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    AAAAAAA What's cute cubone! I'll use it as Photo Profile.

    Also, would you if we can do the art trade?

    Pokemon Shuffle Friend Code : 5NY4-K3H3
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      If you're not busy, could you make me a painted grovyle on one side, using an attack like razor leaf at the other side? and can you make that 2560 x 1440? With a similar background as the first one?

      EDIT: Also, can you make sure that the grovyle isn't like, right on the edge? (Like, give it a little room so that it doesn't get cut off when I put it as channel art).

      I'll credit you :)

      Yo it's Grovyle, and my moves got style, yes I can fight and no I'm not from kanto. Hoenn is my city and if I weren't green then gen. 3 would be Skitty
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        @KNS27: You are very welcome! At this moment, I am not interested in art trades, but thank you for offering!

        @Greenest Grovyle: That sounds like a lot more work than I'd be willing to do, I'm afraid. Plus I'm more interested in making a variety of Pokemon. Sorry! Maybe someone else here can help with that.
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