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Help Thread Recruitment & Team Building

Started by Christos December 27th, 2014 3:09 PM
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Posted August 4th, 2019
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Recruitment & Team Building thread

This thread is for people who need help with their hack and want to start a hacking team. With The Team Room section gone, instead of threads, we want to encourage teams to have a more personal and private form of contact, such as IRC channels or Skype groups.

Please post your request only once. This thread is for posting help requests only!

Required information

A post for help recruitment should have the following. Any information highlighted in bold green is required in your post.

Hack name:
Hack of:
Information about the hack:
Finished percentage:
Your hacking skills:
What help or skill you're looking for:
Additional contact information:
Additional information:

Team discussions

There are many ways to plan and chat about your ROM hack. Below are a few options.

- Skype group conversations
- HipChat rooms
- IRC channels
IRC channels can be registered on the SystemNet server, the server the forum's IRC channel is in, which can be accessed from the forum's web IRC client or your own external client, or any server you like. Here is a tutorial on how to register IRC channels. If you'd like to register a channel and need any further help, feel free to message a ROM hacking moderator.

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Posted December 31st, 2014
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Hiya y'all. I just wanted to help, I've been playing hacked roms for quite a while, and also I am a game developer. I wanted to test people's ROMS, give feedback and also help in development, if necessary. I've been an EA tester in my country, and also applied for ubisoft, tested a summer there. If you accept my "application" to free testing, send me a PM or just comment to this thread! Thank you!
Kent, UK
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Posted February 20th, 2015
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Hack name: Pokemon Unbound
Hack of: Emerald
Information about the hack: The story takes place in Hoenn, in ancient times(about 100 or so years after the great battle of Groudon and Kyogre). Hoopa, being the greediest pokemon, is the main antagonist and wants to own the world and everything on it. The player must venture throughout Hoenn becoming stronger and developing a bond with his/her pokemon in order to contain Hoopa and save the world from devastation.
Finished percentage: Somewhere between 0 and 1%
Your hacking skills: XSE scripting, spriting, use of various other tools and programs such as APE, A-Map, UnLZ-GBA, etc. (that most people know how to use anyway)
What help or skill you're looking for: Just some more input to create a more efficient game, that is more enjoyable to play and to make sure the game is not all "one sided". You don't need to be the worlds best hacker but some knowledge of scripting and use of various ROM hacking tools is required.
Additional contact information: PM me for contact info if you want to help out or if you want to know any more about me/my knowledge or the hack or if you want to see screenshots of what's been done so far.

EDIT: music composers/people who know about adding music to the game would really help!
Spatchy Development Facebook page
Spatchy Development YouTube Channel

new rom hack coming soon: Pokémon Metallic Version
hannibal, New york.
Seen March 5th, 2015
Posted January 4th, 2015
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Hack: Pokemon Volt Devastation
Hack of: Firered
Information about the hack: Planning on making three endings depending on.if the player joins the Antagonists, Neutral or good. Anyway. Zapdos has become enraged After team Sand has began to capture legendaries and feed them to Giratina. The protagonist wants to stop this, so he travels throughout the new region of mirek. To find the spiteful team.
Finished percentage-0%(Just an idea trying to launch)
Your hacking skills:XSE,AM,YAPE
What help or skill your looking for:Just some extra scripting help, anything really!
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Virginia, USA
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Posted January 1st, 2015
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Hack name: Pokemon Solstice
Hack of: Pokemon FireRed
Information about the hack:
Welcome back to Kanto!
Though, it's probably not how you remember it...
Time has taken its toll on Kanto. A savage flood changed the landscape, and everyone in the original FireRed has passed away. Buildings have been demolished and rebuilt, and almost no place looks the same.
Kanto is not in a good state. The economy's bad, thugs and thieves wander the streets, looking for a fight or pocket to pick.
You're a teenager in the little town of Littleroot. Orphaned, you live a simple and happy life with your adoptive mother, Professor Maple. Professor Maple owns a lot of Pokemon, and the player has grown quite attached to them... Especially this little Dratini, who ends up being your starter.
From there, go on a wild adventure, thwarting secret organizations and stopping thieves and bullies.
Finished percentage: 0-1%, titlescreen and concept completely done.
Your hacking skills: Mapping, spriting, some odd little heres and theres,
What help or skill you're looking for: I would ADORE a script writer, I can't do that! Any help would be appreciated to make my vision come true.
Additional contact information: Skype: SolJackolope
Additional information:
*This rom will be darker in tone, but not too dark. Just less whimsical.
*I'm a writer. If I ask you to write this crazy-long script, novel-style, and you can't do it, speak up!
*I can do more than it sounds like, I promise!



Probably not the same place as you
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Posted May 27th, 2016
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Let's see..

Hack name: Pokemon Shining Waters/Hazing Flames
Hack of: Fire Red
Information about the hack: Pretty much everything explained in the hack's thread here, but if you want a tl;dr: A classic hack with new Pokemon, a DS-styled look and an overall aim for high quality as well as big, explorable maps. I included some screenshots in the spoiler below for you to check out.

Finished percentage: I can't possibly give an exact % here, but in terms of visuals it's about 15% done. Though many more maps are planned. We also have made good progress with sprites and music.
Your hacking skills: I'd consider myself rather experienced in tile inserting/animating, mapping and spriting. In terms of writing the story, I'm progressing nicely.
What help or skill you're looking for: A scripter. Preferably an experienced one, with enough motivation to stay on the team. Unfortunately I'm not able to learn scripting myself due to a lack of time and talent. Really hope to find the right person for this!
Additional contact information: You can VM/PM me here on PC if you have any questions, or alternatively I will give you my Skype name. I'll be setting up a Skype group conversation too, if there's interest.
Additional information: Have a nice day, person reading this!


Back from the dead.. nOT

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Posted January 3rd, 2015
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Hack name: Pokemon Daybreak Version
Hack of: Pokemon Fire red
Information about the hack:
Takes place betweeen gen 3 and 4
In a new region, The Laros reigon
15+ new Pokemon(might increase number later)
New trainers,
new E4
new gyms
Chances to actually get all 401*(added 15 pokemon, number can increase) pokemon!
A New story
Multiplayer Functioning(more than trading and battling)?
Finished percentage: 0%; starting over
Your hacking skills: I can edit pokemon sprites, and map edits, and a LITTLE in scripting
What help or skill you're looking for:
someone who knows how to edit the title screen
someone who knows/can show me how to edit/add in trainer sprites
Someone who can help me rewrite scripts(this one's somewhat easy but I'd still need some help)
Someone who can help me edit TM's/HM's and other Moves(edit function and name)

Additional contact information: Not really anything, unless you want to Contact my email,
Additional information: Yes I know I ask of a lot.



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Posted May 10th, 2019
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Hack name: Pokemon Overworld
Hack of: Emerald
Information about the hack: Is based of pokemon movies(Mewtwo Strikes Back, The Power of One and a few more)
Finished percentage until next beta: 10%
Your hacking skills: XSE scripting, mapping, tilesets inserter, ow sprites inserter.
What help or skill you're looking for: I need an tilesets creator, ow sprites creator and an ASM programer.
Additional contact information: PM me on the community.
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Posted January 8th, 2015
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Hack name: Pokemon League Masters: Fire/ Pokemon League Masters Ice

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

Information about the hack: It will feature new characters and new Pokemon in a new region

Finished percentage: 10%

Your hacking skills: Scripting, Mapping, Plot Building, Some Hex

What help or skill you're looking for: Hex Editing, ASM, Tilemapper, OW Editor, Trainer Spriting, Fakemon Spriting

Additional contact information:
My Skype Name is KidblazeX87
Email is

Additional information:
Spriting is my main problem that is stopping my progress atm.

From left to right, Rogetta, Rogon, Rogastar.
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Posted November 7th, 2015
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Hack name:pokemon Meteor Ruin
Hack of:pokémon FireRed
Information about the hack:everything you need know about the game go here
Finished percentage:1%
Your hacking skills:Not that good beside story writer I'm learning how script
What help or skill you're looking for:A really good mapper A good trainer Spriters someone that can turn pictures into cartoon music maker someone that can make music for the game boxart designer some scripters
Additional contact information: skype live.evil.evil.hero
Additional information:With your help I hope this game become the next pokemon insurance Also add my friend enderflan 1 of us well add you to the chat
Final Destination (With only Fox)
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Posted August 7th, 2015
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4.9 Years
Hack name: Pokemon: Dust (Working Title)
Hack of:
Information about the hack: So far there are four things I'm sure of about this hack
1. Zelta is the Region Name
2. The Kalos Starters are the starters (Chespin, Fennikin, and Froakie)
3. I want to change the trainer icons for the players
4. NO CUSTOM POKEMON! (In all caps because I mean it)
Finished percentage: Only Metabolic (Idea phase) so far
Your hacking skills: Starting (that is why I'm finding a hack team)
What help or skill you're looking for:
Coding (NPC, Trainer, Events, Pokemon)
Mapping (Interiors, Caves, etc.)
Music (for the more custom themes)
Spriting (Pokemon, Rival trainers and Gym Leaders)
Beta Testing (so we can have multiple veiwers)
I'll be the director, giving ideas, setting up the site, and beta testing
Skill needs to be good and will have to deal with conversing by E-mail I can't deal with chats (just can't)...
Contact Info: with the header Recruitment (Postion) (Pokeforms Username)
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Posted April 3rd, 2015
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4.9 Years
Wow that was sad. I wrote EVERYTHING out SO WELL and then I tried to post it and it said no links ugh ;-;


Hack name: Pokemon: Uprising

Hack of: Pokemon Emerald

Information about the hack: : In a Dystopian World where the ________ company has taken over everyday life, in the deep bowels of the Hoenn region, a rebellion is blooming....

Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: AdvanceMap and YAPE

What help or skill you're looking for:
Xtreme Script Editor: I have absolutely no scripting skills whatsoever.
Spriting: Fakemon (Mostly with Reference Images) and Trainers
Graphic Art: (Promotional Art: Gifs, Banners, Page art, etc.)

Additional contact information: Won't let me post links so just message me through this Pokecommunity site. I'll try to reply as soon as possible.
Additional information: If possible, please include works to you've done previously if you're an artist. It would help me decide whether or not to have you help, as well as give me some form of confidence in your skills. And please, if you're applying for a spriting position, don't link me anything other than sprites, and the same for graphic design.


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Ilex Forest
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Posted July 25th, 2017
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5 Years
Hack name: Pokémon Kappa
Hack of: Pokémon FireRed
Information about the hack: The evil Team Omicron is trying to capture Giratina and the other Creation Trio-Pokémon to create their own world, so they could rule every single being. You play as a twelve year old boy/girl in the new Battria region, just north of Sinnoh.
Finished percentage: Very low. Since mapping has started and we already got a few people on the team, it's about 10% I think.
Your hacking skills: Scripting, mapping, Pokémon inserting and editing, tileset editing, artwork (these are the skills of the current team together)
What help or skill you're looking for: A spriter. With all those new characters, I really need help for the overworlds and trainer sprites.
Seen September 21st, 2016
Posted January 17th, 2015
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6.3 Years
Hack name: Pokemon Neptune (tentative, open to alternate suggestions)
Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
Information about the hack: After his defeat at the hands of Brendan/May in the Hoenn region, Archie is cast adrift on his Sharpedo and discovers the Jofos region. He then meets a person with similar goals and they decide to work together to try and make Archie's dream a reality.
Finished percentage: Almost none, other than the idea
Your hacking skills: I will be covering most of the mapping, and can also do simple NPC scripts.
What help or skill you're looking for: Advanced scripting, spriting (Fakemon and overworld sprites), title screen editing, tile inserting, inserting music, beta testing, writers to help further the storyline, you name it I probably need it.
Additional contact information: you can contact me here or on skype, if we get enough people I would like to have a skype group. My skype name is tommy.christy but please contact me by pm on here before sending me anything on skype so that I can get your name and I know to accept your request
Additional information: Please provide proof of work when applying.


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Posted January 20th, 2015
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Hack name: Pokemon VoidBlack
Hack of: FireRed
Information about the hack: 5 years later, Team Rocket discovers a strange element on the moon they nicknamed Pokemium that allowed total control of Pokemon.
they captured Mewtwo and made a Mecha Suit with a Pokemium Core. Mewtwo was used by Giovanni for battling but it got away after escaping the suit.
It maintained its new powers, and as part of its plan for revenge, planned on bringing the galaxy into an expansive void. The Kanto Defense Force was called in,
and they dubbed the situation Operation: Void Black... (Partially inspired by the Anime <the armoured mewtwo used by giovanni in the battle of the badge>)
Finished percentage: Roughly 5%
Your hacking skills: Graphics, Music, Text, EXTREMELY BASIC hex, and VERY BASIC mapping, along with editing pokemon.
What help or skill you're looking for: Mapping, Scripting (partially needed, i may implement Buried Alive as an easter egg, amongst other things.), Beta Testing, and Game Designers (ideas for pokemon, music, graphics, maps, and all that fun stuff)
Additional contact information: I do not have skype, but i can use EMail to communicate, and the IRC for PC too. (EMAIL: Ok, i was a little kid when i made that email XD. Peace out bruhs.
so i herd u liek mudkipz

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Posted January 20th, 2015
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4.9 Years
Hack name: Undecided
Hack of: Undecided
Information about the hack: Work in progress
Finished percentage: 0%
Your hacking skills: None
What help or skill you're looking for:
Coding (NPC, Trainer, Events, Pokemon)
Mapping (Interiors, Caves, etc.)
Music (for the more custom themes)
Spiriting (Pokemon, Rival trainers and Gym Leaders)
Beta Testing (so we can have multiple veiwers)
Additional contact information: and
Additional information: I looking to put a team together to make custom rom hack.
I'll be story writer/event writer and decision maker. I'm currently working on a story and deciding which gym leaders/elite 4/champion/pokemon to be in the game. I've watched the tv series up to xy. So I want to include people from the anime and manga.
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Posted September 13th, 2016
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Hack name: Pokemon Ampere
Hack of: Pokemon Firered
Information about the hack: The evil Team Impedance stumbled across ancient texts that speak of a Pokemon with the power to control thoughts. They set out to capture it, and plan to use its power to create devices that control Pokemon, and will use their brainwashed army to rule the Ohm region.
Finished percentage: 0%
Your hacking skills: Mapping, Text Editing, Yape. The basics.
What help or skill you're looking for:
Scripting, sprite editing, move editing. Any help is appreciated. Also, lots of electricity puns.
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Posted July 25th, 2016
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Hack name: Pokemon Andalusite Version
Hack of: Fire Red
Information about the hack: An Arceus from another dimension sets out to destroy your world, his name in that dimension is Geiara. He manages to destroy the whole of your beloved Sudos reigon - and the worst part is, he used YOU to do it. He tries to discard you, but a mysterious force prevents you from falling to his power. A mysterious woman, from the same place Geiara came from, helps you out of the battered reigon and gives you a pokemon. She tells you to get strong, so you can beat Geiara and stop his ridiculous plan. The problem with that is, the woman is being controlled by Geiara. He wants your strength so that you can create a bigger impact, and destroy the reigon you ran away to, as well as the other six (Kanto, Johto, etc..). You follow this womans orders until you meet a gym leader, you were told to strictly stay away from her, but the fire in your heart compelled you to challenge her. Your eyes were opened, and you told your rivals the truth. They all trust you, and work together to become stronger and seek worthiness from the pokemon that control night and day, to lock away Geiara.
Finished percentage: 1% Fully scripted and Mapped SUDOS CATACOMBS
Your hacking skills: I can script, use A-Map, YAPE*, yeah that's it.
What help or skill you're looking for: Spriters needed, Hex Maniacs (see what I did there!) needed. I need 150 new fakemon (I can do it myself, but it will take 3x longer) Someone to design the front page, trainers, cave tiles. Someone to implement Sound Type. Someone to help with World Map
Additional contact information: Casual email: Website email: Line: shyemest OR StoneSkin (Don't ask!)
Additional information: *YAPE won't work because of a certain patch. HGSS Music Patch Credit to Ipatix, Wobbu and DarkPhoenix. MrDollSteak's patch credit to MrDollSteak
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Pokemon Andalusite
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Posted June 29th, 2018
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6.7 Years
Hack Details
Name: Pokémon Ataxia
ROM base: Pokémon Emerald
Language: English (maybe with other translations later depending on demand and availability of translators)
Progress: 0.5% (basically just a lot of ideas along with a completed Pokedex with Fakemon concepts)

Story Background
Here's an excerpt from the old team page- "The brand new region where the events of Pokémon Ataxia take place is an insanely harsh environment, where volcanoes clash with the seas and scorching deserts meet frozen wastelands. This creates great diversity among the Pokémon that dwell in the region and strange type combinations. It has also led to several groups of people who attempt to weather the extreme conditions and adapt to 1 of the environments and utilize it, becoming "masters" of their environment. However, most people choose to reside in the safest area of the region, its calm center. Not all is well in the region though, as dark forces begin to rise, and tensions stir between the environmental master alliances across the landscape. Many sinister trials await our hero, with the stakes far too high, the consequences far too devastating, for failure to be an option."

My Skills
I'm comfortable with basic to intermediate scripting and mapping. I could do some other things if necessary, but they aren't my strong points. I've picked up some stuff from my former team, who just seemed to vanish all at once in the middle of everything. Lots of great ideas that I can share if you want more info, including the Pokédex.

Jobs Needed
Tileset Creator and Inserter - This is very, very important, since the hack revolves around the environment, so amazing-looking tiles for each type of environment are needed.
Concept Artist - Fakemon, etc.
Scripters - At least 1 really advanced scripter would be great, especially since I'm considering implementing some player decisions.
Spriter - Everything from trainer and item sprites to Fakemon sprites and their smaller overworld sprites while in the PC
Cry editor
Composer (for custom music and remixes)
Pokedex expander - The Pokedex will need to be preferably 650-800+ slots, since I will have about 150 Fakemon and Pokemon from all 6 generations.
Intro, Title, and/or Credits Editor - If anyone can do any of these that would be great, but they aren't a top priority yet.

Contact Info
Just PM if you are interested, specify your skill(s), and I will give more details, including how we will discuss the project. Thanks in advance, I look forward to getting this rolling and having fun with this!


Brad the fab

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Posted December 28th, 2015
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4.9 Years
Hack Details
Name: Pokémon Thanatos/Pharoh
ROM base: Fire Red
Language: English
Progress: 2%(Approximately)

Story Background
Your father dies, and his dying wish was for you to go the bermisiah region, to find out what he had no time to tell you, so what hold you back from going to bermisiah? The fact that bermisiah is in another dimension!!!(the intro shouldn't be too long) after you get to bermisiah, you find a whole new caliber of pokemon!!! but the thing that bugs you the most is, their all pokemon that your dad wrote in his stories! the stories were about pokemon that existsed long before arceus himself!!!

Jobs Needed
Pretty much any job you can think of is available

My kik is shedinjalvl20 and my oovoo is the same, I barely use my Skype so I recommend u don't message me through there, also my intagram is shedinjalvl20


A ROM Hackerino ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Posted April 5th, 2015
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4.9 Years
Hack name: Pokemon AquaBlue
Hack of: FireRed
Information about the hack:
I have worked about a month on it so far.
Story is still being worked on.
Finished percentage: 15% roughly (it is in beta stage)
Your hacking skills:Music, Sounds, Hex, Text Editing, Minor glitch fixing, Implementing GFX, ASM Compiling
What help or skill you're looking for:Mapping, Scripting, and a Designer (for ideas for the hack, general structuring of the hack, story building)
Additional contact information: gmail:
Additional information: Not much else to say so far.

Master Ball or Riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Independant ROM Hacker currently working on a hack for FireRed called AquaBlue


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Posted August 4th, 2019
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Hey there, for all of you who posted looking for help or are thinking of posting, perhaps you could try out the Team Hack-off competition! Participants will be assigned to teams, and you can share your ideas for story/features with your team mates.

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
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Posted November 1st, 2016
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6.8 Years
Hack name: Pokemon Lunar Awakening
Hack of: Pokemon Firered
Information about the hack: Based around Cresselia and Darkrai, New Evil Team, New Characters, New Story, Editing Pokemon List
Finished percentage: Like 1% maybe less
Your hacking skills: Pokemon Editing, Ideas, Character Creation, Mapping, Mid-Level XSE Scripting
What help or skill you're looking for: ASM Insertion, OW Insertion and Editing, Spriting, Image Editing, Sound Editing, Tile Editing
Seen August 9th, 2015
Posted July 23rd, 2015
33 posts
5 Years
Hack name: Pokemon Zircon Origins

Hack of: Fire Red (US)

Information about the hack: Get ready for a brand new adventure on the Ilmos region, unravel the mysteries surrounding the legendary pokemon and prevent Team Quasar from using them to cause the very end of the world itself! (Further spoilers to helpers)
A lot of content planned (Mega Evolutions, World Championship) and some already implemented (556 total pokemon on the expanded pokedex with all legendaries obtainable), Storyline finished and ready to be implemented, Tilesets almost ready for map changing once core is finished.

Finished percentage: 5% (Working on World map, Titlescreen, Correction with Expanded Pokemon and then major changes planned)

Your hacking skills: Good at Graphics and basic scripting for now, will look into ASM soon, Bit of Hex and Sound editing.

What help or skill you're looking for:
Spriter(More trainer/ Overworld one), ASM Help Scripter and General Help Scripter
(Even if you aren't especially good with these i just like to chat and get critics at my ideas so don't worry)
Additional contact information: Contact me on Skype at Filippo Gasparini or via email

Thank you everyone!

Conan Edogawa

One Truth Prevails

Seen November 29th, 2015
Posted November 29th, 2015
1,061 posts
10.9 Years
Hack name:To be Decided
Hack of: Some GBA rom
Information about the hack: A friend and I both want to work on a hack, but we haven't started yet. We want to let every team member have an equal say in what goes into the hack.
Finished percentage: Unstarted
Your hacking skills: Spriting(All Around), Mapping, Scripting, some Assembly writing.
What help or skill you're looking for: Anything really. Tile Inserters would be great, but anyone with a solid skill set would be welcomed!
Additional contact information: VM/PM here
Additional information:
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