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Old January 15th, 2014 (7:12 PM). Edited January 16th, 2014 by ☆Rei☆.
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Looking for a job
Area looking for work: scripting/programming
Relevant examples of your work:
Preferred method of contact: Public/Private Messages
Additional information: Usually only available to contact between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM (USA/Canada Central Time)

EDIT: Job already found, please do not ask.
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Audi Famam Illius, Scriptor!
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    • Position(s) being recruited to: Currently looking for WRITERS (as in someone who can help out with the storyline, characters, etc.).
    • Team name: Nightmare Project
    • Team members: Cynder, Salimus,Gavin,Aamelo
    • Game title: Pokémon Nightmare
    • Current progress made: 5 full demo releases with several patches (up to 50% previously), currently rebuilding using the latest Essentials
    • Game Thread Here (WARNING: Information pertains to previous cycle of the project)
    • Preferred method of contact: Skype or Private Message on PokeCommunity
    • Additional information: The game is currently being rebuilt to adapt to the latest version of Essentials, as well as to correct inconsistencies in the story, maps, etc.. Any timezone works.


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      Position(s) being recruited to: Pixel Artist(overworld sprites, battle sprites Front and Back), Scripter(RGSS3), Writers(to help refine the story and assist with dialogue), help with making more fan Pokemon(preferably also helping elsewhere in the team as well).
      Team name: Team Pietersite
      Team members: Me
      Game title: Pokemon Pietersite Version
      Current progress made: Pre-Alpha
      Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game:
      Preferred method of contact: Skype
      Additional information: I'm currently alone working on this, and though I have made some progress I need help to keep going since I don't know how to do scripting well enough to fix up the issues I'm running into with the Pokemon For Ace kit.

      If messaging me on skype, please note in any contact request "here for Pietersite Version" or similar so I know why you are contacting me. Default text contact requests are likely to be ignored if I don't get a response after asking why it was made.
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        Position being recruited: Spriter/Pixel Artist

        Team Name: Resurrection Games

        Team Members: Me

        Game Title: Pokemon Quartz

        Current Progress Made: Working on graphics right now. All scripts are complete.

        Screen Shots:

        Preferred method of contact: Private Message
        Old March 13th, 2014 (3:14 PM).
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          Free agent looking for work:
          Area looking for work: Story writing, proof reading, grammar/spelling correction.

          Relevant examples of your work: I'm not entirely sure how to display this, however I can assure you that I am up to standard.

          Preferred method of contact: PM/VM

          Additional information: I often notice many subtle mistakes in fan games. Whilst these do not detract from the value of the game, they can be annoying, especially when frequent. I have decided to help out people by ensuring that their game is up to the best possible standards grammatically. I am able to read quite thoroughly and quickly through any piece of writing so that I can correct any errors and send them back as soon as possible.
          Completed Challenges:
          Legendary Trio: Crystal; Moltres, Lugia, Raikou
          Username Challenge: FireRed
          Old April 2nd, 2014 (4:28 PM).
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            Recruiting a team member

            Team Name:The Digidestined

            Current members: Blas(me), Mal, Tripole

            Current Game Title: Digimon: Your Digital Dream

            Current progress made:We are near to launch the beta 80%

            Position needed:Spriter: we want change the bag/summary and make them appear different from pokemon style because we are making a Digimon Game


            Preferred method of contact:Private message in the Pokecommunity

            Additional Info: As you can we need an easy work of you want help us just send me a private message. Thank you in advance :)

            Old April 13th, 2014 (3:41 PM).
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            Can't unsmug the undead
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            Look for team members!

            Team name:
            Arceus Alpha Studios

            DDDchu (me), and that's it

            Goal: To make 3D pokemon from 6th gen for the Steam game Garry's Mod

            Progress: Only a Fennekin and Chespin model made

            Positions needed: Texture maker for the models, a mega evolution model maker, someone to finalize and smooth out any details or bumbyness in models, and someone to export them to be used in Source Games

            Timezone: East coast of United States

            Program: Blender 3D

            Contact: PM me here on this site

            Additional info: Yeah there's a lot needed and currently I'm doing the main modeling. Please PM me (or us) suggestions or idea to help improve the models
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            Jacuzzi Ant
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              Recruiting a team member

              Team Name: PKMN CF

              Current members: DaybreakM, me, Mewitti, Pokemon-Diamond, SupahSanti, NachtBeirman (all on deviantART)

              Current Game Title: Pokemon Foam/ Pokemon Cinder

              Current Progress Made: We literally have all the graphics done for a demo, and maybe 50% for a game, but have no code.

              Position Needed: Programmer familiar with PKMN Essentials environment.

              Timezone: Flexible - our team is global already

              Preferred method of contact: Skype first, email second, PM here third

              Fakedex (large image!):

              Additional Info: In case it isn't clear from the screenshots, this is a FAKEMON GAME. You can find most of the designs for Fakemon from it on our Pokemon Cinder-Foam deviantART page, but we have a lot more graphics hidden away for the demo release.

              We'll accept people outside of programmers, but our team is pretty solid already on that front. We just have a gaping hole left by our programmer, who left recently.

              There is "no" code because we've decided to switch to Pokemon Essentials. Our past programmer built up an engine from scratch, but it was glitchy and we don't expect a newcomer to be able to pick up his code easily.

              If you have any more questions, please email me at [email protected] or find me on Skype. My Skype ID is jacuzziant as well.

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                Recruiting a team member
                • Team name: Savanna Sunset Productions
                • Team Leader: Obliveon
                • Team members: Obliveon
                • Game title: Pokemon Quartz and Pokemon Obsidian
                • Current progress made: Pokedex is mostly completed (old Fakemon are being redesigned), Map has been drawn up, Trainers named, Gym Leaders named and some drawn, Champion named and drawn, Prof. named and drawn, Logos drawn, basic plotline written up.
                • Link to the game's PokéCommunity Idea Post:
                • Positions Looking to be Filled: Spriter/Tiler, Dialogue Writer, Item Creator, General Help
                • Preferred method of contact: E-Mail, deviantART Profile Comment (, Visitor Message
                • Preferred Timezone: Any is fine.
                • Additional information: Someone on dA has volunteered to help put the game together using a version of RPGMaker once the Tiles and Spritework are complete.
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                  -mods please remove this post-
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                    NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE!!!
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                      Recruiting a team member
                      Position(s) being recruited to:Fakemon Designers and Fakemon Spriters
                      Team name:Team Divinity
                      Team members:Me
                      Game title:Pokemon Distant Divinity
                      Current progress made:Demo 1 is near completion. Just need One more map, and a couple of fakemon drawn and sprited
                      Four Screenshots

                      Preferred method of contact: PM or a Note on Deviant Art (Username is EpicRayAct)
                      Additional information: PM for questions.

                      Old June 24th, 2014 (10:02 AM). Edited June 24th, 2014 by Maruno.
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                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 29
                        Position(s) being recruited to: Eventer, Scripter, Spriter, Mapper
                        Team name: Team Pokemon Re:Tale
                        Team members: Me and a friend
                        Game title: Pokemon Re:Tale
                        Current progress made: 10/25 proposed Gen IV Pokemons are inserted, some maps are made, nothing made when it comes to eventing
                        Preferred method of contact: PM or email at [email protected]



                        Old July 10th, 2014 (12:05 AM).
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                        Crowned! The "IDOLA"
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                          Posts: 23
                          Free agent looking for work

                          Area looking for work: Mapping, Lists of Game Data Input, Character Concepts (not sprites), Plot Ideas, Proofreading.
                          Relevant examples of your work: Check the links in my signature for pics!
                          Preferred method of contact: Skype (snooper117) or DA Chat (Snooper16)

                          Additional information: Recruiters should also note: I can handle long lists in the field of game development; I've implemented hidden abilities for nearly all Pokemon in Gen I-V in my own fan game, which is still under development. I am also available most of the time, and I check Skype every day whenever possible.

                          Extra Details pertaining to areas of work: Can make complex maps with the tilesets I am given. Also has the basic ideas for some characters and a plot, namely a small batch of Gym Leaders, an evil team with a objective, and can scope out uses for shiny-locked Pokemon in the plot (example: Shiny Reshiram/Zekrom). Can identify certain spelling and grammatical mistakes in dialogue and text, and fix them.

                          Character Ideas: Gym Leaders- Flamea (Fire), Maddie (Dark), Viking Ned (Normal), Diver Ben (Water), Mr. Biggs (Rock).
                          Evil Team "Neoregalia" (Shown in Signature Links): Honcho Arke (Boss), Nela, Parson, Kojol (Admins), Grunts
                          For you curious people who want to see what work I've done for Pokemon Essentials during my spare time.
                          -Under Construction! Check back later!-
                          The best method of contact would be through snewper16 on Skype! Just let me know who you are before sending a contact invite!
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                            (Case Closed: No Longer Available)

                            Area Looking for Work: My main function on a team would be as a concept artist and designer. I can create new Pokemon (Fakemon) that fit properly into the existing pool of Pokemon (i.e. they actually look like Pokemon, they have realistic stats, movesets, and abilities, etc., and they're fun, not sub-par or generic). I can say with complete modesty that I'm a good artist. I've received awards for some of my work (the more realistic pieces anyway) and I've always wanted to combine my passion with that of others who can appreciate art and the way things work together in a real-world environment, unlike a large majority of the user-created games floating around on the forums - that's not to say that I don't like them, they just all start to feel the same after a while. I'm excited to bring something new and engrossing to the Fakemon community. I love creating a pool of Pokemon around a specific theme, biome, culture, or legend. Quirky, colorful, and memorable; those are the three words that most accurately describe my design style. I am equally content with creating characters and their backgrounds. I can design maps, buildings, items, and in-game functions, as well as organize events and make updates to previously released Pokemon.

                            Art aside, I'm a grammar Nazi by nature, and I can scan through in-game text/speech and fix any grammatical errors quickly and efficiently. I'm a writer, so things like that come naturally to me. I can think up storylines and gameplay ideas to make some creative additions to a game, and I love creating a dynamic and exciting backstory that encompasses the entire game and brings everything together for a surprise twist ending or an epic tale of adventure. It can be no-strings-attached, or it can draw lines to other installations in the Pokemon games and build upon the series as a whole.

                            Relevant Examples of My Work:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo 5(1).JPG
Views:	28
Size:	205.0 KB
ID:	72698

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo 1(3).JPG
Views:	29
Size:	230.9 KB
ID:	72699

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo 5.JPG
Views:	28
Size:	230.8 KB
ID:	72700

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo 1(2).JPG
Views:	25
Size:	208.4 KB
ID:	72701

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo 2(5).JPG
Views:	24
Size:	204.4 KB
ID:	72702

                            Preferred Method of Contact: PM/VM, Skype, Email, Instagram, Facebook, etc.; if you need to contact me through social media, simply PM and I will respond accordingly. You can also contact me by text or phone, just follow the above instructions for that information as well. I prefer to keep my personal life and my internet life separate, so I very much prefer communication here on PC, but if that's not an option, the aforementioned will work as well.

                            Additional Information: I'm much more interested in participating in the creation of a game featuring Fakemon, since that is my strong-point. I'm looking to work alongside those who are a bit eccentric and prefer to think outside of the box, like myself. I prefer working with people around my age (18) so 16+ is the degree of maturity and commitment I'm looking to join. I can appreciate a game with hidden humor and a little more maturity than a 4Kidz TV version like some of the past installments have been. There doesn't need to be swearing or mature/suggestive content by any means - I just like a more life-like, sophisticated game because it's easier to relate to and enjoy, and I don't feel like I have to be a 12-year-old to be playing it.
                            Oh my lump.
                            Friend Safari: Ice; PM me if you add me and I'll add you back! FC: 0877-1558-9942
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                            Pokemon XY PC Edition Developer
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                              Gender: Male
                              Posts: 78
                              XY PC is looking for an Overworld spriter!

                              Well hello there people of Pokécommunity! Flexx here! As you may or may not know, I'm the lead developer of Pokémon XY PC.
                              We are looking for someone who can help us with the OW trainer sprites and some of the tiles.

                              Our Current team:
                              FlexxGaming - Lead developer, graphics artist, tileset inserter, Lead mapper
                              Dragonnite - Programmer all round, Lead Event Programmer
                              Lady Prixy - Co-programmer all round, co event programmer
                              Proceleon - Artist
                              Whitney's Shaymin - Special insides/Forest/Caves mapper

                              How to contact me for being recruited:
                              Just send me a private message containing some of your work.

                              What can our team give YOU:
                              - A bunch of fun people to work with.
                              - A Developer Quest
                              - Inside information on XY PC?

                              You might want to get a Skype account though. Since all of our intern communication happens via Skype.

                              Example of our Overworld sprite style:


                              Old July 30th, 2014 (9:31 PM). Edited August 7th, 2014 by Maruno.
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                                Join Date: Jul 2014
                                Gender: Other
                                Posts: 20
                                Position(s) being recruited to:Coders Who Use PHP Langue
                                Team name: Pokemon Destiny
                                Team members: We have currently 14 members and only two Coders
                                Game title: Pokemon Destiny
                                Current progress made: We have to make a fresh start as our past codes(21%) got damage in a car accident. It means we are making a new fresh start and current progress is :3%
                                Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game: Posted below!
                                Preferred method of contact: Pm me{private message} or post here if its allowed though
                                Additional information: (optional)The game hasn't released yet we have currently 2 coder so we are looking for more coders that can code in php.If you are a coder please pm me and I will test your skills.We need atleast 4 coders.If you want to know more about this online rpg and let me remind and I will test you. If you are good enough then you will be appointed as a staff member and would enjoy more benefits and privileges associated with the game and would be given complete detail.

                                Here are they

                                Rough draft of maps

                                More will be posted soon! Sorry, I could not provide enough screenshots as We won't like to spoil everything! Just few maps and Index page has been posted.
                                Old August 6th, 2014 (6:16 PM). Edited August 7th, 2014 by Maruno.
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                                  Join Date: May 2013
                                  Location: Ontario, Canada
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 41
                                  Recruiting a part time team member
                                  Open Positions: Spriter
                                  Team name: Um I don't have one!
                                  Team members:Just Me! :)
                                  Game title: As of right now Pokémon Novotial? Got a better suggestion? Its still open.
                                  Current progress made: Done all mapping needed for the first Prerelease, everything is done for the first release except for some fakemon (mostly sprites), and implementation of the storyline.
                                  First Town

                                  Second Town

                                  Secondary Region starting Island

                                  And mystery gft island (WIP)

                                  Preferred method of contact: PM

                                  I wish this was my job.
                                  Old August 19th, 2014 (12:26 PM).
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                                  My old account was rpg man. ;p
                                    Join Date: Feb 2013
                                    Location: Kitchener, Ontario Canada
                                    Age: 26
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Brave
                                    Posts: 13
                                    Area looking for work: PHP Programmer
                                    Relevant examples of your work: Skype me up, I can provide you with various php sites I've created.
                                    Preferred method of contact: Skype(live:rabbicitrix)
                                    Additional information: I can make pokemon online rpgs among other things. Also, I'm usually on skype nowadays.
                                    Pokemon Convergence.. Coming soon!

                                    Old August 21st, 2014 (8:01 AM).
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                                    Mega Blastoise is my homeboy
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                                    I am looking for co-creators!

                                    Salutations, Pokécommunity team recruiters and fellow spriters! GFA here--or, "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen" for you un-initiated! As you may or may not know, I'm a spriter of Pokemon Overworlds (and several other things, but that's not necessarily relevant now). What I am looking here for today are fellow creative individuals who would want to gather around one of several ideas, people who can code, and spriters who can do tiles.

                                    Currently, this is nothing but a pipe dream, but with your help, I know that we can make this happen! In the past I've worked with prominent members of the forum, like hashtag, on hacks, but I seek a more instrumental role working the Game Development community.

                                    What I want is thus: a heavily anime inspired game. I need people who have a great nostalgic passion for the anime, and can bring their creative energies into building a truly great game.

                                    That said, I haven't really showed any examples of my sprites, so here are a couple.

                                    (Note: I can and will work in Gens V and IV. I've been working in V for a few years now, but transitioning back to IV shouldn't be all too hard.)

                                    Gen IV Sprite Work Examples

                                    Gen IV: Ash Sheet - Full

                                    Gen IV: Brock Sheet - Walk

                                    Gen IV: Misty Sheet - Walk

                                    Gen IV: Kanto Anime Project

                                    Gen V Sprite Work Examples

                                    Gen IV: Master Ash Sheet - Walk

                                    Gen IV: Master Misty Sheet - Walk

                                    Gen IV: Kanto Anime Project

                                    Gen V: Kalos Game Project

                                    If anyone here would want to work on such a game, please PM me! Also, knowing my dreams are rather lofty as but a spriter who cannot code, if you have a project you'd be interested in collaborating on, shoot me a PM on that too! I'm open to a lot of different options!

                                    And one last thing: I can also work on plot and dialogue scripting, as well as concept art, if anyone desires such things.


                                    Old August 27th, 2014 (2:54 PM). Edited October 16th, 2014 by Florio.
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                                    Pokemon Crimson Skies Owner
                                      Join Date: Nov 2008
                                      Location: Canada
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Lax
                                      Posts: 392
                                      Pokemon Crimson Skies is recruiting team members

                                      Position(s) being recruited to: Spriter(needed the most), Mappers and Scripters, or anyone who can contribute in any way
                                      Team name: Team Crimson Skies
                                      Team members: Me, Nine Age, Snooper16(Snewper), NikNaks
                                      Game title: Pokemon Crimson Skies
                                      Current progress made: Lots of mapping done (about 40% of the region), lots of concepts/storyline planned, lots of scripting done

                                      Preferred method of contact: PM or skype:Florio_13
                                      Additional information: Currently we are working on the story line mostly, and I am doing a lot of mapping. I am hoping to finish this game within the next year, I have a lot of free time so I plan to work a lot on the game. Right now we mostly need a spriter, since we have a dedicated mapper(me) and scripter (Nine Age), but we will be glad to take help from others who want to help with the game.
                                      Old October 11th, 2014 (10:15 PM). Edited October 12th, 2014 by Dylanrockin.
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                                      That guy
                                        Join Date: May 2011
                                        Age: 23
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Timid
                                        Posts: 276
                                        Recruiting a team member
                                        Hiring: Indoor mapper, Ruby Scripter, gym designer, puzzle designer, and tile designer
                                        Team name: Endless Symphony
                                        Team members: Just me
                                        Game title: Pokemon Symphonic Horizon
                                        Current progress made: 15%
                                        Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game:
                                        Preferred method of contact: Skype: dylanlaufer





                                        Additional information: Please add me on Skype or reply to this if you are looking at joining my team.
                                        Old October 13th, 2014 (8:05 AM). Edited September 20th, 2015 by ~Angel~.
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                                        Lead developer for Pokémon Millennium
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                                          Age: 20
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                                          -Removed post-
                                          Old October 15th, 2014 (7:46 AM).
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                                          Zeak #3205 - Discord
                                            Join Date: Mar 2013
                                            Location: USA
                                            Age: 25
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Nature: Calm
                                            Posts: 550
                                            Recruiting a team member
                                            Position(s) being recruited to:Mapper & Designer
                                            Team name:LOK
                                            Team members:Zeak
                                            Game title:Legends of Kanto
                                            Current progress made:Part 1 & 2 of Game is done with small bugs
                                            Preferred method of contact:Skype : Zeak6464
                                            Additional information:If you want to know more just message me on here or skype
                                            Looking for a team to help me finish Pokemon Green Remix

                                            DM please
                                            Old October 19th, 2014 (5:26 AM).
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                                            The Slow Bro
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                                              Gender: Male
                                              Nature: Relaxed
                                              Posts: 30
                                              Who am I?
                                              Name's Hanswurst1999 or for short Mo.
                                              Team name: I don't have one for now
                                              Team members:
                                              me (Scripter, Story)

                                              The Game
                                              Game title: Pokemon Adventures (working title, still open for suggestions)
                                              General Idea:

                                              The game will be openworld-like allowing the player to go where he wants if he has the necessary abilities (high enough levels, surf, etc.) and also allowing him to ignor certain events/tasks(e.q.: meddling with the evil team, battling gym leaders). Three major organisations will be give out Quests, with each featuring a rival for the player.
                                              Now every gymleader has rules the challenger must obey.
                                              Naturally a evil team exists too, with their goal set to world domination.

                                              If you want more detailed informations, I can send you my concept.

                                              Current progress made: Worldmap, a concept of the whole region and a big picture of the story and characters.


                                              Click image for larger version

Name:	region.png
Views:	87
Size:	7.0 KB
ID:	73656
                                              The region map of the Utarias region.

                                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Abilities.png
Views:	98
Size:	16.8 KB
ID:	73657
                                              New Abilities for old Pokémon. Most Pokemon will get their hidden abilities or a second one. Some might even get type changes.

                                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Dex.png
Views:	91
Size:	21.5 KB
ID:	73658
                                              A new Pokémon dex. The best 200 Pokés from Gen 1-4. With Pokedexupgrades being available too.

                                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Shadow.png
Views:	96
Size:	24.7 KB
ID:	73659
                                              Once again Shadow Pokémon make an appearance, with them being stronger than before.

                                              Position(s) being recruited to.
                                              I need the whole visual department ^^:
                                              • Mapper
                                              • Spriter
                                              • Someone who can make tilesets
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