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Game Over! Faeries & Lycans [Epilogue]

Started by Nakuzami May 6th, 2015 5:08 PM
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Faeries & Lycans

What is Mafia?
Mafia is a game of love, betrayal, and murder. Kind of. All of the players will be split into two main factions, with a few unaffiliated roles making an appearance in this particular incarnation. The first main faction is comprised of the Innocents, the uninformed majority to which we will refer as Havenites. The second main faction is composed of the Mafia, the informed minority that we will refer to as Werebeasts. Each faction will be tasked with completely wiping out the other until one comes out victorious.

The game is played in two phases: a cycle of Day and Night. During the Day phase, all players will deliberate among themselves to decide on who to burn, in attempts to wipe out the Werebeasts. Of course, it would be too simple if the Werebeasts weren't present in the discussion under the guise of innocence, so Havenites will have to be wary of all of their fellow players. During the Night phase, the thread will be "locked" and the Werebeasts will chat over Private Messages and decide on one Havenite to murder. Their choice will be revealed at the beginning of each Day phase. Certain roles also have Night actions, which can be activated by sending a PM to me during the Night phase. When a competitor is killed, their alignment will be revealed.

Roles will be assigned at random at the start of the game, and the game will commence once all roles have been sent out.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by PM or VM.

"This must be the place."

It was a quaint little town, and considering what had happened here five years ago, ironically named. Some Haven it turned out to be, having been infiltrated by the daemon Lilith, a Siren, and a Mogwai, resulting in the slaughter of nearly all of its citizens. Few people remained here now, but the energy . . . the mark that had been left here by the conflict between the Faeries and Daemons could still be felt.

The man took a deep breath, taking in that energy. "Perfection," he sighed, smiling. "This is exactly the power I need."

"Will it work?"

He glanced sidelong at his companion. "Would I have come otherwise?"

The full moon was bright in the dark night sky, illuminating the entirety of Haven. A sonorous howl echoed from somewhere in the distance.

"It seems more than a few lowly creatures have been drawn to the forces emanating from this place."

The first man nodded in response. "They'll be of little consequence."

"We will have to deal with them, though."

Another howl sounded, seemingly in response to the first. Two more followed.

The first man laughed. "I'm the greatest Necromancer in the world. A few pathetic werewolves aren't going to pose a threat."

"And what about the people that live here?"

A dark smile. "They'll either bow to me or perish."

He spread his arms wide, raising his face to the sky. A staff materialized in his right hand. Dark energy seeped from its onyx catalyst crystal, flowing out and down to the ground. It traced the dirt around the man before slowly crawling out into the night.

"By the time Haven awakes, its dead shall be walking. A miracle, to be sure." He gave a dry laugh. "And soon my power will expand evermore."

His companion nodded.

"I need you to return to the capital, Baldassare. Continue protecting the little monarch for the time being. I'll rejoin you when my work here is done."

Baldassare bowed and backed away. "As you wish." A similar dark energy quickly enveloped the man. His form changed and he took to the skies.

The Necromancer began to chuckle. It grew into gleeful laughter before eventually turning to the manic screeches of a madman. "The dead are rising, and soon the Kingdom of Brennus shall fall to me!"




Once the highest power in all of Haven, the Seer was originally a spiritual leader and guide for the town. Ever since the Hellspawn conflict five years ago, however, true spirituality has been in short supply, thanks to the murders of both the Seer and Seer Ascendant. The current Seer is self-taught, having done so in an attempt to take up the mantle of Haven's oracle. Because of this, the current Seer is poorly trained and comparatively weak, but still holds enough power to see into the realms beyond and discern the truths of the supernatural. Once per night, they can look into the soul of an individual and see whether it is pure or beastly.

Seer Ascendant

The apprentice and destined successor to the current Seer. As they're a novice clairvoyant under the tutelage of an imperfect oracle, they're not typically permitted to utilize their powers as their sight is inordinate and the strain could prove too much for them to handle. Under dire circumstances, such as the untimely demise of the current Seer, the Seer Ascendant could be counted upon to act as Haven's spiritual leader and visionary.


The Bodyguard is a fiercely loyal protector who will defend the citizens of Haven with their life. They can protect one person each night, defending them from Werebeasts and any other threat.


With a deep insight into the workings of natural magicks, the Witch can bring about both life and death to anyone they choose. Each night the Witch has the option to weave one of two spells: the first being a powerful healing spell with the ability to revive anyone that has been recently killed. The second spell is one of deeply dark magicks, with the power to extinguish any one life. Each spell can only be performed once. Each night the Witch will be told who is to die the next morning, and they may revive that person if they so choose.


A student learning the art of alchemy under the Witch. They do not have a natural talent with magicks like their mentor, but they are unmatched in their skills of brewing potions and deadly concoctions. Each night, the Alchemist can search for ingredients that can be used in making various remedies and toxins. They have a one time potion of inoculation that can stop the night action of another player and leave them comatose the following day. Upon the untimely demise of the Witch, they also gain any unused spells replicated in liquid form that the Witch did not have the chance to utilize.


The keeper of all the bodies of Haven. They preside over autopsies and organization of the deceased. They have the one time use ability of analysing all of the previously killed in order to find out exactly who they were.


A skilled marksman and tracker that makes a living in the art of stalking and taking down game of all shapes and sizes. Each night they stay out to track the Werebeasts, finding clues in an effort to discover their true identities. They have a one time use tincture of wolfsbane, which is fatal to any Werebeast that comes in contact with it, but relatively harmless to anyone else. Beyond this, they have the ability to set up traps around one player every night. If these traps are placed around a Werebeast, it will be injured. If placed around a citizen that gets mauled by a Werebeast that night, one will be killed. The traps have no effect on any other player besides the Lycans.


Three stone workers under the employ of Haven for its reconstruction and expansion. Their work goes slowly, but it's top notch, and the masons have formed a close bond with each other. Having worked together for years, they have no doubt about the others' loyalties. The Masons will know who the rest are from the start, though beyond that they hold no more power than a normal elf.


The Elves are average citizens of Haven. They have no special abilities, and simply have to band together in an attempt to weed out the Werebeasts. They may deliberate during the day and choose to burn one player. During the night, they remain in their homes, blissfully and dangerously unaware of the goings on around them.

Diseased Elf

An Elf with a terminal illness. While the sickness hasn't progressed far enough along to endanger this elf's life for the time being, it is enough to affect any creatures unlucky enough to prey upon them. If killed by the Werebeasts during the Night Phase, the disease will upset the beasts enough that they will be unable to feed the following night.

Cursed Elf

An Elf with a dark destiny laid out before them. If bitten by a Werebeast during the Night Phase, this poor soul will join the ranks of the Lycans.


Alpha Wolf

The leader of the pack and overall ruler of the Werebeasts. The Alpha gains immense power from the reflected light of the moon, and can disguise its soul from the Seer. They organize the beast pack and cannot be killed by the Hunter's traps. As the most powerful of the beasts, the Alpha holds a few more abilities unknown to the Havenites.


A dangerous ophidiothropic creature with a highly venomous bite. If bitten, a player's night action is nullified and they are placed into a comatose state for the next day, preventing them from adding to the discussion. When threatened, it acts not unlike a cornered snake, with a few other tricks hidden within its scaly hide. . . .


Master of the night and highly unpredictable, only the possessor of the this ailuranthropic gene is aware of the true extent of their power.

Wolf Cub

The weakest of the lycanthropes, the Wolf Cub is the newest addition to the pack and the weakest of the bunch. It's role as the "child" of the lycans gives it some amount of sentimental value to the other Werebeasts. If the Wolf Cub is killed, the Werebeasts get to feed twice during the following night.

The Wolf Cub dies instantly if trapped, and therefore cannot be simply injured.


An elf marked by the Werebeasts. They do not possess a therianthropic gene, but they count among the ranks of the Werebeasts and are regarded as such by the pack. Due to this, the Marked will appear entirely human to the Seer. The Marked does not know who the Werebeasts are in human form, but the beasts are well aware of the Marked's identity.


A basic lycanthrope. Each night they transform into a beastly form and seek out prey with the rest of their pack. During the day, they act as normal citizens of Haven.



A man with supreme power over the dead. He's come to Haven in search of some sort of power . . . which is seemingly fueled by the spiritual scars left by the Hellspawn conflict of five years ago. Each night he can mark another individual. When a marked person is killed, the Necromancer takes control of their spirit and gains access to a twisted version of their night action. The Necromancer can either achieve victory alongside the Havenites or alone by eliminating all other players.


Reanimated persons under the control of the Necromancer. For the most part, this is a decorative title as it only applies to people who have already died. However, if the Necromancer remains and is outnumbered by the Werebeasts or other unaffiliated roles, all Undead individuals will come back into the fray and will have to obey the Necromancer's every command.


Another mage, with a penchant for gambling over fate. The Warlock achieves victory in a rather unique manner; each night they can guess at who will be burned the following day phase. If they guess correctly, they gain an amulet. Once the Warlock gains three amulets, they automatically win the game.

Be careful who you trust. They may just be there to manipulate you.

Cult Leader

A religious fanatic who will stop at nothing to make others see the world in his way. Each night he can convert someone into a Cultist, which allows him to control their night action and influence their choices during the day phase. This heretic achieves victory by converting all other surviving players. They cannot convert the Alpha, Necromancer, or Seer, however.


Two people linked by blood and a bond stronger than any. They will be aware of the other's role from the beginning of the game, and will work to either lead their faction to victory or be the last two people alive, if they're from opposing groups. Their powerful bond comes with both its pros and cons. When one of them dies, the other shall lash out and murder another that they suspect of having killed their sibling, before proceeding to commit suicide.

The Necromancer cannot be one of the Siblings.


  • All PokéCommunity rules apply
  • Each player gets one vote per day phase, which may be changed anytime before the phase ends, which is normally after forty-eight hours have passed
  • No Private Messaging other players about the game, with exception to the Werebeasts
  • Any discussion of the game should be kept in this thread
  • Do not post here once you have been killed
  • Posting during the night phase will result in your immediate death
  • Night actions should be sent to me by PM
  • Each player must vote during the day phase. Abstaining will not be allowed. Going two consecutive days without voting will result in your death due to inactivity.


Nakuzami as the Game Master
Klippy as a Havenite
Ash as a Havenite
Jupiter as a Havenite
arachnidsGrip as a Havenite
Fantome as a Werebeast
KittiOcelotti as a Havenite
Sonata as a Havenite
JaDe.X105 as a Werebeast
gio7sm as a Werebeast
gimmepie as a Werebeast
Nagi as a Werebeast
Melody as a Havenite
Netto Azure as a Werebeast
Cosmic as a Havenite
eros as a Werebeast
Arx as a Havenite
Infinite as a Werebeast
no as a Havenite
Lycanthropy as a Havenite
Foxrally as a Havenite
Charlie Brown as a Havenite
Ninja Aiden as a Werebeast
Orpheus as a Havenite
Ice as a Havenite
Lucid as a Havenite
Shak as a Werebeast
zevarius kerensky as a Havenite
Candy as a Havenite
Sopheria as a Havenite
Blurryface as a Havenite
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My first mafia let's do this


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folks, we have lift off!
"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
~Neil Hilborn


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White Mage has arrived.
jump into the abyss with me


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Spoodergurl is back in action


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I'm in :D


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i'm in!
it's amazing the town is called Haven haha! i thought for a second that you must have gotten the idea from the RP, but then i noticed there'd been a previous installment in the same town, so... lol, great minds think alike i suppose (。 >艸<)
i'm so t i r e d


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Where's MI?
He needs to join so he can die on the first night xD


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Hoo yeah. In three Mafias at once? I'm totally game. ;) In in in in.
Three Mafia games at once. Please, no more...
But Mafia games here are sacred, so consider this my sign up :). I don't want to get N0'd again, though...

I sure hope some of these new roles aren't OP. But it mostly seems balanced out :).


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#GreenDeath new otp :]


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( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)



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I'm regretting my upcoming name change already...

Nevertheless, I'm in!


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Paired to Ice and gimmepie
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Posted July 15th, 2019

Charlie Brown


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hope I'm not too late! /signs up
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