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Started by G-Money October 8th, 2004 12:27 PM
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The Ultra Wormhole is kinda busted for shinies lol

I originally didn't do it back when I originally played Ultra Sun (I was horrible at the minigame... guess I no longer am rofl), but I've been finishing off my unfinished Ultra Moon playthrough, and at the end decided to just do a couple Ultra Wormhole runs. First three runs each gave me a shiny. After that I just kinda went nuts with, insisting I catch a shiny of every normal mon available, and two for Lombre and Nuzleaf as those could still evolve. And catch everything I bump into while doing so. The result is 72 shinies before I caught the final unique shiny (Floatzel really made me work for it 😤) xD

Box 1 Overview:

Box 1 Collage of photo's:

Box 2 Overview:

Box 2 Collage of photo's:

Box 3 Overview:

Box 3 Collage of photo's:

All in all only 8 days of persistent Ultra Womhole grinding. @[email protected]

-8 Shiny Swellow
-7 Shiny Barbaracle
-7 Shiny Crustle
-6 Shiny Quagsire
-6 Shiny Abomasnow
-5 Shiny Grumpig
-5 Shiny Hippowdon (3 Female, 2 Male)
-4 Shiny Stunfisk
-3 Shiny Nuzleaf
-3 Shiny Medicham
-3 Shiny Audino
-3 Shiny Swanna
-2 Shiny Yanmega
-2 Shiny Sigilyph
-2 Shiny Lombre
-2 Shiny Drapion
-1 Shiny Altaria
-1 Shiny Magcargo
-1 Shiny Heliolisk
-1 Shiny Floatzel

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My latest shiny catch is an inkay I got using the pokeradar playing Pokemon Y. I don't use this method of shiny hunting a lot because it's complicated, and really easy to fail, but I have had some beginner's luck and got ran into this pretty little one on a chain of only 3.

Inkay is a shiny that you don't see a whole lot, but I think it's an especially awesome shiny, since inkay is translucent. The gold tones it gets look really magical. I would name it champagne bubble for the delicate color scheme, but I don't think I have enough characters. Maybe citrine then? She is a girl. Also she has contrary. I will probably not evolve her. I like Malamar, but I think for a shiny Inkay's color scheme is the loveliest, and since her nature isn't great I don't need this Pokemon to be strong, I just want to watch her :)

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