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what Pokémon would help you cook

Started by Sheep September 30th, 2019 12:34 AM
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You can have one Pokémon of your choice to help you prepare meals in the kitchen. Who do you choose?


The bizarre guy

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Scyther, it can cut meats, vegetables and et cetera for meals. Although I must avoid to showing it red things.


magical leaf

the dream world
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Hear me out, here. Not only do I have a Pokemon that can breathe fire so I also have a source of heat, but I also have a form of transportation! I know that's kind of besides the point, but what if I'm running short on ingredients? It's important that this situation be rectified asap, so Dragonite is my solid go to. Plus, it's really intelligent as well so I'm pretty sure it can learn how to cook a few meals, too!


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Definitely Delphox. Being psychic type, it's pretty smart and likely could follow recipes pretty well (and could reach things that are too high in the cabinets without needing a stepstool), and its fire typing would allow it to control the strength of the flames. It'd likely be a great asset to culinary efforts in a kitchen or on the go. I'd especially enjoy a Delphox's help cooking for a larger group, since we'd be able to handle different parts of the tasks to speed up the cooking.
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Such an interesting question! I think a fire type and a grass type should do it for some reason.
Pansear, Sceptile and Cincinno for me. Pansear will deal with the heating activities, while Sceptile will be the chef.
Cincinno should be obvious, because Cincinno will help with cleaning after the cooking's done!

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