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Checking interest for a DnD styled Pokemon rp using the Mini Six dice system, likely hosted in Skype or another chat client. Assume a decently high rating for violence (you are using swords and whatnot). The basic premise is that Pokemon have never really been able to understand human speech like in the show and are for the most part significantly more feral or otherwise indifferent to humans. While some people do have tamed Pokemon, it's a much rarer arrangement and most Pokemon, even if they did understand that you wanted to team up, wouldn't really have any interest.

Since Poke balls were never invented and Pokemon never properly tamed as a whole, Pocket Monsters are instead just called monsters. Typical animals, such as dogs and livestock, also exist.

The dice system that would be used is called Mini Six, which you can read online for free here: . There will also be some house rules to refine a few of the systems.

The setting would be something similar to DnD, where the players are part of a small band of adventurers running about with swords and bows to defeat the monsters and get the treasure. There will also be an item-based "mage" sort of class. Due to the way the Mini Six works and how squishy humans are, things like Charizard are fairly deadly now.

I already have the math for converting Pokemon damage and other stats into Mini Six worked out, but I wanted to check for interest before I actually go and start balancing dungeons.
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