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Heya, I've been holding onto this card for a while now because it always bugged me that the pokemon name and picture are from Gloom, but everything else is from Venonat. I have no idea how to tell the fake cards from the real ones, would appreciate it if anyone has any feedback regarding this.

Pic of the card:



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The wrong Pokémon pasted over the background of another Pokémon's art isn't the kind of thing you'd see on a misprint. Also, there's no such thing as a 3rd Edition card.

This might be the first in this style I've seen of a Gen. I Pokémon. The cards I usually see feature Gen. II Pokémon with their Romanized Japanese names and old Beckett artwork.

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Looking at just the design the way Gloom is drawn looks way too clean to me and looks like it's either cleaned up gen 3 art or something from the anime, neither of which would be used in a gen 1 card. Bootlegs can get pretty wild we have several which have misspellings including a Spinark which has the name Sugimori,but hey at least they're still unique in their own right even if they aren't valuable.

The easiest way to tell if a card of a fake or not is also to compare the back to a card you know is legitimate, usually it's a ligher or darker color, has a thicker outline, has weird saturation, etc.