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    Hi! I made this script which in my opinion is one of the best I've made.
    This will allow you to make the Pokémon play a mini-animation when it's sent out the Pokéball, like in Pokémon Emerald and 4th generation.

    Download Script

    What do you need to make this script work?
    • All 493 second Pokémon sprite poses (attached files).
    • Download some animations and import them to the Animation Editor (attached files).
    • Copy the given script and pasting it above 'Main' (attached files).

    The attached file contains a folder called 'Battlers', with the first 493 Pokémon (shiny and back) and a subfolder 'Animations' with the second sprite for animations. You can skip copying the main battlers if you've change some, but there are several sprites which are from 5th generation and Animations are form HG/SS, so it'd look a little strange for some.
    It also contains some .anm files, which you have to import them from the Battle Animation Editor.

    Create a new animation
    It's simpler than it seems, you just need to follow these steps:
    1. In 'Animations' hash, create a key with the name of animation (e.g. :curve_sides).
    2. After the '=>', put the internal name of the Pokémon you want to animate (with a ':'). You can put its index or an interval form several Pokémon instead.
      • If you want to make the sprite change intermittently, add an alternation key following the instructions in 'Alternate' hash.
    3. Create the animation in the Battle Animation Editor calling it 'Common:Pokemon_curve_sides' (the name of your animation). Set up the animation as you want, always changing the opponent (Charizard).
      • Tip: you can change the color of the target, play a sound or change the background.
    4. Make sure you have a sprite in Animations folder and the Pokémon is not used in other animation keys.
    Then your animation is ready! You can try it testing a wild battle against the Pokémon.

    To do list:
    • Create animations for 5th generation Pokémon.
    • Create sprite for female and +forms Pokémon.
    • Call the animation outside battle (in the summary screen).
    • Solve errors when the sprite alternates.
    • Animate both Pokémon in double battle at once.

    Now, you when a Pokémon is sent out, it'll do a little move, and also when it appears in a wild battle. Please, give credits and enjoy!

    Thank you! :D
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