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Old August 16th, 2018 (10:04 PM).
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Gen 3 expanded our definition of a Pokemon generation by not just introducing a new region, but by updating an existing region for its generation with Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, a remake or Red and Blue. We found Hoenn first in Ruby and Sapphire and side by side we revisited Kanto in the third generation. We explored two regions yet again in gen 4 when we journeyed back to Johto with HGSS after conquering Sinnoh in DPPt. This pattern was altered in gen 5, which offered sequel games rather than remakes, but resumed in gen 6 by taking us back to Hoenn via ORAS after our adventure through Kalos in XY. Gen 7 takes place solely in the Alola region, as RBY did in Kanto. It has been debated quite a bit whether or not Sun and Moon should have received sequels over a third version game, but I think not so much whether or not Gen 7 should have included remakes of previous regions.

I personally would have liked it if Game Freak had found a way to fit perhaps a Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl game into this generation. What are your thoughts my fellow Pokemon lovers?
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Old August 17th, 2018 (12:25 AM).
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That wouldn't have worked. Actually, this has been a repeat performance of what happened back in Gen 5 with B2W2 - I remember everyone demanding Hoenn remakes for the DS, and memes sprung up like anything. While I also wanted them, I then realised that there was pretty much no point because you can play the originals on older DS models anyway, and when it was realised that the next gen was for 3DS, there was renewed hope thanks to the loss of the GBA slot - and it happened in that gen.

Similarly here, there are some people demanding Sinnoh remakes for 3DS, but for similar reasoning, that's also impossible (you can play the originals on 3DS anyway) and all of the Pokemon from the fourth generation are already easily accessible through a combination of ORAS and USUM. I do expect them to remake it on the Switch for the next generation though.

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Old August 17th, 2018 (2:18 PM). Edited August 17th, 2018 by tokyodrift.
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I’m silently in the corner rocking back and forth waiting for Sinnoh remakes to be announced. But to answer the question, no, I don't think it would have worked.
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Old August 18th, 2018 (9:10 AM).
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maybe they would have, but i'm kinda glad they went with sequels this time. since there's been a generation gap with the remakes since HGSS, it probably means the next will be during 8th gen and hopefully, it will be sinnoh. just imagine the graphics ugh.
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Old August 24th, 2018 (6:14 PM).
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While a 7th Gen DPPt would've been... interesting, I really don't think it would've been all that exciting compared to if a Switch version of the game(s) were to release, assuming that would ever be a thing.

I dunno, I honestly feel rather conflicted here.
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Old August 25th, 2018 (5:17 PM).
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I honestly don't think a remake would have worked this generation, no. All Sinnoh hints aside, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am dying for a D/P remakes...

But, honestly, with the remake gaps getting bigger, I can't see sinnoh remakes happening in this gen at all. Maybe next gen or whenever the rumored "3ds successor" happens.
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Old August 25th, 2018 (10:43 PM).
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I don't have a switch, so a remake in Gen 7 would have been fine by me. I didn't expect one though, as the last time they didn't make a remake it was Gen 5. Back then the DS was on it's way out, just like the 3DS is today. Not sure if this is why they chose not to, but it is probably one of the many reasons.

Gen 4 is my favorite too :confused: I am sure it will happen on the Switch or whatever Nintendo has by then, but definitely not any time soon.
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Old August 25th, 2018 (10:55 PM).
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    I'd rather have a legit sequel like Black2/White2 that has something better than a redundant remake. USUM looked underwhelming so I skipped this generation.

    Why it's redundant?

    1. People can still buy the game used and the 3DS has a DS slot.Transferring old Pokemon is easier than with RSEFRLG,. It's just dump them on a G5 game and Bank it. The other way is convoluted, though possible with trickery. The Switch can't play those games without being ported.

    2. Remakes have always been on systems that didn't have something the original had. Graphics aside, most of G4 is covered. Sinnoh exclusive evolutions? Check. Legends? Mostly. The Switch is a dual purpose console that is as much of a leap if not more from the DS.

    3. I doubt it will be for a 3DS successor. That is likely their backup if the Switch bottoms out like the Wii did after the hype left. I don't believe this to be the case so far.
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