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The crowd was stunned into silence at Crimson's revelation. Immediately following were panicked whispers, bouncing between those seated. Malorie watched from the side of the stands... had she said Team Cinder? Wasn't that the shady group that the students from Aquacorde had clashed with? The one causing chaos across the entire region...?

"Jackson..." She mumbled her brothers name and gripped her skirt with both hands in her seat.

"You were foolish to reveal yourself here..." Steven Stone stepped into the middle of the battlefield, his Metagross swiftly floating down in its mega evolved form to its trainers side. "This place, this time, you people are never satisfied are you? This is a festival to celebrate all the good in this world and you sully it by existing here."

"All the good...? My, you are full of hubris." Crimson's small smile flickers away and she glares at Steven with a cold, dead glare... both sets of eyes glow with prismatic light and emanate an aura of intensity. "All I see is a monument to self celebration and arrogance... not all that surprising considering 'champions' like you are littering the streets of Kalos these days."

"Hold your tongue! I'll not listen to your poison!" Steven takes a step forward causing Crimson to tilt her head curiously. "You're under arrest for acts of terrorism against the league, the people of Kalos and innocent children! As well as for resisting arrest on behalf of the international police. Do not try to resist or I will have Metagross restrain you."

"Your floating ball of metal doesn't frighten me Stone... besides..." Her lips barely twitch into a very slight smile as from the pocket of her dress she produces what appears to be a small device, with a trigger built into the side. "You'll soon see that I'm the least of your problems."

"Wait... don't-!" Steven quickly reached out and Metagross began to charge forward but it was too late, with a single clutch of her fist the trigger was pulled and immediately all hell broke loose.

Across all of Shalour city explosions began to erupt, people screamed in terror and pain as important city building began to burst and explode into flame, the ground itself began to shake, knocking Steven off of his feet and causing Metagross to turn and grasp him.

Crimson's face returned to neutral as she turned away... and a large black Dragon pokémon landed before her. As Steven scrambled to his feet, she climbed upon the Mega Charizard's back, glancing down at the crowd, now screaming and scrambling onto the arena, she spied Odette out of the corner of her eye and met the girls gaze. "I'll be in touch."

"You won't get away! Metagross, Meteor Mash quickly!" Without hesitation, Metagross, still in its mega evolved form, rushed forward as swiftly as it could. Rushing forth with an outstretched claw, but it was just a little too slow. In an instant, Charizard had dashed upwards, carrying Crimson and flying out over the city to escape.

"Damn it!" Steven stood quickly and moved to pursue, but a sudden cry caught his attention before he could act.

"P-Please... someone! Help us!"

Peering over his shoulder he saw he was met with another sight of crimson. A pair of parents were struggling with a large piece of rubble. One that sat upon the lower half of their young son. A stream of blood had shot outwards and sprayed across the cobbles. The boy was conscious, but barely, his legs most likely numbing his senses with the pain. "...graaah! Metagross, quickly to me!" Steven turned from his fleeing assailant and moved to the aid of the parents, Metagross and his efforts easily aiding in the removal of the rubble.

Once again, the Hoenn champion quickly placed a finger to his ear, speaking into a device mounted on his ear as he already rushed towards another call for help. "Contacting all available allies, I repeat ALL available. Code Cinder, a massive code Cinder at Shalour city we need immediate resistance!"


"T-This can't be happening..." Professor Augustine Sycamore looked on at the carnage, the sky was painted red against the stars, reflecting the light of the burning flames across all of Shalour City. Occasionally another explosion would go off, more injured, dead and destroyed by the second.

"M-My students... Malorie...!" He quickly looked around the pathway outside of the pokémon center, his gaze frantically darting left and right, desperately he searched for a head he recognized. What if they had already been hurt? What if they were already...?!

He rushed through the streets like a man possessed. He had to find them, he had to find at least one of them, but he had no idea where they were! They could be anywhere in the city, he couldn't-


A memory shot through him, as he walked the streets of Shalour searching for a student. Drew Tucker, a younger student than the others... recently in trouble with the leage but still so full of potential. He had meant to punish him, speak to him about his conduct at the gym. He had seen him, walking with head held low through the streets. He had been heading somewhere important enough that Augustine had held back. He had felt that he had to let Drew go there alone, to grow, that they could talk after his trial was complete!

The tower of mastery.

Without missing a beat, the Professor turned, suddenly glad to be younger than his colleagues as he sprinted towards the tower, moving against a wave of people heading towards the gates. He had to get there soon, he had to save Drew, he had to save all of them!

Swiftly he approached the bridge and entrance to the tower... looking up desperately he saw a glimmer of hope. A figure stood atop the building, facing the carnage, but far too far away to see. Was it him? Was it Drew?

Before he could finish the thought he felt a massive impact on his chest. In front of him, the bridge to the tower erupted in flame and shrapnel that pierced the arms he desperately used to cover his face. He was sent flying back by the impact, sprawling helplessly, his vision blurring and shaking from the explosion.

Arceus no, it couldn't be.

Even with shaky sight he could see it, explosions racing up the tower of mastery, sections of stone launching outwards into other building and the ocean behind it. The foundations began to crumble with a noise that shook the very hurt and quite nearly deafened the professor on the ground below...

...and soon to follow, the tower began crumble and break, shattering along its structure and falling backwards into the sea.

"DREW!!!" He screamed, trying to pull himself to his feet... but it was too late, as the tower crashed down, erupting into a massive wave that slammed against the city walls, there was nothing he could do but watch.


As the tower of Shalour fell, Crimson fell to one knee before a single man. The dark red suit he wore was complimented by a black cloak that billowed out behind him, flowing gently in the hot wind rising from the heat of the flames below. Upon his head was a helmet night identical to the one worn by Crimson herself in the tournament prior. A black, glass dome, accentuated with black and red metal to fasten it in place. An emotionless, blank sphere that gazed out upon the soon to be ruins of the wretched city he had longed to see burn.

"Master Zevran... your will is done, their arrogance is punished." She spoke with the same calm and empty tone, but now there was familiarity in her voice... and what could be perceived as a gentle pining for approval.

"Not yet." His voice was lined with bitterness, yet it was difficult to tell, his helmet modulating his voice until it was nigh unrecognizable. "Rocket, Plasma, Cipher... Flare... all flawed and weak names that lacked vision. All examples of why this world must be reset, reduced to zero as per our plans. Yet their concepts, cloning, enhancement, shadow and the ultimate weapon of the passed. Together they form the basis for our goals, finally we have a prototype to show for it, a facsimile of our power to show them all that they are powerless to stand before us. That they are not strong enough to resist us. Dear Crimson, it is time, time at last we show what we are truly capable of..."

"Reveal the ship... and prepare Project: Black Zeta for deployment."

"M-Master...? Are you sure we are ready... are you sure IT is ready...?"

"Do not question me Crimson, when Artece has moved to the city square, unleash the experiment. We will witness now firsthand what my legacy is capable of." His voice was stern and demanding, Crimson visibly winced under its pressure. "As you wish, my Master."

Standing and moving from the bride, Crimson raised a small communication device on her wrist to her lips. Speaking the order she had been given somewhat shakily. "Reveal the ship... the Master has willed it, we reveal ourselves now."

No sooner had the command been given then a shimmer of light glistened atop all of Shalour, the people below looking up in awe and fear as an invisible cloaking device lifted its control. To the untrained eye, a massive floating fortress seemed to appear out of the sky. An airship decorated in red and black, bearing a flaming insignia upon its side. The symbol of Team Cinder. Above the battlefield it roared to life, the engines screeching with sounds of death and flames jetting from the exhausts.

They had planned for every eventuality, they had launched a full frontal assault on the city and its inhabitants.

Under the orders of Cinder, the Fall of Shalour City had begun.

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Shalour City - Fall

Stage 20


The city is in chaos. In a surprise attack on the city as a whole, our heroes are trapped in the middle of a spiral or hellfire and torment. Team Cinder has detonated bombs across all of Shalour City, leaving the entire location in burning ruins. Everywhere one looks they see death and injury, moans of pain echo through the streets and for many, loved ones are far away with status unknown.

Even now more explosions go off every few minutes and Cinder grunts are pouring in the city gates, lead by Gabriel Artece. In the sky, a massive airship looms over the entirety of the burning city, the sky painted red by its light and the flames it creates. To many, it feels like the end of the world.

But still, there is hope and a will to fight... rise up champs in the making. Stand beside your fellow trainers and pokémon and fight back... you HAVE to fight back, the only alternative is to lie down and the flames consume you.

Wild Pokémon Available this Stage / Level 44-46:

Pokémon available with the use of a Great Ball / Level 48:

Pokémon available to those using a Good Rod / Level 44-46:


[NOTE TO PLAYERS:] With this new stage, a new type of mission comes along as well. [CHOICE] Missions have two, often conflicting objectives... doing one will make the other impossible and will lead to the half of the reward you don't take being lost. Perhaps your characters decision in a choice mission will lead to different missions and scenarios down the line? Only time will tell.

[CHOICE] Missions are claimed in the same way as regular missions.

[OPEN] ★ Mission 1:
Team Cinder are rushing into Shalour City from all sides! With them are powerful pokémon unlike any you've ever seen... they're aggressive, violent and barely under control. When defeated in battle they seem to die, dissipating into Cinder like ashes. What sort of horrific trick is this? Even if it feels wrong, you have to defeat Cinder and their strange pokémon... before they hurt someone who can't defend themselves.
Reward: 1 x Pile of Cloned Pokémon Ashes + 500 Poké + One Evolutionary Stone of Choice

[OPEN] ★ Mission 2:
The people of Shalour City are in danger. With the destruction and havoc caused by Cinder people are suffering. The number of injured people is incredibly high and always on the rise. You can't just let that go, you have to get in there and do something! Even if it's just one life you have to give your all to save it!
Reward: 1 x Pokéball of your choice (no master balls obviously) + 3 berries of your choice.

Mission 1:
A bunch of Cinder Grunts have made off with the shining blue egg destined to be given to the winner of the Festival Tourney! Arceus knows what these nefarious characters have planned for the unborn pokémon inside. They're rushing into the ruins of a destroyed building, you have to give chase!
Reward: 1 x Shimmering Blue Egg

[OPEN] Mission 2:
Dropping from the airship above are strange mechanical creations. They appear to be mechs designed to capture pokémon in the chaos. Armed with nets and other various forms of weaponry they're targeting young trainers terrified in the chaos. If someone doesn't step in then there's going to be a number of broken families AND bolstered numbers for Cinder in the future.
Reward: 1 x Large Net + 2 x Ultra Balls

Mission 3:
As you rush through the rubble, you hear a desperate cry for help. A young woman, no more than 19, sits trapped under a large piece of rubble and surrounded by fire. She's wearing the Team Cinder uniform... and is most likely working with them. However, if you do nothing... she is destined to die. What will you do trainer?
Reward: 1 x Team Cinder ID Card + 1 Hyper Potion

Mission 4:
In the midst of the chaos Lillie is in danger, Nebbie has escaped from her and is lost in the chaos of the city. Her leg was injured in an explosion and she's finding it difficult to even walk. It seems hopeless and she has no idea what to do. If you don't step in to help her then who will?
Reward: 1 x TM Agility

Mission 5:
With the explosions shaking across the city and rubble launching into the sea, many water type pokémon have been launched onto the shore, badly injured and panicked... a group of carvanha lead by a Sharpedo are one such bunch of pokémon suffering and attacking whatever they can see. It's upsetting to knock them out when they're only trying to defend themselves, but they're blocking one of the only escape routes for the townsfolk trying to get away...
Reward: 1 x Net Ball + 450 Poké

Mission 6:
Steven Stone is desperately fighting against members of Team Cinder while also giving his all to protect a group of innocent children. He can't afford to have his attention split and he calls out to you for help, desperately asking you to lead these children out of the city to safety, no matter the cost.
Reward: 1 x Devon Scope + 750 Poké

Mission 7:
A loyal dugtrio is desperately trying to dig through the debris to enter a destroyed home. Inside you can hear the cries of a man and a young boy... however despite it's efforts, Dugtrio cannot manage the task alone. The flames make it dangerous, but will you and your pokémon take the risk to aid him?
Reward: 1 x TM Dig + 1 x Soft Sand

Mission 8:
The tower of Mastery lies in ruin, barely any of the structure still stands now, bar a small portion at the bottom. Some higher rank Cinder Grunts have been moving in and out of the ruins quickly, hauling off the inactive keystones that were hidden within, taking full advantage of the chaos. You have to stop them, that much power cannot fall into the hands of Team Cinder.
Reward: 1 x Inactive Keystone

Mission 9:
The gym is in ruins, Korrina is nowhere to be found. The once peaceful skate track is now filled with fire and pain. In the center of the arena stands a lone cloned Lucario, it rages out of control with the dead body of a Cinder grunt beside it... and most dangerously of all? It's in a mega evolved state. This pokémon poses an overwhelming threat to all surrounding it. It has to go down.
Reward: 1 x Pile of Cloned Lucario Ashes + 1 x Lucarionite

[CHOICE] Mission 10:
You find yourself caught at an impasse on a burning street. To one side, a well dressed man is being beaten and bruised by enforcers of Cinder... on the other, Cinder grunts send their fire types to burn and destroy a bank now abandoned in the crossfire. The man doesn't have much time left before the enforcers take his life... but if you take the time to save him the bank, and its contents... will be destroyed. What will you choose?
Save the Man: Blue and Red speckled egg.
Save the Bank: 3000 Poké

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-Drew Tucker
Final View

"Early..." Victor's word droned under the chaos.

An intense flame shot through the tower. The ground shuddered time and time again beneath their feet. Drew winced with each deafening explosion that shook the very world around them, lighting up the dark clounds like torches under a blanket. Despite the intense heat, Drew was frozen. This was...fear. Real fear. He wasnt scared he'd embarrass himself in front of Avril, he wasn't scared of what Nebula would do if he chose to release her from her ball, he wasnt scared that his parents would leave him again should he dare open up to them. He was scared. He was scared for his life. The tower began to falter. Beneath his feet, he could feel the fabled structure lose its strength by the second.

"No matter, Fire Blast. Get rid of that Eevee."

Those words struck Drew back into reality. In front of the boy, Nebula stood in place, powerless to stop herself being obliterated by the attack.

In front of her, a Quilladin stood, barely. Smoke rose from the grass type's scorched body. Caesar and Nebula were stunned in place. They watched, awestruck as Brycen fell.

"BRRYYY!" Their trainer shrieked. He ran over to his fallen pokemon. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?" Drew roared at Victor, Brycen in his arms.

Another explosion shook the tower again.

Victor took notice. The young trainer before him had just ended the battle, his will to continue shattered. If he didnt move soon, he himself could become a victim of Team Cinder's over eagerness. "It's been fun, Mr Tucker. Should you survive this, I'll truly be convinced you're no longer weak." He smiled as he rolled himself over to the hole in the floor.

Drew watched him, seething, the unfiltered rage never leaving his eyes. His fury was tempered, if only for a second as he came to a realisation. "You knew." He snarled through gritted teeth. It was almost a non-factor that the flames continued to burn behind him. "You're one of them..."

Victor rolled his eyes. "You knew." He responded dismissively. He stared down through the hole. His Camerupt was close behind him, much to the annoyance of Drew's Scrafty, who was quick in the chase.

"Caesar, leave it!" Drew ordered. His pokemon saw red. He leapt up and lauched himself in a Hi-Jump Kick, but just missed the Camerupt and crashed into the wall. Despite the recoil, he was quickly back on his feet and faced the fire type again. "CAESAR!" Drew yelled as yet another explosion shook the tower once more.

Victor ignored the battle and gave the prone boy one last look. "If I can offer you one last piece of advice Mr Tucker..." He began as he rose from his chair and stood over the hole. He took out two pokeballs, using one to return his Mega Camerupt. "...learn to turn your weaknesses into strengths. If you're ever to truly become strong." Without another word, he jumped through the hole and disappeared through the clouds, leaving nothing behind him but an empty wheelchair.

As the red beam of Camerupt followed him, the form of the orange and Yellow Hoodlum pokemon's Hi Jump Kick burst through the clouds until the trio disappeared out of sight.

Drew watched. Speechless. His body tightened, curling up over his unconscious starter. More explosions shook the tower, but it didnt matter. There was nothing he could do. He couldnt move.

A sharp pain shot through his hand. Agonising, but...familiar. He looked up to see his Eevee, fangs buried into his ever brutalised left hand. The little fox was doing her best to drag him away from the flames, as each explosion pieced away at the enormous foundation of the platform they were clinging to life on. "Nebula?" The boy gasped, his face stiffened into an expression of pure fear. He looked down at the pokemon and her desperate attempts to drag him to safety. "You're ri-" He began, before noticing Victor's briefcase in the corner as it began to sizzle.

Nebula yelped. There was no more time. The flames engulfed the briefcase and the balcony erupted into splinters of large debris. The Eevee felt her head squeeze from her trainer instinctively sheltering her from the flame, his outstretched arm being singed to black as the fire just came short of her nose. The force sent them careening and crashing into a large chunk of debris. She managed to wriggle out from under his arm. The wind forceful enough to rip fur off of her back as they fell. She glanced at her trainer, both he and the Quilladin that had saved her but a few minutes ago were outcold. She desperatly reached forward, clamping onto her trainer's singed arm. Drew had looked after her all this time, despite everything. She just wished she could protect him, just this once.

Drew opened his eyes, but for a moment. The last thing he saw was a bright white light.


: 400

Apricorn X 1

Chesto Berry X1

Cheri Berry X1

Pecha Berry X1

Rose Incense X1

Shalour City - Tower of Mastery

Friends for Infinity
RPT | Pairs

"It's so calm."

art by the amazing Infinite
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Kade Andrews
History Repeating
Stratus (Female, Reckless) - Growl, Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Double-Edge, Aerial Ace, Double Team
Contrail (Male, Big Pecks) - Flame Charge, Roost, Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Ember, Aerial Ace
Noctilucent (Male, Insomnia)
- Tackle, Foresight, Hypnosis, Feather Dance, Peck
Cumulus (Female, Dancer) - Pound, Air Slash, Helping Hand, Roost, Feather Dance, Captivate
Floccus (Male, Defeatist) - Quick Attack, Agility, Ancient Power, Dragon Breath, Acrobatics, Quick Guard
Nimbus (Male, Moxie) - Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Swagger, Haze, Wing Attack, Sky Drop

Kade stood just outside of the arena as the ground shook again with each explosion and flames rose up around Shalour like hellfire, the thick smoke starting to cloud the air. It probably wasn’t safe to be standing just outside a building that was steadily starting to crumble, but he was frozen in place, barely aware of his surroundings. As he watched the destruction of the city, in the back of his mind he was also watching as a blast of blazing, radiant white light fell from the sky over Geosenge. It took him several moments before he realised someone was shaking him.

“Kade! Kade! Snap out of it!” The shaking grew more vigorous.

“It’s happening again, just like Geosenge,” he found himself speaking without realising it, still gazing into space, his voice a monotone.

“It’s not like Geosenge,” the woman shaking him replied, her voice as forceful as her grip.

“It’s the same, everyone is going to die.”

“It’s not the same!” she said again, louder and firmer still, “It’s not the same because this time you can do something.”

With those words Kade was knocked back to reality, the white light of the Weapon faded and he was once again aware of his surroundings. His eyes focused in on the voice in front of him, and met a pair of amber eyes staring right back at him. Sky, apparently satisfied with the change in his bearing stepped back and drew herself back up to her full height and even though she had let him go he found his body was still shaking.

“What can I do?”

“Look,” Sky said, smiling faintly before a grim expression returned to her usually jovial face. She was pointing up at the colossal form of the Tower of Mastery. The building was ablaze, shuddering and riddled with cracks and holes. Pieces of it were falling off, plummeting into the sea below as it swayed. “The Tower is falling apart, everyone higher up is screwed if they don’t get some fast air support. Who better to provide that than two sky battle specialists? Hm?”

“I don’t have Arcus with me, only Nimbus is big enough to carry people,” Kade said, a fresh wave of horror washing over him.

“It’s not ideal,” Sky admitted, “Half the Pokemon I have with me are too small to carry people too. They can carry smaller Pokemon though, some bigger ones or lighter people if they work together. It’s better to save as many as we can than to just give up.”

Kade nodded, reaching for his Flight Ball. Nimbus hadn’t had proper treatment yet, just a quick check up from staff at the arena. He was going to have to manage though. There was no time for a saddle either, so he was going to be putting his life in Nimbus’ hands not just that off the victims.

Sky released Sora and climbed onto the Pidgeot’s back, keeping her body low to the bird’s body. As Sora immediately took off, there was a second flash as Kade flashed Nimbus.

“Sorry, I know you’re still roughed up, but we need to get to that tower to help people and you’re the only one who can do it.”

Nimbus made a grumbling noise, but turned around and permitted Kade to climb onto his back as he spread his wings. Kade patted the still-sore Honchkrow on the back as Nimbus threw himself into the air after Sky and Sora.

Spoiler: Pokemon at Sanctuary
Arcus (Male, Sniper) - Drill Run, Leer, Pursuit, Fury Attack, Aerial Ace, Mirror Move

Spoiler: Inventory
Key Items
- 1200Poké
- 1 Pokédex
- 1 Holocaster
- Flight Saddle

- 3 Potions
- 1 Super Potion

- 1 Pokéball
- 2 Great Balls

Technical Machines
- Bug Bite (TM)
- Aerial Ace (TM)
- Sky Drop (TM)
- Ancient Power (TM)
- Power-Up Punch (TM)

General Items
- Pearls
- Spell Tag (worn by Cumulus)

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    Minami 'Mina' Haruka
    Status: Shalour City - Fall |Revolution!

    1x Wallet - 6,700 Poke
    1x 3rd Place Contest Ribbon
    1x Pokedex w/ Radar Dex Chip
    10x Pokeballs
    1x Ultra Ball
    2x Heal Balls
    5x Great Balls
    2x Net Balls
    2x Fast Balls
    1x Cynder Ball
    3x Moomoo Milk
    10x Potions
    5x Super potions
    5x Pewter Crunchies
    1x Mystic Water (Held by Poppy)
    1x Lax Incense
    1x Fashion Case
    3x Extra Clothes
    5x Contest Outfits
    1x Holocaster
    1x Altarianite

    “Nonono….” Mumbled Mina as she started at the burning hotel, horrified at the scene.

    “That idiot…” Mina muttered as she stood in front of the hotel Hinata and Rima occupied, glaring at the ground. “How could they…” Ji? Mina looked over at Momo, who was beside her feet, and sighed at her worried eyes. “I’m ok Momo. It’s just…hard to take it all in.” Jiji! Momo jumped into her arms and grabs apiece of her hair in its mouth, lifting it up to her face almost as if saying, ‘What is this?’, causing her to chuckle, “I see you like my new hair color, it’s nice, right?” Her mood darkened though at the memory of what transpired an hour ago.

    |Flashback #2|

    “Dye my hair? Why?” asked Mina as she stood in front of a building Hinata dragged her over to. “I can’t tell you now, but it’s for safety reasons.” Replied Hinata as he opened the door and pushed Mina in, receiving a raised eyebrow and confused look form the girl. “I’ll explain later.”

    /30 minutes later\

    “Sis! Your hair is different!” cried Rima as she gushed over Mina’s new look. “Y-yeah, I though it was time for a change.” ‘Why would he…?’

    “Rima. I must talk with Mina. Can you play with your Pokémon for a while?” Mina turned towards Hinata, noticing the serious expression on his face. “Aww! Fine!” As Rima left to her room, Hinata closed the door and looked at Mina, grabbing a letter from his pants pocket and handing it over to her.

    “What is it?” asked Mina as she looked at the letter, confused at her brother’s behavior. “Read it after this event.” She looked up at him confused, what event? “Event? What are you talking about?” “Mina…”

    /Minutes Later\

    “I’m…...what?” Mina stared at Hinata, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. “That…. that can’t be…” Mina just stared, shocked at the news.

    “I’m sorry, but its true. The letter will explain everything. The main event is about to start.”

    |Flashback #2 Ends|

    “Speaking of the letter…” Mina grabbed the letter from her bag and looked at it, thinking over her choices. She could open it and find out the truth, but what if Hinata was lying and it was a joke? But he never jokes about that kind of stuff. ‘What do I do?’

    Suddenly, she hears multiple explosions around the city, causing her to stand and look in the direction of the noise. “What?!” She hears an explosion occur behind her and she turns, only to be struck in the head by a flying projectile. She falls to the ground as she hears her Pokémon call out to her, running, and loud clanks. ‘What…was….’ Before her though finished, her eyes closed and welcomed the darkness.

    ||Flashback Ends||

    Mina woke up minutes later and to see the hotel Hinata and Rima staying in in rumbles, nothing left but bricks, stone, and fire.
    “Please no…” Mina mumbled before stumbling onto her feet, wanting badly to run over, but her legs ached from the debris. Ji! JI! Mina looked and saw Momo going over to her, said Pokémon jumping into her arms and sniffed her, checking her health.

    “You’re ok…”

    “Help! Please!” a cry was hear as Mina hugged Momo, interrupting their hug. “That voice…it can’t be…” Mina put Momo and ran as fast as she could towards the cry onto to stop a few feet away at the scene.

    “Someone! Please!” cried a familiar child as she wept, clinging onto a familiar adult’s head as they rested on her lap, a broken pole was lodged into the adult’s side, a pool of blood underneath his wound, and from the size, they have lost about two pints.

    “R-rima? H-hinata?” stuttered Mina, realizing it was her ‘siblings’. Rima, hearing her name, slowly looked up and saw Mina before sniffling, Fresca was standing beside her, guarding the two. “S-sis? Nii-san…. he’s….” The trainer slowly walked over before kneeling beside the child, looking over the adult.

    “Nii-san… wake up… wake up!” Mina cried, tears streaming down as she shook the man, trying to disturb the man, but nothing. “Please don’t go… Nii-san…”

    “I’m sorry sissy…” Mina looked over at Rima, who was hugging Hinata’s head closer, her voice scratchy from the crying. “We knew you were... , but we didn’t know how to tell you… I didn’t want you to leave… I didn’t want to lose sissy…” Her voice cracked as she started to full-out cry, her tears falling on Hinata’s pale face.

    “I-t’s not your fault Rima…” Mina sniffled before she used one arm to hug Rima and the other of whatever she could of Hinata’s body before she also cried, both girls grieving over the loss of their oldest, blood brother or not.

    Fresca stood beside Rima, whimpering at the loss of the man, remembering how he helped Mina train her and found them an ice stone for her to evolve. Momo was at Mina’s side, snuggling into her neck until she lifted her head and turned in a random direction, Fresca copying her moves. Footsteps could be heard, about two or three pairs, and Momo and Fresca growled as about two men came into view, each wearing Team Cinder uniforms.

    “So, we meet again, brat.” Spoke the man on the left, smirking at the girls, but they didn’t pay the group any mind, mourning over their loss. “Tch. Oi! Brat!” Again, no reaction.

    “You’re too soft. Mightyena, use Bite.” Called the man on the right as he threw a pokeball, releasing his Pokémon. The Bite Pokémon immediately jumped towards the girls until Momo and Fresca both jumped and intercepted the dog Pokémon, pushing them back. “Push those two away and use Bite again.” Mightyena growled before grabbing Momo in his jaws and throwing her into a piece of broken concrete nearby before dodging Fresca’s Quick Attack and grabbed her tail twirling her before making her hit a nearby wall, letting go once he saw the Pokémon unable to move since the force of the impact cause some debris to fall on said Pokémon.

    “Don’t…” A voice mumbled as Mightyena stalked closer to the girls, opening its maw and his teeth glowed. “…you…” The Bite Pokémon stopped behind Rima and moved its jaw behind the girls’ neck, about to bite. “…dare!” A fist suddenly sprang up and punched the Pokémon under the jaw, causing him to whimper in pain and move back, shaking his head from the sudden attack.

    “The hell?!” cried the man on the left as Mina slowly stood and turned to face the men, glaring with a dark look crossing her face. “Leave us the **** alone.” Was all she said as Momo appeared at her side growling and Fresca, who somehow escaped the debris, stood beside Rima, protecting her from harm.

    “You really think you can order us around?!” spat the man on the left again, throwing his pokeball and letting out a Vulpix as the man on the right merely glared at Mina. “Vulpix, use Flamethrower!” Vulpix hesitated for a sec before jumped over the girls and turned her head towards the girls, shooting out a roar of flames.

    “Momo, Protect.” Mumbled Mina as Momo let out a growl and summoned a light green or around them, blocking the searing flames. “Screech.” Momo let down the orb once there were no more fire and turned to the opposite Pokémon as Vulpix landed beside Mightyena, flinching, and opened her maw, letting an ear-piercing screech as white shockwaves echoed over, hitting its targets, making the Pokémon clutch their ears, or try to in the Bite Pokémon’s case.

    “Mightyena! Stop playing and use Crunch on the b*tches!” growled the man on the right as he glares, causing his Pokémon to flinch. Said Pokémon ran over to the girls and tried to bite again, but Momo Headbutted the Pokémon.

    “Vulpix, use Fire Blast!” Vulpix slowly got up and opened her maw, gathering fire in her mouth before Fresca appeared in front of her and used Ice Shard, throwing the Fox Pokémon back.

    “I’m not in the mood, you bastards. Leave.” Growled Mina as she glared at the men, not taking any of their sh*t. She was tired, hurt, mourning, upset, almost any emotion you can feel, and these people think they can waltz in here and act like they own the place?! Hell no!

    A gunshot ran through the area as Mina stood her ground, flinching slightly at the wound on her shoulder. Rima’s cries could be hear as the man on the left was shocked at his college’s actions. “The hell mans?! What was that for?! We only came here—” Another gunshot rang, Rima’s shriek is heard as the man on the left falls, no further movement is seen as blood pools around his head.

    “Tch. Newbie.” Spat the man before turning to the man’s Pokémon and glaring, causing the Pokémon to flinch. “Mightyena, get rid of her.” The Bite Pokémon smirked as he neared the frightened fox Pokémon, the latter scooting back until she hit a piece of rumble, shaking at her incoming death.

    “**** off!” spat Mina as she appeared beside the Pokémon and kicked Mightyena in the face, pushing him away from the frightened Vulpix. She glared as she swiftly picked up the Vulpix and ran back to her spot beside Rima. “**** of bastard…” growled Mina as she held the Pokémon close, assuring her that no harm will come.

    “So, you want to do it that way… Very well.” Smirked coldly the man as he threw the gun away before walking towards them. “Mightyena, keep her pet busy.” Said Pokémon turned towards Momo as the latter glared back, daring the Pokémon to attack.

    “Rima, can you grab her for a moment?” asked Mina as she handed the Vulpix to Rima, who was staring at her in shock. “Sissy, what are you doing?” “Just going to keep the bad man away. Don’t worry.” She knew she was going to lose this battle, she didn’t learn any fighting moves, but hell she wasn’t going to use her gymnastics to use.

    Mina turned, and the man was in front of her, grabbing her by the hair and threw her a few feet away, her skin cut open on some areas from the pieces of rock and debris on the ground. Mina grunted at the pain before quickly standing and prepared for the man, who was walking towards her.

    Momo cried as she was slammed back into a concrete by Mightyena’s Ice Fang, doubling the damage due to its typing. Mom was about to get up when the Bite Pokémon grabbed her by the neck and threw her, using Assurance, pushing her back onto the ground. Momo growled before using Dragon Tail to hit the Bite Pokemon in the Stomach, knocking him back. She quickly gathered energy on her head and used Headbutt on Mightyena before he can recover.

    Mina jumped onto the man back and wrapped an arm around his neck and the other around his face, blocking him of sight. “Let go you brat!” “No ****er!” The man growled as he grabbed Mina’s arm and used his strength to throw her off, her back hitting the ground. The girl coughed from the impact, before the man pinned her down, smirking. “You bark more than you bite, don’t you?”

    Momo slowly stood up as she glared only, to hear a faint click. She turned her head and her eyes widen as she saw the man had his gun in his hand, the other holding Mina’s wrists over her head and his legs pinning hers. Ji! Momo started to run towards them, but Mightyena used Crush to grab her by the neck and push her onto the ground, causing Momo to cry in pain.

    She closed her eyes and hesitantly opened them, seeing her trainer struggle to escape as the man pointed the gun to her head. Rima was screaming in the background as Mightyena growled, daring the Jangmo-o to do anything.

    “Any last words girl?” Mina glared at the man before turning to Tima. “I’m sorry Rima. I guess im following Nii-san, huh?” “Sissy no! Stop!” Mina then turned to where Momo was, smiling faintly at her. “I’m sorry Momo, I was so focused on training Poppy, Fresca, and Poppy for the contests, that I didn’t train you for what you wanted, the battles. You’re not evolved yet like you hoped either, I’m sorry for not paying attention to you the same as the other. Hope you find a better trainer who won’t focus on just contests, huh?” “Those are your last words, pathetic.”

    Momo was in shock at what her trainer said. She was sorry for not spending time with her? For not training her right? She didn’t care about that, she just wanted to spend her life with the human who saved her life and protect her like she saved her from the poachers years ago. She wanted to grow stronger on their own terms, not by a schedule! She wanted her trainer to live, she gave her a reason to become stronger, to grow, to be the best! She didn’t want to say goodbye, not now or ever! Momo let out a cry, tears falling as the man put his finger on the trigger, about to pull as Rima screamed for him to stop.

    “Say goodbye.” Those words, they triggered Momo as she growled and suddenly, she began to glow as the Mightyena stepped back, socked from the sudden events. “The hell?!” The man turned as Mina slowly turned her head towards the commotion. The glow expanded as the shape shifted; growing taller, bigger, stronger.

    HAKA! A roar echoed as the light faded, revealing a newly evolved Hakamo-o. Her body has grown to from a four-legged to a human shaped, her tail longer with the scale on the end a bit darker, her bran new arms having some sort of scale armor on the top, her legs and underarms the same coal-black fur, two scales on her neck, her maw bigger and a second pair of pointed teeth popped out from her top jaw curving upwards, and the single scale on her head changed shape from a heart to an oval, but the pattern was still heart-shaped, with two toned colors.

    “Mightyena! Get rid of her!” called the man, shocked at the revelations. Said Pokémon growled before jumping towards the new Pokémon, an Ice Fang forming, but the newly evolved Momo grabbed the latter’s neck before coating her other fist in a light blue light and uppercut the Pokémon under the jaw, releasing him right as she made contact, sending the Pokémon flying back into the debris, making a small mushroom cloud as the rumble broke from the force. Once the dust settled, it revealed a fainted Mightyena.

    “Sky… Uppercut…” mumbled Mina as she watched in awe at her Pokémon’s evolution and newly learned move. Did Momo really evolve? What caused it… was it he words she told her? Or her incoming death? She didn’t know, but she was glad it happened.

    “Dammit!” growled the man as he pushed himself away from Mina and stood up, returning his Pokémon, the gun still pointed at the girl. “Just because you got my Pokémon doesn’t mean I can’t still kill her!” With unknown speed, Momo ran towards the man and punched him away from her trainer, sending him to the same rumble his Pokémon was, causing him to faint on impact.

    “Momo…” called Mina weakly as she slowly stood up, stumbling on the way. Momo turned towards her trainer and sniffed her, checking her health. “I’m alright, we should get to Rima, Fresca, and…. H-hinata.” The Pokémon started at her trainer before slowly nodding and followed her trainer, stopping before Hinata’s body as Mina slowly got Rima to stand, Fresca aweing at Momo’s new look. “Come on Rima. It’s time to go home.” She grabbed the Vulpix from Rima with one arm, flinching since it’s the one that was shot, and wrapped the other around Rima’s shoulders. “Momo, can you pick up Hinata’s body? It doesn’t feel right leaving him here.”
    Momo did as told before staring at her master, as if saying ‘where to?’ Mina looked around as the fire continued to spread, smoke filling the once clean air as they heard the screams of others echo. “Let’s just… go to where the others are. Rima, do you have Hinata’s pokeballs?” The child nodded as she placed a hand on the small bag she carried around before dropping it. “I want you to take care of them from now on, you're going to need their protection after this. Is that alright Rima?” The child nodded, relieved to have a part of her brother with her. Mina stopped before staring at the Vulpix and placing her down, said Pokémon glancing at the human in confusion.

    “You’re free, your trainer is dead, and I doubt they’re going to hunt you down for leaving. We have somewhere to be.” Mina turned and walked with Rima towards where the Pokémon Center is believed to be, Momo following right after and Fresca beside her. The Vulpix started at the group before looking over the damaged field, her dead trainer, the unconscious man, and back at the group. Where else could she go? She started at Mina specifically as she remembered how she protected her from the Mightyena’s killing and defeated the man who made the order and killed her trainer. She started the ground behind the group and blinked when she saw something. Maybe?

    Vul! Mina stopped and turned, seeing the Vulpix behind her, holding a red ribbon with two yellow stripes and two light blue-white ribbon strands tied to the ribbon as an extension. One of her accessories, must have fallen off during the battle. The Vulpix ran over in front of the group and stared at Mina still holding onto the accessory.

    “I think she want to come with us Sissy.” Spoke Rima quietly, making the Vulpix nod at her words. “You want to join?” Vul! Mina smiled faintly at the adorable Pokémon. “Are you sure? This fight was just the beginning, we still have a war to win. “The Vulpix nodded as she stared at her, her eyes showing her want and determination to grow stronger.

    “I don’t mind. Welcome to the team… Nina.” Mina grabbed a pokeball, she believed to be a fast ball, but when she pulled it out, it was the pokeball she found after the forest confrontation. She stared at it before looking at the eager Vulpix and smiled, throwing the ball and watched as Nina jumped to meet the ball and was absorbed, the item landing in her open hand as it shook once before stopping, signifying the Pokémon’s choice.

    Congratulations! Momo evolved into Hakamo-o!
    Learned Move: Sky Uppercut
    Forgotten Move: Bide

    (Only Kantonian)
    Welcome Nina!
    Lv. 45
    Vulpix | Flashfire | Female
    Moveset: Grudge, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Hex, Will-o-Wasp

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    ??? - ??? - ???

    "Bro... ake... p..."

    He heard the female voice calling to him, where had he ended up dozing off this time? He really had no time to sleep after all. There was so much to do still, so many objective to complete. It was good that she was there to call him awake, someone he could always rely on. "Malorie...?" He mumbled, responding to the sound while rubbing his eyes sleepily.

    "Bronze...? Wake up."

    Bronze opened his eyes, messy black hair barely blocking the falling snow of the late winter weather. He was lying on his back in an alleyway and facing the open sky. The light made him squint slightly, unwilling to awaken to it, his muscles aching all over. "Arceus... psyduckin' 'ell... how did I...?"

    "That's a good question... one I was about to ask..."

    A shadow cast lightly over his vision at last. A girl dressed in a thick jacket, hood up to cover her face from unsavory onlookers in the area. Her hair was was dark like the night sky. His eyes finally focused, to the bittersweet sight of her frowning face.


    "Déa...?" His voice was horse and his chest was heavy, smiling just a little sadly at her name the girl took Bronze's arm in her own and helped pull him to his feet. His shirt was ripped and he was covered in bruises, along with a nasty gash on his side that had thankfully scabbed over during the night. "You're hurt...!" Déa interjected, lightly placing her hand to his chest and stopping him from instinctively pulling away from her support.

    "Bastards just... got a lucky shot, I'm fine..." He managed to shake her away for a moment, but as he stumbled she grabbed him again. She winced slightly under his weight but managed to pull him to his feet all the same. They were on the wrong side of Veilstone city, the place had really gone to hell over the passed few years. Bronze was seventeen years old, but even still he had been out in the night, fighting druggies for money they owed to their corrupt bosses. Whatever it took to get enough money, to keep getting his little sister Malorie the medication she needed. He had won his fight the night before, but on his way home... he supposed he'd been too exhausted to make it all the way there.

    "Bullmuk... Bronze!" She grunted, half carrying his weight as he got his bearings. "If I hadn't come to visit... and noticed you weren't there? What did you think would happen to you? If I hadn't come to find you what would happen to your sister?" He looked down at the floor shamefully, his eyes squinting with disappointment. Déa was the same age as him and lived on the upper end of town. One day a guy with a gun had tried to take her purse and Bronze had gotten the drop on him from behind. It wasn't even that big a deal, but ever since then Déa had insisted on getting herself involved with him and the tiny family he had.

    Finally he found the strength to lean against the alley wall, letting both teenagers catch their breaths at last. "You know you can't... keep doing this to yourself Bronze." She took a deep breath and looked up at him, her eyes filled with sadness. "You can't help anybody if you die-"

    "Shut up! I know, damnit!" He cut across her, spitting out the words with venom, but noting the hurt in her expression he immediately regretted his tone. "Look, just... it doesn't matter, I'm okay! As long as I can keep the people that matter safe then it's fine..." He sighed and slumped against the wall slightly, letting a silence hang over the space between them, the snow dropping to fill the void.

    "People...?" Déa murmured quietly, pursing her hands and looking to the floor. It was the first time he had ever said it like that. The first time it hadn't just been Malorie. Bronze flushed a little and finally pushed himself from the wall, standing best he could on his own two feet. "Yeah, well... 'course... Malorie... and you." He growled and shook his head, running his hands through his hair in frustration, unable to find the right words. "Look I'm no good a'ight? That's why I gotta be the one to do this, to-!"

    He was cut off by a warm embrace and two arms wrapped around him, front to back. He stood there, stunned, as Déa clung to him dearly. Like she was afraid he was going to disappear. There was a tender moment of silence, before he awkwardly placed his arms around her in turn. "Idiot...!" She mustered, her voice choked as she hid her face away from him. "How are you going to protect us when you're gone?! How are you going to be there for anyone?" Bronze was speechless, he had never seen her express such pure emotions as these, she had always regarded him with concern, friendship, trust. But never this, never this reliance, this weakness.

    "Déa... I..."

    She cut him off again, this time her words twisted and dark.

    "Besides, we both know what happens when you try to split your attention."

    Something was wrong. In that instant the alley felt so much colder. Déa felt cold as ice and the sun went out. It was so dark, he couldn't see, he couldn't breathe. Her words were like ice, cutting into his very heart and soul.

    "You cant be two places at once... so when the time came, you knew one of us would have to die. Didn't you? Bronze? You couldn't be everywhere. You couldn't be anywhere."

    He felt a chill run up his back, he couldn't shake her grip on him, it was like iron. She was holding him tighter, stealing his breath. "Déa, I... No, I can't... I wouldn't..."

    "So you chose to let me die. You chose her over me. You let me get beaten, bruised, bloody... I waited for you, I screamed your name. You never came. You failed me." Her words tore at him, the wound on his side opened up and blood ran from his nose. His heart felt like it was going to burst, his body like it was going to fold in her embrace and shatter.

    " that what you're going to do to your friends, Jackson?"

    Jackson's gaze shuddered as she used the name he had now, the name he had taken after running away. After taking Malorie and all he had left and running away from Sinnoh, from Veilstone, forever.

    "You're going to tell them you care, you're going to let yourself care... and then when they need you, when they all need you? You'll be spread too thin... a shield dragged and drawn that far is paper thin. They'll all die and disappear because you aren't strong enough to save them. Just like you weren't strong enough to save me."

    "No... I won't... I'll... ack..." He couldn't speak, his voice was being pushed from his chest, the life squeezed from him.

    "Emma, Avril, Sebastian, Drew, Brielle, Laurent... and every last one of those people, silly enough to start seeing passed all those masks. You couldn't even save the only two people in your life... do you really think you could even come close to protecting all of them?" Her tone was sickening, it dragged and droned now, pulled and twisted like it was going through a machine. Processed so that he could barely recognize her anymore.

    "Odette... you hate her because there's parts of me you see in her? You're so especially afraid of getting anywhere near her. You fight her and push her and say things you think will sting. You do this because you only hurt the ones you let too close."

    "That's... not true...!" He forced out, anger welling with the sadness and guilt, anger at Déa, anger at himself.

    "Then why are you still here? Alone, afraid, caught in the clutches of the person you can never save?"

    As the words finished, Déa's grip suddenly disappeared... just as she did, she was gone. The alley was gone as well, just a black corridor with featureless walls. He was screaming internally but he rushed along them quickly, using the stone to guide him. He knew what was coming but he couldn't stop, he had to run, he had to try.

    He rounded a corner and saw her lying in a pool of her own blood. Her eyes were open and expressionless, staring vacantly right through him. Nothing left of her now, just a corpse, just an empty, hollow vessel.

    "Déa... n-no... Déa... I'm sorry... please don't be... Arceus please... Déa... DÉA!"

    - - -


    Jackson jolted forward in a sweat, it was so warm, so unbearably warm... where was he? What had happened? His mind jumped back to his last memory. He had been looking for Hessel, walking the streets of Shalour. There had been a ticking suddenly, coming from a bakery nearby. He recognized it, he tried to stop it, tried to get people to run but there was no time.

    He remembered an explosion, blasting him into a wall...

    A shooting pain suddenly blasted through his left arm as he tried to move, his vision adjusting. He was in the ruins if a building, smoke was flowing all around him and it was almost impossible to breathe. Flames were licking at the wooden floor he was trapped on now, rushing towards him, merciless and uncaring. He had to move, now.

    "Ga- Ack!" He spluttered as he tried to speak again, barely able to find the breath. "Gaspar!" He tossed the pokéball and the ghost type flew outwards, surprised at the circumstance but immediately willing to help. "T...The smoke..." He was feeling faint, his vision was dazing again, he had to stay awake.

    In an instant Gaspar began to rush and spin through the smog, absorbing the suffocating vapors into his poisonous form, drawing them away from his trainer as best he could. A small pocket was created and Jackson's body thanked him dearly as he took a single breath of fresh air. "Fang!" He swiftly tossed another pokéball and his Houndoom appeared.

    Fang was immediately caught off guard, his mind flashed back to Santalune forest, to where he had met his trainer. The carnage he and the other Houndour had caused that day, it was just like this. This was the work of Cinder. They were using his kind again. Forcing them to do horrible things... AGAIN.

    "Fang... h-help..." Gaspar couldn't keep up with the fog and the uncharacteristically feeble voice of his trainer snapped fang back to reality. Jackson was trapped and rapidly losing consciousness, the flames were licking at his heels. Immediately the Houndoom threw himself at the rubble on Jackson's arm, using the move "Beat Up" he borrowed power from every other pokémon on the team and crashed into the rock with no concern for his own health and safety. He bashed and bruised his body against the stone, denting it, chipping it desperately. Gaspar too, realized that the smoke was moving too quickly... and seeing Fang he burst downwards with great speed, no cackle or smile, just an enraged and serious expression.

    Shadow Punches, Fire Fangs, Beat Ups... all cascaded on the stone as Jackson faded away, the rock cracking and splintering until... until...!

    It shattered, the stone crumbled into smaller, manageable pieces and Jackson pulled his arm out weakly. It was battered, bruised and bleeding... but it wasn't broken, he had gotten very lucky in that regard. Gripping him forcefully, Gaspar dragged Jackson's arms to wrap around Fang's neck and the Houndoom ran. The trainer was dragged forcefully by his pokémon across an uneven wooden floor.

    Until only heated cobblestones were below them.

    As Jackson took a few spluttering breaths of fresh air, the building behind him collapsed inwards, rubble piling onto the floor. He had just barely managed to escape death yet again. He collected himself best he could and gazed around, his head was pounding, his chest was tight, but the city was in a far worse state. Flames and explosions everywhere... a massive airship dominating the sky, the insignia on the side? Team Cinder. Shalour went from peaceful to doomed in less than five minutes.

    Jackson froze, his eyes widening with sudden realization and fear. "Malorie..." He turned to the central plaza, now a grand distance away. Without hesitation he activated a new pair of retractable skates, a gift from Korrina after breaking his previous pair... and attached a collar and chain to fang, gripping it tightly as Gaspar dashed into his trainers shadow.

    "GO! Fang! Don't stop until we find her! We aren't stopping until we FIND HER!" Like a man possessed Jackson screamed out and Fang heard loud and clear, bursting like a wildfire the black hound rushed with all the speed he could muster through the city streets. The flames enveloping the sky and ground as Jackson realized he stood to lose far more than a city.

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      Annika Jiraiya


      What happened...?

      “Come on, Annika! We’re almost back home!”

      Annika followed her mom into Vermilion after one of their adventures. They were hurrying back to hopefully get back before her dad noticed. Running into their home, they stopped as they saw her father glaring at them from across the room. He approached.

      “Annika, go to your room. Your mother and I are going to have a little chat” He talked in a deep, threatening tone, one which Annika had never heard before. She stood her ground for a moment before her mom pushed her forward, gesturing her to obey.

      Reluctantly, she went to her room, giving her father a glare as she passed.

      She climbed the stairs and entered her room, going over to her desk, pulling out her chair, and sitting down. She pulled out her drawing stuff and continued her Eevee to calm herself down.

      After a while, she heard her mom scream. Jumping up in surprise, she ran over to her door to see what was wrong, only to find it was locked. She tried opening it for a bit before hearing someone stumbling outside her door.




      Annika slowly woke up, feeling someone shaking her as her senses returned. She looked up at who it was, her eyesight still a bit foggy.

      “Annika, we need to get out of here!” a female voice said. Annika recognised it as she managed to focus on the figure in front of her.



      “I’ll explain later, we need to go, now!”

      Annika looked around and finally managed to see what the problem was. The entire waiting room was on fire and falling apart. She attempted to get up but fell back down screaming as her right leg seethed with pain. He mom bent down and picked her up, carrying her out of the room as it fell inward. She ran out into the city and what Annika saw made her eyes open wide.

      The sky was red and multiple buildings were on fire. People were panicking and chaos was everywhere. Annika’s mom took her to a safe place near the building and set her down. “Stay here” she ordered, before running out to help others in need.

      Annika watched her leave, before noticing something out the corner of her eye. She looked over and saw a Vulpix attempting to struggle out of some debris that has fallen on it. She attempted to get up to help this pokemon, but only managed to fall back down again, her leg still hurting.

      She dragged herself over to the Vulpix and helped it get free of the rubble, panting. It ran off a bit before turning back around, noticing that Annika was dragging herself across the floor back towards the safe spot. The Vulpix hesitated for a moment before running back to Annika, attempting to help her move along.

      They got back to the place and Annika pulled herself into a sitting position. The Vulpix, too tired and hurt to run any further, curled up beside her and just laid there. Annika started petting it as her mother returned.

      “I need your help with this one” She said, taking out her Pokeball and throwing out an Arcanine and a Gardevoir. “Gardevoir, can you lift her onto Arcanine?” Gardevoir looked over at Annika before using Psychic to move her onto Arcanine. The Vulpix ran up to Arcanine and looked up at Annika and she looked down on Vulpix.

      “...can you put Vulpix up here too?” Annika asked Gardevoir. She nodded and psychic’d the Vulpix onto Arcanine as well. Annika pulled out Bagel’s pokeball, remembering that she never healed him. She sent him out and grabbed one of her Super Potions, spraying it on his wounds so he could be in fighting shape before returning him.

      “Come on, lets go!” Annika’s mom said, returning Gardevoir and running ahead, beckoning her Arcanine to follow.

      Spoiler: Inventory
      1x Pokedex
      10,050 Poke
      4x Super Potion
      2x Potion
      6x Great Ball
      4x Poke Ball
      1x Mysterious Blue Stone
      1x TM01 Focus Punch
      1x Festival Tourney Pass
      1x Drawing Notepad
      1x Pencil
      1x Sharpener
      1x Eraser
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        Parasitism / Symbiosis ; Shalour City, Kalos

        Kaito Ishikawa ; ♂, 30

        The moment Pandora's box was opened, fire soon swallowed up the whole of Shalour City, blanketing the night sky in smoke and carbon monoxide as it pirouetted from building to building. With one stroke of its brush, the raging inferno painted the city’s canvas red; the colors unfortunate enough to lie in its wake were washed clean from the slate.

        Kaito couldn’t believe it. In a blink of an eye, not even a millisecond passing, the Shalour City he knew – the gym, the Pokémon center, the tower – was reduced to ash and cinder, crumpling under the heat from the conflagrations which tiptoed around it.

        Caius; he needed to find Caius. “The number you dialed is—” Dammit. Kaito ran a hand through sweat-soaked hair as he pocketed his phone. Caius wasn’t picking up. Brisk walking turned to vigorous sprinting as Kaito began assuming the worst of the situation. “Please be okay…” He repeated under uneven breaths.

        If any harm had befallen the boy on his watch, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

        "I'll be there soon; just hang tight."

        Flailing his arms wildly, he ran straight for the Festival Tournament's stadium. His body strained under the physical exertion he put it through, but the pain was a small price to pay if it meant saving Caius.

        Caius Flynn ; ♂, 21

        He could hear ringing throbbing in his ears as his bruised frame regained some of its vitality. “What in the world…?” Caius propped himself up against a wall. Touching his head, he felt warm blood trickle down from it. “I must have hit it on something...” He was concussed.

        As his senses returned to him full-force, the ringing cleared up. Then—

        “AGGGGGGGGGH!” A man lay a few feet across from him, screaming at the top of his lungs.

        Caius rubbed his eyes. What was he seeing—? The man was pinned from the waist down by a large piece of debris. A pool of blood formed right under him, and he writhed in pain attempting to lift the hunk of concrete that kept him from moving.

        A sense of urgency along with an innate desire to help snapped Caius into action. “H-h-hey!” Crouching down, he wiggled his fingers into openings underneath and tugged the slab of rock upwards using every muscle in his body. It didn’t work. The damn thing didn’t budge one bit. He tried again. And again. And again, until nails peeled from skin.

        Warmth was leaving the man’s body as quickly as blood drained from his face, turning him pale, lifeless, and cold. He tapped Caius on the shoulder. “It’s fine; you can stop now. I can’t really feel anything anymore.” He managed a weak smile at his would-be rescuer.

        It's often said that people get reflexive when they're skirting the line separating the living from the dead. The man had always found the statement to be a bit incredulous, but now he understood. Out of nowhere, an amalgam of both good and bad memories came rushing to him, and it made him think about the past he'd lived and the future that he'd never get to see. Of all the things his mind drifted to, one regret stood out to him.

        He was going to die a virgin.

        Not that he had any reason to regret, since he knew in the back of his mind that he was always going to die a virgin; he just didn't expect to die so soon. If this was life's way of preventing him from deleting the smutty files he'd kept hidden in his laptop, then it worked.

        “Hey blond guy. Mind lending me an ear?” Caius perked up. “Yeah, sure. Anything you want.” Wiping liquid from his eyes, he realized there was little else he could do.

        “Could you take my bag with you?” The man pointed a finger at the corner of some wall that was still intact. Caius walked over to it and fetched the bag in question. “Open it.” Click. Inside were Poké balls, a badge case, and a wallet. “Now, open the badge case.” His fingers grasping the latch, he pulled it to the sound of a crack. Before him, eight Kalosian badges were situated snuggly in the pockets where they belonged.

        “Give that to ma, will you?” The man requested. “You see—” He started coughing up blood. “—I left home a while ago so I could challenge the Pokémon league.” He took a moment to clear the fluid coagulating in his throat.

        “Ma always said that I was better off as an engineer or something, since being a trainer supposedly doesn’t pay very well if you aren’t good.” He was losing consciousness now; he could tell because his thoughts were becoming more chaotic and disorganized. “But, boy did I show her up.”

        With the little energy he had left in him, he squeezed out another sentence. “Ma told me she’s been sick in the recent weeks, so I made sure to beat as many trainers and gyms as I could to help her out financially. It’s the least I could do to pay her back.”

        His life signs were on their last legs. His eyesight had just given out and he could no longer see Caius looming over him. “Is it just me or did someone turn the lights off on us?” He joked, despite knowing full-well that his body was shutting down; Caius didn’t know what to say back.

        “Thanks for sticking around, friend. You didn’t really have to, but you did. It’s nice to not be alone when you’re dying, you know… It’s… less… lonely…” He was gone. No stimulus was ever going to reach him now.

        Caius opened the man’s wallet. “Kurt Fletcher.” He read from the identification card now cradled between his fingers. “Rest in peace.”

        SHIIIIIIIIIIIT—” The sound of Caius’ voice turned the heads of everyone in the camp. On the outskirts of Shalour City, survivors of Team Cinder’s attack were huddled together in tents. Paramedics waltzed from place to place tending to wounded evacuees, and their serious expressions only seemed to get more grave as they observed their dwindling supplies. “There’s too many people,” he heard one of the nurses say in passing.

        Caius knew Kaito the Pokémon Trainer, but he wasn’t familiar with Kaito the fledgling doctor. The thought didn’t even cross his mind that Kaito pursued medicine after he completely retired from his decade-long career as a Pokémon trainer.

        “Need to sanitize this spot…” Kaito muttered under his breath as he reached for rubbing alcohol and a pair of tweezers. Caius looked on with worry. “You’re a doctor now?” He asked Kaito. Caius was stalling for time; he knew what was going to happen: rubbing alcohol was going to be poured on his wounds and he’d be yelling his head off afterwards. He needed a minute to mentally prepare himself.

        Kaito saw through him, though. And he wasn’t having it. In one swift motion, he yanked the last piece of shrapnel from Caius’ abdomen and doused the resulting injury with a cleaning solution before Caius could register what hit him. “There.” As a finishing touch, he covered the wound with gauze.

        This cheeky bastard, Caius thought as he was met by Kaito’s mocking smile. He could only glare at the guy before he put his shirt back on and got up. “Woah, Caius. You’re recovering right now. Let’s not make things any worse.” Kaito was quick to stop him in his tracks.

        It was then Caius brought him up – Kurt.

        “There’s people needing to be rescued, Kaito. And I can help.” He flapped his arms to show he was fine. “I met someone today, and… I was powerless to do anything to save him.” His voice grew weaker as the sentence drew on. An intense emotion swelled in him; he knew if he continued, it would take him over. And yet—

        “He was within reach, Kaito! But there was nothing I could do! Absolutely nothing!” Caius felt his cheeks getting hot. For some reason, the tears started falling and he couldn’t hold them back like he usually could. “I just sat there and watched him die…”

        Through his words, Caius felt as if he was reliving the experience; the pool of blood, nails scratching against concrete, the lifeless corpse – he could remember it all with vivid detail. The memory was forever ingrained in him, and he would never be able to forget no matter how hard he tried. “I don't want to go through that again…”

        Grabbing Caius by the hand, Kaito said the only thing he could at the time: “You won’t have to. Because I’ll be with you, alright? Every step of the way I’ll be there.” He looked him right in his tear-filled eyes. Seeing Caius in this state, Kaito was reminded that the boy standing before him was still a kid just entering his adult years. Caius was young and inexperienced, and as strong as he pretended to be, he had yet to fully realize just how cruel and decrepit a place the world could become to its inhabitants.

        And he wasn’t going to, not with Kaito around to act as a brother figure.

        To Caius’ parents, Kaito owed everything. If it weren’t for their generous hands pulling him out of the slums, he’d likely just turned out to be a statistic recorded by some crime bureau in Sinnoh: dead or trafficked for money. In a way, they’d given him his wings, and with their help, he was able to rise above his circumstances. In exchange, he was going make sure their son would grow up to be like the good people they were.

        “Whew. Sorry about the waterworks.” Caius slid a palm across his face to wipe away leftover tears. “I really want to go help, Kaito. Please let me.” He was calmer this time.

        Something told Kaito he wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. So he caved. “Only on the condition that I tag along, alright?”

        Caius nodded.

        “And if things get too dangerous, you will leave immediately. Got it?”

        "Got it."

        “Let’s get going then.”

        And the two were off, their sights set on Shalour City – or what remained of it.

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        Margarita Fas

        Deino was itching to enter the action, mouth gnawing on the rails meant to prevent bystanders from falling into the lower ground below. Out of impatience the dragon ultimately decided to heckle the small knight, but he was nowhere to be seen.

        Aaaaiiieee? Puzzled, the small creature began to wander off in search of his missing companion.

        "Glad to see you're still kicking for more. Focus Energy Machoke!" Korrina commands, bypassing the obstacles with ease. Margarita eyes the next hurdle with an exhausted glare.

        "Yeah, guess so."

        Meanwhile, Deino slapped his forehead on to the gym door's glass. He strained in opening them, not realizing they were automatic... yet his minute height is easy to miss for the sensor.

        It didn't take long for another human to come along and open the glass doors. Deino yipped at the individual, slipping in between their legs to reach the colder, darker outside world.

        The artificial lighting was replaced by moonlight, beautifully enveloping the city wherever the tournament's lightshow could not reach.

        Yip! Aaaiiiieeiiiip! Deino hollered into the wind, choosing a nearby bench yards away from the gym located beneath an oak tree as his resting point.

        Pawniard did not respond.

        The hubbub of laughter and shouting grabbed Deino's attention. It emanated from the Festival Tournament, their energy exciting the little dragon.


        The immense thunderbolt was enough to force Machoke to their knees. Eelektrik leaped off their head, leaving the opponent to catch their breath with a trembling body. When they attempted to continue trekking forward, their paralyzed status prevented them from doing so, legs giving out from the sudden paralysis.

        Machoke remained on the rink's cold floor, much to Korrina's dismay. "Awww, you did good, Machoke... return, you're done." Margarita was now further from the leader for the third time, hindered by the obstacles that slowed her pace.

        "Nono, come here!" Margarita called forth. Eelektrik awaited the dragon to switch, but was surprised they didn't tackled them like they usually did.

        She waited.

        Eelektrik slowed their pace, panting. As soon as Margarita slowed down into a halt Eelektrik did so as well.

        Korrina followed their gazes on to the empty stands. "Hey guys! What's up... oh, I see that..." She too paused, screeching to a stop with Hawlucha slowing down himself.

        "Not this again. I'm sorry to end this so-" Margarita's thought was cut short. A sudden, bright light exploded into view, engulfing their surroundings in nothing but a flash. Eelektrik gasped in shock, throwing himself at Margarita and wrapping his body around her leg before the group felt the incoming shockwave.

        Everybody got thrown against the wall farthest from the entrance. Debris and flames scattered and the gym was no more.

        From the rubble Eelektrik emerged, coughing out the dust that had been created. He refused to let go of his unconscious trainer, who was miraculously not pinned against any material. Instead, the debris around had fallen in such a way that she was in a small cavern of sorts.

        Eeeeee, eeee! the eel cried, pushing at Margarita's cheek. Soon the fish began to feel the heat of the flames, scooting over closer to Margarita for the slightest sense of protection. "Mmmmmmmf."

        From the crackle of fire and screams beyond, a familiar voice began to louden amidst it all. Like an internal grunt, feminine one could say... which Eelektrik eventually recognized. Eeee eee! he calls out, never letting go of Margarita's sweating, bleeding body.

        Larvesta burst out from the fire, immune to the monster. She had encased the egg in several thick layers of her webbing, wearing the delicate thing like a backpack. There were patches of burnt string dotting it, yet it managed to protect the egg from harm.

        Upon seeing Margarita bruised the bug let out a panicked squeal. She rushes over, little feet tip-tapping the ashy ground speckled with debris.

        She scans the surrounding area, forcing herself to come up with a way to bring her trainer to safety. But without the help of either Deino or Pawniard, they were helpless.

        Regardless she covers some of Margarita's body in webbing and connects it to herself before taking flight. More flames erupted from her horns as she struggled to lift her up, grunting and squeaking. Eelektrik watched in horror, overwhelmed by the destruction taking place.

        Larvesta called for the eel's aid, barely able to budge their trainer. Eelektrik, however, had locked himself in a state of fear. The more he took in the imagery, the tighter the hold he had on Margarita's arm. Eyes never blinked nor parted from the crimson skies.

        The rubble shielding Margarita from the ashes was beginning to creak, weakening by the second. A taller, concrete pillar suddenly broke apart from the debris. Larvesta did one last struggle in response, but to no avail.

        Eelektrik simply stared blankly, growing numb near a struggling Larvesta. Unfortunately she flopped onto the ground, worn out and unable to move as she began to rapidly pant.

        As if in slow motion, the impending doom descends upon the trio.

        And then it didn't. Larvesta glanced above them to discover that a familiar Steelix had sunk his teeth into the pillar, tossing it aside with ease. "The damsel in distress. How unlike her," Adriel sighed. Due to the angle Adriel was obscured from view, kneeling on the snake's head. "It's almost fitting." He leaps down and manages to slide Margarita on to his back, his arms holding on to the legs while her arms fell over his shoulders. Eelektrik remained glued to his trainer, far too attached to let her slip by.

        "Ah... she's hurt. Bartholomew!" he calls forth. Larvesta hesitated in passing the responsibility over. She reluctantly burns through her webbing, freeing Margarita to be taken by the suited man. "Bartholomew, escort this young, beautiful lady." Much to the bug's surprise, the snake lowered his head before her, resting on the ground.

        Together they all gathered on top of Steelix, who left the scene.
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          Minami 'Mina' Haruka
          Status: Shalour City - Fall | The Rescue!

          1x Wallet - 6,700 Poke
          1x 3rd Place Contest Ribbon
          1x Pokedex w/ Radar Dex Chip
          10x Pokeballs
          1x Ultra Ball
          2x Heal Balls
          5x Great Balls
          2x Net Balls
          2x Fast Balls
          1x Cynder Ball
          3x Moomoo Milk
          10x Potions
          5x Super potions
          5x Pewter Crunchies
          1x Mystic Water (Held by Poppy)
          1x Lax Incense
          1x Fashion Case
          3x Extra Clothes
          5x Contest Outfits
          1x Holocaster
          1x Altarianite

          Mina ran through the rumble, trying to find any survivors, Rima ran along her side, clinging onto her shirt with dry tears on her cheeks.
          “Hello! Anyone there?!” All she heard was the sound of chaos, Mina flinched when a piece of rumble fell from one of the destroyed buildings, bringing Rima close, looked over and realized she was near the bank. “The bank’s paper…” Just as Mina was about to run over and try to save the money, she heard a plea and unknown voices.

          “Help! Help!” “No one’s coming old man! Now hand over that egg!” “Never!”

          Mina stopped her running and turned, seeing an old man in rich clothing on the ground protecting what seemed to be a pokemon egg while being kicked and pulled on by about three grunts. There was a Salandit, Pancham, and Seviper standing around, most likely belonging to the three grunts.

          She looked between the two factors before looking over at Momo, who was standing beside her, having been at her side since Hinata’s death. “You thinking what i’m thinking?” Momo smirked as Mina released Poppy and placed her on her head. “Hold on tight! Poppy, Bubblebeam!” Bark! “Momo! Sky Uppercut!” Haku! “Rima, stay close, alright?” “Alright sissy.”

          “Seviper, use Coil.” Seviper wrapped itself around the old man and tightened his grip, causing the man to wince from the pain on his body. “Now hand over the egg or Seviper will crush you!” “You can’t have it!” A stream of bubbles hits Salandit, knocking the Pokemon back as a Hakamo-o lands behind the seviper and uppercuts the snake under his jaw, causing him to let go of his captive from the pain, and former grabbed the snake, throwing him away to where Salandit was. “The hell?!”

          “Hey! Leave him alone!” called out a voice, causing the three grunts to turn and see a dirty blonde with blue eyes and her clothes ripped and sooth covering most of her body, A Brionne latched onto her head with a Mystical Water around her neck, glaring down at the humans. Beside the girl was a younger child with long blonde hair and tearful green eyes, clinging onto the older girl. “Haven’t you guys done enough?!”

          “Who the hell are you? Pancham, use Circle Throw!” Pancham ran towards Mina and jumped, but, “Dragon Pulse!” A Swablu appeared from behind the girl and launched a draconian energy pulse, intercepting the Playful Pokemon and sending him back into Seviper and Salandit, causing the latters to cry out from the impact. “Why you!” One of the grunts ran towards Mina when Electra jumped from behind Rima and used Spark, hitting the man on the chest and pushing him back to the feet of his colleagues.

          “Leave! Or else!” glared Mina as Electra jumped onto her shoulder, Momo stood to her right, Aria floated to Rima’s left, and Nina walked from behind her to infront of her, all of them glaring as well.

          “You don’t give orders you brat! Salandit, Flamethrower!” Salandit jumped in front of his trainer and opened his maw, letting out a torrent of flames towards Mina and her Pokemon.

          “Bubblebeam.” Poppy leaned over Mina’s head and let out a barrage of bubbles, countering the flamethrower and causing a small mushroom explosion to occur. “Electro Ball.” A ball of electricity soared through the dust, dispersing some, and hitting Salandit straight on the face, causing him to fall back. “Flamethrower.” A stream of fire shot out from the remaining dust, revealing Mina and her unharmed team, and blasted Salandit back, fainting the Pokemon.

          “How dare you! You b*tch!” spat one of the grunts as he grabbed his gun from a pocket and pointed it towards them. Just as he was gonna pull the trigger, the head of a pokemon bite the hand with the pistol, causing him to let go. “What the?!” “We should be saying that, young man!” Everyone turned and saw the old man was standing now with a cone in one hand holding him up and the egg in the other, right beside the grunt was a Zweilous, the second head growling at the man. “Body Slam!” The Hostile Pokemon let go of the grunt, only to slam its body into Pancham, sending the latter flying into a piece of rumble and knocking said Pokemon out of commission.

          “Seviper, Poison Fang!” Decipher sprang up and shot towards Zweilous with his fangs out and lit with posinois glob, but Momo jumped in front and used Headbutt, countering the Pokémon. While the snake was distracted, Momo grabbed her tail and spun for a couple twirls before stopping and letting go at once, throwing the snake into a piece of large rumble at high speeds from the spin.

          “Leave, Zweilous doesn't abide well with bad men, do you?” Zweilous growled at the grunts, confirming the old man’s words. “Tch. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of us, you b*tches.” The grunts then recalled their Pokemon and left, leaving Mina and RIma with the old man.

          “Thank you for your help, young lady. If only my back hadn’t failed me, I could have taught those youngest a move or two.” thanked the old man as he turned to Mina, who smiled back. “No problem. I’m glad we got here in time before-” A loud rumble shook the ground as the bank behind collapsed, scattering dust around the area. “Oh, I forgot about the bank. There goes the money.” Rima looked at the egg in the man’s arms. “Mister, what is that?”

          “Oh, this? It’s an egg that my granddaughter gave me. She said she didn’t have the time to take care of it, so she handed it over to me.” explained the old man before turning to the two girls and smiled, walking over and extending the egg to Mina. “i would like for you to have this.”

          “Wait, me?! Are you sure? Your granddaughter gave it to you though.” protested Mina, not wanting to take the old man’s gift from his granddaughter, it didn’t feel right. “I insist, think of it as a thanks for helping me. You are worthy enough to take care of it, I can see you have a kind heart young one.” Mina stared at the old man before looking at the egg and hesitantly grabbing the egg. “Are you sure?”

          “Yes, i’m sure. Take good care of it, but there’s no need to tell you, I know you’ll take care of it.” Mina nodded before, hearing some cries far off. She and Rima turn in the direction. “Gotta go help others, let me lead you to-” Mina turned back to the old man, only to see nobody, not even the Zweilous. “Where did he go?”

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          Dust Fabre

          Shalour City - Fall
          Location: Shalour Gym


          1x Pokédex
          5x Pokéballs
          2x Super Potions
          500 Poké


          Finally. It was time to test his mettle. The night sky filled Dust with determination, looking about Shalour City with a fierce look in his eyes. He had heard about Korrina & what type of Gym she runs, not to mention what she knows about Mega Evolution. It sounded like another battle just waiting for him all this time. Very soon, he would be walking out the Gym in victory, Rumble Badge in hand!

          At least, that's how it was supposed to happen.

          Instead, the whole city was covered high in flames, people panicking as they run away from all this chaos. In the midst of this, Dust watches on, stunned at what had transpired. He had only just arrived in Shalour City, with hopes to take on strong challengers. This...

          What would one even call this carnage?

          "Well this is just the welcome party I need," Dust shook his head, still at a loss of thoughts. To make matters worse, a massive airship suddenly appeared out of thin air in the sky. Is it worse? He doesn't know. Then again, it's too much coincidence that it appeared just after the explosions. Dust took notice of the color palette on the ship.

          Then he looks at his own attire.

          "Should I be worried?" He scratches his head & just pays it no mind. He only just arrived in this city, but he wasn't gonna just leave with the city in this state. But boy is this one way to start an adventure. With Rozu atop his arm, Dust runs in the direction of the chaos, wondering what he might do to stop this.

          Everything just looks awful wherever Dust went. Here a bunch of Pokémon were causing chaos, there some strange contraptions were catching Pokémon, & in the distance, where the Tower of Mastery could easily be seen, is in ruins. Dust really wanted to see everything Shalour City has to offer. It feels like he won't ever get that chance now. Was the Gym any different? Not so, seeing it up close. Dust just looks on at the Gym as he arrives at the building, feeling frustrated at the site. Was Korrina in there still? Was anyone? He looks over at Rozu, deciding on his next course of action. "Watch my back." Rozu nodded & hopped off his arm, keeping close to Dust from behind as they entered the Gym.

          "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" A loud roar rang throughout the ruins of the Gym. It was the only thing that stood out in all the rubble. Dust did not like what he was seeing. In the center, a Lucario was dropping a body to the ground, then just slamming its fist down on it. Looking closer, Dust could see it was a Mega Evolved Lucario. That's just perfect.

          "I think my eyes threw up..." Dust looks on in disgust at the display, wishing he could unsee this. Whoever that person was, he shouldn't have to go through this in any way, or anyone for that matter. He looks at the person's color attire, & once again looks at his own. "...Again, should I be worried?"

          The Lucario finally takes notice of Dust, which spells trouble immediately. "Great, I wanted a battle, not a death match. Get ready, Rozu!" Both Dust & Rozu ready themselves, & not a second too soon, as Lucario lunges at Dust at high speed. Dust crosses his arms out of reflex to guard against Lucario's attack, but upon impact from its fist, he's pushed far back against the wall. "Rozu! Force Palm...!" he quickly shouted out despite the pain. Rozu throws its palm at Lucario, who counters by grabbing from around the arm & flinging him at Dust. He quickly catches his Pokémon, softening the impact just a smidge. If this were a competition, Dust would be enjoying this.

          He is not.

          "Be careful Rozu," Dust looks at Lucario, dropping Rozu onto some elevated rubble, "we can't let this Pokémon get loose." Lucario looks like he could kill, & he will. The only thing Dust can think right now; win. Just win & don't lose.
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          Avril Morris
          Shalour City
          Chapter 20-1 | A City Ablaze

          Current Party:

          Thwack, thwack, thwack!

          A small groan escaped Avril's lips as she tried to roll over. Her body was stiff and her head was absolutely pounding in pain, as if she was trying to recover from a long night of drinking and partying. Just the very thought of opening her eyes so early in the morning was enough to cause the blonde trainer to want to vomit, and to be quite honest, made her want to find some way to extinguish the sun so she could get a few more hours of sleep.

          Thwack, thwack, thwack!

          "C-Come on, Robin... just let me get a few more minutes alright...? Tell mom I'll be down for school in a bit..." she oddly mumbled out.

          What graced the younger of the Morris sisters was not a warm, comforting acknowledgement from her older sister. Rather, a sudden weight lifting up and then slamming down right in the pit of her stomach. The sudden wave of pain caused Avril's eyes to snap open in shock, the girl coughing violently as she attempted to try and recapture her breath. Avril's body quickly shot up, the girl quickly looking around at her surroundings. She wasn't in the warm, comforting embrace of her bedroom back in Laverre City. Rather, she was sitting on the rough stone pavement of a road. All around her was absolute chaos. A thick cloud of smoke was hanging heavily in the air, completely covering what was once a peaceful night sky with ease. The sounds of the spectators of the tournament and bustling of families enjoying the festival of Shalour were also gone. In their place was what Avril could only call a frightful melody of fear and flames. Feral roars of Pokémon and flickering flames reached her ears, mixing with the blood curdling, panicked cries of people and Pokémon alike most likely fleeing for their lives.

          Avril glanced downward for a moment, the sight of a relieved Mint coming into vision. The Jigglypuff wasted no time in hopping off of the girl's lap, waving and calling over two other Pokémon that Avril quickly recognized to be her Flaaffy and Greninja. Marble practically threw herself at Avril, wrapping her arms around the trainer's body as she hugged her tightly. Shino sighed in relief, the frog Pokémon placing a hand on her shoulder to let her know that he too was glad to see her up and about.

          "Mint... Shino... Marble...?" Avril slowly stammered out. The girl's eyes narrowed as she gazed at the ground. "What in the world is going on...?"

          Avril closed her eyes for a moment, trying to remember what she could about just moments before she apparently lost consciousness. She remembered that she had been out enjoying her time at the Shalour Festival after her battle against Emma at the tournament. The girl had went out with Sebastian and Emma, where they played a few games and took in some sights before parting ways. Afterwards, she had stopped to grab a bite to eat at one of the vendor stands where she had a heart to heart conversation... finally admitting her feelings for...

          "Victoria?!" Avril suddenly exclaimed.

          The trainer quickly scrambled to her feet, her eyes wide with fear as she got a better look at the carnage around her. Flames blazed and engulfed the city, replacing what had once been homes and businesses with nothing more than charred ruins. The mighty Tower of Mastery was for all intents and purposes gone, replaced with a toppled mess of brick, shattered glass, and mortar. The only thing that Avril couldn't see was... Victoria. A wave of fear began to set in as she recalled what had transpired. The two were hugging... their lips were slowly inching closer to each other... when a violent set of explosions began to rock the entire city! Avril couldn't for the life of her fully recall what had happened next, only that she had essentially been sent flying during the impending chaos.

          "Victoria...?! Victoria, can you hear me?!" Avril screamed out at the top of her lungs, the girl stumbling forward as she did so. She almost fell flat on her face, only to be steadied by Shino. Victoria never responded, however. All that reached Avril's ears were cries for help and the raging inferno that was swallowing the city whole. "Muk.. We have to go look for her! What if something happened to her?! What if she's hurt?!"

          Shino let out a worried croak. The Greninja was worried for the missing Victoria, however at the same time he knew he needed to do his part to try and keep Avril safe as well. His trainer however, seemed completely oblivious to this. She pulled herself from Shino's grasp, and quickly began to run forward.

          "Victoria! Victoria, can you hear me?!" she shouted out into the raging inferno. "How far did I get flung to, damn it...?"

          The trainer began to sprint through the chaotic landscape, her eyes darting both left and right as she tried to spot her now officially appointed girlfriend. A feeling of dread filled Avril's stomach as she and her Pokémon began to explore what had once been a peaceful and thriving city. Shalour literally looked like some sort of apocalyptic nightmare. The streets were ablaze... buildings were in ruin... and the sight of even people and Pokémon alike who weren't as fortunate as she was... This sight was made even more harrowing by the sight of what appeared to be an elderly man... the lower half of his body completely crushed in by a pile of rubble, pain etched across his face. The only solace Avril could honestly find for him was the fact that he most likely only felt the pain for a few moments before passing to the other side.

          "This is absolutely disgusting... Who the hell could've... why would anyone...?" Avril began to question.

          Before she was able to properly formulate an answer however, a shrill, fright-filled scream reached her ears. Avril and her Pokémon all spun around, eyes widening at the sight before them. A small girl, battered and bruised, was limping with tears of horror in her eyes. On her heels was a feral, wild Houndoom. Blood dripping from its fangs, it was clear that the wild Pokémon had been on quite the rampage in the chaos.

          "Marble, Take Down!" Avril quickly ordered, a command that her Flaaffy had no hesitation in obeying.

          The sheep Pokémon dashed forward, quickly slamming her body into the wild dog Pokémon with as much force as she could possibly muster. The Houndoom let out a surprised whine as it slammed into a nearby wall, its prey both relieved and surprised that someone had managed to come to her rescue. Avril wasted no time in running towards the frightened child, taking the time to place herself between the girl and the Pokémon.

          "Are you okay?!" Avril questioned, eyes filled with concern as she looked the child up and down. Dirt and blood covered her body, her clothes torn and ripped most likely as a result of the explosions and flames that were covering the town. Avril's eyes narrowed down to the child's leg, biting her lip as she noticed the deep, bleeding gashes that were most likely a result of being attacked by the wild Houndoom. "It's not safe here, where are your parents?!"

          The small girl began to sniffle and sob. "I... I d-don't know w-where d-daddy is...! I w-was here with him and M-Mommy and w-we were g-getting c-cotton c-candy and then e-everything got loud and the b-building f-fell on M-Mommy a-and..."

          Avril felt her heart breaking into pieces. It didn't exactly take a genius to figure that the little girl's mother was another victim of this madness. And most likely from the state of the city her father didn't pull through either. At the very least however, Avril wasn't about to tell the child that.

          "L-Lady, look out!" the child cried.

          Avril's gaze snapped back ahead to see the wild Houndoom picking itself back up, a deep growl of anger and hate slipping out of its mouth. Thankfully, her Pokémon were on point. Marble slammed herself into the wild Houndoom, before grabbing hold and zapping the beast with a quick Thunder Shock. The wild Houndoom pulled itself away, eyes narrowing before it quickly lunged itself forward in an attempt to take a chomp out of Marble. The sheep Pokémon was quick to respond with a powerful Iron Tail however, and the Houndoom was slammed into the pavement with a powerful thud.

          "It's not safe... Come on, we have to go," Avril said, turning her attention back to the child. She was clearly in no condition to walk, and Avril was not about to let some other wild Pokémon try to make a snack out of her. The child seemed hesitant, clearly wanting to search more of the wreckage for any signs of her missing father, though. Despite the carnage, Avril gave the girl a reassuring smile and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm sure your daddy is looking all over for you. My Pokémon are pretty strong, so let us help you find him... okay...?"

          The trainer's words seemed to reassure the small child enough to cooperate. Not wanting her to put anymore strain on her leg, Avril knelt down and offered the girl a piggy-back ride instead. It took a few moments, but the child managed to climb onto Avril's back in a way that allowed the trainer to carry her with ease. Once the young girl was properly situated, Avril began to make her way forward with her Pokémon close behind.

          "...What's you name, sweetie?" she suddenly asked.

          The young girl sniffled. "C-Cindy..."

          "You're a very brave girl, Cindy... Smart too... You knew to try and run away from that Houndoom instead of just trying to fight him all on your own," Avril said, trying to her best to make small talk in an attempt to keep the child calm. "I'm sure your daddy is gonna be very proud of you."

          "Well, well... isn't that just heartwarming...?" a voice suddenly said, chuckling at the sight before him. Avril paused, her head slowly turning in the direction of the voice. A tall, imposing man in a black suit stood with his arms crossed. A smirk stretched across his lips as he lowered his sunglasses to get a better view of both Avril and Cindy. "I really didn't expect to find too many survivors wandering around this part of the city... Well, no matter. I'll just fix it myself."

          "Team Cinder..." Avril whispered. Of course, it all made so much sense. The chaos behind the city, it was suddenly so reminiscent of the incident that happened in the forest all the way back at the start of her journey. Back then, Avril had been lucky enough to avoid pretty much all of the danger and destruction that was brought forth in Santalune Forest... Now however, she wasn't so lucky. "Don't you guys have anything else better to do?! What the hell is actually wrong with you all?! What did any of these people do to you that you thought this was a good idea?!"

          The man raised his hands in defense, yet the sickening smirk never left his lips. "Hey, hey... I was just following orders now. Besides, we're just trying to get our message across... if a few casualties happen to be made because of it, well, that's just the nature of the game you know?"

          "Nature of the game...?! What the hell, are you talk- you know what, forget it... All of you are the same," Avril spat, the blonde seething with anger. Slowly, she lowered herself to the ground and had Cindy slip off of her back. She then glanced down at Marble and Mint with a nod. "Go take Cindy and find somewhere safe to hide." Mint's eyes widened, a look of desire filling them as she glanced back and forth between the Cinder grunt and Avril. "Now, Mint!"

          Mint reluctantly obeyed Avril, the balloon and sheep Pokémon leading Cindy away as quickly as they could. The Cinder grunt chuckled again, taking hold of a poké ball and tossing it forward. "Playing the hero? How cute... The problem is, I don't recall dismissing either one of you!"

          The grunt's poké ball snapped open, revealing a rather fierce-looking Golbat. The winged Pokémon let out a loud screech as it quickly dove downward towards Mint and Cindy, causing a frightened scream to escape the limping child. Thankfully, no harm came to the duo. With an angry croak, Shino intercepted the grunt's Golbat with a Feint Attack that sent the bat toppling to the ground.

          "If you think you're gonna go after her... you're gonna have to get through me first," Avril said, eyes narrowed at the grunt.

          "Hey, it doesn't matter which one of you dies first... If you wanna it so badly though, I'm happy to oblige!" he shouted. "Golbat, Wing Attack!"

          "Shino, Feint Attack!" Avril ordered.

          The Cinder grunt's Golbat let out a wild screech as it dove down, attempting to slam its wing into Shino. Shino was quick to leap over the bat's attack however, and slammed a froggy fist into the flying Pokémon. The Golbat crashed down to the ground, Shino pinning it down as it landed.

          "Poison Fang, now!" the Cinder grunt commanded.

          Before Avril had a chance to react, the Golbat managed to open its mouth wide before snapping shut around Shino's left arm. The Greninja croaked in pain, staggering back as he somehow managed to pry himself free from the Golbat's toxic grip. Shino gripped his arm in pain, wincing as he tried to regain his composure against the enemy Golbat.

          "Now Golbat, launch an Air Slash!" the Cinder grunt barked.

          Golbat let out a wild screech as it flapped its wings wildly. A sharp wind kicked up in the direction of Shino, cutting into the frog fiercely. Shino remained standing strong, however. The Greninja doing everything in its power to keep up the fight for Avril.

          "Hang in there, Shino! Use Smoke Screen!" the blonde girl called out.

          The Greninja launched a small black blot in the Golbat's direction. The enemy Golbat slapped the blot with its wing, however that action played right into Avril's plan. It exploded as soon as the Golbat's wing connected, clouding the flying Pokémon in a thick cloud of smoke.

          The Cinder grunt smirked. "Golbat, blow that smoke away with another Air Slash!"

          Golbat began to rapidly flap its wings once more, but it was once again playing into Avril's hand.

          "Shino, now! Use Ice Beam!" the girl shouted.

          Golbat and its trainer's attention both snapped forward just in time to see Shino jump forward and once more pin itself against the Golbat. The water Pokémon took a deep breath before exhaling a strong, chilling breath against the grunt's Golbat. The Golbat screeched in pain as the frigid blast crashed into it, quickly coating its wings in a deep, deep freeze. The grunt cursed under his breath, clenching his fists tightly in frustration.

          "Golbat, what the hell are you doing you worthless Pokémon?! Get that damn ice off of your wings and take down that stupid Greninja!" the Cinder grunt yelled.

          "Shino, Feint Attack!" Avril ordered out.

          Shino ran forward stopping just short of the Golbat. A panicked look was on the bat's face as Shino seemingly vanished from sight, only to reappear behind the Golbat and slam its fist into the winged Pokémon once more, a wild screech escaping the creature as its face met the pavement seemingly instantly. The Golbat fainted upon impact.

          "Good work, Shino!" Avril shouted out.

          "Wipe that damn smile off your face, you little rattata! You think you've won just because you took out one of my Pokémon?!" the grunt sneered. Avril watched as the grunt pulled another poké ball off of his belt and tossed it forward. The ball snapped open to reveal an imposing Pyroar, his main glowing in the light of the burning city. "This fight is just getting started, kid!"

          Before Avril could respond, the sound of clapping hands quickly reached her ears. Both the trainer and her Greninja began to look around, their eyes landing on a young woman wearing a suit similar to the Cinder grunt they had been battling.

          "Unbelievable, Dan... I can't believe you're letting some kid beat you down and get you so worked up..." the woman sighed, rubbing her forehead in annoyance. "This is one of the reasons why you're still scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of rankings in the organization."

          The grunt known as Dan glared at the woman. "Bite me, Suzy... If you think you're so much better, why don't you get down here and give me a hand!"

          Suzy cackled in response. "Ohohoho! Is that so...?" The woman paused, glancing downward towards Avril and her Greninja. "Well... I suppose I have a few minutes I could spare..."

          The woman stepped forward, tossing a poké ball of her own out onto the battlefield. The ball snapped open, revealing a snarling Scrafty. The Scrafty looked over towards Shino, cracking its knuckles as it stepped forward and took its place beside Dan's Pyroar. Avril groaned in frustration.

          "Look, I don't have time for this crap! Just shut up and get out of my way!" Avril snapped. The girl reached for her wrist and attempted to pull off one of the poké balls she normally kept on her bracelet... only to feel nothing. Her eyes widened. The girl brought her arm up to her face only to find that nothing was there! "Muk..."

          "What's the matter, kiddie? You got a problem?" Suzy taunted. "Because we ain't waiting for you to be ready! Scrafty, Hi-Jump Kick!"

          "Shino, jump back!" Avril shouted. The Greninja nimbly hopped backwards, just narrowly dodging the oncoming attack of Cinder grunt Suzy's Scrafty. Unfortunately, this left the poor Shino open to attack from Dan's Pyroar. Without warning, the lion Pokémon slammed its head into Shino's gut. Shino was sent falling backwards, gasping for air as he barely managed to land on his feet. "Shino, please hang in there! You can d-do this! Use Feint Attack!"

          Shino slowly staggered forward, making his way towards the Pyroar. After a few steps, the Greninja picked up his pace and suddenly lunged forward to deliver a sucker punch to the lion Pokémon. However the Greninja was suddenly surprised when Suzy's Scrafty hopped in front of the Pyroar. Without warning, the Scrafty delivered a sharp chop to the Greninja's face, sending Shino reeling back in pain. This was followed by yet another Headbutt attack from the Pyroar, causing Shino to fall flat on his backside...

          "S-Shino!" Avril cried out, abandoning all sense of common sense as she ran towards the Greninja. Shino was struggling to try and pick himself off of the ground, but simply could not find the strength to. He staggered forward, falling to his knees as his bruised and battered body was struggling to remain awake. "S-Shino just... just wait, we're gonna get you out of this!"

          "Ha! What did I tell you, dumbass? You're going to die... You're all going to die..." Dan grinned. The feral growl of Dan's Pyroar reached Avril's ears. Time seemed to slowdown around her as she looked over towards the Pyroar, her eyes taking sight of flames flickering from the beast's mouth. "Pyroar, Flamethrower!"
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          Margarita Fas

          The pitter patter of little feet was barely audible alongside the panic and continuing explosions. Deino often stumbled upon obstacles; fire, debris, smoke, explosions.

          Pawniard was still nowhere to be seen.

          A piece of metal suddenly landed beside Deino, startling the poor thing. He ran every other way without a sense of direction, more preoccupied with staying alive.

          Pokémon scurried and fled from the city, to which Deino blended in with. They would come across grunts throughout the fallen city, the fates of targeted creatures unknown. At first Deino ignored their pleas, prioritizing himself over the captured Pokémon. But the repeated scene began to gnaw at his subconscious, a small drop of guilt caressing his small heart.

          "Yip!" Without a second thought the dragon leaped between an incoming grunt and an injured Pachirisu, their excessively large pink ribbon covered in dirt and scum.

          He trembled before the villain, yet stood his ground in front of the squirrel. "Oh this is cute. This is so cute that I almost don't want to capture you two." The female cinder grunt stepped aside to allow her seviper to slither close to the duo. "But you already know how it is."

          RIIIIII- CHIIIUUUU! the squirrel shrieked, curling herself into a fetal position. Small sparks danced around her furry body, large tail shielding her eyes from the hell around.

          "Poison Fang the cutesies~"

          The viper's fangs dripped poison as they poised for the attack, poison of their own visible in their eyes.

          Suddenly, Pawniard snatched Deino out of the scene the very millisecond before the snake strikes, causing then to impact the squirrel instead. Deino cried to the victim, head swiveling to witness their eventual capture.

          The scene shrunk as they ran further and further, adrenaline allowing Pawniard to run for as far with Deino's weight. Eiiiii! Grrrrrrruuuuu! the dragon protested against the rescue, feeling remorse for having been unable to save the Pachirisu.

          Nai! Pawniard shot back, stung by the lack of a 'thank you' from their comrade. The continuous struggle Deino resorted to led to his eventual drop, frustrating Pawniard. For a while the two argued, Pawniard's blades thrown around while Deino jumped in place, believing the leaps to be menacing within the shouts and growls.

          Pawniard wished to save themselves and look for Margarita. Deino demanded to return to the Pachirisu and rescue those who were just as terrified and vulnerable.

          But they were getting nowhere and the ashes began to convert Deino's dark fur into a speckled reminder of the disaster still occurring around them.

          Tch. Aaaaaaa, nei, grumbled the small knight, giving up on the dragon. Deino was no different, confident he could save others by himself.

          The two went their separate ways. Yet it took only a few steps for Pawniard to regret his decision, blades pressed against his face as he let out a wail. He quickly turned and chased after Deino.

          To his misfortune Deino was quicker than he remembered. NAI! he called out for him to slow down, already having used most of his energy running amok during the explosions. NAI!

          Shalour was gone. No longer. Death and carnage rotted within, revealing to the world that true evil still lurks. It was made no better with the tournament having been broadcasted live. The two Pokémon ran past the original battlefield the festival held. It was here Pawniard witnessed an image that would forever haunt him for the rest of his life.

          On the heated cobblestone near the broken stands lies a broken Pokémon egg. It had been dropped, it seems, for it is broken into two and not into dozens of pieces were it to have been squashed instead. Its contents were splattered around, cooked by the searing heat.

          Deino did not bother to wait for Pawniard, already rescuing a Roselia pinned down beneath rubble.

          Together they rescued Pokémon in peril. Pikachu, Stunkfish, Omastar, Vulpix, even a rare Clefairy.

          Pawniard took a Cottonee to a working, yet broken, water fountain. Meanwhile Deino rushed to the next victim; a Pikipek whose wing was trapped between the ground and a dead body. Tears and dirt stuck to their face, sticky to the touch.

          Pikipek squawked and scratched in a fit of hysteria upon seeing Deino approach them. Ei! It was Deino to the rescue.

          The little knight returned from dropping off Cottonee. He was several seconds away when he noticed a grunt further off, who appears to have noticed Deino. Their tall, skeleton-thin complexion made their clothes look too big for their own good.

          "Ey! A small dragon! A motherfreakin' Deino too!" they hollered out, their day made. "All I found were lame'o Pokémon but here you are buddy!" He took long strides, pokeball in hand.

          Niaaaa! NIAAA! Pawniard tried to warn his companion. Unfortunately they were still sour from their earlier argument, refusing to listen and instead continued to heave the human body off the bird. Niaaaa! It was pointless.

          "I'll make it easy for you guys, you'll thank me later." From the pokeball a Malamar materialized, its cry finally attracting the dragon's attention. "Hey, go use that thing you do that makes them-"

          Pawniard leaped above Deino and managed to slash Malamar before being slapped by its tentacles. He lands and jumps into position, blocking Deino from the prying eyes.

          "Oh shoot, a Pawniard? Dude, I know somebody that's looking for a Bisharp, this is perfect." He sauntered over, approaching the small group with a frustrated Malamar. "Hypnosis."

          Unwilling to give up, the humanoid steel Pokémon performed another attack on the squid; it occured over and over, yet each attempt was met with blocks from the purple tentacles.

          Deino at last pulled Pikipek from underneath the body, some feathers having been torn off due to being pinned by too much weight. Squaaaaa!

          "Come on dude, you really think you got what it takes?"

          With the bird having flown to safety, Deino did not hesitate to dash past Pawniard. His little, chubby legs pushed the dragon off the ground, chomping down on the man's left arm. "FUUUUU- The hell are you doing?! Now I don't want your ass."

          The grunt punched Deino into letting go, succeeding in the fifth go. Pawniard was unable to act, too slow to dodge Malamar's tentacles as he was placed in a headlock. Blades furiously attempted to slice them off, but he was easily subdued, slammed on to the ground with arms pinned behind his back.

          "Besides, I got me a motherfreakin' Pawniard baby! And... I don't want any witnesses, you hear? I still think ya'll are capable of being vengeful machines. Don't want no John Wick on my ass." He restrained Deino, pushing their head against the gravel and ashes with his boot. "Except I didn't kill a Rockruff this time haha."

          From his pocket a gun was retrieved. "I killed a Deino." Pawniard squirmed underneath Malamar's weight, hot tears trailing down his cheeks in fear of what's to occur.


          "Only cuz you're a Pawniard am I not gonna kill you too. Knock him out for me, will ya?" Malamar grinned in response as Pawniard observed the gun get cocked and loaded. Deino was unaware of the weapon, face pressed against the heated pavement that was mangling his black fur.

          Pawniard refused to stop his struggle, yet Deino had given up, instead glancing at his friend with a look of defeat.

          "Click." The trigger went off. A single bullet left the weapon.

          Deino was no more.

          "Wait, you let the poor guy watch this thing die? You really are messed up, dude." Malamar let out a chuckle. Below him Pawniard did not budge, frozen as his mind refused to process what had just occurred. He was in denial, eyes never parting from the small, lifeless carcass.

          Then he felt a single tentacle hold his head down before his world turned to black.
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