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5th Gen Cheren & Bianca

Started by Palamon July 19th, 2019 8:16 PM
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Cheren and Bianca are your rivals in Pokemon B/W. They both start their journey on the same day as you and are both trying to find their purpose in life, to some extent. Bianca goes on a Pokemon Journey to find out what she wants to do, and Cheren starts out his journey wanting to become stronger, I think, but I might be wrong about this particular part. In Black2/White2, two years later, Cheren becomes a Gym Leader, and Bianca becomes professor Juniper's assistant.

What did you think of Cheren/Bianca? Which amongst the two was your favorite?
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I liked your interactions with them in BW, it's like you are traveling with a brother and sister. It's not like Gen 6 where you have a crowd of more rivals than you may need, instead this twosome is just a nice new dynamic, a pair who act as foils. One is serious, more critical, reserved, with a clear ambition. The other is spirited, fun, attractive and warm. One rises as a trainer and the other falls. Both evolve and mature in different ways and parallel you and N. The ways they interact with you were creative, like opening presents together, arguing over the starter Pokemon and tearing apart your room during your first pokemon battle. I think they were tied into the plot well with distinctive actions like Bianca's father being unready to let her grow up and Cheren coming with you to the Indigo Plateau. They didn't feel to me like characters that were just tossed in and forgotten only to pop back up on a route later when it was time for a battle. I think they did well with them.

I felt they were definitely better than Hugh in the sequel. Hugh had a sleek design, but didn't go through as many emotional changes. My favorite BW rival and all-time rival however will always be N, but I still like Bianca and Cheren. Choosing between Bianca or Cheren is tricky, but I'm gonna say Cheren because he is with you longer in BW, right there with Alder and N. That being said, it sure was nostalgic catching up with Bianca again in particular in BW2, receiving my pokemon from her, calling her for advice and teaming up once more in Reversal Mountain. If you compare their progress in BW2 then perhaps Bianca has transformed most of all pursuing her own unique path.

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Hmm, I have mixed feelings about them. It's nice to have two friends to accompany my BW journey, but also their teams have wasted potential to me. There are a lot of great Pokémon in Unova, and yet they only own 4 Pokémon by the end of the game (If their post game team additions were implemented before the first E4 battle, I'd probably give them a higher rating). Not challenging rivals at all.
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