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Essentials Script PokeBlock (PokeNav) + Berry Blender

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Old August 7th, 2018 (9:12 AM). Edited September 3rd, 2018 by bo4p5687.
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    This script will hepls you to create an item like PokeBlock and PokeNav (check party in condition) and the game: "Berry blender".

    How to use:
    + About pokeblock:
    pbPokeBlock #-> open Pokeblock or you can use item PokeBlock
    pbPokeNav_Condition #-> open "check party of PokeNav"

    + About berry blender:
    pbOneplayer #-> mode one player
    pbTwoplayers #-> mode two players
    pbThreeplayers #-> mode three players
    pbFourplayers #-> mode four players
    pbSpecialplayer #-> mode special player

    Graphics, Musics & Code:

    PokeBlock (PokeNav) and Berry blender by bo4p5687
    Graphics and musics by Richard PT
    References: ShiningMew ( and (

    + About pokeblock:
    Create item:
    532,POKEBLOCK,Pokeblock,Pokeblock,8,0,"A case for holding Pokeblocks made with a Berry Blender.",2,0,6,
    + About pokenav:
    533,POKENAV,PokeNav,PokeNav,8,0,"A item for checking Condition's stat.",2,0,6,
    About Gold, there are 2 columns: first, this is create when the berry have 1 flavor and second, when a berry have 2 flavors.
    About Black, this creates when you have same berries.
    About Gray, there are 3 flavors in a berry and White, when there are 4 flavors.
    About 2 last color column, first, there are 1 flavor and second, there are 2 flavors in a berry.

    + About Berry blender:
    .You can give the name with the computer (AI).
    .About berries of a player special (this is a master berry blender), you can give the name of berries what you want him to play with the player. (note: the name of these berries must is the name of the berries in your file item.txt)
    You have this berry:
    389,CHERIBERRY,Cheri Berry,Cheri Berries,5,20,"It may be used or held by a Pokémon to recover from paralysis.",1,1,5,
    you must add Cherri Berry in BERRIES_SPECIAL like examples in my script.
    .About flavors, this is a flavor of the berries in your file item.txt and each line is a serial flavor of each berry. Moreover, it's a ascending order of your berries in your file item.txt
    first line in my example: [1,0,0,0,-1], -> flavor of "Cheri Berry"
    second: [-1,1,0,0,0], -> flavor of "Chesto Berry"
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    Old September 3rd, 2018 (9:03 PM).
    bo4p5687 bo4p5687 is offline
      Join Date: May 2018
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      - Added musics and improved the images.
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      Old September 6th, 2018 (5:28 PM).
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        Nice Script! Gratz! :D
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