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erik destler


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Based on the above image from the official Pokémon Twitter page and your initials, what type would be your speciality? What city would you gym be located in? What would your potential team be? Feel free to use this team maker to construct your team.

My initials are TS - therefore, I would be a Psychic type Gym Leader in Saffron City. Sabrina WHOMST?

I think my team would be...maybe the below?

I know I'd at least have the first 3 Pokémon. Jynx is one of my favorites, and I really loved using both Alolan Raichu and Gardevoir when I played Gen 7 and 6 respectively. I can't say I've ever used Malamar or Exeggutor, but I think they look cool. If we're being honest - the first 3 would probably be my team on the player's first playthrough, and then I would add Malamar and Exeggutor for the post E4 rematch. I'd much rather be a Ghost Type gym leader tho

If I absolutely had to be in Kanto, I'd say Saffron would actually be my preference given the fact that it's literally in the center of like everything. It'd be pretty convenient as far as locations go. If I could choose anywhere else in the Pokémon world to have a gym be, I'd maybe go with Hearthome City in Sinnoh. I love Sinnoh, and really like Hearthome.

What about you?

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I am BS in Irl, so that requires me to be a Fire leader in a normally Psychic place. Ghost type best type.

However, that being said, this does mandate that I use pokemon from Kanto, along with some choice others:

Mega Charizard X
Infernape or Arcanine

My team is utterly destroyed by water and rock pokemon, but I guess that is besides the point.

I'd chose Lavender town for my Ghost gym, personally, no need to be male Fantina.


space adventure

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lol what is my name even

I'm a Normal type leader in Laverre City :) I think that is a bit boring maybe haha but Normal types can be really cute and cool, and at least they won't disrupt the pretty environment there. I'd probably have a theme to strive towards balance, but better than Norman did lolol. Balance between nature and humans etc. And between Normal type and secondary types ;D Oh, the gym could be in the big tree with lots of actual physical balancing needed lol.

My team... Could be...
Pyroar-F, Bewear, Pidgeot, Wigglytuff, Heliolisk, Diggersby! Naturally I wouldn't always use all of them in every gym battle. It would depend on my opponents :3 and how good I gauge their ability to balance is!


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Fighting in Rustboro.
Great type, okay city.

I think for a team I'd do what Rika has and rotate for different teams of three out of six.


Meow, purr purr.

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I'd be aaaaa Psychic type gym leader in Opelucid City!
My team would be .. I guess I'd have to use at least a Unovan Pokemon so

Mega Metagross

I mean, at least I get Mega Metagross <3 Which would be my only requirement in my team ahahdalkdkfsbja I have no idea what theme I'd go for other than "hey these Pokemon look pretty cool". For the first run I'd probably do Reuniclus, Sigilyph, and Gallade, and add the others post game.

If I had to choose what type I'd be though, it would most likely either be Steel/Psychic/Fairy, and would be somewhere in Sinnoh. Sunyshore, probably! Or I can be a non type leader like Blue and just chill in Viridian. I like that too.


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Flying in Canalave City.

...Well, at least it's Sinnoh! And flying give me some crossover with lots of different types. I'll just have a cute gym with Pokemon that would be useless if they knew "Fly". So Hoppip, Drifloon, Combee, etc. 8)



Northeast US
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Punchy type in Mossdeep. Meh type, meh city.

punchy poison frog
punchy fire monkey (not to be confused with passimian, who is exclusively referred to as ffx tidus)
punchy mushroom
punchy anubis
punchy birb
punchy sword guy

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Cubie the Cube

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As a JP I got Psychic type in Pewter City.
Psychic is my second (or third???) fave type in the series, so I don't actually have a problem with it. Regarding Pewter City though, I gotta say I'm not that much of a Kanto fan except for Sabrina, so Pewter is a little... meh for me.
Now, my team would be as follows:
For the first match.

For the post-E4 match

To be fair I would've preferred Poison type since it's my favorite type, but as I already said Psychic is one of my faves as well.


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Fire type Gym Leader in Azalea Town apparently

....they're probably gonna wanna install some fire safety measures around town and get a fire department going before I arrive.

I'll think up a team later

edit: probably do this for a team:

plus a Talonflame permanently stuck in a space-time anomaly where it has Gen 6 Gale Wings instead of Gen 7 Gale Wings

or something
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I'm JP as well, so Psychic in Pewter City. I'm not really a fan neither of Psychic-types or Kanto, so this isn't really a YAY moment for me. But I think I would be 1st Gym Leader for new trainers to encounter, so I'll make the battle really memorable.

My team for the 1st battle would be:

And my re-match team could look like this:



Seen June 9th, 2019
Posted June 9th, 2019
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Hmm a Fairy Type Gym in Goldenrod. Fairy eat your heart out I think I'd easily beat Whitney in terms of giving people nightmares as Clefairy won't be so easy this time around. I'd also use Mawile for those thinking Steel or Poison would easily sweep me and finish my trio off with Sylveon. Rematch would add Alolan Ninetales, Mimikyu and Gardevoir. Haven't decided if Mawile or Gardevoir should Mega Evolve(leaning Mawile).
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