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I'm working on a Pokémon Emerald hack that has no name currently. The story will be 99% the same as classic Emerald, I won't promise too much since it's my first hack. But there will be some changes of course: I'll make Pokémon Emerald as if it were a true sequel to Pokémon Crystal.

● The EV limit of 510 will be lifted to 1530 to have max stats like in GSC.

● Weak Pokémon will have modifications so they can be put tu use in battle.

● The sprites of the 251 first Pokémon will be revamped sprites from GSC.

● All 386 Pokémon will be available before postgame, and some (legendaries) with full events and new maps, not just sitting in the wild.

● Higher difficulty in the main story. Trainers will have full parties with more diversity, items and moveset early, as if they really were trainers in journey like you.

● No HMs, they are replaced by items: Venusaur Cut, Charizard Fly, Blastoi'Swim, Snorlax Power, Rhydon Smash, Lapras Dash and Wailmer Dive. Flash will be removed, no cave will be dark.

● Easier farming and grinding, especially for Battle Frontier. An Egg Move tutor and a Hyper Trainer (maxing IVs) will be present. I plan to make all natures neutral maybe, so we won't need nature farming.
Rare Candies (in the name of Level Capsule) and PP max (in the name of Move Capsule) buyable at a low price in Battle Frontier.

● Some trainers from other regions might be guests in this game.

What is done now:

• Changed some weak Pokémon's stats and abilities: 100%

• Lifted EV limit: 90% (Still have to find how to put 1530 EVs to Battle Frontier Pokémon).

• HM-items: 80% (Still have to find how to delete the party Pokémon animation when using an "HM" and how to code Charizard Fly).

• Sprite revamp: 25%

Some screenshots of my work:


Other than this, I want my game to remain faithful to the original Emerald as I think it's a really cool game. This will be gen III as I wanted it to be back when I was 12.

What do you think? Would you like to play this game? You can tell me if I made mistakes as English is not my main language.