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4th Gen Spiritomb

Started by Palamon 3 Weeks Ago 10:52 AM
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In D/P/PT, getting Spiritomb is not easy. You need to obtain an Odd Keystone and put it into a Hollowed Tower. You then have to talk to 32 people underground in order to be able to finally obtain one.

Did you bother to obtain Spiritomb in D/P/PT? I actually did do it once, but it had such a low speed stat, it wasn't even worth it. I'll probably never do it again.
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i wanted one when I played through Platinum last year. but it needs those 32 people :(
such a shame since I think spiritomb was a good dark type


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didn't care about catching one, so I didn't.

for me, there was practically no reason to catch one anyway considering there were better alternatives to put on my team.
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