GO When did you first start playing?

Started by Sheep February 15th, 2022 8:02 AM
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If you click your character's profile in the bottom left corner, you can see a menu with various statistics including your start date! What's yours?

I began on day 1, so 8 July 2016. <3


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I started playing in October of 2019. I remember back it first came out I HATED Pokemon Go and 2016 me would've been pissed to see me playing it now lol.
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My original account was made in 2016. It was amazing seeing 100+ players walking around the malls or parks looking for Pokemon. I reached about level 20 before I stopped playing. I felt like it was becoming more and more difficult to catch simple Pokemon, such as Pidgey/Rattata. I found myself running out of items and considering spending $ on a mobile app. Times have changed... I do occasionally spend $5 here or there.

My current account was made on February 20th, 2021. I am level 39 now. I love all the new features and QOL updates. The Pokegifts were a great idea as they are a reliable way of obtaining even more items each day. Also, the monthly community days bring together local players.


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My account is from 2016. Played a fair bit in college, especially when raids were first starting but stopped after graduating for about a year. Got back into it because my nephew started playing the game and now I have some friend groups that I play with.

Currently at level 42

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My original account was created on the release day back in 2016, but I've only played for a few weeks, since there weren't many Pokémon spawning/PokéStops available in my area. I got back to it on the same account in 2017/2018, but also quickly stopped playing. My current account, that I play daily on, was created on 31. 3. 2021.


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14th July 2016. I was actually in the US for the launch there but as I had the wrong regional App Store I couldn’t get it until I came home…it sucked when I got it, tbh, as I’m rural so could only play in my break at work - even with incense I was getting like 1 spawn every 5 minutes at home. Did a bit about a month at a time once per year at university, as I was in an urban area, then only picked it up again when I started my current job which involved a lot of travel…which is a mixed blessing as I’ve held some gyms since February!

Other than occasionally playing with a flat mate walking home, I haven’t seen a single other player irl however. Even on Community Day.

Also I may create a new account today so I can - eventually, because you need to be a Lv.10 :( - make a trade and get one step closer to my Celebi!


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I've had my account since the first day it was available in the USA, July 5, 2016. I sideloaded the app because it wasn't in the Canadian Google Play store yet but it came out here a week or two after that despite me having already been playing it. I've been at it on and off again, but I'm level 40 now. The amount of updates the app has had is incredible and has made playing it a lot easier, even for someone like me that has an on-again-off-again relationship with the game.
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We first got it on launch but our current account we created in 2019 I think because we wanted it to be linked to our Pokemon trainer club?


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I created my account August 10, 2016, a few days after the game was finally released in Southeast Asia. I lived in the Philippines at the time. I was really bummed that I had to wait a whole month to finally play. Couldn't even play it properly because I didn't have a phone with a data plan yet. I basically had to get lucky that whatever place we hung out that had free Wi-Fi also just so happened to have a Poké Stop nearby.

Now that I do have a data plan, I struggle with item space, pffft. xD
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