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What is your pokemon team going to be?

Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Hype for the new Pokémon games coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018!

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    Originally Posted by Claire Lilly View Post
    Weeelll, assuming I will get Evee, of course my starter will be Evee then. So far I haven't really thought about my team, but there are some pokemon I definitely want to have in it. And that are Ninetails and also it's alolan form, I want to raise them both from tiny Vulpixes.

    (Umm, does anyone know how to post moving 3d pokemon sprites?)
    This works for Generation 1-6. If you want Gen 7, you’ll have to look elsewhere like deviantart.

    Pokestadium sprites
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      it's hard to pick between Pikachu and Eevee to be honest... but since I like Magneton, and because I like me a maximum variety of types in e team, I'll probably go for Eevee...
      So my team would be something like:
      Eevee - Charizard - Gengar - Magneton - Jynx (until I acquire Alola Ninetales) - Gyarados

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        team change:

        let's go eevee:

        kimiko (F)

        moves: tackle, sea skim/swift, chop down/hyper voice, sky dash/iron tail

        feli (F)

        moves: fury swipes, bite, thunderbolt, headbutt

        fero (F)

        moves: fury swipes, overheat, strength, focus punch

        *gonna evolve her into clefable* riala (F)

        moves: pound, sing, body slam, flash

        *gonna evolve her into nidorina* ri

        moves: tackle, fury swipes, blizzard, water gun

        *gonna evolve him into nidorino* ni

        moves: tackle, poison sting, double kick, mud-slap

        let's go pikachu:


        moves: pika papow, sky dash/quick attack, sea skim/swift, chop down/thunder shock

        saku (F) *gonna evolve her into ivysaur*

        moves: tackle, vine whip, razor leaf, petal dance

        raffle (F) *gonna evolve her into vileplume*

        moves: flail, razor leaf, petal dance, flash

        moya (F) *gonna evolve her into Charmeleon*

        moves: slash, flamethrower, body slam, strength


        moves: pound, psychic, aura sphere, frost breath

        kame (F) *gonna evolve her into wartortle*

        moves: tackle, water gun, dig, rapid spin
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          I might as well post a "what if" for when and if I get a Switch and one of the games. The more I look at exclusives(and the fact I have extensive experience with Pikachu in Yellow version), I'm leaning more and more towards Pikachu version despite the fact Eevee version has Vulpix. Why do I like Pikachu version? Answer is below.

          Pikachu: Electric. Not sure what moves I'll be giving my starter but rest assured his lone responsibility is taking on Water Types and early route Flying Types. Counters Misty hardcore.

          Blastoise: Water. Not only does it Mega Evolve but apparently Squirtle is available really early for Brock. Perfect counter for Fire, Rock and Ground Types.

          Sandslash: Ground. Version Exclusive that I use every time I can in Yellow and its learn-set has improved drastically over its Generation 1 days. Perfect counter for Electric, Fire, Rock, Poison and Steel.

          Alolan Sandslash: Ice/Steel. Never had the opportunity to play with Alolan Pokemon but its typing truly makes it a Swiss Army Knife. Its Ice moves destroy Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon while its Steel Typing yields a Poison immunity(not to mention loads of resistances) and obliterates Rock, Ice and Fairy Types. In other words, a perfect counter against Erika(if its obtainable by then, else I'll have to find an alternative), Koga, Lorelei and Lance.

          Alolan Raticate: Dark/Normal. Specialist Alolan Type that counters two specific Types in Ghost and Psychic. In other words, he's here to obliterate Sabrina and Agatha.

          Clefable: Fairy. Like with Alolan Types, never have had the opportunity to play with Fairies and this particular Pokemon counters Dark, Fighting and, if necessary, Dragon Types.

          Together, the team is Super Effective against everything but Normal and Bug Types(with Alolan Sandslash resisting both). Team should cakewalk through LGP like a hot knife through butter.
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