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Usernames you Regret Page 2

Started by Palamon May 18th, 2019 10:00 AM
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Darkinium Z

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TennisChick45 on the FFnet site. I was playing tennis in high school and was a fan of the sport, heh. I changed my username some years after.

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Ashs_grrl; I had a crush on Ash for some odd reason... not only that, but I figured when I first joined PC that it would be proper. x___x


Laverre City
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Oh, if we’re talking about non-PC usernames..

My middle school friends talked me into getting AIM, chose the username event_horizon. I.. don’t even think I knew what an event horizon was then???


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anne-frank on tumblr was probably not a great start to my years there even tho i didn't dabble in such edgelord content on the blog itself lol
the name was rather confusing in hindsight bc i had the much more friendly cringe moniker of youaremyradiostar beforehand and i can't for the life of me remember why i chose miss anne's name for a month or two


Lover of Dragons

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When I was little I named myself Rapcherry on Neopets. I being a wee dolt was trying to type raspberry and failed. On the bright side, at least I got a name that wasn't taken.

I made far worse mistake with naming my pets, such as Sweet_Lancelot the Lutari.

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Only sspokemon. Idk why I ever chose that. I wanted something easy to remember, I guess.

Non-PC names




Laverre City
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I actually think that's pretty cute! :')


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Don't we all have those silly usernames we regret? I... have... a lot. Let me tell you. I regret Oxidation and Yuki's Sword the most, though.
back when i was a may fan i mispelled coordinator so i can honestly regret that name
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