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Version 1.8.2 is up. This fixes more bugs, including a stability issue with the sound mixer which I think was responsible for many of the random black screen crashes people were encountering. Note that you may still experience crashes with an uncapped fast-forward speed on mGBA - this is a known bug with the emulator that should be fixed whenever its next update is released (it's already fixed in the dev version for those of you who don't mind compiling it!).
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If gen 8 mons are ready to be released , would you rebalance their stats and typing too ?
I could give you some suggestions for the type changes ; starters for example .
Rillaboom could be a Grass/Rock ( rock being as a reference to rock genre )
Cinderace could be a Fire/Electric ( due to its flashy , striker-like appearance ) , could also be Rock because its signature move is basically it kicks molten rock.
Inteleon could be a Water/Ghost ( referencing its spy-like appearance )