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Hey guys, I'm new to the RomHacking environment, but no worries, I just need help with a small problem.

The ROM I'm using is an EMERALD (US) base.

What I wanted to do was to add Red and Gold (the characters) to Emerald. Fortunately, the Red OW sprite was already existent, so I just modified his trainer sprite and I was good to go, I did the same with Gold but he doesn't have an OW sprite like Red, so I also need to add that.

So, I've searched online and that's what I found:

1st problem: OverWorld Manager
Basically, I've read all the possible topic about OverWorld Manager on the internet I think, but I still can't get it to work properly.. basically I open my fresh Emerald ROM with it, by analyzing it of course, but it won't show more than 59 sprites, although we all know there are a lot more than that.. and ofc if I add one it corrupts the memory, I feel like it's not loading the whole table properly.. am I doing something wrong or is it just buggy for Emerald? Cause all the guides I've found for it were using FireRed.

2nd problem: Overworld Editor Rebirth Edition
This one works properly but doesn't let you create brand new sprites/palettes as the first one does... Isn't there a way to add totally new sprites and palettes without sacrificing/substituting existent ones? Because if I want to create a unique character, like Gold, then it's a mess...I would encounter it in every map if I use a common character for its base and I would substitute important characters if I use an important character for its base, also the palettes would corrupt for every character which was sharing the same palette id with the base character I've used...

So how do I do if I can't add a new one since OW Manager doesn't work and the second one just doesn't support that feature?
I'm open for suggestions, I just need a software that lets me add brand new OW sprites and assigns to them new palettes: Their own at the moment of the image import.

Thanks for the patience and the answers.
Medan, Indonesia
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I am not familiar with Emerald, but i think that i have the solution for your problem.

i think that the only solution is to use Overworld Editor RE and sacrifice one of the existing overworld.
I think there are exist but unused overworld like RED, LEAF, or the TeachyTV guy from Firered ?
Then, the next problem is the palette.
I can't explain for sure as i am not Emerald hacker, but as far as i have learned.
Human NPC uses and shares 4 palettes. So you need to edit Ethan (Gold) using one of those existing palette.

This is possible to be done.
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