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Hi everybody!

Started by JJ796 3 Weeks Ago 4:11 AM
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Age 23
Cordoba, Argentina
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Hello! Im JJ796, im from Argentina and im 23yo. Im new not only in this forum but also in the forum world so im learning how this whole thing works.

I love the main pokemon games, I played gen3 games on emulators when i was younger but now a couple years ago i got myself a 2DS and was able to enjoy gens 6 & 7 like they were meant to be played lol. I guess my fav game is Emerald, with Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Sun being very close seconds. Also i played Mistery Dungeon red rescue team a long time ago and now i enjoy pokemon Go and im looking forward to Sw/Sh.

Well i dont know what else to say about me other than im happy to be here and i hope i meet awesome people.
See you!


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AS is one of my favorites too! Man I spent so long on that game and miss when it was new lol. Have you bought SwSh now that it's out?

Welcome. \o/
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Welcome! I'm also new. Gen 3 is probably my favorite generation of Pokemon, but Gen 5 comes as a close second!
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