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Overworld Graphics Gary Sprites For You

Started by Alan Flygon August 1st, 2018 6:43 AM
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Alan Flygon

A new GUY!!!

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Gary Sprites For You

Hi guys, Its me Alan Flygon!

Well now I bring you guys the Sprite set of Gary of Kanto,After Jhoto and Sinnoh.
They are for Fire Red and Leaf Green (Gen III hacks)


Gary (Kanto)

Gary (Lab coat)

Gary (Sinnoh)

They are all my work and is free to be used in your Hacks and don't forget to give CREDITS!
Please kindly avoid illegal distribution of sprites on other websites.

Here's the sprite pack download link

If there is any problem with the download or you have any comment please feel free to post it on the reply or send me a private message.
NOTE: Guys If you liked my work please give a 'like' and 'reply' for my Inspiration !!

My Works

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