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Game Over! PokeCommunity Uprising [EPILOGUE]

Started by Klippy July 23rd, 2015 12:23 PM
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CSS BY arachnidsGrip

Rukario sat gazing out at the beautiful town of PokeCommunity from his mayoral office. It was a beautiful place, made even brighter by the newly constructed Underground, where many gathered for fun. He had allowed the nefarious games to proceed, accepting the risks of mafia-types dwelling there. So far there hadn't been any issues.

A knock at his door snapped him out of his daydreaming and he spun his chair around to greet the newcomer. It seemed to be one of his admins, but...

"Who might you be?" he asked.

"ha u crost me 2 manny times," said the mysterious figure, lifting his weapon up.

"No! It's you! I haven't seen you in nine years! Why would you come back?!"

"dont u hate the mods? i do. they bannd me, im making PokeCommunity a better plcae."

He swung the hammer down onto Rukario's head. Rukario screamed, but it was too late...

Rukario was gone...

The mysterious banner sat down at the desk, taking off his coat. He typed a few things into the computer on the desk before turning around and saying to himself, ",........ welcome to my community"

Todoroki was back.


ur all my minions. :D

Todoroki - The evil noob from 2006's April Fools Day prank is back with a vengeance. He is the leader of PokeCommunity and can BAN a player of his choice each night.

Netto Azure - Netto made it to the top fastest and was rewarded well by Todoroki. Every night he can select a player to be silenced for the next day and that player may not submit any posts during that time.

Mana - Joining up with Todoroki early in his rise, Mana can submit a name each night. If Todoroki chooses to ban that person, he will become disguised as them and his last disguise will be BANNED.

Ash - By a stroke of luck, Todoroki didn't ban Ash and accidentally made her an admin as well. He didn't much mind. She can visit a player every night and if that player is inspected by Klippy, they will appear as one of Todoroki's Minions.

Eros - Todoroki was amused by the games Eros created and rewarded him with an admin position. Eros can visit two players a night which will roleblock those players.

Hiroshi Sotomura - Forced to continue coding and designing for PC, Hiroshi can shuffle two players of his choice twice in the game. Their roles will swap, but they will not learn who the other was.

The New Mods - Basic minions of Todoroki. Many of the Underground regulars joined up with Todoroki to save themselves from getting banned and now exist solely as minions of the nooby bugger.

god u peple are idiots

Klippy - The last smod left standing after Todoroki's mass bannings, Klippy only survived thanks to hiding in the Underground, where he joined up with regulars of the section to plan a resistance. Klippy can inspect a player every night to learn their alignment, but 50% of the time, he fails to inspect for fear of being caught.

gimmepie - gimmepie knew PC couldn't be safe in the hands of Todoroki and joined the resistance. Using the power of gooey-pie, he can protect two players every night.

arachnidsGrip - arachnidsGrip has a bit of a big mouth (sorry!). If she is visited by anyone during the night, she will reveal their name publicly. She is apocalypseArisen's lover.

apocalypseArisen - apocalypseArisen can choose three players at the start of the game to inspect. If he dies, those three players and their roles will be revealed publicly. He is arachnidsGrip's lover.

Nakuzami - A bit of a loose cannon, Nakuzami can BAN one player of his choice during the game.

Ninja Aiden - Ninja Aiden's vote counts as two during voting.

The Supporters - Basic members of the resistance. The rest of the Underground regulars who refused to join Todoroki's evil PokeCommunity.

you guyz all sucksorz

Lerroux - Ill-content to be shown-up by such a noob, Lerroux has found a way back onto PC in order to exact revenge against the place. Each night, Lerroux may HACK a player's account and recruit them to his nefarious cause. If his recruit has a night action, it will morph into something different to help benefit the other evildoer's cause.

babagareeb - Unbanned by Todoroki, babagareeb and his father are here to cause some trouble. At the start of the game, babagareeb will be given a player's name to help get banned. If that player is BANNED, babagareeb can BAN two additional players of his choosing, but he will also be BANNED with them.

babagareeb's father - babagareeb's father has only his son to look out for. If babagareeb is at risk of being banned, his father will block the attempt and be BANNED instead. If he is visited by a player, babagareeb's father will learn their role.

Bardothren - With the skill of a few Night Zero deaths under his belt, Bardothren has learned how to role switch every other night. Starting Night One, he will be able to forcibly swap roles with another player. This cannot be blocked. The role switch is permanent and the other player will always receive the previous role Bardothren had, while the first person he swaps with will simply become a Basic Member.

Master Kwesi Nkromah - Kwesi, PC's founder, has returned and found the state PC was in to be an abomination. For four nights, he must plan. On the fifth night, if he has not be roleblocked or discovered or banned, he will BAN Todoroki, Lerroux, and Klippy and can take over one of the alliances (Todoroki's Minions, The Underground Resistance, or Lerroux's Clan) and lead them to victory. If he is blocked in any way before night five, he will be automatically BANNED.


Klippy as the Narrator
Nakuzami as ?
gimmepie as ?
JohnnyMustang as ?
Bidoof FTW as ?
Seth Rollins as ?
Deceptio as ?
Alli as ?
Ullion as ?
Bacteriophage as ?
Kiyoshi the Polar Bear as ?
Nimsy as ?
Bardothren as ?
Mana as ?
Arx as ?
Absol used bite! as ?
Shak as ?
gio7sm as ?
eros as ?
Jupiter as ?
Fantome as ?
apocalypseArisen as ?
Lost Heart as ?
Sonata as ?
Universe as ?
Christos as ?
Ash as ?
Melody as ?
arachnidsGrip as ?
Candy as ?
Twiggy as ?
Detox as ?
Superjolt as ?
Netto Azure as ?
Hermione Granger as ?
Misdreavus as ?
THE Sandwich as ?
Charlie Brown as ?
Lycanthropy as ?
Ninja Aiden as ?
BlueDogXL as ?
Fun Size as ?


These are the rules of the game! Be sure to follow them because I will ignore votes or posts that don't. :)

When voting, you must write [BAN] Person.
If a person is banned, they may write a BAN APPEAL. During the night phase, players may post and vote to [UNBAN] Person after they write their appeal. 50% of the active players voting to unban someone will allow that person back into the game.
There is no traditional night phase. It will function like a normal day phase; the only difference being that you are voting to UNBAN or KEEP BANNED.
If you remain BANNED, you may submit a final death post that does not reveal any game information.
If you are UNBANNED, then BANNED again, you may not appeal and must remain banned. In cases like this, the night phase will remain open for chatting, but there will be no vote.
Missing two voting phases will result in you being BANNED and you will not be allowed to appeal.


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Count Naku in ofc
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You know I'm in

Bidoof FTW

→ Bidoof is Pretty Rad

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Sign me up haha


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Love how people are now being threatened into play mafia


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The Black Mage is in!
where's Austin we need a face off
"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
~Neil Hilborn


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The Black Mage is cool-er!

I'm in.
jump into the abyss with me
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