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Game Over! Grand Idea Grab Bag Mafia [Game Over] Page 7

Started by Pecilia February 3rd, 2019 6:57 AM
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Grand Idea Grab Bag Mafia

Oh hey look, someone reached their solo win condition...
Game Over

The people had still been preparing to vote. They had to stop the mafia and the bomber soon otherwise the whole town would be doomed. There was an unforeseen threat, a wild card if you will. With a snap of their fingers half the citizens snapped into a hypnotic state. They each grabbed something pointy to poke another. Those unaffected were caught off guard and stabbed. A lovebird turned on her partner, a betrayal she would not realize due to the hypnosis, One man stood atop a pile of the bodies that had been left and his name was,,,,

Jdthebud the Victorious. They were an 25-Post Detector!

Those who were unsuspectingly drafted into his army and win with him are...


And that's game, thank you all for playing. Congratulations to Jdthebud, Superjolt, Desox, L'Belle, and LuluRina on winning, though I'm sure you weren't expecting it either. Honorable mention to the mafia for not actually losing a member until Jd and his crew murked yall. Roles assigned will be shown in the players section, as for the bags I'll just paste them into this here spoiler tag.


Bag 1
Even-Day Kidnapper
On even days, you may PM the mod to remove someone from the game for one day phase. They may not talk, vote, be targeted, or be lynched during that period.

Bag 2
Post-25 Detector
You know any role that has a post number that is a multiple of 25 in the game. You are aligned with them, meaning you all win and everybody else loses if the group contains half the players in the game (rounded up). You are third-party and will not share a group chat. If you die players that were aligned with you will no longer be aligned with you, though they would’ve still remained town/mafia/third-party anyways.

Bag 3
Paranoid Sword Owner
Wounds any one that targets them. Wounded players will die the following night.

Bag 4
Pizza Delivery Man
Can target another player one time during the game, but only during the day phase. They cannot vote for the next 30 posts they post because they are eating pizza.

Bag 5
Motion Detector
Can target a player at Night and learn if any actions were performed by or on that player, but not what the actions were or who else they involved.

Bag 6
Two-shot Motivator
May motivate one player at night. Motivated player's vote counts twice the following day. Motivated player will not know that their vote counts twice.

Bag 7
1-shot Dayvig Vigilante/Serial Killer
Can choose to kill 1 player each night. Can kill a player 1 time during the day. Cannot be aligned with the mafia.

Bag 8
Mafia-Scatterbrained Vigilante/Serial Killer
If you target a mafia, you will instead randomly target someone else who is not you. If you target a non-mafia person then they will die like normal. Player will not know they are scatteredbrained.

Bag 9
Chocolate Fudge Town/Goon
There’s always one guy who changes Vanilla to another flavor...

Bag 10
Cult-starting Cthulhu
Not to be confused with EM Cthulhu. Always starts by themselves, with other cult roles rerolled. Can choose to be passive or active each night. If passive, anyone visiting this player is recruited into the cult. If active, can pick a player to to influence, recruiting that player and all that target that player. If this role dies the cult members revert to their previous roles.

Bag 11
Town Census Taker
Once during the game, at daytime, you may DM/PM the GM, asking for a census. The mod will tell you the number of living Town players in the game.

Bag 12
Cute Doggo
All investigation results will say, "good boy"

Bag 13
Kenneth K. Boorstin, Attorney at Law and Ally to all good/bad Boys and Girls

You are a Miller/Godfather (alignment dependant), and win when all anti-town factions are eliminated. However, at any time you may day-vig another player. This does not end the day. If you do, you immediately become a Day-Serial Killer and win when only you are alive.

While you are a Day-Serial Killer you can day-vig once per day (and you have no night kill)

Bag 14
Town Loyal Modified Weak Doctor
You may protect one player each night. Your protection fails on any non-town players. If your target is town and is considered to have a gun (cop, vig, rolecop, vanilla cop, gunsmith), you will die.

Bag 15
1-Shot Death Faker
Once per game, during the day, you may PM the mod with the number of a post from this thread. The mod will then announce your death in the thread and flip you as the role of that post. The vote count will be reset, and the number of votes required to lynch will be lowered if applicable. However, you are not dead, and once you post in the thread again, the number of votes to lynch will go back to what it was. You must post in the thread before the day's end, though, or you will actually die and the mod will then reveal your true role.

Bag 16
Armoured 2-shot cop
Find out the alignment of target player. You may use this ability twice.
You have protection from x-shot active abilities (roles abilities that are limited to a certain number of shots. You have immunity to all beneficial and hindering abilities of that nature).
Unlimited active abilities work as usual.

Bag 17
Post Rest
Your posts may only contain “words” of 4 characters long, including names, votes. Failure to do so will cause your vote to be counted as 0 until next day phase.

Bag 18
Each night, you may place a fuse on a player, they will not be informed. If anyone with a fuse attached to them is killed, the bomb will start. The town has three days following the lighting of the bomb to lynch the bomber, or the bomb will blow up, killing everyone except the bomber.

Bag 19
Even Odd Cop
Sane on even nights, insane on odd nights. Player will not know which is sane or insane.

Bag 20
Organ Donor
You may sacrifice yourself to bring a player back into the game. You may only do this for players who have died within 4 phases.

Bag 21
Bus Driver
Choose two players, any actions targeted on those players will be swapped. If one of the selected players targets the other selected player it will not be swapped. You cannot swap someone with no one.

Bag 22
Visit a player at night, if they are killed only you will know their role.

Bag 23
Role that can send an anonymous message to another player at Night. This is done by sending the message and its intended recipient to the moderator, who will then send the message to the specified player.

Bag 24
Once per day/night cycle (N0 is it’s own), you may "plunder" by taking away a players night action and allowing them to only post once per real time day during the next game day. Or, once per game, you may make a player "walk the plank" by removing them from the game as a night action. Using this action removes your “plunder” ability.

Bag 25
Last Minute Cop
You may attempt to send in a Cop investigation every night. However, you will only get a result if, by the start of the following Day, the game is in mylo or lylo.

Bag 26
Cop Seer
Every night you can target one person to find out if that person is third-party or mafia or neither.

Bag 27
Plus One
You may have the GM DM/PM a person from outside the game, meaning not dead, to invite into the game. If that person accepts, the mod will roll 2 roles for both of you. You will be neighbours in addition. No one accepts your invite? Well that's a shame, guess you’ll be stuck as a neutral survivor. Neighbors watch everyone who visits their neighbor, and knows when the player leaves the house but does not know who the player visits. Joining player will also be third-party.

Bag 28
Super Mafia Goon
Mod will publicly confirm your role.
All other roles aligned with Mafia is now Mafia Goon.

Bag 29
Once per game, can challenge another player to a duel. The next day, players can only vote between the two dueling players. No lynching is not allowed.

Bag 30
Night 3 Dark Omen
At the end of night 3, if you are in the game and alive, the mod will post “Something terrible has happened!”. This does nothing. You cannot reveal at any time that this does nothing, doing so will kill you after the end of night 3, you will still die if night 3 has passed.

Also yes I know that shade of blue sucks but, it's the final game post who cares. gg


Pecilia as GM
Gimmepie as 1-shot Dayvig Serial Killer
L'Belle as Gladiator
BidoofFTW as Bomber
Charlie Brown as Kenneth K. Boorstin, Attorney at Law and Ally to all good Boys and Girls
Ash as Mafia-Scatterbrained Vigilante
Superjolt as Town Census Taker
Jdthebud as 25 Post Detector
Desox as Super Mafia Goon (Previously Post Rest)
Nakuzami as Motion Detector
Lyndrome as Night 3 Omen
Kitty as Pirate
malanaphii as Town Loyal Modified Weak Doctor
Aldo as Even-Day Kidnapper
LuluRina as Pizza Delivery Man
Desinishon as Two-shot Motivator (previously Cute Doggo)
Fletchling as 1-shot Death Faker

CSS shamelessly stolen from Sparkin’s Valentine’s Mafia.


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Well that was an oddly specific and unexpected loss condition

If only I'd made two more posts in my last little bit

I'll take it lmao
"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
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Age 21
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"We have decided not to award points for this game"
"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
~Neil Hilborn


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Boom, victory. Thanks recruits! Sorry Syn, you were lynched while I was afk.

I mean i could have won earlier if Pecilia hadn’t decided to post on 125, lol, and the lynch was in my favor as well, so whatevs.

Charlie Brown


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Good game everyone! Thanks for hosting Peci :) And lol rip well that was definitely out of our hands haha.

Also CB why were you trying to lynch mala?
Eh wasn't trying to actively lynch her. But while writing my post I figured it would be tough for me to lead a lynch on Doof for coasting while conveniently ignoring mala.

Also shout-out to mala for waiting until the end of D1 to ask who her mafia partners were LOL

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