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faint attack

the dream world
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Champion Cynthia wouldnt be a bad choice, really.


My avatar creator Korrina av. HOT!

Sticking by Korrina (i love her :3)
Seen August 5th, 2019
Posted August 3rd, 2019
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I thought of HER <3

Being as she's always on my mind, pretty much, i'm hardly surprised.

Korrina fangirl for life~ <3
*sigh's blissfully*

EDIT!!!: Just read the FIRST POST in this thread...
Best day ever <3
I wonder if that post makes it all official somehow....:DDDDD ahhh devotion x3;
~Number One Korrina Fan Girl~

Keeping my pink sig text lol

I'm too autistic to be as girly as I generally am....And too bold to care <3 Some 'rules' were meant to be broken, anyways. Who's crazy idea was it that an aspie girl 'can't be extremely feminine' if thats what she WANTS....? I'm me. I'm an ultra 'girly' lipstick lesbian korrina fangirl with autism and very proud of who I am!!! And anyone who says i'm an impossible life form is ignorent~ :P

Calio Critter toys are SO CUTE!!! :D

Kimi is my big sister (on this forum) and i'm a pokemon fan 4 life :3
Please join my forum :D

How odd. This forum no longer allows blingee signatures.....? *shrug*


pay day

Age 25
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Posted September 9th, 2019
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5.9 Years
Flannery so I guess I'm gay now


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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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5.1 Years
Mallow. well, if she's older then maybe i could consider.


Lover of Dragons

Sootopolis City
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Posted 5 Hours Ago
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3.4 Years
Steven Stone. I have a boyfriend already, so I am not happy about giving him up. But Steven is the next best thing if it has to be so. If it has got to be a cartoon or video game character then he is the best!

Name: Narcissus
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"


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Now that trainer is your husband/wife.
Nah ンン
“No, I... I have to be strong. Everyone expects me to."


space adventure

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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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I would gladly widen my gay horizon for Misty.
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