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Posted June 4th, 2023
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I managed to defeat Roark with my Espeon and Horsea (So there are still 4 vacant slots in my team.) and go to Eterna City to get the Fossils from the female scientist NPC in the Underground guy's home. Afterwards I went back to Oreburgh City and walked into the museum to go talk to the male scientist NPC who's supposed to revive Fossils. The problem is that, when I talk to him, he waffles about what he does for a living and then says the following words: "From Fossils I extract Pokémon, but not yet, not yet." and then the dialogue ends. Am I supposed to unlock another event I'm not aware of in order to make him revive my Root Fossil? Thank you in advance for the help. (Sorry for the prolix text, I needed to contextualize my situation to avoid ambiguities.)