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Originally Posted by Kauris View Post
In my opinion 2 is the best choice, as an artist I'd feel pretty bad if someone else finished my masterpiece, as this is your baby, and not mine- It's your call.

I just am curious however, what happened to "we'll be finished around october 2014, then from then on will release dlc of updated content"

As long as I'm not intruding on anything personal, I just want to know what happened... I mean, finally a fan project sees the light at the end of the tunnel and then THIS happens... all that work, all that talent and art, indepth storywriting, and no-one may ever get to appreciate all the work that went into this... this kind of thing is personal to me as an artist.

I just want to ask, what went wrong?
Option 2 is certainly what I had hoped to achieve. And hopefully have found already. A lot of what "went wrong" will be explained below. I also appreciate your support and sentiments here. I agree with you completely, we'll make it out of the tunnel some day. It's the drawback to an ambitious project with a busy busy developer!

Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
If you really had the passion for PR, you'd make time for it, no matter how busy you were.
And that's exactly as we've done. We're back in development. It upsets me a little that you've essentially been "waiting for the game to fail". I make time for it quite frequently, by the way. I just spend a lot more time on visuals and creative direction because that's what I do. That's what I enjoy. I feel you're being overly cynical, especially with the "nothing works" part. I'm not sure how you can say that when my first update in this thread was full of things going on.

Progress is slow, but that's no reason to quit anything. Also if you can't see why I struggle to make time for it, I go to uni full time, I own a business, help run another, freelance design, work maybe 50 to 60 hours a week during the Summer and half that on top of uni during other months, work with an indie game development company (in which ends up being 14 hours a day for several days, every couple weeks), have a pretty busy social life, on top of everything else that comes with life. I don't always come home after a 12 hour day of sitting at a computer desk and want to spend more time at one. You know? I don't know if that's "reason" enough to people as to why progress gets slow, or halts for a time, but to me that is why. I still have a drive for the project but time and motivation really are an issue when I work at a PC all day every day.

Regardless, like I say, progress is moving again. I have someone working with me who hopes to take over the gameplay side of things and that will be a lot off my shoulders so I can concentrate on visuals, direction, and other things. However, do us the benefit of not assuming slow progress is complacency. I've stuck with it this long, and still don't have a desire to give up the gun. I don't want to have to explain my personal life, but it literally does get in the way of the progress of the project and I accept responsibility for that. I regret if I've ever made fans of the project feel frustrated, but it's not exactly fair to tell someone to give up until you empathise. Especially since I, and those working on the project, have absolutely no desire to quit it. It's not on our horizons, we're just not in a rush.

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    I know this project will be well worth the wait & I'm glad to hear that it is moving forward ^-^ wishing you and the team the best
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