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Love Me (MayxDrew)-(AshxMisty) Page 5

Started by ProtrainerEon June 12th, 2006 3:46 AM
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SO sorry for the delay folks. PC wouldn't let me post two days ago so I goes. It's SUPER MEGA long! (the chapter, that is)

Chapter 15: Heated Battle! The Contest Continues!

Misty felt a few tears rush down the sides of her face as she fell to her doom. Who would save her? She had actually dismissed the thought of suicide, only to die regardless. This was unfair! She was scared, afraid to die and leave all of her friends behind. If only, if only...

Suddenly, a cry of surprise was heard from nearby. Combusken shot up into the sky, snatching Misty out of the air, five feet from the surface of the water.

"Yes! Just in the nick of time!" May shouted, rushing down the stairs of the hotel to follow Combusken.

Drew and Brock soon appeared as well, and joined May. They watched nervously as Misty realized she had survived.

"But did I..." she stared at the familiar faces of May, Drew, Brock, and Combusken. Smiling with relief, she asked,

"How am I alive?"

"May told Combusken to save you," Brock explained.

"I saw you hanging off the balcony from a window, just when I was coming back inside from a battle with Drew. I came to rescue you." May grinned. "I'm glad I made it."

"I didn't want to be rescued," Misty admitted. May went white with shock.

"What do you mean you didn't want to be rescued? Why?"

"I...I wanted to end my life...but Ash convinced me not to kill myself. I can't believe I even thought of it." Still shaken, she grabbed a towel that Brock gave to her, and wiped the sweat from her face.

An upbeat voice broke the silence almost immediately.

"Misty! You're alive!" Ash smiled down at his friends. "Don't worry. I'll be down in a minute!"

Ash and Pikachu vanished from sight.

A few minutes later, they joined the group. Everyone gathered in the lobby.

"You guys..." Misty looked at the floor in shame. "I'm sorry for any trouble I've caused, thinking those horrible thoughts." A pause. Everyone exchanged glances. "I know Ash cares about me," she continued. "I shouldn't have done what I did. It was stupid."

Eyes shifted from person to person. They all understood what Misty's message implied.

Max walked over and sat down with everybody. He had just recently gone to the vending machine to get a snack for Munchlax.

Misty looked at Max, nodding. "You probably wanna know why we're all out here like this."

"Well-uh, yeah." Max shrugged. "What happened?"

"Misty fell a long way," Ash said simply.

"May's Combusken caught her. So we all kinda came in here to let Misty calm down."

"Oh." Max's eyes widened in surprise.


"Really," Misty replied. "It was really frightening. Even more than Beedrill." She gave a light chuckle.

"I'll bet." Max went silent once he said this, and so did everyone else.

Except for the occasional hotel worker passing by, not a sound was made. Eventually, the group dispersed, and everyone went off to bed.


Ash changed into his pajamas in the main hotel room, while Misty went into the spacious closet to change. Ash had a late snack before going to bed, and checked the news to see what reporters were saying about the Lilycove incident. Misty grabbed a glass of refreshing water and sat down beside him.

An hour later, the program ended, and the two slipped into bed. It felt awkward being in the same bed, but since they were a couple, they managed. Misty sighed, turning over a few times until she was comfortable. After a while, Ash decided to speak.

"Misty, you know I meant what I said earlier, right?"

"Yeah, Ash. I do."

"Good." Ash felt better hearing those words, and settled down. "Good night Misty."

"Good night Ash."

Misty went to bed that night with a smile on her face.


"Aaaah," Misty yawned, sitting up. She took a quick trip to the bathroom, and got dressed there as well. She took this moment to retrieve May's note and read it.

Brock knows about me and Drew. Just thought I'd mention it to you, Misty.

Rolling her eyes, Misty tossed the note into the trash. She thought to herself, I can't believe she got me all nervous over reading that short, useless note.

Ash grumbled, as a sweet voice began to wake him.

"Ash, get up! We're going to be late."

"Hm?" He cracked his eyes open; light flooded his vision, blinding himm temporarily.

In about an hour, they were fully clothed, and went down to breakfast. After a quick breakfast on the first floor, they met everyone else in the lobby, and got ready to go.

"Looks like this is where we part ways," Fernando said. "I didn't make the cut, remember?"

"Yeah," May said to him, "but you can still come along. It'll be fun!"

"Why not?" Brock added. "The more the merrier."

"Uh...okay, I guess so."

"Great!" Ash said happily. "Now that we're all ready, let's go!" Simultaneous shouts of joy rang out from the group (Drew remained silent), and they headed off to the Contest building.

----------->time skip----------------->

"May, you can restart your appeal." Nurse Joy encouraged May to begin.

"All right," May agreed. "Combusken, take the stage!" She tossed a Pokeball, and Combusken popped out of it standing in a fierce pose.

One arm curved under it, the other stuck out to one side. Its right foot was brought backward, causing it to lean forward. The other bent, supporting its weight. Flames danced around Combusken as it made its flashy entrance.

The crowd cheered loudly, impressed with May's talent as a coordinator.

"Next, let's gooo, MUNCHLAX!" She brought Munchlax onstage next to Combusken. It flipped down rather expertly onto the stage, adding to the judges' fascination. May received many points for her Pokemon's stylish entrances.

"Now Munchlax, let Combusken lift you up, and use swift!"

Munchlax nodded. Bumbling over to Combusken, it was thrown into the sky. Combusken twirled and released a vortex of fire just as the golden stars began to dance around in the air. The sparkling stars became red hot, producing a dazzling light that reflected off of the fire spin attack. Both Pokemon stopped the appeal at the same time, waiting for a reaction. Munchlax was placed, like a delicate ballerina, directly above Combusken.

Combusken held up the chubby Pokemon as it struck a graceful pose. May gulped. She was unsure about whether the judges and the audience were entertained or not.

After a long silence, the crowd roared! The judges all approved of May's appeal, and waited for more.

Shocked and overjoyed all at once, May ordered Combusken to use peck on the stage floor. It did, and Combusken began to spin around rapidly. Munchlax shot a Solarbeam attack at Combusken, and the beam of light bounced of the partner Pokemon. Like a glass prism, Combusken reflected the light in a million different colors, lighting up the whole room.

Using this as two appeals, May told Combusken to use Sky Uppercut.

Combusken shot up into the middle of the rainbow of colors, wowing the spectators.

Several more good appeals followed. May and several others passed to the next round. May managed to make a 27, which upset her. She had made it, but felt bad for not meeting the goal she had set. Backstage, May and Drew sat together and talked.

"So, looks like you beat me," May said sadly.

"Naturally," Drew boasted, running a hand through his hair.

"Well, prepare to be blasted away by my power when we fight!"

"Whatever," Drew replied, smirking. "I doubt you could beat me again like you did last time."

"We'll see," May warned cockily. "Be ready to lose, Drew."

"Yeah, we'll see." Drew stood and walked away. It was time for the next round to begin.


Out onstage, May tried not to be nervous. She was in front of millions of people, as always...but Drew was watching her. He was watching her! Snatching up a Pokeball, she got into a ready stance. Her opponent, Blake, had been able to audition at the last minute, and made it. This would be a tricky battle. His Oddish was not as weak as it looked.

May called out Squirtle, ready to fight.

"Squirtle, Water Gun!"

"Dodge it, Oddish." Blake smiled coolly, unphased.

Oddish dove to the side, avoiding the attack, and blasted Squirtle with an array of flower petals, causing it to stagger backward in surprise.

The yellow bar representing May's contest points lowered slightly.

"Now, Ice Beam on the wet floor!" May had planned her attack, and was on the move. When Squirtle had frozen that area of the battlefield, she ordered it to keep firing water at Oddish. She knew that Oddish would evade the attack. It was part of her scheme to beat Blake.

Eventually, almost all of Oddish's half of the stage was soaked with water. Once this was done, Squirtle drew in a breath of air. On command, it spat out a beam of icy energy, which froze the entire stage.

Oddish got it's foot stuck in the ice while attempting to escape Squirtle's trap. It was over.

Blake's contest bar lowered.

"Blast it away with Ice Beam!" May called out. "Let's wrap this up!"

"Oddish, get away!" Blake pleaded.

Oddish wriggled and writhed, but it was useless. It, and Blake, were going to lose.

Just as a lot of water collected in Squirtle's mouth and began to freeze, Oddish started to move again. It was not squirming or howling in fear, but rather, banging its own head on the ice grasping it's little foot. The persistent little Pokemon would not give up. The battle was not over!

Relentlessly crashing into the crystaline ice formed around it, Oddish chipped off a piece of the ice. A few more hits caused a significant crack...

Squirtle released the attack! Oddish did as well. It swiveled its head around in a circle, slashing at the cracked ice with the leaves atop its head. An icy screech followed, as a chunk of ice fell away from Oddish's foot. Another split in the ice formation allowed Oddish to dive to one side, just as Squirtle's ice beam reached the location it desired.

Tumbling onto the icy stage, free, Oddish tried to catch its breath.

"Excellent," Blake shouted, pumping a fist into the air with a smile on his face.
The crowd cheered loudly, pleased with Blake's performance. The announcer narrated the event enthusiastically.
"Would you look at that? Blake's Oddish survived the finishing move!"

May gasped. Her jaw dropped. Her face was white with shock.

Squirtle pouted, displeased with the outcome of Oddish's efforts.

"That's it. I can't let this bring me down for more than a second!" She looked toward Squirtle. "Attack it with headbutt, quick!"

Squirtle ran forward, ready to ram Oddish. A wind current built up around it as it picked up speed.

"Oddish, dodge quick!" Blake yelled, and quickly noticed that Oddish wasn't fast enough. "Uh...okay, use Petal Dance!"

Oddish twirled around, dazed, and sprayed out an array of petals, which Squirtle rushed right through. This attack had no effect. In about ten seconds, Oddish would be hit.

"Try a Razor Leaf," Blake ordered.

Oddish nodded, and whipped out a few sharp leaves. It flung them toward May's Squirtle gracefully. It had no doubt that Squirtle would be hurt by this move.

"Water is weak to grass...that won't stop us!" May yelled. "Move straight at Oddish, Squirtle!"

Squirtle pumped its feet, speeding up. Just about thirty yards to the point of contact, a leaf tripped it up. Squirtle's feet were cut several times, but it stumbled for a while, getting back on track like nothing had happened. The green leaves were useless.

Oddish was a little dizzy, due to its painful escape from the ice beam trap.

"That does it! Use your Rapid Spin!"

Oddish agreed, and began to twist and turn like a spinning top, headed right for Squirtle. Squirtle collided with the attack, and bounced back. Oddish remained spinning.

May's contest points dropped down to a little over half of their original ammount. The crowd gasped in surprise.

The announcer said nothing, unsure about what May would do.

"Use your Rapid spin!" May was determined not to lose to Drew, let alone Blake. She had to beat him to at least get that far. And she would get that far.

Squirtle retreated into its shell, and mimicked the movement of Oddish, tackling the opponent while spinning around on its shell. The two moves cancelled each other out, and both Pokemon flew backwards, landing painfully on the stage floor.

Both trainers' "health bars" took tremendous damage.

"Please get up, Squirtle. We can't lose!" May's face dropped in doubt. Squirtle didn't seem to be moving at all. Just when the fight was about to be called, Squirtle jumped up, grinning. It wasn't beaten, but was barely conscious for a while due to the hard landing.

Oddish had already scampered to its feet, ready to land the finishing blow to the fallen Squirtle.

"Keep charging your Solarbeam," Blake urged. This was precisely what Oddish had been doing for the entire twenty seconds Squirtle spent laying down.

A small particle of green light crackled, enlarging to the size of a marble. It glowed, hovering just in between the leaves connected to Oddish's head. The beam was about to strike it's designated target; Squirtle. In second it had grown to be the size and density of a bowling ball.

"WHOA, what an attack!" May exclaimed. "Squirtle, hurry! Attack it head on with Skull Bash in headbutt formation!"

Her hope had been that Squirtle would reach Oddish before it launched the move. Before impact. It was not so.

No sooner had Squirtle sprinted for Oddish than the beam of blinding light decided to move. It sped toward May's water Pokemon, seconds from an explosive burst of power. The thick blast generated hot particles of energy. Nature's weapon.

Squirtle lowered its shiny, sleek head. About fifteen yards from Oddish, it hit the Solarbeam attack head on. It forced itself forward, streaks of the beam sliding off its sides. Unaffected by the attack, all it could focus on was victory.

"Power it up," Blake announced. "Full throttle!"

"SQUIRRRRRRRT!" Squirtle shouted angrily, almost at its breaking point. Charging forward even more, it blew straight through the attack, causing a massive cloud of smoke to erupt onstage.

May and Blake's points skyrocketed downward. May now had a third of her bar left, and Blake was down to just a little above that.

"Wow!" Blake said, apalled. "It took that head on!"

"Squirtle, NO! Yikes!" May shriveled up, watching intently to see if her Pokemon had survived. Was Squirtle okay? Would it be able to continue the match? The suspense was torturous. She waited, waited, waited, and waited some more...

The smoke finally cleared. The crowd happily rang out, "MAY! MAY! MAY! WHOOOOO!"

May noticed that Squirtle was on its belly. It had been knocked to the floor by the blast, but its shield served as a knife that sliced the attack in half, avoiding further damage to it. She had won! Well, not yet exactly...

"Oddish is tired out, Squirtle! Hit it with everything you've got! GO, GO, GO!" May looked on in silence, watching her Pokemon get to its feet.

"Squirt," it agreed, and ran up to hit Oddish once more. It reared back its head, and thrust it over one shoulder, to whack Oddish on its side, and knock it out. It tumbled back a few feet, still dazed.

Blake was down to a fourth of his bar.

"May has made an amazing comeback from the explosion," the announcer said happily. "Will she win?"

"Finish it with a slam!" May was amped up and ready to go again. To win.

"SQUIRTLE, SQUIRT!" Squirtle hopped up, angling its tail to the side. It swung its wiggly tail down in an arc to hit Oddish square in the face, and rolled away from it to rest after the finishing blow made contact.

The bar slowly but surely lowered down to nothing. Everyone was shocked.

May had just actually beaten Blake and his Oddish, fair and square. The fight was close, but definitely decided. Squirtle was with her all the way, and saw it through to the end.

"Three cheers for MAY!" the announcer urged, smiling widely.

"MAY, MAY! GO MAY!" The deafening burst of cheers hurt May's fragile ears. She grinned, waving at a few fans in the stands, making sure to wave at Ash, Brock, Misty, Max, and Fernando.

She strutted backstage, her boosted ego carving a dazzling smile onto her face. Drew flicked his eyes toward her, sizing May up. A quick glance showed that she was about to brag. Irritated, he prepared himself.

"So, Drew..." May began.

Drew sighed inwardly.

"Ready for our battle? It won't be long, since only about fifty coordinators made it this far." She stared up at the board, which showed her and Drew's faces on the passing lineup of coordinators. The water-type coordinator they had befriended was in the lineup as well. The 'fifty' May mention had been whittled down to a mere 25. This contest was coming down to the wire.

"Tch! May, you must really like making an idiot of yourself when you fight me."

"I guess so," May said. "Well, Drew...are you that sure I'm the one looking bad out there?"

"Yep. Positive. So you better get ready."

"I will! I am ready."

"Of course you are."

"Yeah, right."

"I know."

"Oh, I know you know."

Drew smiled at her, boldly flicking May on the forehead.

"Hey!" May grunted, pushing Drew away. He wasn't getting away with thar!

Stumbling, Drew chuckled and continued onward. He walked over to a nearby bench and sat. He wiped a clump of green hair away from his face calmly.

He's SO full of himself! May thought, laughing to herself. "Full of defeat," she whispered. "I'll win." She clenched her fist as she made this vow. She couldn't wait to beat Drew.


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Well that was a great chapter....Heh...You didnt expect to not be bugged for the next chapter when you left us readers with that cliffhanger didja?
Since that one wasnt such a cliffhanger like 14 was...I think I'll have more paitence...
But so far this fic is really good...


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Well that was a great chapter....Heh...You didnt expect to not be bugged for the next chapter when you left us readers with that cliffhanger didja?
Well, no. I knew I was due for a bit of fan-mobbish fic update alerts. Heh, I try to keep you guys happy.

Since that one wasnt such a cliffhanger like 14 was...I think I'll have more paitence...
But so far this fic is really good...
Um, thanks! I'm glad you like it. Stick around for more please. I'll try to make it good next time.

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Thanks a lot! It seems I'm getting some new readers lately. Well, maybe PC is getting more shipping fans. :D

Well, if any of my old readers are reading this, I'd like to hear your comments, good or bad. Ok?

Looks like I'm done for now. Bye!

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Interesting story Pro, I'm looking forward to how it will develop :D

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Wow! That's one excellent fanfiction! you have talent! I have read from chapter one to current! I cannot wait to read next chapter! some of those chapters made me laugh ^_^

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I will in the near future. Sorry for the wait.

Hey, to pass the time, why not spread the word about my fic? PLEASE. I would appreciate it. If you were referred here by someone, also, please let me know so I can thank them personally.

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LOVE ME Chapter 16 - A True Coordinator Shines! On With Round 2!

Mellisa Tang was the first in the contest. May was glad she wasn't facing the opponent Mellisa had to. His name was Shawn Mercer.

Shawn was a top-class coordinator with twenty ribbons under his belt. His Aggron and Growlithe were his favorite two Pokemon to compete with. In addition to that, his fierce Aerodactyl was a force to be reckoned with.

Mellisa, unlike May, was not frightened for her safety. She faced the opponent boldly, moving onstage with as much grace and determination as a magnificent queen. Her hair was in a long ponytail, and she wore a flower next to her right ear. Her outfit of choice was a light blue blouse with a knee-high matching skirt, and a medal showing off her Milotic's Beauty contest ribbons dangled from her neck.

When May confronted Drew about the contest matchup, he answered as calmly as ever.

"I'm not worried about her."

"Really?" May asked, feeling inferior for a moment.

"Yeah. Y'know something, May? I was at first, but I saw this look in her eye as she walked away..."

"A...look in her eye?" May was puzzled, but listened eagerly.

"Yes, that's what I said. I've seen that same you, May. Every time I saw that look, you earned a victory."

"I did? Is that true?" May smiled in spite of herself, a little insulted at being compared to Mellisa, who hadn't even brushed against Drew's score, while she had done better than that.

"Of course. So chill out. She's fine." Drew smoothed his hair coolly, and watched the television screen. May did the same, feeling a little better than she had previously with the thought of that look in Mellisa's eye.


Shawn decided to go steady and released his Aggron, not asking it to do demanding moves just yet. For some reason he considered it a wonderful matchup against Mellisa Tang's Milotic.

After some teasing chides, the battle finally got underway. Aggron sprang forward, easily executing a mega punch that plowed clean through Milotic's Water Pulse. A jet of pure blue water washed over it, but it went through the barrier like a bullet through glass.

The hard armor had moistened a bit, however, which caused Aggron to move a little more cautiously, since a hit from Milotic right now wouldn't do it much good. It retreated instead of attacking at Shawn's command. Mellisa's and Shawn's point bars had lowered just barely.

Mellisa laughed. "How childish. Hiding from me?"

"Oh, not at all Mellisa," Shawn shot back. "We just gave you a taste of our power. Want to back out?"

"Never! It's time I took you down a peg."

"Come and try it then! Aggron, battle formation!"

Up in the stands, Ash, Brock, Fernando, Misty, and Max watched in awe.

"That first retreat was just a tease," Brock commented. "Shawn never meant to hide, only to fool Mellisa into coming after him. What if she falls for it?"

"Whoa," was all Max could manage.

"That mega punch would've taken out Charizard," Ash whispered, his voice cracking. "She's in for one tough battle."

Brock looked, startled, over at Ash. Is he shaken by this? ASH?

"OH, what I wouldn't give to be her right now!" he cried out with joy. His competitive blood was boiling. "Get him!"

Brock sighed, shook his head, and continued to observe the battle.

"Let's go, Milotic! NOW, Water Pulse!" Mellisa jabbed a finger at her foe's Pokemon.

"Not that again. Dodge and come in fast!" Shawn was not at all afraid.

Aggron pumped it's feet forward, flipping up above the spray of water, and landing nimbly a few feet from Milotic's tail.

"WHAT A JUMP!" Mellisa shouted. She shook her head. "No matter. Keep firing!"

Milotic complied, and Aggron flipped and hopped quickly away from each attack, steadily lowering Mellisa's point bar to less than half. After about ten jumps, it came in for a headbutt, which caused it to bounce off of Milotic. It didn't stop there, and charged in again.

"Up now!" Mellisa cried as Shawn's points lowered a little.

Milotic lifted its enormous body above Aggron, and slammed a huge tail down upon it.

Aggron lifted up a heavily armored arm and pushed up, allowing Milotic to slide its tail around the block and trap Aggron with its tail. This caused a big drop in Shawn's points, but he showed no shock.

"Well, bad move on your part," Shawn told Mellisa, and glared at her. "I'm gonna crush Milotic. Hyper Beam!"

"Hyper Beam?" Mellisa asked. "He's going for it all now. Milotic, move!"

It was useless. In seconds, Milotic was going to be fried. This thought ran through Mellisa's head as she called out to her Pokemon, but then another did as well.

"Bind it tight, no matter what!" Mellisa urged. Just as Aggron's mouth opened. An orange beam blasted Milotic in the tail as it wrapped Aggron obediently.

There was a sharp crunch as Aggron's armor gave way. The smooth metallic plates cracked painfully. The hyper beam attack had destroyed Aggron's defenses.

Mellisa saw her bar drop a little more, as Shawn's lowered to at least a fourth of its whole size.

"Get away now," Mellisa ordered.

As Aggron distanced itself from Milotic, Shawn called out, "Slam attack!"

Stabbing a fist into the stage, Aggron propelled itself up high into the air, and landed a powerful tail hit on the tip of Milotic's nose, hurting Mellisa's points badly. She could only survive about two more hits before losing. There were forty seconds on the clock now.

Milotic crumpled in shock, but quickly slithered upright. It was in much pain, and ready to get revenge.

Aggron skidded to a halt as it landed, pleased with the surprise attack's success. It only had it's tail, arm and head plates left to defend itself (those parts were not squeezed as tightly as the central area of its body), so Shawn had made sure that vulnerable spots were avoided while fighting.

"Finish this up with Headbutt!"

"Tail whip," Mellisa said quickly, and watched as Aggron was swatted away easily.

There were twenty seconds on the clock.

Suddenly, Aggron sprang out from another location. It had used double team to trick Milotic! With fifteen seconds on the clock, it made a quick decision and rushed in to attack.

"Hydro Pump!"

"Quick Attack!"

The rumble was deafening. All the crowd gasped as a large wave of water burst out at the determined Aggron's steel-plated head.

Smoke erupted almost as soon the collision took place, leaving everybody stunned.

Backstage, every coordinator watched in wonder.

"Did she make it?" May croaked nervously.

"I don't know," Drew replied in a low, controlled voice. "Let's wait and see." It took a lot of effort to mantain a calm persona in the midst of such an explosive fight.

"WHAT THE-" Brock and Ash blurted out simultaneously. Nobody had any clue what had become of the two Pokemon.

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You thought that was awesome?

Wow, I just threw that together at the last minute since my real chapter writing got deleted...twice. -___-

Anyway, thanks and I hope to hear other people's opinion's and predictions. I may add onto this later, but for now I'll wait and see how people rate this chapter.

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i remember when u 1st created this...
Uh, yeah, me too. Ahh, those days...where are my old readers? (besides you, I remember you, too! Thanks for sticking around.) I miss you guys!

i hate the couple ash x misty, but im a contestshipper. may x drew iz my favorite couple! :D
Amen to that. They are a pretty fitting couple, and it seems that they may really like each other on the show as well. Drew would never admit that though, unless something like this story's plot happened.

Ash x Misty is okay, though. It's pretty obvious Misty likes Ash, but not clear vice versa, since she got sad because he wasn't sad that she was leaving for Cerulean.

But anyways, on to the story matters! NO, I'm not giving you a chapter just yet. Don't get your hopes up about this post having one.

What I WAS gonna say is that no one in the couples will die. Not really a spoiler, but hey...

Brock WILL NOT find love, as far as I've planned, don't hope for that much either fans...sorry!

No Pokemon will leave/die. Pikachu won't have much more of a major part in the story's plot besides little scenes to keep it moving every now and then, I guess. I still haven't sorted everything out, but I have an almost general idea of what I want to do for the last chapter, which is not coming for another, maybe, about three chapters I'm guessing. Then again, my hints at possible last chapter dates were never accurate when the dates rolled, don't get too down about it ending. I may even do a sequel if I think of something. Maybe a couple/couple vacation trip together, like vacation double-date or whatever. Then, of course, some conflict. You're free to litter my mind pool with your ideas, no problem. I'd actually like some help! Please, if you think you have thoughts on the matter, talk to me. Inform me here if my PM box gets full, so I can empty it for messages.

I'm just rambling on, so I'll shut up now. Let the comments roll on in! I'm ready to speak to anyone who has comments, good or bad (those who actually like something about the story besides simply the topic of Pokemon. Don't come here just to bash shippings. It's pointless and just makes my thread look really crappy, and makes you look illiterate if you do what I've mentioned when I just wrote this to urge you not to. So, no. READ THIS before posting stuff like that.)

Thank you.


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Thanks a lot, both of you.

And raichuchika, your name's kind of hard to forget. Naturally, I remembered your name and your positive commenting on my story. So, thanks to you too.

As soon as I get this work eyeing me out of the way, a new chapter should be up. I'm hoping this weekend...

Bye, people! ;)

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