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What gender do you feel the franchise is targeted at?

Started by PageEmperor April 1st, 2019 4:33 PM
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Which gender do you feel the franchise targets?

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Basically what you think. It can be what the games, show, specific games, or series altogether.

I don't know about the show and whatnot, but I think the games and the franchise altogether is definitely for guys, I mean it's about a bunch of fictional creatures and beasts fighting each other. can't get more masculine than that.


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Both, actually, especially because it's targeted towards children. Monsters fighting each other is a pretty masculine concept, but it's treated in Pokémon really lightly. Especially with trainer customization and whatnot, Pokémon is a game for everyone.

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Shirts and such at stores tend to still be more in the boys section than the girls section, but I feel overall the Pokemon series is targeted at kids as a whole these days, like said above.


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Posted May 31st, 2019
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Originally I think it was targeted at boys, like back in the 90s, seeing as it was based off bug collecting -- but when it hit international popularity, it became clear that it could be marketed towards girls as well, and it has been ever since. Hence the introduction of a female protagonist in Crystal, clearly acknowledging female players. So, neither option is really accurate, in my opinion.



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Firstly, I think that as pointed out above numerous times, kids are now the focus for Pokemon (always have been, in retrospect). The games tackle both interests for both genders, and I feel that it's now at a point where you don't know who likes what, so I'd caution people against strongly pushing adverse opinions because I know someone's eventually going to be triggered. But anyway, I'd say the franchise has scenarios which are polar opposites of each other, to target both males and females. However, we have to look at this in terms of young males and young females. Younger females may like more "girlish" stuff, whereas younger boys might enjoy, as PageEmperor pointed out above, more "masculine" things.


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It's targeted at all genders and ages, obviously? How many times do I have to explain Pokemon is for everyone? /sigh
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Pokemon is for both genders, at least now it is. :3

At first it might of been more for boys but now you also have stuff like fairy types and trainer customization :P

For awhile we also had stuff like contests, super contests, musicals....and then in crystal there was kris. And there were always cute pokemon in general really.

So pretty much Pokemon was really only 'a boys game' back during the classic kanto days. It grew up to be more unisex pretty quickly I think.

annnnd....even in the KANTO days, you still had clefairy, jigglypuff, and the ponyta line :P yep.
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Maybe a very diplomatic/radical answer but I think we can't really say that these are games for boys or girls or any other gender since what gender one identifies with doesn't control what interests they have ;)

I do think that these days, pokémon as a franchise seems to definitely be marketed towards all children. And maybe also their parents, what with all the Kanto nods over the past games.


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Posted July 4th, 2019
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Pokemon is mostly targeted at male, and for younger children. My parents always think that this Pokemon and its Nintendo realated games for younger kids, because they conserative since they really love mature games a lot.

I tried to make my parents to know that this game is for everyone, not for younger kids. But they won't litsen to it.

(sorry for my poor English)
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