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Old March 12th, 2018 (7:33 PM). Edited August 10th, 2018 by Thomas Wiencek.
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    Do you think whether or not there will be a Pokkén Tournament sequel? Or if not, please tell me why not?
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    Old March 12th, 2018 (10:13 PM).
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    Hmm, my guess is that we probably won't see another new Pokkén Tournament game during the Nintendo Switch's lifetime. The DX version is still pretty recent, and if the developers wanted to release new content, they could gradually do so in the form of DLC packs. (On that note, I think we're getting another DLC pack this month! ^^)

    Any console after the Nintendo Switch could still be fair game, though! I would imagine that a fighting game sounds like an appealing concept to a reasonable number of Pokémon fans, so it's possible that they might consider expanding this title further down the line.

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    Old July 5th, 2018 (2:40 PM).
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      Wait guys, because Pokkén Tournament DX, the game for Nintendo Switch, has sold over 1 million units worldwide, making it a bestseller ever, do you think that it is commercially successful enough that it will receive its sequel?
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      Old July 7th, 2018 (8:53 AM).
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        There better not be. I just started playing DX and I'm still trying to get better at it.

        At least not anytime soon.

        DLC I'm fine with.
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