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I've had this idea for awhile, but haven't had the time to hack it.
I would like to see the idea come to fruition though :)

Years and years before humans evolved...

You are a young Machop who encounters and battles a wild, maybe Alolan, Exeggutor.
After the battle the Exeggutor drops an Exeggcute egg, Exeggegg.
Upon picking this up, you evolve into Exeggchop, probably Fighting/Grass.
Exeggchop is the first "pokemon trainer".
Exeggegg's desire to be surrounded by 5 other Pokemon give the new evolution the CATCH ability.

2ish story lines
First story line in the past living life as a pokemon
Second story line in present day after revived from frozen iceblock
-New feature, your rival can CATCH you and you can ESCAPE rival during rival battles
-Can catch pokemon in trainer battles

Exeggegg, maybe
-First trainer pokmeon
-Second evolution of Exeggchop, Machoke-esque Machamp evolution of Exeggchop
-Since power belts have not been create the Exeggegg saps the Machoke's uncontrollable power and advances the evolution forward to Machamp
Primal Legendary Beasts
-I have a very specific idea
Baby Kangaskhan (Cubone Theory)
Mushroomless Paras
Mushroomless Parasect
"Primal" Bulbasaur and evolutions
-Politoed? and Oddish co-evolution

I've got a bunch of plot line ideas and a dark twist for the end, but this is the basic idea.

Anyone interested in partnering on this?