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Posted August 19th, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for an "advanced" caliber of writer who is comfortable writing 3 - 6 Paragraph posts with description of the setting and actions and thoughts of their character. I am looking for a partner who understands that there is more to any quality posts than how much your character does or says but rather it is their thoughts, feelings, and body language also. I will also do the same and post often.

For the story I am looking to play a young boy who is accidentally turned (or Heart Swap) into the form of a female Pokémon. In the resulting confusion she is captured and spends the next month inside the small Pokeball until she is released in an elegant bedroom by your character. Your character is a 13-15 year old girl from rich family (or a princess) attending her first year at a prestigious Pokémon Academy.

My character would be her starter Pokémon, and while my character may not like yours at first over time she could become fonder of your trainer or more rebellious in which case your trainer would of course need to train her more. I think the story would focus mostly on the two of them given they are sharing a room (and both being girls) now do everything together much to embarrassment of mine.

If you are interested send me a detailed message with your thoughts,


space adventure

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Hi! Since you are asking interested people to message you rather than sign up in the thread, I interpret this more as an interest check, so I've moved it to the appropriate forum. Let me know if you do want it to function as a discussion thread for your RP though, and I can move it back! But you will have to attach a rating then (K to M basically). You can also just make a new thread in Casting or use this to plan/discuss in. Whichever you prefer :)
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