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Niantic gonna Niantic

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Wish I hadn’t bought that Jirachi research now.
I’ve got very high ‘dex completion, without Remote Raids (I’m rural, I can cycle around and run gyms for coins but its not convenient to go hang out in a village all afternoon hoping for a raid to spawn) this is just going to be boring. I knew the change was coming, but expected something like 125 and 400, or even 150 and 400. 195 = 4 days IF you’re blessed enough (as I am if the weather holds) to get your maximum coins per day. Yet raids aren’t guaranteed captures. So its potentially grinding for 3 weeks for a remotely reasonable chance of capturing a single legendary.
The expected response to this would be something like “but they just want you to pay, they don’t care about you” - fine, but pretty sure its the whales that are on reddit megathreads posting up with 3 accounts to invite the maximum number of people to a raid, not the f2p. We’re helping keep them in it too.

I don’t know if I’ll join the boycott, and I don’t know if it’ll work.


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Niantic will continue to do these things because they know people who complain will continue playing, and the complainers don't make up the biggest portion of their playerbase... which is unfortunate to think about. Continuing to make changes the public very vehemently dislikes and constant bugs for almost every event have really made me lose respect for Niantic as a company. It's a shame.


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Psyduck Niantic. Glad I quit Pokemon Go!
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I finally just quit and uninstalled the game about a week ago. The game has been getting boring to me and I didn't play it for a long time until holiday stuff came around. I've been thinking about uninstalling it for a couple of weeks and them going through with it just solidified my resolve to uninstall.

It was a useless change. If people want to walk and play like before, they would even without remote raid pass. All this is gonna do is make more people quit. Yeah there will still be whales and people who live in rural areas, but this alienates the rural players once again after they did so well to fix spawns a few years ago. The only time I am even able to do raids most of the time is when I am invited to them across the world because there just isn't many here, nor enough people to do higher raids.

The game overall has become repetitive, boring, and the events just don't feel as special as they did before because now we have them going on constantly. Not only that, but Ninatic said only about 10% of the features they had planned was in the game when Megas came out and since then, nothing new has come out other than more repetitive events and pokemon.

Not to mention the game was nearly 3gb with no new features. I know they've added a lot of pokemon, but I've seen games with far more than Pokemon Go that is far less space usage.