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This is fine.
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Originally Posted by Treecko View Post
Re-battling trainers. The VS seeker made grinding easier and quicker and sometimes its nice rematching trainers again. The new exp share is great but I always turn it off cause it makes leveling up too easy and eventually makes your party all over leveled. Something like the Pokeathalon would be nice too. Anything that makes post-game more fun and interesting. There's nothing in gen 7 that made the games replayable after beating the main storyline.
Oh yes very much. That or how they did it in RSE/ORAS.

There's several reasons I want this. One: variety in training options. Griding on the same trainers is not fun, it's boring. It may be less efficient but

Two: option to grind pre-E4 as well. That's useful in itself.

Three: worldbuilding. You learn more about the region, what people do, etc by being able to fight the same characters multiple times and see how their day goes. I miss the random calls you'd get from trainers in GSC/HGSS for instance, because each character was different and had their own personality, and their teams grew as well. It was neat! Now they don't even walk to you to have a battle, never mind talk about their day or challenge you to a rematch, and that's just lazy and boring imo.
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    I really want seasons to return
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      1. Secret Bases, maybe something like a super expanded version of what we got in Gen 4?

      2. Sneaking around in grass all tipy toe style to sneak up on pokemon in the grass.

      3. I want a cellphone where my mom calls me every 5 minutes to tell me she spent my psyducking money on something I never asked for and probably is buying herself weed with the money that just "went missing". I want that feature back!

      4. Acorn poke balls from Gen 2.

      5. E.V training like in gen 7.

      6. Roller skates again plz.

      7. Seasons, and being only able to catch certain pokemon during certain seasons in certain areas would be cool.
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        Character Customization is seemed to be confirmed. Pixelpar did a video and zoomed into a building and shows it is a clothing store.
        So even though I think most people are pretty sure it is returning. I just wanted to say it is most likely confirmed to return for anyone who is still worried. I will get a screenshot of Pixelpar's video and post it here.


        This is from Pixelpar who is usually pretty accurate with everything, although very very vague. The second image, he is just comparing the image with the one from the announcement trailer because they are the same color. But I am pretty sure and certain he is right about these being clothing stores.
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