelming realm of the arcane, the closest humanity as a whole has ever gotten to understanding the vague notion of “magic.”
------An aiso itself can be be best understood as an element, naturally occurring in a solid state, a grey and unsuspecting chunk of matter with malleable consistency. That foam-like texture is indicative of aisos as a whole: dependent entirely on how it is intended to be used. A weapon that’s “aiso-enhanced” is given some preternatural quality reflective of its function and the user’s intentions. Hence, aisos separate from some sort of mechanism -- wielded raw as “magic material” -- can be precarious and unpredictable as they latch onto the human mind to know what to do.
------With aisos, the ammo from your grenade launcher can hover mid-air like miniature naval mines. Your arrows can explode on contact. And you can wilder with aisos, too. As long as they’re attached to something, anything is possible, hence why little girls have entered tournaments swinging massive scythes around with dexterity that should be improbable.
------Outside of battle, aisos are commonly used in the field of preternaturology — the study of that vague force, "magic" — particularly to sense, “measure,” and corral Instinct, the only material known to mankind that can. Otherwise, within the FWN especially, their latent flexibility is used to power guardrail and barrier systems to border arenas, as well is administered to contestants in tablet form with the objective of padding and protecting vital organs.
  • The pacing:
  • From the get-go, much of the story will pivot around the big battle posts, and from there, they'll be a lot of coordination on directions to take character development, setting exploration, and plot engagement; post infrequency should be balanced out with conversation.
  • The posts:
  • Combat in arena matches is intended to be either back-and-forth, reactionary (for the Free-For-Alls) or concise (for the Primaries) — action can actually be pretty hard to convey, so the idea is to take pressure away from the mechanical aspect and push more towards the creative aspect.
  • The themes:
  • Via plot and premise, I’m looking to explore self-identity: how we (or, our characters) define ourselves, and how we can distinguish ourselves as “good people” beyond surface-level interests and social traditions. That and dichotomy — magic and technology, human and animal, etc. —, socioeconomic stuff, with just a sprinkle of Afrofuturism. You’re free to consider these to any extent that you’d like! The roleplay is really about encouraging weird, creative characters and circumstances.
  • The expectations:
  • If you have a serious complaint about a user or the content of a post that does not fall under critique, please voice it to the GM in private.
  • Respect the Game Master’s requests of revision if there are inconsistencies within a post. Any decisions made to change ‘Apex’ will be communicated to all players as clearly as possible. Feedback is appreciated, and players are encouraged to stay in contact with the GM, especially if they have questions or concerns, or cannot post in a reasonable time frame.
  • Open yourself to conversation and collaboration with fellow players. Do not shaft or ignore other players; be respectful, and do not use your roleplay posts to be shady or undermine other players’ contributions.
  • Remember to be flexible about story events. ‘Apex’ will not be kind to exclusive players at all! Be communicative, as well as ambitious — willing to do or try something new in every post. It’s how you’ll be fun!

"Four makes two; two makes one."
1. All FWN combatants will be registered in pairs for the duration of their participation in the tournament. If a combatant does not have a partner prior to entry, they will be sorted into a team according to qualified officials.
2. A combatant is admitted one means of defense enhanced with aisos unrelated to their Instinct.
------a. If a combatant’s means of defense is separable into different arbitrary components, it will be disqualified.
------b. A means of defense is registered under an individual combatant. If a combatant wishes to wield another means of defense for any reason, they must consult a qualified official.
3. It is within a referee’s full right to penalize a combatant, or multiple combatant undisclosed. All propositions for penalization will be reviewed by a panel of qualified officials before a final decision is made.
------a. A combatant, or multiple combatants, may never be penalized through automatic dismissal from the Nationals altogether.
4. Along with a general background check, combatants will be examined for the following prior to entry:
------a. Fundamental combat capability.
------b. Ability to summon Instinct consistently during instances of combat.
------c. A history of negative reaction to aisos, in which they may be removed from the tournament.
5. Additionally, by accepting admittance into the Food Web Nationals fighting tournament, combatants imply agreement to the following terms and conditions:
------a. Compliance to further examination and medical prescription if recommended by a qualified professional.
------b. Regular consumption of aisol* as prescribed in-between combat events to protect vital regions during the competition.
------c. Respect towards all fellow combatants outside matches and towards authorized FWN professionals.
------d. Lease of public identity to the FWN and television network.
------e. Compliance to all regulations described in this rulebook.

● On names:
------With new foreign influence, an attraction towards Menágerian culture has flourished in Uruhu, reflected in the names of the younger generations -- what we would call “European” first names.
------Family names, like most of the unique terms for ‘Apex,’ are rooted in Bantoid languages from various parts of Africa. You’re free to base yours off of real names, or make your own to reinforce a “fantasy” vibe.
------Regarding Bantoid-inspired first names, mainly the meanings behind them, it would be rare for a Uruhi to have a given name reflecting their Spirit, unless their culture revolves around that practice. Typically your Spirit is imprinted upon you after birth when there’s a better understanding of you as an individual.

● On technology:
------As the year of the roleplay implies, technological development is equivalent to the World War II era with some extra contemporaneity regarding weapons.

● On geography:
------Uruhu is a continent surrounded at all sides by an uncharted ocean. Roughly 3 million square miles, it assumes a vague oblong shape, and based on its generally warm, tropical climate, lies near some form of equator. Climate tends to be more accommodating at the center of the landmass while its outskirts, not including a few poorer fishing communities, aware renowned for their harshness.
------While Uruhu is obviously limited wildlife-wise, foreign influence has brought a broader repertoire of animal species into public consciousness, “exotic” creatures like deer, foxes, even polar bears and penguins. Resultantly, these have been incorporated as inspiration for some individuals’ Spirits.

● On politics:
------Uruhu is ruled under oligarchy with a balance between centralized authority and individualized authority, that of the Houses. The remnants of ancient feudalism, the various Houses govern over broad territories with a near-monarchical organization: a council of “lords,” often determined by familial status, are responsible for ruling over the people within their radius. The lords themselves are beneath the centralized Uruhi Council which consists of particular lords elevated by popular vote, though access to voting are limited to those at the more urbanized center of the state.
------Houses can be inconsistent in the quality of their rule, and is not uncommon for a House to be overseen by one “true” lord, although untransparently. Altogether, the Houses do have a few responsibilities unique to themselves, usually in regards to edicts based on everyday life — education, marriage, etc.

● On the people:
------The Uruhi have developed darker complexions, while those from the far-off Menágrie are the epitome of pale. In terms of dress, traditional fashions — what we associate with various African cultures — mashes with Menágrien styles — what we would perceive as “westernized.” Within the realms of art and media, and especially in the fashion industry, the former ways of dress reign supreme, but the younger Uruhi generations especially gravitate towards the latter for their insinuations of anti-traditionalism.
------Regarding language, yeah, people speak what we’d call Bantoid languages and muk, i just, i want to get this op copied over and formatted, it's almost 11 pm
------You will be playing an Amazimu who, in competing for the Crown of Chrysopeia, will be joined by an additional partner character, likely also played by you. There are definitely other options though, the most obvious to group with another player to form a co-op pair. If you want to just focus on one character, too, you can make your secondary character just an extension of that one: a twin character, a translator, a personal butler, etc.
------The other 'type' of important character to distinguish from the get-go are the Non-Playable Characters. Every player gets one NPC freebie, but from there, the rest will start as little snippets. Maybe fleshier concepts, or maybe more abstract things like a color or a word. Players will work together out-of-character to give life to these additional competitors; we'll round out the cast together.
Spoiler: The W.I.P. Sign-up
— IC —
  • Team name.
  • Full names.
  • Ages.
  • Heights, weights.
  • Descriptions of physicality, things like musculature, body type, etc. Consider how the way they look reflects or reinforces their character.
  • Some insight into their general personalities.
  • Their Spirits; the traits their spirit imbues them with. Ratio of trait to kickback is 2:1, so for every two cool traits, the characters also need some sort of consequence from triggering their Instinct.
  • Their Instincts, including what they're like/sensory details (how they smell, etc.) and the active and passive effects.
  • Their means of defense.
  • Context for why they're at the tournament — general background.
  • Their goal — what they want to achieve, and how that ties into winning the Crown.
  • A writing sample: Post-acceptance, your characters are invited to do a televised special the week leading into the Nationals tournament, a special "Meet the Fighters" interview. Questions vary per team, but the recurring inquiry tying each interview together is the question, "What's the greatest scrap you've ever been in?" You take any approach with how you write the interview, as long as all the characters you're playing are included, each one has at least one line of dialogue, and the sample itself is 400 words or more.


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Hoo, boy... this is a lot to take in...

Okay, let me see if I got this figured: This RP is a massive tournament, where teams of two (usually played by one person, although two players can be on a team if they want) compete to be the most creative. Each person has a Spirit animal, from which they draw some kind of power. They also have weapons, enhanced with vibranium a spongy metal that allows for all kind of crazy tech. How's that, am I in the ballpark?


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Oh yeah baby, bless my rains in not-africa

I've been sitting on my Heineken for a while waiting for this to come out, so I've already given you my thoughts on most of the RP. What I'd like to know now is- what is the context for the tournament? How long has it been going for? Where does it happen? What is the downtime between matches? What's the city like around the tournament (can we get into side-plots during the RP by going out and about?)

EDIT: I'm dumb i didnt see your questions

(1) If it happens in a big metropolis-like city, I want to have chances for the guys to roam out and about, like mini-celebrities almost. We could have characters who were dirt poor before, and are now big shot boys

(2) Obviously there should be different biomes and stuff like rocky terrain, watery terrain, etc but I'd also love something that's like, smaller. Like a set of platforms above a lava pit and if you fall in you're immediately out


(4) See first paragraph
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Fake Friends Forever (´・ω・`)

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Hoo, boy... this is a lot to take in...

Okay, let me see if I got this figured: This RP is a massive tournament, where teams of two (usually played by one person, although two players can be on a team if they want) compete to be the most creative. Each person has a Spirit animal, from which they draw some kind of power. They also have weapons, enhanced with vibranium a spongy metal that allows for all kind of crazy tech. How's that, am I in the ballpark?
No uhh it’s uhh... Kidding; that’s all it is. The only thing you really missed about the premise was Instinct, so let me know if you don’t understand how that factors in.

And just in-general if you think the OP’s a mess to read through to the point where you need another summary to understand what’s going on... that’s hella important, just tell me outright what you want to see parsed down to make things easier to digest, haha.
I've been sitting on my Heineken for a while waiting for this to come out, and in that time I have also come out myself, I am now Gayrally #pride
”A while” nibba this been in production a solid, like, three weeks

But this is why I need to take my time cause I swore to god I included the “quad-annual” detail in the first paragraph (floating left). I can’t find it though; I definitely need to add that. It’s every four years that the Nationals happen.

Really, I think I doubled down on the precedence — “how” the tournament happens, regarding the values of Uruhi society — and not on that context, the “why” does the FWN happen, why it’s only the Instinct-users that can participate in that one, ultra-anticipated tournament. It would play a lot into how the Amazimu — the Instinct-users — are perceived by the non-Instinct-wielding majority, which I kind of alluded to: as subjects of vehemence for being “better” at meeting the “warrior” archetype that is so idolized in Uruhu. I could probably make the “why,” especially for why the FWN is such a big deal, more apparent, couldn’t I? Tie it to some historical relevance or somethin. That could tie into how long the tournament’s going for if I bring history into it too.

I did say where the tournament takes place, though I don’t think I implied it was a metropolis. DidI say it was at the center of Uruhu and is also where the Council of Houses meet? I remember I bolded “Moyofura.”

And did I really cut out the detail about “downtime” in the second part... I did... But yeah, of course I could accommodate leaving the building when the characters aren’t supposed to be in it. As for Moyofura itself... it’s a metropolis with ‘30s-era first world development and technological standards. Not to paint it as lame, but I do think the culture of Uruhu and the anticipation around the Nationals should give players something to work with, yeah? Like, yeah: going about with this newfound status. That offers a lot of opportunity for development/insight into a chsravter’s POV, seeing how they adjust, and also will naturally develop Uruhu more in how it flatters good fighters.

And a Super Smash Bros stage, got it. Lol, but definitely biomes, we gotta go to the extreme with the animal theme. Aisos could be behind the mimicry of different biomes, and I do want the zprunaries to have different conditions for getting KO’d, so your lava stage idea is perfect.

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No uhh it’s uhh... Kidding; that’s all it is. The only thing you really missed about the premise was Instinct, so let me know if you don’t understand how that factors in.
Everyone has magic, like some kind of Semblance/Stand that only other Instinct users can see, but that can affect anyone, yes?

And just in-general if you think the OP’s a mess to read through to the point where you need another summary to understand what’s going on... that’s hella important, just tell me outright what you want to see parsed down to make things easier to digest, haha.
I think I got it. Some of the formatting made it difficult to read on my mobile (specifically the bit about aisos, which I could only read one line at a time), but after a night's sleep it's clear. But you had questions, too...

(1) What would you like to see your characters do/be apart of outside of the tournament fights themselves?

Everyone has a reason to compete, a goal in mind, so maybe some downtime sessions where we can furthur our goals, i.e. check out the city, meet some important people, visit local restaurants, do research, etc.

(2) What are some cool features of an arena location that you'd like to see implemented?

Different biomes have been mentioned, stages where you can ring out your opponent... how about an area that forces you to think on your feet? Something like arena hazards that periodically go off, or like a gladiator arena with a bunch of extra weapons on the walls, or maybe a campsite or store full of mundane objects you could use for cover/projectiles/distractions?

(3) And, really, what cool character ideas can you come up with? I psyducking adore brainstorming characters, ahah.

Oh, I could spend all day in this workshop. Even if we limit the powers to just animals, I can come up with a dozen ideas. The extra limbs of an octopus (which to non-users looks like telekinesis), color changing and independently moving eyes from a chameleon, flexibility and malleability of a ferret... And that's just powers, we haven't even gotten started on personality or goals.

(4) In-general, what do you need clarification on? Is any part of the OP obscurely worded or confusing?

I think you answered this first, actually.

(5) Do you just have broader questions on how something might work in the context of the RP -- anything like that, I love that muk too.

I was going to ask about the free-for-all round, but rereading the section, I think I'd prefer if it's a surprise. It could be a fight, a race, a debate, underwater basket weaving, anything!

Although, if by sheer chance both of a player's characters make it to the free-for-all, would that player have to compete against themself? If both my characters are in it, do they have to go against each other, or is the free-for-all actually many smaller rounds?



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Hoo boy, this is one hell of a concept! I get a Hunger Games meets Persona kinda vibe. Really digging the world you've constructed, it's pretty solid, generally.
(1) What would you like to see your characters do/be apart of outside of the tournament fights themselves?

Exploring the city is definitely something that I'd be intrigued by. Perhaps points of interest/sub-plots that our characters can be involved in and find creative ways to use our instinct outside of battles.

(2) What are some cool features of an arena location that you'd like to see implemented?

Inventive traps/arena hazards. Maybe not for every fight, but it can add some interesting depth to an arena style battle to be fighting against the arena itself as well.

(3) And, really, what cool character ideas can you come up with?

FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON PEOPLE, YES? YES. It's be interesting to see a character at odds with their Spirit. A total hothead with a bunny spirit, or a lazy character with a cheetah spirit.

(4) In-general, what do you need clarification on?

How far Instinct relates to Spirits. Are characters' powers based on their Spirits, and therefore animalistic in nature? Or are Instinct and Spirit entirely separate things? For example if I have a character who's guardian spirit is an Octopus, would their Instinct be something along the lines of obscuring vision with inky clouds or having mushy bodies that fit into tight spaces?
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Everyone has magic, like some kind of Semblance/Stand that only other Instinct users can see, but that can affect anyone, yes?
Other way around; anyone can see the effects of Instinct but, like the acid rain example, only Amazimu/Instinct-users can be affected by Instinct.

The inspiration is totally from semblances though, just there are clear types (A, B, C, D). I wanted to merge Aura and Semblance into one "thing"

Yo, but I saw the OP on mobile and you're right, the aisos section just falls off. It's the same for topic preview on desktop. It's definitely because the Instinct and aisos sections are displayed "inline-block." Can't remember if "display:inline-block" just doesn't work for preview/mobile in-general, but I will definitely tweak something, 'cause that's just inconvenient, lol.

Glad everything's making sense tho!

Downtime will definitely be a thing (Important people? ooh la la, Meeting the panel members/betting judges would be pretty spicy.)

I like arena hazards. An arena with extra weapons would break IC rule #2 (you only get one weapon) if fighters went in with their normal means of defense. If they went in unarmed and I just RNG'd weapons to use, that could make for some fun moments. Mundane items, too -- could throw them in with the gladiator stage -- "Your options are, a spear, a halberd, and a soup ladle." I imagine trying to intimidate someone with a spork would be a high-value bet, lol.

!!! Octopus one is wild already. One of my prospective character's is an octopus, though I'd carry over the "non-vertebrate" trait, make her a crazy contortionist.

Free-for-alls are surprise parties, yeah :] Both of your characters would inevitably get in, since eliminations only happen after both primaries & free-for-alls. It's up to the characters how they actually approach the situation, but they are technically expected to compete against one another, since point values are character-dependent.

Hoo boy, this is one hell of a concept! I get a Hunger Games meets Persona kinda vibe. Really digging the world you've constructed, it's pretty solid, generally.
Uruhu Forever, glad the world's sticking out to you :]
Persona's from, like, the fact that only the Amazimu can really register Instinct, yeah? Now I see Godzil's stand connection too

Now Instinct outside of battles is a really interesting idea. Especially with Godzil's "telekinesis" parallel in mind, I'm sure some of these powers can have practical application. I will definitely keep that in mind. Points of interest, too, for the city at large. Already considering giving character to the members of the betting panel.

Arena hazards, les go.

LOL, maybe like a lizard Spirit with a fiery Instinct. Bruh, I want to see this Bakugo-acting motherpsyducker have a bunny semblance and their Instinct makes them seem all cute, like the cotton candy example.

OKAY but the link between Instinct and Spirits. I'm going with the connection being up to you. Like, you mentioned fire-breathing dragons, and since dragons aren't real (according to the government anyway, keep asking question) you could have a lizard, I guess that's considered "dragon-like," with a fire-themed Instinct. Instinct is based on your interpretation of a Spirit. The most direct, animalistic link is between Spirit and the traits it imbues fighters with. Like, the mushy body you mentioned is a trait I'm giving my mimic octopus girl. (In her case, her Instinct effects are based off the real animal's skills.)

Going to edit the questions to reflect more brainstorming for Moyofura, downtime, and the betting panel judges. Let me know of any other changes you may want to see to the OP; I'm gonna start some revisions soon!

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A1. I would like different area biomes, particularly one based of a Pacific island.

A2. I'm thinking of having a team where both members are opposites of each other, particularly with one of them being very competitive.

A3. I don't need anything explained at the moment.

B1. I think it would be interesting if you incorporated both stadium and skyscraper elements into the arena.

B2. I honestly think both ideas could work, so I can't decide.

B3-B5. I haven't put much thought into these, so I'm not sure.
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Updating to announce I'd like to make a Discord server for APEX to promote some direct conversation surrounding the game, whether it's character-building, world-building, what have you. This would have been made with the OOC but making it now would inspire me to actually get that thread up with the little revisions I want to make.

I'm still only looking for 5-6 players, but I won't actually be able to set up the server until about a week since I'm leaving the country a couple hours from when this post'll go up. In the meantime, you can PM me here on the boards / DM me through Discord if you'd like to be a part of the server and the RP as a whole. And we'll organize from there!

Remember to follow your Instinct! Shalom.

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