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Posted February 25th, 2019
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In an RP, your characters are bound to rules and limits set by themselves and the world they inhabit. But sometimes it's fun to imagine how a character will do outside it's setting, outside it's confinement. Let's unchain them from their earthly shackles in this thread.

What if...? is a game where someone poses a situation for a character and the next person puts one of their one characters, be it PC or NPC, in this situation. For example, I post: What if your character's world was the opposite gender?

The next poster would go on to explain how this would work, as tragic, comical, long or short as they want. Scenario's may be specific, or unspecific, as long as every character can be placed in it. Answers may be just explanations, but also an in character post about the scenario is allowed.

  • You can only use characters of your creation
  • You always have to post a new scenario if they answer one
  • No character specific scenario's. Every character should be able to be placed in a scenario
  • It is preferably to start of a scenario with What if, but it is not required.
  • If you have multiple characters, you are free to choose one.
  • A scenario doesn't have to be about only one character, it can also be about multiple ones.

Example scenarios:
What if your character was cloned?

What if your character lived in a steampunk world?

What if your character had a good or evil twin?

What if your character was a superhero?

So, let me kick this off with the first scenario:

What if you're character was a pokemon?