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Seen September 6th, 2019
Posted July 30th, 2019
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I'm thinking a Flying type would be nice.
I'd say either Elyseon (Elysium) or maybe Zephyreon (You know.)
Or maybe Aereon (already stated though) or Aeroeon?


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My top three
Spectreon (ghost)
Drakeon (dragon)
Boxeon (fighting)

Runners up
Zephryeon (Flying)
Steeleon (Steel) are contenders.

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Sirocceon the Flying-Type Eeveelution. Named after one of the eight Mediterranean Winds the Sirocco representative of the Sahara, the eastern Mediterranean and the "blood rain". Yellow/brown + Cobalt blue colour scheme, and features wavy crests on the neck, torso and shoulders as well as hardened fur patches in swirly patterns in their front and hind legs.

This Eeveelution has access to non-contact physical attacks of course Flying-type being the focus. Available moves include Howl, Sand Attack, Tailwind, Twister, Air Cutter and Hurricane.

Sirocceon's ability Carrier Wind increases this Pokémon and their allies' chances to apply secondary effects with their attacks (such as PAR).

Sirocceon's ability Abrasion Gradient lowers the duration of the opponent's weather effect (Sandstorm, Sunny Day, etc) by one remaining turn each turn this Pokémon takes damage.
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I like Brawleon design the best, so hopefully a fighting type Eeveelution will be among the two in generation 8, but i also would like a bug type 100% fennec (unlike other eevees who are a mix between cat and fennec) to be based on this

For all non polish users, Araeon is a spider/bee fennec with 6-8 legs and 4 spider eyes, it has a very cute personality

Also my german buddy's Nimbeon has a cute design too
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