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Love Me (MayxDrew)-(AshxMisty)

Started by ProtrainerEon June 12th, 2006 3:46 AM
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Disclaimer-I do not own any of these characters. The only thing that I do own is the concept of this new contest. Enjoy!

LOVE ME by ProtrainerEon

It was cold. So very cold......

Drew sat on one of the lined up benches for coordinators entering the Lilycove contest. He wanted to win, but something-or rather someone else had been occupying his thoughts. He refused to admit it. He just couldn't be in love with May, could he? The winter cold that entered the contest building was nothing to him. She was all he cared about. Then, she entered...


May sat down, not paying much attention to who she sat by, as she was thinking about what attacks to use in this contest. Lilycove had announced that this would be the hardest contest yet, and that the two finalists would get gold-encrusted medals-not ribbons-medals.
She was tense. May sat upright. She couldn't lose her cool now, not now of all times. Then she looked beside her...


"Hey May! I brought somethin' for ya!" That was Ash.

"Why are you sitting by me May? You're not cool enough." Drew said dismissively, waving May off. He hated to do or say that, yet he had to act as if the very mention of him liking her was laughable. That would definitely cover up his secret.

"I'll sit where I choose to sit thank you!" May yelled, walking over to Ash fuming. "Ooh that Drew! Who does he think he is waving me off! I'll show him!" How much you love him?

"What did you say?" May asked out loud. She couldn't beleive how childish Ash was acting. He was playful, but this...

Ash looked at her questioningly and asked, "Are you feeling ok May? Who are you talking to?"


With that May stormed off in the opposite direction, sitting several benches away from Drew.

Ash whispered, "What did I say?"

Drew acted as if May weren't there, ignoring the urge to wrap his arms around her. He wanted to break the distance between them and kiss her...NO! He would not allow himself to like May, he didn't like her! He just didn't like May! He turned away when he found himself staring at her as she sobbed quietly, wanting to hold her and stroke her, calm her...He acted oblivious to the entire situation. Drew had to stay calm. Threre was only ten minutes of time left before he put his skills to the test, and he knew May would have to face him in a contest battle...

Ash gaped. "May...your popcorn..." He held the bag of buttery goodness in astonishment. "More for me then," he decided, and returned to sit with Max and Brock, devouring the popcorn.

May had no idea how this had happened. She was crying. Of all days too! Today was her day of glory, and she must be strong, for her friends. The people of Lilycove wanted a show, and they would definitely get one. She stood calmly, and walked to a nearby bathroom, splashing water on her face and using a towel to dry herself off. She looked in the mirror, and to her astonishment, saw a happy May. She decided then that that was just how she would act, happy.

She sat back down at her very lonely bench, looking confident. She avoided seeing Drew...and hated to do so.

Drew knew otherwise. May was a nervous wreck right now, which would allow him to be the last one standing. Roselia had recently learned a new move. With this move, he would wow the audience and judges, making him the best. He had to eliminate May, and despised this fact, but it had to be done.

Just then, a man began to call off names. It was time for the Lilycove contest.

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Chapter 2 of LOVE ME
by ProtrainerEon

Confess your feelings... May heard someone channeling their words into her mind. "Who's there?" she asked, and instantly felt stupid when she noticed three top notch contestants were looking at her like she was strange. During this embarrassing moment, she realized that she had yelled angrily at Ash for something he didn't even say. She would take part in the contest, and patch things up with him later.

"Sorry everyone," she said. "Just uh...nervous is all."

They all nodded and waited to hear their names.

Then it hit her. May knew what she would do for the contest. The one special thing about this contest was she could use two pokemon for her appeal. She had a plan.

Drew had a plan for a great appeal as well. All he had to do was stay calm.

"Kimberley Wimple will now make her appeal."

A brunnete with wire-rimmed glasses and a curvy figure stood and walked onstage. "Go Flaafy," she cried, releasing an electric lamb which squn gracefully through the air as it landed.

One judge said, "The stylish entrance gets you three extra points. Now make your first appeal."

The beautiful lamb used a shower of shiny sparks to dazzle the audience, then used Thunder, lighting up the entire building with a blue sparkling streak of lightning (except for backstage)! A routine that was obviously thouroughly practiced blew away the judges. The following attacks were Thunder Wave (which was practiced so that it spread outward for contests performances and not focus in one direction), a blindingly brilliant rapid spin combined with Flash, spreading an amazing rainbow colored blast of light around the forever echoing contest hall.

The last appeal made was agility and volt tackle combined, which made everyone have to squint to see the blue streak moving rapidly in dizzying yet unique dance patterns. The highest score in this contest was thirty. Kimberley was given a 24.8

The second person, Fernando Pearl, slipped up and did horribly (commanded the wrong move), getting a solid 11. He confidently released Geodude and Delibird.

Fernando started off with a strange combination that worked, as he thought it would. Geodude used rapid spin to get above Delibird, who lifted Geodude after a few seconds into the air with a rapid spin tornado, and gently placed it back onstage.

However, his next appeals were different, but one was not so spectacular in the eyes of the judges. He followed up with Rock Blast and Ice ball colliding to form a half rock, half ice, object lying pointlessly onstage. Then it got exciting! Geodude used focus punch, and Delibird carefully caught the now soaring object in midair with ice beam. This 'beam' became deadly as it shot back at Geodude, along with the ball.

Fernando yelled out, "Defense curl and rollout!"

Defense curl knocked back the oncoming double attack, and rollout sent it flying up into the air.

"Now Geodude, focus energy!"

The giant marble-type object stopped at thirty feet high, almost reaching the ceiling. Geodude stood frozen. The ball dropped. twenty two feet, nineteen, fifteen, twelve..."DUUDE! GEODUDE!"

The rock type was released from its levitating version of meditation,and shot upward. A powerful mach punch shattered the object into a powdery ice and rock-mixed substance that spread around the stadium seating areas and caused all audience members to gasp in fascination.

To finish it all off, Fernando told Delibird to use ice ball, and for Geodude to use growl, when he had wanted Geodude to use bite. He twitched nervously. It was too late. Delibird served up so many ice balls, Max had to count them as they went and process the situation to tell Ash and Brock whether or not the appeal was an accident. Even the intelligent Max could not tell!

Fernando was sent out of the contest hall hanging his head miserably and groaning as he was booed by people who had to stand watching the contest since the seats were packed to the maximum.

His Geodude and Delibird nervously and angrily followed their over-confident owner out the exit. He would not stick around to watch the second round of the contest.
The third contestant, Melissa Tang, made a 25.6 with her repititive water move appeals. Two of the five appeals consisted of the move water spout, bringing her points down slightly, yet she managed to broaden the variety of moves she used to attacks such as surf and water sport just in time to make the second round point limit-24 solid points.

Then Drew. He walked confidently out in front of the audience and released Roselia and Masquerain. Masquerain twirled in the air and Roselia came out of its pokeball with a smoothly executed petal dance attack, giving six points for entrance. Drew smiled approvingly and continued.

"Now," he told them both, "Magical Leaf and Sweet Scent!"

The combination was overwhelmingly stunning.

The stadium was filled with a rose-petal scent that some would kill to have bottled and marketed. He finished off with charm, attract, mist and poisonpowder (Roselia's new move, that mixed expertly with Mist, creating a thick cloud of purple smoke), and razor leaf combined with wing attack, which brought the audience members with great imagination to a minty-smelling forest setting.

It was a very strategic appeal performance. Drew scored 27.3, which obviously satisfied him.

May gasped. She could never compete with that, unless...

May reached into her bag and pulled out a reflective disk. It was the only way to win.
--End Chapter 2--

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The story is good, but the chapters seem a bit short. Also when you use the parenthisies to describe something (here's an example):

The second person slipped up and did horribly (commanded the wrong move), getting a solid 11. The third made a 25.6
Maybe you should eloborate on this some more, that way the story flows more while making it longer at the same time. Plus, try sticking to one font through out the whole story. Same with the first just seemed a bit rushed to me that's all.

Anyway I do like the story, me being a contestshipper and all and it is a cute story that I wnat to read more of^^ Good luck with the next chapter!


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The frame of the story is good, if a little rushed. When I see any shipping fic, I like to see a little more description of emotions and the way the characters view each other. You are a strong writer and you have a good scenario going, but you lack in description. Try and focus on what the attacks in the contest look like. What does the contest hall look like? How is the audience acting? What do the Pokemon really look like? How do the other contestants look? What did they do for their appeals?

Description is good. Consider it the decorations, sprinkles, and frosting on the cake of your story. *is obviously hungry*

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I agree with Nagoyaka as far as the decscriptiveness of it goes.
Still, its a pretty good fic. ^^ I really like Contest Shipping, I like both pairings actually. x3
I like how you focused it around the contest and all. Makes it interesting.

Can't wait to see what happens. x3

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Part 3 of Love Me-(Ooh, a rhyme! Anyways...)

by ProtrainerEon

Disclaimer-Why do I even bother! Who knows? Moving on! (I do not own Pokemon or the trainers and the world of pokemon, and blah blah bah!)

-Chapter 3...May's dillema

May struggled to make a decision in her mind. She had just recently left to enter (Not use, but surreptitiously do something she would, or so she thought, never do in) the bathroom during Drew's performance so she would not be found out.

It isn't right! Should I?

No, doing this is wrong. May, you know that!

I know...shut up! Please leave me alone conscience! I've got to do this now!

May pressed the flat button in further, felt the sphere shaped object enlarge in her hand, and released Combusken. She fought back tears of disgrace and looked at Combusken, wordlessy at first, but then...

"Oh Combusken, I'm so, so sorry! Please forgive me..." Then she did it.

With tears finally succeeding in flowing down her face, she placed the disk against Combusken's right temple. She felt her throat begin to hurt from crying, and forced the tears back as she spoke softly.

"M-machine set..."

Combusken felt a small vibration, and winced waiting for pain that never arrived. May finally continued.




The disk vibrated vigorously and glowed rainbowish colors, then it was over. COMBUSKEN LEARNED...

May looked at herself in the mirror splashed and dried her face, and heard someone enter, just as the now dark gray disk dissolved into the air. She whipped around, putting on a cheerful front by smiling sincerely, and saw Kimberley Wimple's face.

"Are you May? Who's in the contest?"

"Yes, I'm May. Why do you ask?"

"Because you're on in five."

"Five minutes! What? I'm not ready for-"

"Seconds May. Go!"

"Thanks Kimberley Wimple for all your help and I guess I'll see you after the contest bye!"

May squeezed out all of that in one breath, and inhaled air to replace all of it she had just released by talking, as Combusken ran after her down the hall to the stage. It was saddened by the thought of what it must do. Was it's trainer really as trustworthy to do the right thing as it believed she was? She whispered something over her shoulder to Combusken, and then they were onstage.

"May, you took long enough," said a rather impatient judge with blue shoulder-length hair, who was filling in for one judge.

"Yes you did. Now make an appeal quickly, I haven't got all day-well...I do but I do not want to spend it watching a girl and her pokemon pointlessly stare back at me! Make a move!" That was a red, long-haired lady with shades on, who was filling in for the second judge. May thought they had met somewhere, but would think about that later. She must appeal.

"Do it just like I taught you Combusken," shouted May all of a sudden, and her fire-bird pokemon trudged over to the middle of the stage. "But first," she shouted, "Use sky Uppercut!"

Combusken jabbed a claw upward in an elegant motion (Jumping as well) that would surprise any pokemon with great strength. Next, it came down in a backflip motion, landing on one foot. As it did this, May noticed a Meowth that looked oddly familiar holding some kind of button. It seemed to speak english, to the shade-wearing judge, and she nodded!

May was about to command another move, when the Meowth pressed the button. The floor opened and she fell in. As she was enveloped in darkness she saw Drew run onstage and Combusken being wrapped in an electric net. She bounced off of something, and landed painfully on a wooden polished floor. She looked up, and saw James and Jesse! She now realized how she recognized the tall lady!

Team Rocket began their motto, when they were knocked away from the hole by a blast, and May heard some movement, growling, and saw Drew fall into the hole she had fallen into, and now she could barely see. Drew bounced on what she now noticed was a pillow. She felt her waist vibrating, and saw a robotic hand take her pokeballs! May dove and grabbed one, but was forced to let go as she felt two painful jolts shoot up her arm, and the floor sucked in her pokeballs. A flap shut, and now the floor was solid as it once had been.

Just as she was about to bang on the floor with her fist, Drew landed on her. She shoved him off.

She saw how he limply fell to the floor, and remembered he had hit the wall on his way down to where she was, and must've gotten some air knocked out of his lungs. She pressed hard on his chest, and he hiccuped. A hiccup! May knew he was alive and was overjoyed to know he had not died, though she would not admit she cared for him. She ran her hand cautiously through his hair, and he opened his eyes. She squealed, frightened that he would find her touching him. May looked up, heard a creak, and the hole in the stage closed. Just then, she heard Misty! Pikachu was heard shocking team rocket, and Brock was apparently after Meowth, as she could hear him running and Meowth yelling loudly.

Then nothing but a few gasps from audience members. What had happened? Why was Misty around here, and where the heck had her friends and Team Rocket gone? Had Team Rocket really prevailed? Would she die here? What was Drew's condition? How in the world could they escape, because she saw a robotic hand take Drew's occupied pokeballs as well.

She panicked, flailing her arms and shivering. Then it came to her like a sharp pang of pain from a mega punch attack. It was the only option that could help her think of ways to escape. The only way for them to escape was if two minds thought together!

May would have to give Drew CPR.

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Good chapter (s).
XD CPR. Classic.
He's gonna wake up isn't he?? x3

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CPR? XDDDDD And May and Drew secretly loving each other? And Misty comes and-

I loved this story! Plus, it is May and Drew, Ash and May, and that just makes me love it more! ^_^ Can't wait for next one!
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Disclaimer pointlessly and monotonously stating that OBVIOUSLY (Why would I make fanfics about a show I OWN?) I DO NOT own pokemon or the city's and ORIGINAL (Made by Satoshi Tajiri, unsure of name) badges, gyms and leaders, and overall characters. NEXT!
This is a long one. Be ready with coffee folks!

Max pounded in frustration against the metal half table-size hatch that automatically had slid over the entrance to the abyss May was now trapped in with Drew, once Team Rocket pushed the 'button' the second time. He wanted to save May, and the thought of being incapable of doing so angered him.

Ash, Misty, and Brock had gone on a mad dash after the fraud judges, Jesse and James. Team Rocket always had to come, just to be around, if not with reason, and screw things up during every situation!

"May!" he sobbed, pounding harder this time, and May heard his pleas through a small hole in the hatch covering. She looked up.

"Max, you there?"

"MAY? Of course I'm there, who else could it be?"

May pondered how she'd respond, then shouted, "I don't know you tell me," and smirked. Even at times like this, saying pointless comments to annoy Max tickled her 'funny'bone.

Max grunted, and held his breath as he stopped pounding, staying still on his knees.

May could not hear Max. Had Team Rocket captured him? "Max? MAX! Are you all right up there?"

After ten seconds of silence he spoke.

"Yeah, I'm ok gosh! ...That never gets old, heheheh!"


"Oh nothing, nothing! Stay here, I have a plan."

"Where the heck am I going genius?" she spat back sarcastically.

"Thanks," replied Max, smirking, and ran off to round up some trainers in the stands, to carry out his plan.

Now, back to the task at hand. May sighed, inhaled, and pressed her lips regretfully against Drew's. She hated it, but at the same time loved it. Why? She could not tell, and yet...

"MMMPH!" Drew managed to say, his voice muffled as he woke from his (his eyes rolled to the back of his head during this) 'sleep'.

He pushed her away, and rolled away from May, yet wishing he did not have to. May gasped, realizing Drew had woken to beleive something that was untrue. Or was it?

"Agh! UGH! What were you doing? No, why were you doing what you did?" Drew pretended to willingly rub off the taste of her lucious lips as he sat against the wall.

"You had the wind knocked out of you," she told him, as he made disgusted faces at her. He raised an eyebrow.

"But you kissed me!"

She groaned. Getting through to his thick skull and big ego annoyed her. "It wasn't a kiss, I was giving you air."

"In the form of a kiss."

"Ugh! Drew, you can be a real pain sometimes."

"May, I can't believe I'm sharing space with you!"

"What's THAT supposed to mean Drew?"

"That's just like you May. Why did I even expect you to understand?"

She glared at him, obviously getting more peeved by the second. "You watch what you say about me!"

"Words are invisible. Oh, but of course, you didn't know that either!" He hated being the source of her anger, but had to keep this act up until he knew her true feelings.

Her face reddened, as her muscles tensed up. She was like a lid on a jar that held frustration ready to pop off!

"May, you never told me why you did that, did you?"


"Whoa! Temper, temper!"

"I...I DO NOT have a temper!" She clasped a hand to her mouth. She had just proven her own words wrong while saying them.

"Sure you don't May, sure you don't." He plastered a wry smile onto his face.

"Well for your information, I didn't want to do that! Any human with a heart would try to save another. You may be a pain in the neck, but I wasn't about to see someone die!"

"I can accept that answer. That's about the only thing I respect."


"Oh, now you're catching on to the meaning of what I'm saying?"

May stomped over to Drew. He was making her so angry that she could slap him! And finally she remembered the feeling she got when she gave him air. It felt naughty, yet heavenly. She realized she liked Drew. There was no denying the feeling she had just now.

"Hey, ever heard of space?" He scooted away from her pushing back with his hands. Her face was no longer red. She seemed to have calmed down.

May turned away from him. If this was how he would treat her, she would be rude as well. "If you don't want me to save your life anymore, fine! Won't happen again Drew! I'll just ne-"

"No," he cut her off. "It isn't like that!" He walked up to her, and she turned around.

"What's it like then?"

"I'm actually-I feel...grateful. Thank you May."

"WHAT? Did you just say what I think you said?"

"You heard me right." He felt he could be a little nicer for the moment. "I'm sorry for being such a jerk when you were trying to help me out."

She allowed a grin. He could be nice at least once in his life. That was good to know.

"Y'know Drew,'re not so bad." She felt butterflies in her stomach. He even had a half-smile on his face.

"Neither are you, when you're not so competitive and loud." He laughed. She found herself laughing with him. That feeling of unusual joy burst through her entire body once again. Could things really work out between them?

She had strong doubts in that area of possibility. Nontheless, she knew she must do something. This feeling was making her crazy! She imagined Max beside her changing this to 'crazier', and giggled at the memory of her logical brother.

May smacked herself on the head, hoping pain would stop her feelings from overtaking her. This was to no avail. May squealed as she sailed downward, the tile floor waiting for her, waiting for her to feel the rush of solid material breaking her to peices...she would land hard, as she hadn't expected to knock herself off balance.

Drew gasped when he noticed the slight tilt, that progressed to something more. Adrenaline took over quickly, as his body flung itself under her, arms outstreched. What the flip was he doing? In that instant, when he thought this, Drew knew the answer. It was his love for May that did this. There was no use fighting anymore.

May closed her eyes, waiting for the hard floor to catch her. Waiting to feel the crush of her bones and the banging of her head against the nearby wall...waiting for pain. Instead she felt sleeves.

Those welcoming sleeves with Flygon's figure knitted into them. The warm face of hidden purity, her savior. Drew's eyes gleamed in that graceful nanosecond of beautiful love. Then stillness as they hit the floor, Drew's arm shielding May's head.

Their position was strangely soothing to May. Drew's arms held her, protecting her from the fatal tile she would have slammed into. Her legs were now tangled with his. All that mattered was she was safe, and with him.

"...You." This was all May managed to get out of her mouth as her eyes locked on to Drew's mysterious green pools of joyful hope. That was what his eyes showed. Hope. It was as simple as that, and this way how May wanted it. She felt hope for their relationship, fright, love, and surprise all in one moment as his soft lips meshed with hers.

May's rose-petal lips touching Drew's willingly made him shiver with excitement! Could this be real? The emotions that ran through every fiber in his body were mutual, if not just for a moment. Then it was all over. May's angelic scent of ocean breeze from her perfume ceased wafting from her (at least, he didn't smell it anymore) as they distanced themselves from each other.

Drew backed away panting, and May saw him give her the most intense look of romance she'd ever seen. A look that would make any girl melt. Then he spoke.

"May, that was...amazing."

"Y-yeah," she stammered, "it was great."

"But this can't go on May. You know that."

Her whole world shattered to fragments of a dream that was not to be. May let out a sob involuntarily, and then straightened up. She knew he was right. This kind of relationship would jeopardize their performance during the contest, and neither of them could risk that.

Things would have to stay this way. It gave them both no reason to hold back against each other in the contest. A chaotic event like that, where one of them lost because of affection toward the other, would live on in both of their hearts for the rest of their lives.

"Allright then," May said, nodding. A tear splashed onto the floor. "I get you, Drew."

He embraced her one last time, wiping her tears, and they seperated, moving to seperate areas of this 'prison'. Was it really a prison? This question pounded away at May's brain for an answer, though she had none. This room full of stuffy air could be the best thing that had ever happened to her.

* * *

Ash's hat landed in Misty's face. She coughed as she threw it back ahead of her. He jumped, grasping it, and placed the red/white accessory on his head, this time firmly.

"Thanks Misty," he called back to her, as he and Pikachu gained on Jesse and James. Where was that cowardly cat?

"Brock!" Misty yelled to him.

"Right," he nodded, as he veered off to the left to follow Meowth, who had branched off from the others in hopes of fleeing Lilycove on his jet boots.

One boot slipped off as Brock yanked at Meowth's leg. The evil cat cackled.

"Hah! You can't catch Meowth..." he purred devilishly, and kissed rock. He had rushed into a building wall!

He detached his body from the wall and began dusting himself off. By this time, Brock had replaced his right shoe with Meowth's one-size-fits-all stretchy jet boot. Meowth yelled in fright as Brock, floating at an impressive pace with acceptable balance for a one-boot wearer, neared his location. Meowth slipped on a replacement boot as he floated away, and engaged turbo mode with a remote.

This, however, caused Brock to gain speed as well. The apparently determined blind guy gained on Meowth.

"Foretress use Rapid spin," he called out, seeming to avoid sunrays, he tossed a pokeball. Out came a sturdy, solid creature, who spun in rapid succession after Meowth.


The heavy Pokemon obeyed, spitting seeds in each and every direction as it closed in on Meowth. Brock swatted away seeds that came his way, and used several under his non-booted foot to slide along, getting as fast as Meowth now and was several feet behind.

Meowth turned, as Foretress neared him, and bolted for the end of an alley. Foretress whipped around and sped, accidentally flying upward on a slope-like rock, over Meowth.

"Hah, losers!" he grinned to himself. He licked a paw and was close to the end of the alley now.

Pikachu was close to Jesse and James now. So close he felt the heat from their jet boots stinging his face! "Pi-pika-piii!" it cried out, managing to shock off one of James' boots, which flew back and slammed into its face.

Tumbling back, Pikachu used sratch to stop itself from skidding backwards. Ash and Misty weren't too far behind. It must go on chasing them.

Ash smiled as his mouse continued to run, even when knocked down. He laughed in approval. "Good job PIKACHU!" he shouted happily.

He was proud. That kept Pikachu going, running even past its little muscles' limits. Jesse was now pulling James along, by tucking her arm underneath his, in a kind of arm-lock.


"Take this Pikachu, you overgrown rat," Jesse spat angrily, throwing an automatic net at the mouse. Pikachu gasped as the net closed around it. Just in time, it rolled to the side, and kept going.

"Why won't you ever give up?" Jesse asked impatiently, throwing a smoke bomb over her shoulder, then another. Poison gas began to spread.

Misty saw this, and grabbed a pole protruding from the side of a brick-walled building, spinning in an upward circle like a gymnast, and flung herself into the air. She tossed Azzuril's pokeball at Pikachu, shouting, "Use Safegaurd!"

Azzuril landed easily on its bouncy tail, and began to glow a bright blue. Pikachu coughed as it inhaled poison gas, and suddenly, could not. It looked at Azzuril, then sniffed again to make sure.

"Pi-pika!" it shouted in thanks, realizing what had happened. Then its eyes flared with rekindled determination. It would catch the duo that had caused chaos in the contest hall.

"PIKAAAAAA!" the rodent yelled a battle cry, charging. Azzuril bounced after it, safeguard still in effect.

Misty tried to land smoothly, but her leg was caught in a mess of curtains covering a window, and she fell on her back in the sand, making sure to send out Gyrados before she landed.

"Gyrados, help Pikachu and Azzuril out," she ordered, sitting up abruptly. Gyrados nodded, and disappeared into the watery depths that surrounded Lilycove, resurfacing in front of Team Rocket.

A twister attack surprised the two. A forceful vortex threatened to yank them both into oblivion. James detached an electric bomb from his belt he wore, and tossed it into the vortex of doom!

Gyrados roared in agony as an electrifying explosion sent chills throughout its body. Two more of these bursts of pain followed, causing twister to dissapate. Gyrados had lost its focus, eyes bulging from the sudden attack.

The two evil partners flew off on their boots, a rat and water sponge running after them, at least that's how they saw it. Gyrados drifted to the ocean floor, eyelids fluttering as it attempted to regain its strength.

Pikachu growled, once it saw Gyrados had been hurt. This caused its cheeks to let off sparks, and Azzuril's face showed a lust for revenge as well. The two Pokemon propelled themselves forward with Water Gun at the ground and quick attack.

"EEK! Jesse look," James panicked, noticing the pursuers. Pikachu was getting real close, and so was Azzuril.

Just as the two pokemon were about to tackle Team Rocket, Brock's Foretress 'dropped' in for a visit, and the three Pokemon were sent careening over the edge of the island and plunged into the water. Drifting down further and further, unconcious, the two Pokemon lost air. Foretress was just too heavy, and watched as the water took him into the black hole called death.

Just when Brock's Pokemon had lost all hope of survival, a blue head pushed the three up out of the water. Pikachu coughed up water, and became alert almost the instant it sucked in air.

Hopping over onto land, Pikachu began to run again. Azzuril bounced over onto land and followed the electric mouse.

Ash had seen Misty fall, and ran back to her (ordering volt tackle as he did), despite her pleas to continue chasing Jesse and James. She shouted, "You never listen to me Ash!"

"Yeah...I guess I don't," said Ash, honestly, running a hand through her hair, which she now kept down and long, with a Cloyster item holding part of her hairstyle in a bun. "Where did that come from?"

"I've started classes so I could be more flexible. Ash-you know didn't have to come back for me." She touched her hand's palm to the top of his gently. Ash simply grinned at her, seeming to enjoy the gesture.

"I know Misty, I wanted to come."

Her eyes showed a glimmer of joy. The sparkle in her eyes made Ash feel all happy inside. "You really cared?"

He found himself trembling, trying to find the right words. Then he moved his head slowly closer. "Yes, I care Misty. I truly do."

Then it happened. A moment Misty had waited and hoped for ever since she discovered her feelings for him. Their mouths met, in a clash of fiery passion that nearly overwhelmed her. Ash was kissing her! He really did share her feelings. Completely overtaken by the rush of emotions, she gave him a full-on return kiss, showing the feelings he had shown through her reciprocated kiss of passion.

They reluctantly split, staring happily into each others' eyes. Ash seemed even more handsome than Misty had thought him to be during this beautiful moment. She simply giggled. That was all she could make herself do, and she was overtaken by sheer joy!

"I love you Misty," Ash whispered to her, before he gave her a loving hug. She returned the embrace, smiling.

"I love you too Ash, I always have. I love you more than anyone or anything."

Gyrados popped up from the water as they broke away from each other. Misty stood, calling Gyrados back into its Pokeball. Then she stared lovingly at Ash again, who was proceeding to stand. She kissed him lightly this time, and they turned to see Pikachu dashing. The two took off running, hands locked together.

Having just engaged volt tackle, Pikachu jumped for the ocean. It skimmed the surface of the water at a fast speed, as high voltage power propelled it forward, electric sparks surrounding it. When Team Rocket was about five feet away, it returned to land, catching them by surprise with an iron tail attack. This sliced through their jet boots, and they tumbled to the ground, landing in a heap as Meowth collided with them as he attempted an escape.

Brock joined Ash and Misty (having thrown the jet boot in a trash pile) as they approached Pikachu, who stood beaming, giving Ash a thumbs up sign as it stood at the top of the heap of criminals. Ash let Pikachu climb onto his head, just as Officer Jenny and two other men arrived, three Growlithe following behind them.

"Pika-pikachu!" the mouse let out a shriek, as it remembered May was still trapped. Ash nodded, explained everything to the police, and once Team Rocket was handcuffed and sent off in a white van, the six people and their pokemon were heading towards the contest hall.

* * *

Max finished discussing the idea to the two trainers, and began to walk toward the metal hatch. Then three familiar faces appeared.

"Ash!" He exclaimed in relief, jogging over to the trio with the police behind them. He felt as if the reason for Officer Jenny and her partners to be around didn't matter. At least they were back, to help save May.

* * *

Drew blinked, afterwards rubbing his eye, as he and May stood apart. Words weren't needed to express feelings from their previous 'encounter'.

"Hey Drew," May called. His head looked up to gaze at her.


"We may have to end this until later, but now it doesn't matter until we're rescued. Am I right?"

"You sure are!" Drew replied happily, when that sank in. Next, they crashed together passionately, lip-locking like there was no tommorow. Finally, they could be together, even if it was in secret. Soon, the hatch door shook violently. Misty and Ash's voices rang throughout the contest hall as they argued over what method to use to free May and Drew.

Soon, the cavalry would save them both.

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(Disclaimer is on MUTE right now...maybe I'll put it up later.)

"Heheheh..." The golden charm shone in the sunlight. The wearer had an evil grin on his face.

"Stop it, he may have something James," Jesse said, as Meowth pulled a tool kit from nowhere and began wiring things together and twisting screws. James frowned doubtfully, and looked on as Meowth experimented with the items, a metal protection mask, also from nowhere in particular, was pulled from thin air and placed on the cat's face.

"Me-owwwth! I did it!"

"DID WHAT? DID WHAT?" asked Jesse, full of anticipation. "Meowth, show us!"

"Yes," muttered James in obvious disinterest. "Show us...whatever it is."

The proud Pokemon yanked away a blue sheet, that apparently was taken from the same place the tool kit and mask had been found. In it's place, was some strange object James frowned at. Jesse still smiled, waiting for an explanation.

"This is the Team Rocket Drillhook," Meowth announced, flailing a bar with a button and the heads of two different tools on either side in the air. The bar object was blue, and a sharp double-hook was on one end of it. On the other, a metal drill, with small spikes surrounding the edges of the bar just below it. Below those spikes was a rubber fitting that served as the only SAFE gripping area on the bar.

"What does it do?" asked James impatiently. "This is a waste of my time."

Meowth's right temple twitched with irritation. His eyes glared at James for one instant, then returned their gaze to the Drillhook. "As I was sayin', before I was so rudely interrupted..."

"Yeah?" Jesse cut him off, clearly still waiting to hear more. Impatience showed everywhere on her face.

"THIS can get us outta dis place."

"Wow!" James chimed in, now attentive. "How can it?" His eyes were sparkling with satisfaction.

Meowth leaned over to Jesse and James' ears, showing it was not to be overheard by the driver of the vehicle. Jesse moved her well-kept hair out of the way to listen.

"It can cut anything," he whispered. Jesse and James squealed with joy!

"Use it, hurry," Jesse said. Then her expression changed to suspicion. "Wait a minute...does this thing really work?"

Meowth clamped the hook around a bar on the back of the truck, intending to let Jesse see for herself. These steel bars were meant to keep them inside the vehicle. The tool elongated, and the drill end of the invention turned to the side, in between two other bars. Meowth pressed the button on his tool, but only a whirring noise was heard, as the drill ineffectively turned, trying to break the bars.

Jesse growled in disappointment, grabbing Meowth's head. "THIS HUNK OF JUNK IS A BUST," she shouted, banging his head against the floor.

"W-wa-aaai-aiit!" He yelled, between shoves, as a bump on his head grew with each slam. He clawed at Jesse, and she let go of him.

"How dare you," she said to Meowth, obviously wanting some explanation for why he cut her. Meowth simply laughed.

"This Drillhook isn't done yet," Meowth said, grabbing the rubber area again, and pushing the buttton a second time, this time leaning to the side. The drill was pulled to the right, and sliced through each bar in a matter of seconds. Meowth beamed with arrogance.

"See dat," he boasted, rubbing the Drillhook proudly. Jesse jumped out of the cop vehicle, along with her partners.

"So it works," Jesse admitted. "Big Deal."

"Oh no," Meowth suddenly called out.

"What?" James asked him.

"I left the toolkit! They're gonna know how we got out of the place!"

"So what," Jesse spat carelessly. "We're out, that's all that matters. Also, you have the Drillhook so who cares about that kit? Let's go!"

The trio ran off down an alley, unnoticed, and Meowth tossed his mask into the street, having no use for it anymore. Meowth's invention had worked, and now they could return to the Lilycove Contest Hall to snag the stolen Pokeballs. May and Drew's Pokemon were a fitting 'prize' for the situation...

* * *

"May, you all right in there?" Ash's voice called out. Misty watched him, examining his outfit he wore that he'd purchased in Lilycove. He had on blue tights, and oddly enough, had on Pikachu wristwatch and a new hat. This hat said "Devon Corp-Lilycove Fashions" in blue-gray letters, and the rest of the hat was a dark blue color that blended perfectly with the word's color.

As she noticed all this while sizing him up, a voice responded. It was May.

"Ash? Yeah-...(Insert weird lip smacking noise here)-I-...-I'm fine. Can you get us out?"

"Us?" Ash asked her, with a puzzled expression on his face. Misty wondered who was with May as well.

"Me and Drew are stuck in here, didn't Max tell you?"

Max shrugged when all eyes directed themselves at him. "I didn't know guys. I looked away to ask Brock what we should do, when Team Rocket launched their sneak attack, and when I looked back they were running off around the corner with Flygon's Pokeball and Drew was gone. I figured they'd stolen the pokeball, and Drew left on Flygon's back to escape their attempts to return Flygon into its Pokeball. Guess I got it wrong."

Ash nodded once all that sank in, and replied. "So...what happened then? From your perspective, anyways...?"

"I went to save May, and that's when the hatch shut automatically. I saw Team Rocket push that beet red button before they vanished around the corner. Also, you guys-" he indicated Misty, Brock, and Ash- "all went after Team Rocket. I wonder where they got jet boots...? Anyway, I started thinking of ways to free May, and Combusken, since I'd seen it get sucked into the wall through some weird portal."

Officer Jenny was busy writing all that down. Misty looked suspiciously at Brock. "Brock, what did you say in response to Max's question?" she asked him. Officer Jenny finished getting that on paper, and turned to hear Brock explain, her pen an inch from the paper in preparation for more writing.

"I said to stay here in the contest hall, and followed the two of you." Brock kept a straight face, even in the prescence of Officer Jenny, who was busy taking notes.

Ash, by now, had knelt down to speak to May. "May, just be calm. We're going to get you out."

"OKAY!" Her voice was a little unsteady now, as if this troubled her, knowing she would get out of the underground room.

Max spoke up in the midst of the ten second silence. "I wanted to say we've tried a Mega Horn attack from Hank's Beedrill, but it's obvious that had little to no effect on the hatch." Max told Ash this calmly, indicating a man on the stage with his Beedrill, who was wearing worn out work clothes. He had a towel over his shoulder, and was holding a camera. His beard was wet, probably sweating. Ash assumed he was part of the camera crew, and his mom was watching right now. He had informed her of the contest so she could watch it on the television.

Ash walked over to the camera, waving. "Hey mom, if you're watching this and have an idea for saving May and Drew, just call." He returned to stand where he had been a few seconds ago, after holding up a peice of paper with the contest hall's front desk number on it.
* * *
"Eeeheehee! Ooh, our plan's working!" James grinned like a content fool. Jesse kicked him in the stomach, causing him to gag inside the closet they were hiding in.

"Shut it James, or you'll give away our positions!"

"The two of ya both be quiet, someone's coming..." Meowth scowled.

Silence. After about thirty seconds, somebody's footsteps echoed throughout the contest hall, and faded quickly, as they must've been running. Meowth opened the door slightly, peeking out to check the area.

"Check dis out, hurry," Meowth urged, squinting to make out whether or not what he saw was really there before Jesse and James looked. Two other head looked out to see what all the commotion was about.

James sighed, saying in a low voice, "a guy with a cart. I don't get it."

Jesse smiled deviously. "This is our ticket inside."

"How so?"

Meowth helped out, getting a tad bit annoyed with James. "She means we can sneak on. That is a cart with Pokeballs, so here's what we gotta do..."

Jesse, with a fake ID she had made, walked up to one of the many janitors at the Contest Hall, who was pushing the cart along the smooth-tiled floor. Streamers decorated the place in honor of the 'Ultimate Contest' here in Lilycove.

The man read her ID, and saw she had a pin on her strange outfit that said, "Temporary Staff." He raised an eyebrow at her, while she glanced nervously behind her. When he leaned to the side to examine what she was looking at, he saw nothing but the polished walls of the building.

"Uhh-hi sir," she began, beads of sweat dripping down the back of her head. "Is this your supply closet?" She walked him over to the closet she'd hidden in.

"Yes ma'am," he started, "This-"

"Now!" she exclaimed, and James grabbed the man by the collar once the door swung open, and pulled him inside. Meowth quickly yanked Jesse inside and closed the door as more people neared the closet area.

Minutes later, Team Rocket had tied the man up inside his supply closet and were walking into the stadium seating area pushing a cart in disguises. James wore a long red hair wig, and a black jumpsuit, and held a rose in his right hand.

Pikachu stared in their direction, as Jesse and James pretended to look busy, Meowth holding his breath behind the sheet that hung over the cart. Turning away, seeming to doubt they were Team Rocket, Pikachu ran over to Ash and journeyed up his arm to rest on top of his hat.

The two rushed the cart backstage, entering the EMPLOYEES ONLY section, and finding the control room. Meowth, when given the signal, hopped off the cart, holding Flygon's Pokeball.

Ash ordered, "Pikachu, shock that hatch!"

The yellow mouse happily obeyed, aiming a thunder shock attack at the hatch entrance, and causing it to bend a little from the force. Next, a young trainer told his Shelgon to use headbutt on the hatch door. Shelgon gazed at the hatch door, determined, and quickly leapt into the air, slamming down on the hatch with its head.
* * *
May sat quietly, Drew holding her close. What could mess this moment up? It was so peacefully enchanting...

Bang! Whoosh! A loud thud rang throughout the room as Shelgon bounced off the tile floor and stood, dazed, watching the now seperated couple.

"Where did..." Drew began, looking up as he let the sentence trail off. May regained her composure, staring up as well. Ash's face looked down at the two of them, and a rope was lowered to them.

"So," Ash said happily, "You gonna come up or what?"

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Ah yes....Ash to the rescue. x3

This is a cute fic.

How long is it gonna be, anyway? *is curious now..*

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Aww, very cute story! I love it so far!

What a creative idea, stuck in a room together, I love that. Aww, they both liked each other secretly ^^

I can't wait to read the next part, your story is really awesome!

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Thanks for all these encouraging replies. Drew and Princess Seraphia, I'm not too sure just how long I'm gonna make this fic. It may seem as if it's coming to a close, but I'll let a tiny secret out - this will not be such an abrupt "happily ever after" fic. Keep your minds sharp if you think you know who took the 2 real judges! See ya till next time, bye!

P.S. I just thought about it minutes later. I can give an estimate of 4our to 5ive more chapsters before I close. Next chapster now posted below: V

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Max ran over to May and hugged her as soon as she emerged from the dust-filled room she'd been trapped in. She patted him on the head, happy to be with her brother again, and hugged back. "Hey sis," he said, when they broke away from each other.

"Hi Max," she replied, smiling at him. "It's nice to see you again."

"HELLO," said a judge with violet hair, as the four remaining judges approached. "We've got two judges to find!"

"Oh right," Ash said, turning to them. Misty looked in their direction as well.

May and Drew stepped forward to talk to the judges. The four judges each nodded, proceeding to talk.

Judge # 1 was a slender man named Murry, who wore a professional blue suit. His face was clean-shaven, except for his bushy mustache that seemed blacker than the stillness of night. His shoes were shining brilliantly, and seemed to small for his feet, yet he managed to wear them somehow.

Judge # 2 was Aretha Nickson, a young adult with her blonde hair running down her back. She looked 18, yet she mentioned to the two contestants when asked earlier that she was 27. Her red dress sparkled, some strange glittery material placed in several areas on it. Her burgandy bead necklace matched fantastically with it, making her black high-heeled shoes barely noticeable.

Judge # 3 was Harpee Lillith, the world renowned creator of the Berry Blender. She was the lady who had just called out to everyone. Her silky and loose violet hair stopped a little past her shoulders, a bit longer than James'. She wore a faded purple skirt and striped top, which had different variations of the color purple running down it, starting with the base color. She was naturally impatient and demanding, but Harpee wasn't horribly mean, just hadn't learned any other way to get her point across.

Judge # 4 was Luane Billage. She discovered Mirage Island years ago, and retired from her exploration career to be a Lilycove Judge. She was always decked out in the latest fashions, which at the moment was spaghetti-strap tops and tight jeans. Her hair was curly and dyed orange.

Judges 5 and 6 were Lanette and Nurse Joy. Lanette volunteered her spare time to judge contestants. Nurse Joy temporarily handed the Pokemon Center over to one of her sisters, so she could take some time off from always tending to injured Pokemon and enjoy life.

Now, just where were these women? Everyone in the room wondered this when Murry began to speak.

"We cannot find Lanette and Nurse Joy," Murry said, stating the obvious. Harpee took it from there.

"We have searched half the building, and there has been NO sign of them at all!" She complained. "Now I'm starting to wonder who took them."

Max's head jerked in her direction at this comment. He'd forgotten the two ladies were missing! Right away, the gears in his brain turned as he got to work eliminating suspects until he thought he knew who did it.

"Oh," Luane said. "May and Drew, we have a question to ask of you for once all of this is over."

Aretha did the honors by inquiring unto them, "Would the two of you still be interested in finishing the contest once all of this is over?"

May and Drew exchanged glances, nodding at each other before simultaneously replying with, "Of course we are!" They may have had feelings for one another, but still had a place in their hearts for their rivalry. They grinned competitively at each other, noticing all four judges were smiling with satisfaction.

"Perhaps the judges weren't taken," Misty suggested. Harpee shook her head.

"No ma'am. They were definitely taken." Harpee's forehead scrunched up in obvious irritation.

Misty glared at Harpee. How could on be so adamant about something without solid evidence. Then the two stepped forward, shouting protests at each other while May and Drew spoke with the judges.

"Pi-i-ka!" The mouse intervened, only to be barked at to "stay out of this" as the two humans yelled back and forth.

"Girls," Brock said. "Tsk tsk." He folded his arms, shaking his head with a low chuckle.

Ash nodded.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?" Harpee yelled the question at the two of them.

"Nothing really," Brock lied, backing away.

Ash plastered a wry smile onto his face and looked at Brock. "You, of all people Brock. Seriously!"

Then the two males began to get annoyed with each other. More and more yelling.

This was going to be a long day.

Pikachu felt useless as it stood in a corner with Max, watching the four fight with each other verbally. If only Popcorn were available. Max provided the next best thing, and the two ate chips as they observed the scene.

Then the clicking of heels silenced everyone. A woman stepped out of the shadows.

"I'm your girl. I took the judges. And now I have to get rid of you all too." The voice was dark. Inhuman, yet it was a lady's voice. When Misty and Ash turned to look, they both gasped. May shreiked when she saw her. No! No...who would expect it to be (insert person here)?!


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'(insert person here)?!'

Hahaha! XD Nice.

I liked that chapter.... such a cliffhanger! I have some ideas on the person...unless its a made-up. x3

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Oooo, so suspenseful XD

The chips scene was funny, I could sooooo see that happening.

Well, I can't wait to read the next chapter ^^

(Could the lady's voice be Harley? XDDDDDDD )

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I don't like the (*insert whatevers here*) bits in your fic. It makes them seem TERRIBLY unprofessional. I was totally believing the story until I hit those. And one I did, it was really hard to get back into it.

The passion also seemed a little fast paced, but as this is a shipping fic, I expected that.

You're doing much better with descriptions. Keep it up!

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Wow! That was a great story. Suspenful but funny at times.
Thanks. I am glad to have all you readers, maybe even guests that cannot post, around to enjoy my fic. Otherwise, it wouldn't be as much fun!

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Yeah, it's a very interesting read, but IMO the AAML scene was a bit rushed into......and the characters seem a bit...out-of-character. But it's still pretty good. Can't wait to see the next part.
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TOO BAD! Only kidding!

Chapter 8, Part 1- The Truth All Comes Out(well, maybe not ALL of it)

It wasn't possible. She was supposed to be...well, she just wasn't who anyone would've expected. "TA DA!" she said, cackling darkly.

"No..." May said softly. "I trusted you!"

"Shocking isn't it May? Trust, most of you here know, must be gained through deeds. What did I do for you May?" Kimberley Wimple's face had been revealed. "Aww, it's too bad I'll have to wipe you all out." Kimberley's distorted face finally decided it wanted to look mad, and her icy stare was too much for Max as she scanned the room, who shrank back.

Misty scowled at her. How heartless could humans be?

"You and what army?" Ash spat defiantly.

"Like you don't know! Why don't we get some volunteers? How about Drew, hmm?" her expression was of fake sympathy and her coldness now showed through her disguised facial expressions. "May? Maybe even little Maxie-"

"Leave my brother out of this you fraud," May shouted defensively. "What are you talking about?"

Max was trembling in a corner. Pikachu was losing air, as he hugged him to his chest. "Pi-chaaa..." It sighed, when he let go, still avoiding Kimberley as she seemed to purposely inch toward him by the second.

"Yeah," Drew said, "Why would we know?" He looked very mad. Kimberley didn't seem to mind however, and continued on.

"You two should know most of all." She brushed her hair away from one eye with her hand.

"Pikachu," Ash called, gritting his teeth. The obedient mouse zipped toward Ash, avoiding Kimberley's path as she grabbed for it. "Ready to do this?" he asked his Pokemon.

"Pika," the mouse seethed, nodding, as it stood in front of Ash, staring the double-crossing contestant down. "Pikachu!" This next comment was said quite forcefully to Kimberley. The mouse was dead-set on stopping her.

"That's it!" Max said triumphantly, figuring it out. "You're gonna-"

"You won't reveal my plan, Flaafy Thunder Wave!" Kimberley was quick with the toss, and Flaafy Pokeball sailed through the air quite fast.

"Pikachu help out," Ash quickly ordered, just as Flaafy was created from a flash of light. She was already charging the attack to paralyze Max. Pikachu was running as fast as possible. Two feet from Max, Pikachu dove.

The rings of light energy flew through the air toward Max. He freaked out.

"Whaaaa!" he panicked, flailing his arms uselessly. The glowing circles of energy shut tighter as they neared Max. The figure of the yellow mouse came into view, and Pikachu's tail sprang up in front of the attack.

Without orders, Pikachu preformed its Iron Tail attack. The thin zig-zagging tail stiffened, and began to glow. In midair, Pikachu's tail caught the rings like hoola-hoops on a pole. They spun for a while as they met Pikachu's tail, which cancelled out their paralyzing effects. Pikachu squealed, as it flipped once in a smooth motion, sending the rings off its tail into the wall. The streamers along the wall fell as it crumbled.

Suddenly, the Man named Hank called out an order, once the wall began to give way, falling toward Pikachu. "PROTECT!"

The buzzing bee zipped past Kimberley, causing her to fall when the trail of wind left in its path hit her. She pressed her hand against the floor, and righted herself quickly. "That does it! May, your brother is NOT gonna get in my way or any of you!" Her fists clenched, as Beedrill's striped yellow and coal black coat came into Pikachu's view. A green sheet of light spread out in front of it, and the chunks of the wall and the streamers all disentegrated when they touched this barrier.

"I can get rid of your Beedrill," Kimberley said, her face now beet red. "Dustox go, tackle," she commanded, rotating to one side to stare at Ash, Misty, and Brock.

Dustox's shape formed from a bright red beam, and it charged, ramming Beedrill and they both were sent careening through the air backstage. Luckily, every contest competitor had either fled backstage or gone into the contest's main room to see what was up.

"Quit it Kimberley!" Misty shouted, gripping her Great Ball tightly. Her elegance had Ash distracted for a moment. Noticing he wasn't paying attention to his Pokemon, she spoke.

"Destroy Pikachu," she seethed. Her hands were at her sides now, holding the two Pokeballs. She was now definitely an enemy.

Flaafy rushed at Pikachu, catching it in the side with thunderpunch. This attack was well practiced, that much was obvious, as Flaafy swiftly slashed the distance between it and Pikachu, slamming a static-filled arm into the foe. In response, Pikachu stepped away and fired a bolt of electricity at Flaafy. The thunderbolt was not expected, and Flaafy tiptoed a few feet back. Following up, Pikachu swept it's long tail underneath Flaafy, tripping it.

It may have been unprepared for at least a few seconds, but now it was back in the game. Pikachu did not need or depend on Ash to tell him what to do in battle, though it fought by his side. Ash had trained it well enough to fight independently.

Beedrill erupted through the double-doors that led onstage from backstage, Dustox after it. Dustox fired a thick sheet of web at Beedrill, that thinned out as it reached the opponent. There was now only a long rope of web coming at Beedrill. Suddenly, the bee whipped around, smacking away the web with its antennas.

Next, Beedrill retaliated with a twineedle attack. Five small needles soared forward at Dustox. The moth was pinned to the wall by its transparent wings, but instantly tore away, powerful enough to survive a move like Twineedle. It struck the bee across the face with a silky wing, managing to back away when Beedrill countered the Wing Attack with Mega Horn.

"Great job pal," Ash congratulated, observing how Pikachu handled the sneak attack. Misty was staring down Kimberley in the meantime.

"Hey, why don't you try to stop me, huh?" Misty said this with an air of mockery. The temples on Kimberley's forehead pulsed.

"Maybe I will," she replied, stashing the two Pokeballs and sending out a Surskit. "Try me now."

Misty nodded with a confident glare, tossing a Pokeball and catching it expertly as it returned to her hand. "Starmie, psybeam!" Her well trained Pokemon hopped over in front of her, shaking its body to get rid of the water specks that dotted it in several places. It let loose a twirling blue and violet DNA-shaped stream of energy that...missed?

"Surskit water pulse," Kimberley said, smiling as her Pokemon dodged, and the beam hit Beedrill instead. Misty gritted her teeth, muttering, "SHOOT!" Next she pointed to Surskit. "We can do this Starmie! Water Gun!"

Her star-like partner jumped into the air, cartwheeling in place in rapid succession, firing jets of water from microscopic holes at the tips of it's pointed protrusions from the core. Surskit was not quick enough, and was blasted in the face several times with strings of water.

Beedrill finally regained its balance, in time to slip out of the path of Dustox's toxic attack. The posionous spit charred the floor as it evaporated. The match was heating up quick, as Beedrill charged with a quick attack. The line of glowing energy was almost invisible, but there, as the bee flew at lightspeed toward Dustox.

Max tried to run, but Kimberley was fast, and grabbed him by the arm. "Heeeelp!" he cried, struggling, but unable to break away. May grunted, reaching for a Pokeball.

"Let Max go," May and Brock yelled, stepping forward. Brock released his Mudkip, ready to help.

"Make me," Kimberley said, just as Surskit knocked Starmie down with headbutt. Brock grinned.

"Sure. Mudkip mud shot! Max shut your eyes."

Kimberley shrieked, as Mudkip sprayed her with mud from it's mouth. "EWW GROSS," she complained, holding up a hand to block the brown sludge. Max closed his eyes just in time, as a few drops of mud landed on his nose. Disgusted, he wiped his face clean of the mud with one hand, and thought up something that might help.

Hank ordered, "Beedrill finish this with gust!" His bug Pokemon nodded its understanding, shoving Dustox to the stage floor with a burst of wind. The foe was beaten, and with much difficulty flew back to Kimberley, where it was returned.

Back at the corner of the stage, Pikachu was evading Flaafy. Right now, it had no idea how to overcome this foe. Flaafy ducked under the mouse as it hopped away, and managed to whip around in time to knock it down with thunder.

Electric energy crackling throughout its body, Pikachu stood, and ran at Flaafy. Ignoring its pain, Pikachu flipped into the air.

Kimberley grinned as she spoke to both Pokemon. "Surskit, Bubblebeam, and Flaafy agility!" Misty's Starmie had been doing quite well, lowering Surskit's stamina bit by bit. The sudden volley of bubbles clouded its vision, and from behind it felt a sharp pang. Surskit had manuevered around it while it was distracted, and slammed Starmie to the floor with an ice beam.

The stream of clear blue solid ice crashed into Starmie, causing it to stagger around and eventually fall on its face. Misty was shocked, and her face showed it.

"Don't worry Misty," Ash said, releasing a Pokemon from its metal containment orb. "Sceptile, Leaf Blade!" His recently evolved Sceptile lurched forward at Surskit, who just barely dodged Sceptile's outstreched arm, which had a sharp leaf protruding from it. The leaf was inches from Surskit's face, who cringed, and slid away.

"It missed?" Max asked, for the moment forgetting his escape plan. "How can that be? A Surskit isn't evasive enough to dodge a Sceptile like Ash's!"

"I trained my Surskit beyond the limits of its form, preventing evolution with this special stone." Kimberley flashed a shiny rock in the air, stowing it away once Ash, Misty, and Max had looked at it. "That's why you can't hit Surskit."

Ash glared at Kimberley, then at Surskit, who was zipping out of the way after letting Sceptile close in on it, confusing the Pokemon. The green forest Pokemon was, after a dozen failed swings of its arms, panting heavily.

Misty urged, "Starmie get up!" Luckily, her Pokemon was still able to engage in combat, and it got up. "Great! Now get Surskit!"

The blue water type bug was aware of the fact that two Pokemon were now after it, and bombarded Sceptile with orbs of water, before gaining some distance from the pursuers. Starmie however, surprised it with another Psychic attack. Confusion scrambled up its thoughts, and Sceptile struck. It cut Surskit swiftly with a Leaf Blade attack, and struck a pose when Surskit was called back into its Pokeball.

Pikachu had avoided Flaafy long enough, and was following with its own agility now. The two were like speeding bullets, tackling each other every so often while speeding around the entire contest hall. Finally they both tired out, and were back onstage.

"There you guys are!" Ash exclaimed, grinning. "Pikachu, ready to use your Iron Tail?" The yellow rodent nodded eagerly, flashing him a weak smile.

"Use your mid-air tail whip," Kimberley ordered, shoving Max away as he bit her arm. Blood trickled down her sleeve. "OUCH! You brat!"

"Hey," Max said, approaching Ash. "Where did Brock and May go? Also, where's Drew?" Ash and Misty searched with their eyes, and instantly felt bad for not noticing the two were missing.

Flaafy jumped at Pikachu, who did the same to her. The two tails collided with a loud ringing noise, and they parted, both falling hard on the stage floor. After a long suspenseful silence, Pikachu stood, and hurried over to Ash, hopping onto his shoulder.

"NO WAY!" Kimberley screamed suddenly. "You beat all but my last Pokemon?" She pointed at each of the kids. "You all ruined the plan!"

"What plan?" Max asked with a smirk. "Your plan to use May and Drew's Pokemon against THEM?" Ash, Misty, and Hank gasped. As if on cue, May, Brock, and Drew came running.

"There was a Tropius chasing us back there," Drew said, hands on his knees as he panted. Brock and May nodded.

"Nice try Kimberley! We lost it backstage," May said. She undid her bandana, and put it back on tighter than before.

"Then how is it right behind us?" Brock said nervously, as he turned around at the sound of stomping. May followed suit, yelping when she noticed the pursuer had found them.

"Don't be afraid," said a voice. It was Mellisa Tang, standing onstage with Fernando, and both were participants of the Lilycove Contest.

"Mellisa told me what was up so I came to help," Fernando said, smiling sheepishly. "Eveen though I didn't make it I figured I could come help out," he added. "Delibird do your thing!" His arctic bird Pokemon flapped its wings to show it understood, and flew toward Tropius. A nicely done drill peck attack left Tropius nearly defeated.

"Where are all you brats coming from?" Kimberley called out angrily. "Tropius, solarbeam!" Tropius had already gained enough solar power for the attack because the ceiling had a glass covering above the stage, which light shone through.

Misty called back Starmie, just as Brock's Graveler was sucked inside its Pokeball, which had wandered off to, for some odd reason, chew the curtains to the stage. She turned her attention away from Ash for the moment to watch Delibird and Tropius.

Delibird was hit directly in the chest with a thick concentrated beam of solar energy. The bird staggered back, just as Tropius came at it with a headbutt.

"Counter," Fernando shouted, panicking as he thought of his Pokemon being defeated. Delibird shook its head, and turned towards Tropius once more.

Delibird patiently stood while Tropius came nearer, then, a foot from the foe, it made its move. The bird stepped forward, ducking under Tropius' neck, and jutted its wing upward, sending the unprepared grass type crashing down, into the very hatch Kimberley had known of all along.

Speaking of Kimberley, she was now inching away from the scene. "You can come out now!" she whispered. Her hair was tangled up in a mess of strands, which made her use one hand to brush some of it aside. When her hand came away from her face, she saw Max running at her.

"This is for grabbing me," he declared, sweeping a foot underneath her as she made a break for it. Face first, she tripped and fell onto the carpeted floor. The carpet was dark blue mixed in with sky blue, and it mixed together in a color-blending swirl in the middle of the room, which is exactly where Team Rocket was. They had run inside from a second backstage exit, with Flygon, Masquerain, Bulbasaur, and Combusken surrounding them, protectively?.

"Hahahaha!" James laughed deviously, Meowth hopping over beside him. "It all went as planned!" Kimberley took advantage of the fact that Max was observing the trio as they entered, and scooted away to stand inside the circle of stolen Pokemon guards.

"Finally we beat you snotnosed twerps and got what WE want!" Jesse was rubbing her hands together in deep thought. "Now, with these two losers' Pokemon, we shall have the promotion we've been craving!"

"Yeah, an' that means getting rid of you guys first!" Meowth jabbed a finger at the group that had beaten Kimberley. They all struck poses with their Pokemon, clearly about to strike.

"Team Rocket," Brock announced. May nodded as she glared at the evildoers. "Back again?"

"Naturally," James said, cockily running a hand through his hair.

The judges were now alongside their Pokemon. Harpee spoke right after Ash did, her Hariyama stepping toward Team Rocket.

"Then I guess we'll just naturally have to send you blasting off," Ash retorted, gesturing for Pikachu to attack. "So let's go buddy-"

"Wait," Harpee cut in, raising a hand. "I've got this one! Hariyama Arm Thrust!"

Her sumo wrestler resembling Pokemon bumbled over towards the group of villains. "Hari-yama!" It cried out, reaching out with an extended arm to punch Flygon.

"STOP," Drew called out, and Hariyama halted halfway into connecting the blow. May continued for him.

"That's right! Those are our Pokemon Harpee!"

Harpee shrugged. Then she said flippantly, "It has to be done. Hariyama!" She nodded at her Pokemon to finish the job up.

The fighting type didn't budge. It would not harm other Pokemon if they were actually innocent.

"Flygon," Jesse said, "Dragonbreath!" It, surprisingly, obeyed, opening its mouth to attack.

The wave of flaming breath was too much for Hariyama, who tumbled backwards on impact, into Harpee's leg. She gave it a dissapointed glance, which hurt it inside, but it stood firm by its beleifs of the innocent.

"NOOO!" Max yelled, and foolishly charged forward at Flygon. "This is wrong. We're your friends Flygon. Listen to us!" He was now ten or more feet from Flygon, who hovered with a defiant glare aimed at Drew, two feet in the air.

"Max stop," May pleaded, but he was gone.

"Now Dragon Rage!" James ordered, and was hit over the head by Jesse.

"That was my line!" She crossed her arms.

The flames enveloped Max, and everyone on Ash's side of the room gasped. What had become of the poor boy? Team Rocket had sunken too low this time.

"Quick attack," Officer Jenny comanded of her Growlithe, which darted forward into the swirling vortex of fire. Only hope could save Max now.

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