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Completed [Updated Every Month] Pokemon Green Remix Page 16

Started by Zeak6464 December 28th, 2018 1:47 PM
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I got an error while exploring Mt. Moon:
[Pokémon Essentials version 16.2]
trueException: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `*' for nil:NilClass
PBMove:48:in `initialize'
PBMove:85:in `new'
PBMove:85:in `initialize'
PokeBattle_Pokemon:471:in `new'
PokeBattle_Pokemon:471:in `resetMoves'
PokeBattle_Pokemon:469:in `each'
PokeBattle_Pokemon:469:in `resetMoves'
Pokemon_MultipleForms -G7:137:in `balanced_level_init'
Level Randomizer:58:in `initialize'
Neo Dex:678:in `new'
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yeah this is news to me
Since i'm not able to post links yet I typed the error out.

Script 'PBMove' line 48: NoMethodError occured.

undefined method '*' for nil:NilClass

from 'PBMove' line 48 in 'initialize'
from 'PBMove' line 85 in 'new'
from 'PBMove' line 85 in 'initialize'
from 'PokeBattle_Pokemon' line 471 in 'new'
from 'PokeBattle_Pokemon' line 471 in 'initialize'
from 'PokeBattle_Pokemon' line 469 in 'each'
from 'PokeBattle_Pokemon' line 469 in 'resetMoves'
from 'Pokemon_MultipleForms -G7' line 137 in 'balance_level_init'
from 'Level Randomizer' line 58 in 'initialize'
From 'Evolution Check' line 9 in 'new'
From 'Evolution Check' line 9
From 'Evolution Check' line 8 in 'loop'
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