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FireRed Pokemon Cloud White: Update available (06/2/2018) Page 80

Started by Shogun April 11th, 2015 2:44 AM
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I'm working on the next episode of this game : Pokémon Cloud White 2. The language should be in

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Seen October 15th, 2018
Posted October 3rd, 2018
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1.2 Years
Hi guys,

This is my first time playing cloud white v515. Enjoying so it far but have got stuck, im doing the way of the shogun story. I have collected 6 katanas but only 5 show up in my bag, the useugi kat. is missing, its not in any pocket of my bag, anybody experience this or am i doing something wrong? I cant get in to the gym to defeat shogon and become emperor.

Ive defeated 6 daimyos,
Collected Heatran,
Spoke to shogon in the power plant and he disappeared.

Thanks in advance guys.


Son of Mewtwo

Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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2 Years
I can't do muk in the game, almost everything I try to do ends up crashing the game, is it the game or my emulator? I mean, literally, almost everything I do causes the game to crash, using items, switching out Pokemon, checking summaries, everything causes it to crash. I'm using OpenEmu, but I don't know if it's the game or the emulator
Seen August 4th, 2019
Posted October 8th, 2018
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4.4 Years
I'm at the Elite 4 right now, but for some reason all their pokemon are level 70 and above, and some are mega evolved as well. My own pokemon are level 58 at the most, so I can't even hope to defeat the Elite 4 and their level 70+ mega evolved super pokemon with one-hit KO moves. Anyone know what's happening or have a fix to this?
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted October 9th, 2018
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2.6 Years
I have a few gripes I feel need to be shared.

Grammar: You can easily get someone to spell check for you. Don't leave it half-assed.

The Kanto Gym Leaders: Either leave them alone, or get new graphics. Pierre? Ondine? No, those're LITERALLY Brock and Misty respectively. Come ON, dude. Changing their name doesn't make them different, it just makes you look lazy as crap. Never mind the fact that people still refer to them in-game as Brock and Misty.

Pokedex Backgrounds: Not a MAJOR gripe, but if I DO try to read the Dex entry, it kills my eyes.

Flash of Pink in Mt. Moon: Iunno if this is everyone or just me, if just me, ignore it. But if for everyone... Why the hell...?

Beyond these, I kinda like it. It feels like Fire Red, but different.

If you have any questions, or, Hell, want me to spell check for you, PM me. I'd be happy to elaborate.
Seen 11 Hours Ago
Posted November 3rd, 2019
301 posts
6.1 Years
After defeating my rival in the league, right when Oak takes me to The Hall of Fame room, the game suddenly takes me back to my house with no record of me winning the league.
Why is that?
That's a known issue with 523d. I think the creator recommends loading your save into an older version to contnue.



Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted September 25th, 2019
492 posts
6 Years
when this game gets updated??
the other cloud white hacks ar updated

but this 1 not
Because this one is complete and already re-tested to be fix. So, now, I won't do anymore updates except is some errors are reported.

Besides, CW2 and CW3 are actually in testing session to be fixed and are my priority. In other words, if an update for CW1 should come, it will be later.



Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted September 25th, 2019
492 posts
6 Years
Hey, what are the differences between the versions (besides the cloud white 1 being completed)? I couldnt find any info on it.
V523 includes new features (new bag, new Pokémon stat screens, etc) but it seems to be buggy.

V515 is the previous released version and it is supposed to be complete but without these bonus features of V523.
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