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Games, anime, manga, TCG, etc? What did you get into first??

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The anime! Mystery of Mount Moon was my very first Pokemon episode and I will never forget that. After that on my eighth birthday I got my first games Gold and Silver and my love for Pokemon continued on from there. But the anime was my first step into this fandom and I'm glad I got back into the thing that I loved about Pokemon first.


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The anime was what first introduced me on the franchise, and I was hooked on it from day one when they showed a preview episode (Battle Aboard the St. Anne), even before they showed episode 1. I got into the TCG as soon as it came out too, and still remember where I opened up my first booster pack, and that Dewgong was the first card I pulled out.

It actually wasn't until a number of years later that I got into the games. I had borrowed my cousin's copy of Yellow at one point, but I didn't have my own game until I got a used copy of Gold a year or two after it came out.


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The beginner-friendly gameplay.

I only listen to high-quality video game rips.


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None of the above, technically. A bunch of kids in my class were drawing Pokemon and someone taught me how to draw Pikachu before I even knew what Pikachu was. (I thought it was something from South Park because they drew a lot of that too, although we were like 8 years old so I don't know why their parents were letting them watch South Park... but I guess it was still new so maybe they just saw cartoons and thought it was fine... ANYWAY.) They taught me to draw a few more Pokemon and then like weeks later I finally realized Pokemon was a TV show so I started watching it--I think the first episode I caught was the... early one with Beedrill? I had nightmares about giant bees after that LOL. And then I realized some boys in my class were playing Pokemon on their Gameboys, too, so sometimes I'd beg them to let me watch them play over their shoulder.

I think the first Pokemon things I ever actually owned were bootleg cards because TCG cards sold out immediately where I lived, so my dad had to pick them up on business trips and the real deal wasn't always obvious. I didn't care though!


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Posted July 4th, 2019
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Anime was the only thing i've watched so far, i watched them in Croatian dubbing version broadcasted in my country Serbia. The Pokemon never got dubbed into Serbia until 2004 when they start dubbing in Serbian language and air them in Pink. Serbians we're still lagging to expose their interests in Pokemon due to lack of international interests stuff and prereferences of Digimon, which became really popular in my country there (Spongebob also got really popular there as well).

(sorry for my poor English)



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Its been so long that I've honestly forgotten which came first: Chicken or the Egg Anime or Games. I think the first thing I came across were the games, specifically Pokemon Red at school where a classmate was so hooked that he brought his Gameboy to school to grind against the Elite Four. My friend down the street ultimately got Pokemon Blue(and Gold not long after it came out) and I sometime later got Pokemon Yellow. I also recall watching the Anime from Episode 1 onward and to this day my memory of the early Anime is very, very fuzzy lol. What I do remember is that I instantly fell in love with Vulpix. Something about burning Misty to a crisp is what attracted me to it lol. When Generation 7 came around and they added an Ice variant, it was like a match was made(I love Ice Types).


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I think it was the anime - we had the VHS of all the early Pokemon movies and I remember watching a lot of them when I was four or five with my family. I remember watching the Entei movie in Chinese and also the First Movie in English (which scared me at the time so I don't know how I liked the series at that point). But the idea of Pokemon was really cool to me and I wanted to own one so when I found out there I was a game... :D My sister never heard the end of it when I found out she had the Pokemon games


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I remember seeing the show before I got into the games


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The anime first, TCG second, and then the games afterwards.

Kind of a shame I gave up on the anime years ago, though. Starting to hear a lot of positive things about the SM anime which makes me want to get back into it.


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I'm pretty sure it was the games, but I was definitely watching the anime at the same time so it's hard to say for sure!


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I think my first exposure was the cards, though I definitely did not understand what made a card a real one and what made a card a fake one at first.

I do know the first thing I actually did involving Pokemon myself was the games, though. And the anime shortly after. Got into the cards further because everyone was into them and I had the game boy game for it for a bit (until I lost it at a hospital because I was a kid not great at keeping track of my things).


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I first started with pokemon crystal back in 2005. I still remember everything
I ever did in it, and the best pokemon I had. A level 63 pidgeot with gust, return, fly, and swift. I got stuck on koga since I didn't know any better than just level up my pidgeot and leave the others in my party to just waste away. I kept getting stuck on his foretress since my pidgeot had a bad moveset, and I had killed everything in my path. Legendaries, "DONT NEED 'EM". Not only that, I got there before I even learned how to read! I'll always remember that game. I even still have that gameboy and cartridge, but a new save from 2008, with over 500 hours on it, but same strat, this time, with some knowledge of the games moves, and a level 100 pidgeot. If possible, I might be able to share the save file if I can get a hand on an adapter. Message me if you know of one.
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Fan, text-based RPGs and the anime. Stuff like TPCRPG and TPMRPG were stuff I poked all the time, but I also got into the anime at around the same time as the time I played really bad fanmade text RPG Pokemon games LOL.
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Definitely the cuteness :)

Pokemon kind of is what got me started on cute things more as a whole too. xD

Over time, i grew to like other things, like the battles and bonds between trainer and pokemon and glitches (yeah them too lol) and of course korrina a lot later on too though.

and korrina IS adorable. you. can't deney that... D8

Pokemon <3 Pokemon forever <33

EDIT: LOL! i read one of the above posts and.....pikachu being from south park xD made me chuckle lol
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TCG was a big thing in my schoolyard in the 90s. Then the anime came to my country, and finally some years later I got my hands on the games at last. So it started with the cards for me and the TCG will always have a dear spot in my heart :)


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I started watching the anime at around 4-5 years old. That was back in the Advanced Generation Days and I have so many fond memories of watching the show at my grandmother's house. I actually didn't realize that pokemon games existed until I received Pokemon Pearl on my eighth birthday.

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I actually got into Pokémon through the anime! My first episode was the one in which Ash and gang ended up going to some prestigious, Harvard sort of-ish academy! The nostalgia is so real!
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I'm not exactly sure which came first; I watched some of the anime, and saw other kids in the playground with the games and TCG cards. A mixture? The games got my attention the most however.


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TCG! My babysitter's next door neighbor gave me some cards and I picked up the show soon after. My next door neighbors (on both sides) also played the games so I picked up PMD Blue Rescue Team in my early age too. But it all started with a Holographic Delta Species Salamence card that I still have to this day.


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Anime for me! Well the movies technically. I had copies of the entire collection (up to Arceus). I started with Jirachi: Wish Maker, up to everything else and then I got Diamond and then everything steamrolled from there.

I'm not exactly still heavily into (actually work is full of Pkmn nerds so I might be) but I still love these.
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